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  1. They better be, i didn't dump all of my points in offense for nothing. Thanks Jieret!
  2. In if there's a spot left!
  3. For the love of god can someone explain to me how more people don’t think Mason is 3rd party
  4. Yeah guys wtf I’m not convinced at all with Mason. How many thousands of posts are we gonna allow someone to claim dumbassery because they’re new, he’s screaming 3rd party in all of his posts and wording it in a way that wouldn’t trip a lie detector. Don’t be stupid it’s right in front of us. ##Unvote Jumbo ##Vote Mason
  5. Coming off work and catching up, I'm still convinced with my last post in this thread. ##Vote North ##Gun Hagan
  6. After re-reading everything to compile my thoughts Of the two bullet deaths yesterday, I believe the guards killed one, and GK killed the other, hence the empty gun. GK's death with the knife has to be the town vigilante. And from all the descriptions, he's still in the game. If we are to believe @Qupax, there's a roleblocker in the game. I'm still suspicious of him from Day 1, but I don't see a reason not to believe this claim as that is a common ability @Jumbo's aggression early into Day 1 makes me very suspicious of him. I think @brightfalls and Dacder going at it yesterday in their 10 page semi-erotic "will they or won't they kiss" back and forth were just two prisoners doing exactly what the guards wanted them to do and Guard Jumbo jumped on a potential obvious lynch target to try and get a train rolling. Gun - I trust @Hagan with the weapon if he's willing to accept. ##Vote Jumbo
  7. I think enough of us are in agreement that following Hagan's route is ideal. If you have the ability and willingness to go through doors for the team, North to 31 is what we need to do.
  8. @HAFFnHAFF do you mind leading the charge north to 31?
  9. just curious, why Dacder and not VT?
  10. Its important from my perspective to have a known person have the gun instead of a random. We need to control what we can, and any information for anyones inventory is critical.
  11. Bumping this to day 2. If we trust Hagan, which I personally do. We need to go North again into 31. Need to vote Gun, then direction, then lynch today. This is sketch, are you saying you killed VT last night?
  12. Yes please keep driving people to share their abilities so the mafia can prioritize their targets
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