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  1. Week 8, 2019. Tommy Furrey tears his ACL. Man I see the pain in his face. We're 1-5, in a winnable game against the Houston Texans and boom, our top receiver goes down. There's no happy ending here. He doesn't grit his teeth and say "win one for me." We don't go on to beat the Texans. We actually go on to lose every single game for the rest of the year. See growing up I always heard coach's favorite mantra. "Next Man Up." You know what next man up really means? It means you're not good enough to start. It means you're the Plan B. That's been me my entire life. Senior year at Boston College, guess what. K Will is fourth on the depth chart. Fourth. You look at the guys in front of me. Mosi Bartos is now a Colt. Tom Branch is killing it in Detroit. Hell even Allama Banta is repping that BC #WRU leading the charge for the LA Rams. But then there's me. Redshirt senior. Fourth. After the season I had no idea what I was gonna do. No invite to the combine. What am I gonna do with my communications degree you know? Sorry Pops but I didn't go to school, I went for ball. Day 3, 7th round, pick 191. Tampa Bay comes calling and I'm a Buc. All I can think about is relief. I went to offseason work outs, went to training camp, and guess where's K Will on the Depth Chart? Fourth. I play out the rest of my Bucs career, bouncing around as the fourth or fifth receiver on the depth chart. 2019, I don't even make it all the way through my contract. Legal loopholes, my agent knows. End up at Tennessee on a minimum contract. I'm not here to preach to the guys on the bench. It sucks. Here's all I got to say. You know what you're capable of. You alone. And as much as it sucks that you have to wait your chance, as much as it sucks hearing "Next Man Up," you have to be that guy. You have to take your opportunities and show the world what you got. Guess what, when Tommy went down in Week 8, the announcers said its over. Ain't receiver worth it in Tennessee and they've got no running game. Know what they were saying after the game? "Hello, Kevin Williams." I been here. I been fourth. But guess what, I'm first now. KEVIN WILLIAMS / CONTRIBUTOR
  2. Have a good idea for a Players Tribune article but for some reason don't want to write it? PM me and I'll do my best to get something great out! CFBHC, NFLHC, NBAHC, NHLHC, I'll do an article for anyone!

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      I will also do this too so Sage doesn't get piled on :)

  3. Roster updated
  4. Ah back in the yonder. My first ever quarterback was a 3.5/3.5 senior scrambler named Stephan Bennett. Anyone remember him? Of course not. Bennett and the Wolf Pack went 0-5 as I struggled with the pistol. After a bye week and a drastic change in our gameplan, Bennett and Nevada went absolutely ham sandwich in my first win on site. Bennett and Rocha roasted the Midshipmen and would go on to win against Hawaii and Boise State in following weeks, no easy feat back in 2016. It wasn't until I ran into DescretoBurrito's Air Force that the Wolf Pack was eliminated from bowl contention. Following this game, Bennett would never play another snap of college football as Nevada turned the reigns over to Alfredo "Noodle Arms" Adams. Not sure where Bennett is now. Hopefully some kind of successful businessman out on the West Coast. I learned from Bennett that the pistol is the devil. Seriously, I've never made it work. Besides that though, he was honestly a terrible quarterback. Made me learn how to gameplan to my strengths (CHARLES ROCHA).
  5. Hah go Vols! Nashville bois in da house!
  6. Ya'll get your depth charts in or Transfer Santa ain't coming to town.

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      Byron Suggs come with me to Iowa bb :ph34r:

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      No they get the naughty list

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      I'm not picky.  I'll take a half dozen 3.0/3.0''s and not complain one bit as I plug them right into starting positions on a Bowl-eligible team in the city with the best weather in North America, and hot women everywhere.  What mediocre college player, who will never touch the field at a bigger school, can turn down that opportunity?

