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  1. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #9

    Mason Parks is the GOAT TE
  2. HughFreeze$$

    You're approved for Kentucky! Request here for the logo for your avatar picture. The season is over, so you'll start in the next season. Your 2021 roster can be seen here. Make sure to make an account on the interface. That's where we handle scheduling, gameplanning, and recruiting. Get it switched over to Kentucky by requesting it as your team. An expectation is for you to handle Kentucky's Wikipage. If you are inexperienced with wiki editing, feel free to look at existing code on the Florida Gator's wikipage and use it as a template. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to ask in the chat or message me directly.
  3. [Survey] Alumni Network

    University of Tennessee (2013-2017)
  4. Prince Matos should’ve been a Vol damn you Louisville
  5. [2020] SEC Season Awards

    All-SEC Selections by Team Auburn 4/3 LSU 3/3 Tennessee 2/4 Florida 3/2 Ole Miss 4/0 Mississippi State 0/4 Georgia 3/0 Missouri 2/1 Texas A&M 2/1 Alabama 1/2 South Carolina 1/2 Vanderbilt 1/2 Arkansas 0/1 Kentucky 0/1
  6. [2020] SEC Statbook

    Updated Post SEC Championship Game!
  7. [2020] Week 16 POTW

    Week #16 OPOTW QB Tanner Bowman, Penn State 26 of 33 for 347 yards, 4 TD vs Michigan State Tanner Bowman won his second career National Offensive Player of the Week award after a fantastic performance against Michigan State. He was able to sit down for a quick interview. Tanner, huge game this past week against Michigan State. What’s it like finishing your storied collegiate regular season career in such emphatic fashion? While it's a little bittersweet, it's also an amazing feeling. This season was incredible. We did have a little blunder earlier in the season, but we're firing on all cylinders right now and you saw that this weekend against a really good Michigan State football team. The fact that we were able to come out and execute as well as we did on both sides of the ball in a hostile environment away from State College is really impressive. You have been an absolute force this season and many have you as the Heisman favorite. What would winning that award mean to you? Winning the Heisman would be a huge achievement for me. It's something I dreamed about since I started playing football and one thing I promised Todd Jennings I'd win before I graduated from Penn State. I spent the entire off season working with Morgan and Tyler trying to get better to make a name for myself for when I enter the league. Winning this award would help to solidify my name even further as the best QB on NFL team's draft boards. You stand moments away from defending the Big 10 title. Between this year and last year, what do you find similar and different heading into the Conference Championship Game? This year we fill more experienced. Winning the National Championship with a very similar team to what we had last season has lead us to feeling a lot more comfortable playing in these tough, high pressure situations. What's largely different between then and now is how every team circles us on their schedules because we are the defending champions. Every team plays us really hard week in and week out. Other than those things though, it is mainly the same. Your only loss this season came against instate rival Pitt. Are there any lessons you picked up from that loss that you can take to your title defense? Its weird, but in a way I really think we needed that loss. As much as it hurt coming from our in-state rival, after last season we needed to be brought down to Earth. We were riding a 20 game win streak and were acting too cocky for our own good. That loss is what we rallied around this season and has put us back on track to hopefully repeating as national champions (and hopefully getting revenge). Thanks for the interview Tanner! Before I leave do you have any shout outs? I just want to thank my family, friends, and my whole team for this wonderful season. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Week #16 DPOTW FS Janoris Callahan, Western Kentucky 2 INT, 6 Tackles, 2 TD vs Middle Tennessee True freshman Janoris Callahan wins his first career National Defensive Player of the Week award with 2 touchdowns against Middle Tennessee! He was able to sit down for a quick interview this week. Janoris, huge game against your rivals Middle Tennessee! What did this game mean to you personally? I proved to everyone that I should not be messed with, and that I can play with these guys. Our team this year was special, and going undefeated in the conference with a statement win over our rivals is only giving the team more energy going into our next game against Rice. 2 interceptions, 2 touchdowns. You had the game of your life. What was it like scoring for your team in such dynamic fashion? It was great, man. Especially to do it at Middle Tennessee with the guys going crazy on the sidelines.. I have a feeling I'm not gonna forget this game for a long time. Big game against Rice coming up. Looking forward to take on Eric McLean and Co.? Yeah, It's gonna be a great game. The best two C-USA teams are going to face off on Wednesday, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of matching up against Eric McLean and his guys - there's gonna be a lot of talent on that field. Thanks for the interview and congratulations on a great true freshman season. Before I leave, do you have any shout outs? It's really an honor to be selected for this award. Thanks to Coach Morris, my high school coach, and Coach statsheetstuffer, who gave me the chance to put on a WKU uniform. Special shoutout to Daniel Spivey too for saving my butt with some great blocks for me on Friday night, haha. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Gravy and SSS for their interviews this week. Best of luck to all the players next year! Previous National POTW Award Winners
  8. Dang what a class. Hopefully we don’t play anytime soon!
  9. [2020] Pac-12 Championship Game Preview

