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  1. Miguel Prieto must be a god to win NFC Rookie of the Month as an interior offensive lineman
  2. Damn what a shoot out in Dallas. Walt Peck dusting off the cobwebs you love to see it
  3. 3rd strongest strength of schedule and only 2 losses so far. I'll take it
  4. Absolute nightmare player to go up against in his prime. The ridiculous Cowboys offensive line he had at his peak made that team terrifying. Pour one out at the end of the season for one of the greats
  5. Damn Ryan Harris's injury is huge. Tough game against the Pack. 2 very good teams, Justin McCain is just a beast. Add Marcus Holmes to the list of beast Vols in the pros, what a game! Nick Hall is stupid clutch, the legend continues to grow And yeah, its got to be BT time soon. Gotta imagine Murphy's time at the Rams is coming to an end soon too.
  6. League needs to do something about this atrocity. Shouldn't be allowed in pro football, hope the commissioner comes down hard.
  7. I'm believing that the Steelers managed to drive all the way to the goal line, and didn't believe Vega could punch it through, so they put PeanutButter Holmes in for a fullback dive and lost on his fumble. No amount of facts can make me think otherwise.
  8. The recognition that his name was not CMC Gill is still one of my favorite moments in site history
  9. Banner Saga 2 and Cultist Simulator, TIA!
  10. How many times is RJ Stanford going to keep falling into a starting job lmao
  11. Luke Trickett dove in for a touchdown this past week in the Patriots win against the Ravens. With the Pats seemingly all-in on Josh Beckett, do you think Trickett is just a back-up, or is he a guy with the ability that can take the helm at another franchise?
  12. Nashville, TN The Tennessee Titans are 5-1 after a close 28-26 victory against the Indianapolis Colts. Titans offense started the day hot; a Chad Dess 3 yard dive started the scoring in the first quarter. Colts kicker Garrett Strange had an unfortunate doink from 49 yards, and Titans kicker Ilan Youngblood struck from 27 to bring the lead to 10-0. An old rival reared his head with a potent Aaron Shea to Mosi Bartos dart, but Titans rookie defensive lineman Glenn Thorpe got his big mitts on the extra point to add to Strange's tough day. A great punt from Scottie Ware pinned the Colts at the 2 yard line, and Thorpe broke through to sack Shea for a safety with 40 seconds left in the half. Another Youngblood field goal brought the score at halftime to 15-6. Offensive Coordinator Scott Banks dialed up a beautiful opening drive to start the second half, culminated with an explosive 19 yard jet sweep touchdown for Percy Brown. Youngblood missed the extra point wide right and the Colts offense took the field with a vengeance. Shea threw a missile to Sean Waller's outstretched arms for a 38 yard touchdown, and Strange hit from 40 yards to bring it to a 1 score game. Titan's QB Thomas Wheeler threw a quick slant to Derek Blalock who took it 78 yards to the house, but the Colts charged back with a 7 minute drive ending with running back JB Blacknall's 2 yard touchdown run. Titan's bellcow running back Dess coughed up the ball with 4 minutes remaining but Thorpe was able to get through the Colts and sack Shea in the red zone. Colts coach John Harbaugh decided to go for the field goal in lieu of a 4th down conversion, and the Titans recovered the onside kick to end the game 28-26. This was a monstrous game for the Titan's offense, with Wheeler cracking 400 passing yards and the team having over 150 rushing yards. Two receivers ended with over 100 yards, but the real star of the show was 2nd round pick Thorpe and the destruction he wrought. Thorpe was a menace all day long, bringing ferocious pressure and finishing with 4 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, and a safety. "Game's slowing down for me. I lined up against great offensive linemen in college, but the pros is a different story. I was brought in to deliver and I've worked a lot with Coach (Carlton) Barnes and been getting chewed a bit by Coach (Jeff) Fisher in film sessions. But everything's getting easier, and I'm just happy to get the win. If I do my job, that makes it easier for all the other guys around me. It's a true team effort, great games from the linebackers and the DBs give me the time to get downhill and deliver." The Titans face off against the Green Bay Packers next week in Wisconsin. Two of the most experienced quarterbacks in the league will be dueling in what's sure to be an exciting showdown.
  13. Marcus Williams went beastmode holy shit Blackhole Cowan still around, 3 PDs wow
  14. Kings backcourt gotta be the best in the west
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