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  1. Hahaha fuck bama
  2. It should be everybody else Alabama
  3. Well this is awkward. 2-0 against the Rams this season. 1-2 against the rest of the NFC West. I'll take it though. Just Carolina and Seattle left.
  4. For me, this 2018 game between #2 BC and #10 Wisconsin has to be up there. Two of the would-be Heisman finalists, Asante Sowell and Alex Leshoure duking it out in a monster way. Sowell had over 300 yards rushing and Leshoure threw for over 500. BC managed to win 55-52 in triple overtime. I know that I'm biased but I honestly believe this is one of the greatest games in sim history.
  5. Good game, Cowboys. There were some things I really liked and some things I really didn't like about this one. A win is a win though and I'm super excited to get it. That's game one of a really tough home stretch in the books. Bring on the Rams.
  6. I had no idea Noonan declared early. Damn. Would be nice to see another like him in the draft someday.
  7. Ah winning. I missed this last year.
  8. I'm not sure who my first was. I can't remember if it was Alex Leshoure or Todd Lester. Lester will always be my favorite though. Watching his career progress has been a treat. His rookie season was really bad. We're talking about a QBR in the 70s. For him to go from that to Super Bowl MVP in four years is amazing. I love the guy and will never forget him, even after this place is long gone.
  9. Have you posted the coverage stats anywhere this year?
  10. There's just something special about NFLHC Draft season. The weeks leading up to it are full of mock drafts and shoutbox speculation. A lot of people are just throwing smoke, but it's still just great to see all the discussions over various prospects. Then the big night comes and practically everyone is online. The shoutbox is going crazy, the broadcast team is doing work, and internal strategic discussions are happening. I truly think it's cfbhc.com at it's best. If I had to impress a real life friend with any aspect of this site, the Draft would be it. It's the event that almost doesn't feel like we're playing a game.
  11. Sure we attempted 6 field goals, but this was probably our biggest offensive performance of the season. We put together 558 yards of total offense, including nearly 200 on the ground. The Cardinals may have upset us earlier this season but we just made them relive the 2018 season.
  12. Going Streaking Defense stands tall again as 49ers win 4th straight game
  13. This is good.
  14. gg Giants? Nah I'm just kidding. This game kind of sucked.
  15. Great game, vtgorilla. I knew it was going to be close. Your team is stronger than people give them credit for and Dowden really gave my defense fits today. I'm feeling pretty good about where we are right now. This was our first unranked opponent and it ended up being our toughest game so far. Feels like we're much better than we were last season and a lot of new faces are putting up great performances. (Fr) RB Sean Meade - up to 87 carries for 470 yards (5.40) and 6 touchdowns JUCO WR Andre Curtis - touchdown in all four games (Fr) DE Thomas Handy - sacks in back-to-back games JUCO CB Kenyon Justice - interception for the third straight game It's still early, but I'm loving the production out of these guys. Also: wtf LSU