  7. I may have significant bias but my selection would be SS Brandon Sauter of the Rams and FS Darius Jones of the Falcons. Talk about a hard hitter? Brandon Sauter is a fumble causing machine in the back of the line. He's been causing havoc down the middle as receivers like Spec Davidson this week and Sam Hiller-Weeden in Week 3. Sauter might just be the hardest hitting safety in the game right now and he's a big part of how the Rams defense operates. At the same time, Darius Jones is one of the purest ballhawking free safeties in the league. His 7 INTs tied for the most last season and currently through 4 games Jones has 3 INTs, tied for first in the league. Both of these players were highly drafted first round selections, and so far both are living up to the billing as elite safeties in the NFL.
  8. "I will be playing my college football at the University of Tennessee, go Vols!" Seems like a simple statement, but everything I had ever worked for came through right there. The long hours on the field honing my craft. The long hours in the gym building my strength and foundation. The blood, sweat, and tears that came as my Watertown High School Purple Tigers had the deepest run in school history my senior season. All of my dreams came through when I became a Tennessee Volunteer. See I come from an old farming family in Middle Tennessee. The Goldson's have been in Watertown since its founding, and a number of my ancestors are Volunteer Alumni. My grandpa David Goldson, was the first to complete college, going to Tennessee with the GI Bill he earned for his service in World War II. My dad went there on a baseball scholarship, where he met my mom. To some extent, I was always going to go to Tennessee, and I think I knew that in my heart. Summer before junior year, I went to camps all around. MTSU, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Memphis, Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke and Georgia. Monday through Friday I worked with a quarterback's coach and every weekend I was at a different campus trying to show what I had. Turns out scouts loved it, and I was regarded as one of the top high school quarterbacks in the country. I received offers all over, and the stress of knowing that I could only pick one team, the relationships I had formed with all these great coaches that would be broken if I didn't pick them, the fans and their expectations, I know a lot of guys say they don't care about it. It just wasn't true for me. I'm a perfectionist. I want to make everyone happy, and the fact that I could only make one fanbase happy was really hard. I saw guys like Kyle Jefferson, Bryce Thompson, Alexander Cassidy, and Christian Graham out there, and really got to see just how good those guys were. Seeing each other on the recruiting circuit often, we got to be some good friends and I still talk to those guys time to time. We talked about our offers, the schools we liked and didn't like. the coaches and their different personalities. Here I am, in this elite group of quarterbacks, and these were the guys I really found that I could talk about the stress of recruiting. April of 2019, I put on the hat and made my commitment. Sure there were some disappointed fans from other schools, but if there's one thing I learned through the process, its from my boy Bryce Thompson. "Block out all the noise, be yourself." Tennessee is coming off its greatest year as a program, making it into the final four of college football. Nationally people don't think we can repeat that feat. They say we lost too much. The best defender in program history, Anthony Miller. The most productive quarterback in program history, Julius Thomas. One of the great all time safeties out of Strong Safety U, Michael Williams. Even our top receiver Eli Austin went to the pros after his junior year. "Block out all the noise, be yourself". They don't see the work we put in. They don't see the love that Knoxville has given us. They don't see just how excited we are to prove them wrong. I've seen the Golden Boy shirts. I know just how much the fans believe in us. I'm ready Tennessee. I'm going to give you everything I have. I love this school, I'm born and bred a Vol, and we are going to do great things. See you at Neyland this season. ADRIAN GOLDSON / CONTRIBUTOR
  9. I had it as a 3 candidate race. Sam Walsh out of Cal, Luke Bowers out of Georgia, and Lorenzo Rodgers out of Air Force. Bowers hit a nation long 59 yarder last season, and didn't miss a single kick for the year. Rodgers had 28 makes in 30 tries with 4 50+ shots and a long of 53. Walsh got the nod from me for having a 95% field goal conversion rate, and a nation leading 5 field goals beyond 50 yards. Really tough to decide between any of these three individuals though, all are phenomenal kickers.
  10. There's a number of sophomores I have my eye on. I think one of the more surprising players is Darius Butler, the inside linebacker out of Boston College. He's been a relative unknown up until this article, but I think if people start paying attention to him they're going to be really surprised. He's not got the attention of high profile guys like Soldier Brooks, Tyrese Thompson, or Markus Golden since he's been at Boston College, but Butler is a very promising player.
  11. Surprised Bradley Nunn got snubbed to the 2nd team. I think he's an excellent player, was even in consideration for All-American status.
  12. For me, the main candidates were Luke Cobb, Dean Burkhart, Tyron Chambers, JC Weldon, Malcolm Davis, Josiah McCray, and Hakeem Black. Cobb was undeniably the first choice. He's established himself as one of the premier deepthreats in college football, and his nation leading 19.08 yards per reception in 2019 solidifies that sentiment. Chambers and Davis are in the same boat, two dominant receivers that are experiencing a change in quarterback. I think they'll struggle with a new passer in the pocket and that takes them out of consideration for the WR2 spot. Out of Burkhart, Weldon, McCray and Black, Burkhart had the best 2019 statistically. His 16 receiving touchdowns leads the nation for all returning players. I think he's a really special player, and its not a knock on the other guys in consideration. I think just looking at his resume and his prospects for 2020, Burkhart is primed for a really big year.
  13. To the rest of the committee, who is your most surprising player to make the team and why? Personally it was SS Jonathan Norman. When I think of Virginia Tech teams, I never think of their secondary so to see a nationally acclaimed star be selected from the Hokies caught me by surprise.
  14. I was personally backing Mason Parks out of Nevada, another individual coming off a great season but unlike Scott he continues to build chemistry with his quarterback. When it came down to Greer against Scott, Scott's previous production won the nod from me
  15. Hello, welcome to the Preseason All-American team, hosted by the Chairperson of the Preseason Selection Committee, SageBow. I'd firstly wish to thank the esteemed members of the committee who helped select the team: stormstopper, bingo415, Bubada, and Darman Without further ado, here are the selections for the top players in the nation. QB: Tanner Bowman, Penn State RB: DeNorris Jackson, UCF FB: Andrew Lilly, San Diego State WR: Luke Cobb, Florida State WR: Dean Burkhart, SMU TE: Dillon Scott, Arkansas OT: Ben Goode, Kansas OT: Damian Mason, Tennessee OG: Leon Slack, Wisconsin OG: Noah Barney, Ohio State C: Dean Strauss, Auburn DE: Khairi Bryant, Ohio State DE: Javier Grady, North Texas DT: Shamar Ware, Penn State DT: Hudson Adam, West Virginia ILB: Darius Butler, Boston College ILB: Jamal Harley, Illinois OLB: Shane Easley, Penn State OLB: Alexander Burton, LSU CB: Malachi Douglas, Clemson CB: Sean Taylor, Western Michigan FS: Marquise Holliday, Clemson SS: Jonathan Norman, Virginia Tech K: Sam Walsh, California P: Giuseppe Bernstein, USC Returner: Corey Bolden, Clemson All 5 selection committee members are now available for a press conference if there are any questions regarding our selections.

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