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  1. A little off topic, but what happened to DeSean Jenkins is absolutely criminal. 78 overall 4.5/4.5, all the promise in the world, arguably a Wake Forest legend for what he and Troy McCray accomplished their senior seasons. Drafted as a meme. Traded on draft day to a division rival. Waits his turn behind Blake Shell, until Shell's yearly injury. Wins his first game as an NFL starter 24 of 40 for 330 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT (passer rating of 101.04) Goes +1 to a 79 next season, benched for #4 overall pick Joel King who hasn't exactly lit the world on fire. Goes +1 to an 80 next season, goes through a position switch to WR that has essentially been the deathblow to his career. If he didn't go through that switch, I would be strongly stumping for him to get a starting job somewhere in the league. Unfortunately, his selflessness and willingness to change positions has ended any chance of him being the terrifying dual threat he could have been.
  2. Winners: Mohammed Foster, QB, West Virginia Shamar Fair, FS, Auburn
  3. Updated post Week 10
  4. Of Note: A Nico Kaufman-less list, mostly due to the fact that he was on a buy, lets see which of the other Heisman contenders showed up! As it turns out, a lot of them did! MoFo, Matt Jones, Luke "Thick" Trickett, and Grant McConnell all put up strong performances that should keep them in the race. Super impressed by Frederick Bartlett. The junior wide out dominated Northwestern's secondary, and at times seemed like he was Purdue's star player, not Matt Jones. Where's the pass rushers at? This is the first week of the season where no one player recorded 2.0 sacks or more. Alexander Burton strong as ever, even against FCS competition the Reaper made them feel like boys among men. Shoutout to Daniel Gaston, his two turnovers sealed the deal for a monumental win for the Utah State Aggies. Keep an eye out on Seth Scott. Physical Freak. Under Franz's tutelage he's a guy that is going to give offensive coordinators headaches at the next level.
  5. Week #9 OPOTW QB Tucker Dowden, Missouri 20 of 25 for 325 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT, 5 carries for 48 yards, 0 TD vs Kentucky One of the celebrated, great quarterbacks of this current collegiate era, Tucker Dowden won his first Offensive Player of the Week award last week. Unfortunately, he was unable to sit down for an interview, due to a birth in his family! We congratulate Tucker for his great performance, and wish him and his family all the best going forward with their happy bundle of joy! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Week #9 DPOTW DE Javier Grady, North Texas 3 sacks, 5 tackles vs Florida Atlantic (L) One of the greatest defenders to ever grace the collegiate stage, Javier Grady wins an unprecedented 4th National Defensive Player of the Week Title for a valient effort in a losing performance against Florida Atlantic. In lieu of Javier's interview, we were able to secure a POTW first, a coach interview with Pizzarolls. Coach, Javier had 3 sacks in an incredible individual performance, but your Mean Green still lost. What are your thoughts on his showing and the game overall? I never run out of good things to say about Grady. He's everything you'd want in a defensive captain. His competitiveness is unmatched, his work ethic is strong and his motor is a constant pedal to the floor. I know he is upset we are not at least a 0.500 team this year but he's doing a great job making the rest of the team see we can get back there if we play like winners. His individual performances are outstanding and his team work and leadership skills are growing at a steady rate. Stepping back and looking at the team as a whole, I'm proud knowing we have already broken our single season win record. That floor was low but I hope to continue to raise the ceiling as high as Javier raises his draft stock every week. Coach, Grady is the second North Texas "superstar", following former Mean Green and current New Orleans Saints receiver Sean Jenkins. What is it about this program that sees generational talents appear every so often? Grady chose us because of the culture we have here at North Texas. We talked with him back and forth a few times and he said he didn't have to consider options, he was ready to sign.. As for what it is about the program? It's hard to put a finger on one particular standout factor. I would like to think we are starting to see bigger talent show up because they see what's in store for the future of this program and want to be apart of it. Being a program in the fertile recruiting grounds of Texas, how do you see North Texas doing next season and the years to come? I think we've have had a great recruiting class so far this year. Texas just breeds football and we're in a very liberal, fun area for students to attend. I don't know if you've ever been to Denton but the culture is fantastic. I couldn't be happier with some of the guys who have already committed with us. I think in three to four years you could see us not only go above 0.500 but start actually challenging Rice and a few other teams for a C-USA title. I have really high expectations for the redshirts this year and even more for the caliber of athletes coming in this recruiting class. I wake up in the middle of the night all the time scrambling for a pen and paper, smartphone, anything i can find to jot down ideas i have about new roles for these kids and new ways to integrate them in with our upperclassmen. Great things are in the mix but right now the spot light is on the Grady Train. Where do you think Javier Grady is going to stand in the history books, not just in North Texas, but in college football as a whole? Well, he's up there. Of course I'm going to say he's top of the list. When you feed that kid's ego he leaves whole offensive lines on their backs. He chose CUSA for a number of reasons and he says that he doesn't regret it. I think he would be making the same impact in the SEC and I think the fact that he shows loyalty towards a team that, at this time, is not the most successful, it proves that he will make a monstrous impact for whatever NFLHC team that drafts him in the early first round. Win or lose he just wants to hit Quarterbacks. Thanks for sitting down with me coach. Before I leave do you have any shout outs or statements to the fans? Sorry, not really, we've got work to do. Thank you for your time. Thanks to pizzarolls for the interview this week. Best of luck to all the players in Week 10! Previous National POTW Award Winners
