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  • (SAT - 4 PM) SEA at WAS
  • (SAT - 8 PM) DEN at LV
  • (SUN - 3 PM) BUF at BAL
  • (SUN - 6 PM) PHI at DET
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      1. Great move being ambitious this season and grabbing Brian Brown. We were horrified to see you guys in the first round. Good luck going forward
      2. Cam Whitney what an ending to this game. Enjoy retirement after a hall of fame career Big Abe!
      3. College Choice: Tennessee First Name: Oregano Last Name: Archer Position: C Secondary Position (Optional): Jersey Number (No digits higher than 5): 69 Dominant Hand: Left Playstyle: Rim Protecting Rebounding Dunk God (DeAndre Jordan) Skin Tone: 1-10: 5 Hair Style/Color: K-Pop star colorful hair with a middle part Facial Hair: Clean Shaven Height: 6 ft' 11 in" Weight: 265 lbs Wingspan: 90 Tattoos: None Shoe Brand will match your school Gear: Headband Attributes: Choose 3 to be elite, 5 to be great, 5 to be good
      4. The rise of Ricky Las Vegas has been an unexpected but pleasant surprise
      5. Pats fans rioting in the streets
      6. Saints and Colts are the most surprising to me.
      7. Always in. Forks Up!
      8. The pipe nooo make it stop also Scott Howard holy shit
      9. One of the best pieces of media in a long time. Great read!
      10. It's Miguel Lopez's world, the rest of us are just living in it.
      11. NURLAN IS A CHAMP! Kyrgyz Hero! I love riding Miguel Lopez's coattails
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