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  1. If he hits FA as expected, I imagine AJJ just helped his market after this game
  2. I'll try my best but really banking on some guys in the FBS showing some interest in higher academics.
  3. Economic Left/Right: -5.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.9
  4. Kevin Williams is my favorite NFLHC player. What a great story of a guy that's come out of seemingly no where to be one of the most dominant receivers in the league. He's a true inspiration to all the less heralded players trying to make their ways into the league and a sponsor for underprivileged children in my beloved Nashville. KWill is a true hero.
  5. It is very unfortunate that Skaggs has not had success in the postseason despite all of his dominance during the regular season. He's a brilliant quarterback and the Panther's offense is correctly built around him; great targets in Monte Jackson and Curtis Henry, a solid running back in Mike Latta, strong o-line anchored by Tron Moses. It's hard to think about how the Panthers keep making the playoffs then losing. Like the above posters have said, Skaggs's contemporaries: 2014 #1 Pick QB Christian Skaggs 2014 #2 Pick QB Jason Johnson - Won the Super Bowl 2020 2014 #3 Pick QB Allan Taylor - Made the Super Bowl 2021 2014 #11 Pick QB Darrell Murphy - Made the Super Bowl 2015 2014 #14 Pick QB Kareem Taylor 2015 #4 Pick QB Thomas Wheeler 2015 #9 Pick QB Blake Shell 2015 #11 Pick QB Brian Brown - Won the Super Bowl 2015 and 2017 2015 #16 Pick QB Nick Hall - Won the Super Bowl 2021, made the Super Bowl 2020 The 9 QBs taken in the first round between 2014 and 2015, Skaggs is pretty much in a world of his own. Of the QBs that have not made the Super Bowl, the closest one to Skaggs in ability is Thomas Wheeler and despite how good Wheeler has been in Nashville, its almost insulting to compare him to the sustained success that Skaggs has had since entering the league. He deserves to make the big one, but if he doesn't I think he'll still go down as one of the best to play the game, right there with Brian Brown and Nick Hall.
  6. Aint no corner gonna stop Cam Whaley
  7. When your team has its best offensive performance all season but Raekwon eats a team in the same time slot and you get no love feels bad man
  8. 6 sacks baby! Relentless Harvard pressure
  9. Personal pick, I think AW3 comes down with the Heisman this year. It's going to be a close race down to the end, lots of games still left. Great article BOFA team!
  10. Vols defense is suffocating and returns everyone next year Man hate it for Cam Whaley. He put the team on his back, out dueled Raekwon Thomas and we still can't get the W. Penalties were the deciding factor there, too many holds on offense smh
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