    24-17 Oregon. Not convinced anyone can slow down Yeldon and these Oregon DBs are the truth.
  10. Georgia Bulldogs (9-3) vs. LSU Tigers (11-1) Huge game with huge consequences here in Atlanta. Dawgs have the home town advantage with many expecting the stadium to be 80-20 Georgia, but LSU always travels well and there will be a strong contingent of Purple and Gold shouting G-E-A-U-X GEAUX TIGERS. Georgia hasn't won the conference since 2015, but LSU's drought extends back to their National Title winning year, 2013. Which team and fanbase will be the ones rejoicing after Friday Night?! Impact Players: RB Isaac Wilson 6-0 210 (Sr) Barron Collier (Naples FL) 4.5 of 4.5 [Power] WR Ja'Wuan Howard 6-2 186 Jr Waycross College (Waycross GA) 4.0 of 5.0 [Target] ILB Alex Felder 6-1 217 (Sr) Rowan County (Morehead KY) 4.0 of 4.0 [Mike] QB Elias Allen-Hollis 6-1 204 (Jr) Donaldsonville (Donaldsonville, LA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Scrambling] RB Jayden Huff 5-7 213 (Sr) Lake Providence (Lake Providence LA) 4.5 of 4.5 [Speed] OLB Alexander Burton 6-1 237 (So) Apalachicola (Apalachicola, FL) 4.0 of 4.5 [Blitz] Georgia's strength Talented Skill Position Players Georgia may have the most talented skill position players LSU will face all season. Isaac Wilson is the rumbling, tumbling, engine of the Dawg's offense, and even when it seems teams key in on him, its rare that he doesn't get his on any defense. Just when you forget about the passing game, Ja'Wuan Howard roasts your secondary for a Bulldog touchdown. This effective one-two punch of SEC weapons has been Lasercat's bread and butter in getting Georgia to this stage, they can't change the recipe now. Georgia's weakness Quarterback Play Salvatore Tanner came to Georgia with such hoopla, he almost could never live up to the expectations. Well here we are today. The fifth-year senior has been an effective manager, a conductor of the Georgia offensive orchestra, but he's not been able to take this team into superstardom. Against a ruthless LSU defense with talented ballhawks like Jeremy Whitehead and a vicious pass rush led by reigning SEC Defensive Player of the Year Alexander Burton, I have a feeling Tanner won't play well at the SEC's biggest stage. LSU's strength Being the Best Team in the Nation "Oh God the Tigers are next." These words have been spoken by every fan of every opposing team taking on LSU this season. This is a roster dripping in talent, and as this season has shown us, LSU has earned their way to being known as one of the top contenders for the National Title. With superstars like Jayden Huff, Jeremy Whitehead, and Alexander Burton, electric role players like Elias Allen-Hollis and Cameron Street, and everyone in between, I'd be stunned if anyone thought Georgia had the talent on paper to match up with LSU. LSU's weakness Crumbling Under the Bright Lights It all comes down to the mental game for the Tigers. How will this team be ready for the fight that comes ahead. Will they live up to the hype? Will they be out savvy'd by a cast of experienced Georgia players? Will cmcgill try to do too much, and ruin his team's mojo? You can't win a game in a locker room. Tune in Friday Night to see the Dawgs of Georgia take on the Tigers of Baton Rouge! PREDICTION Georgia 13 LSU 30
  11. [2020] Week 16 POTW voting

    Winners Tanner Bowman, QB, Penn State Janoris Callahan, FS, Western Kentucky
  12. Week 8 OOC at Rocky Top taking on any and all challengers

    1. randye4


      We can play week 8 if you want. @ Tenn is fine. 

  13. [2020] SEC Statbook

    Updated Post Week 16. The regular season is complete!
  14. Of Note: Lots of great quarterbacks on this list. Matt Jones, David Oates, Tucker Dowden, Mohammed Foster, and Tanner Bowman are all future NFL QBs showing what they've got to offer in some of these guy's last collegiate games. The Legend of Yeldon grows with yet another monster game for the Oregon running back Luke Cobb pulls out one final audition in regular season play, roasting Miami repeatedly on route to this nomination Georgia's DLine mauls Georgia Tech, big plays by Mauiliu and Barth Shane Easley may be leaving, but don't fret Penn State fans, Bradley Rainey is still around Vote for true freshman Janoris Callahan with a pair of pick-6s against Middle Tennessee!