  6. Have you ever felt like there just wasn't enough hours in the day and so much to do. I sure did. Lets take a quick glance at the hats I've been wearing: Head Football Coach for the Tennessee Volunteers General Manager for the Atlanta Falcons Owner and General Manager for the Nashville Predators Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference Son and Heir to the Bow Family Corporation There really is just too much going on in my life, and back in December, I just had a breakdown. I flew to Malaysia and stayed there for 3 weeks, trying to reorient myself and my life and where I wanted to go and be. I realized that I was just too busy to do any of my jobs correctly, and I had to do something to keep my sanity. After long discussions with the Atlanta Falcon front office and their great owner Acewulf, I now contemplate life after professional football. Yes, I am retiring from NFLHC. It's been an amazing 5 seasons, including a super bowl trip in 2015 with the then St. Louis Rams, the excitement of selecting Shawn Anderson and marketing him as the Ram's savior on offense, trading up to the #1 overall pick to snag Early Davis, and watching the Atlanta Falcons secure their first double digit win total in nearly 4 years today. I can say I've been very proud of what this team has accomplished, and I'm ecstatic at the futures of both the Falcons and the Rams, who I was heavily involved with in 3 prior years. That being said, I feel like I've set a standard for greatness. The Falcons have had two solid drafts, and I'm personally coming off a 2019 Executive of the Year award. As I've become more and more involved in my family's business, I've found myself unable to do the intense scouting and roster planning that I feel sets me apart from the other general managers in the league. Its not fair to this team, the ownership, and especially the fans for there GM to not be giving it his all. Will I return to NFLHC? Frankly the answer is no. I will not be accepting any job offers from any other organizations in the league. This is a permanent retirement from pro football as I try to focus on making the Vols, Preds, and SEC the best they can be. It's been a great ride in the pros, but all good things come to an end. SAGEBOW / CONTRIBUTOR
  7. 404 Error - Playoffs Not Found First Winning Season in Four Years Ends in Disappointment
  8. Winners: Tucker Dowden, Missouri Javier Grady, North Texas
  9. Updated post Week 9 Would it help if i locked the first two columns so you could see which players did what?
  10. Of Note: Love me some Eric McLean. Very promising player out of Rice that's going to be a future NFL starter Tucker Dowden is having a ridiculous season. If his defense could just close out games he'd be a strong Heisman candidate Nico Kaufman doing Nico Kaufman things as he drops 6 touchdowns against Wyoming Grant McConnell is back again with a strong game against North Carolina Another big game out of Ethan Newby, I think he may be leading the country in rushing yards right now Javier Grady dominates, but North Texas still comes up short FRESHMAN Devin Blakely is back again, lets see if he can win DPOTW this time Tegray Wingard with a #AllEastWestBowl name
  11. Week 7 saw dominating displays, shocking upsets, and massive divisional clashes. Lets see which stars shined! Offensive Player of the Week RB Ethan Newby, Florida 25 carries for 128 yards, 3 TD vs South Carolina Ethan Newby is a bad, bad man. The current conference rushing leader devestated the Gamecocks last week, tearing them up for over 5 yards a carry on his way to 3 touchdowns. Behind one of the great offensive lines in college football history, Newby seems poised to be the All-SEC running back at the end of the season, and potentially be the SEC Offensive Player of the Year. Congratulations to Ethan for winning his second career SEC Offensive Player of the Week award! Defensive Player of the Week OLB Leon Harkins, Mississippi State 1 INT, 6 Tackles vs #10 Alabama Mississippi State knocked off Bama last week, thanks in part to a huge effort out of Leon Harkins. Leon, usually in the shadow of Brady Christiansen, dazzled as he picked off Antonio Pugh once and was heavily involved in stopping the run. Harkins' effort wins him his first career SEC Defensive Player of the Week award! Congrats! Special Teams Player of the Week P Benjamin Biggs , Georgia 49.5 Punt Avg vs Stanford A punter? Again? Well considering that Biggs is putting up NFL numbers, he'll win his second career SEC Special Teams Player of the Week. Just a month after he won his first one for averaging 45, Biggs put on a highlight reel of incredible punts, including one he released from his own 24 yard line only for it to stop rolling at Stanford's 6 to go down into the books as a 70 yard bomb. Congrats Benjamin! SEC POTW Award History
  12. @Isaac829 will be by shortly to handle your application Welcome to the site!
  13. Shell-lacked Jefferson-less Falcons inept against the Panthers