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  1. Damn what a game against the Chiefs. Both teams deserved to win that one, just made too many mistakes
  2. Holy smokes first win at ASU and it’s a tight one down to the wire. The new offensive scheme works a whole lot better this week. #ForksUp
  3. Imperium du Dahomey Founded: 1645 Form of Government: Empire Leader: Ahosu Dakodonou II The Imperium du Dahomey is an African Empire founded by Ahosu Houegbadja for the Fon people of West Africa. One of the traditional powers of West Africa, Dahomey has its capital in Abomey in modern day Benin and previously existed as the Kingdom of Dahomey. Dahomey was Gallicized during the Napoleonic era, with Ahosu Adandozan being a staunch ally of Napoleon and assisting him in his wars in Europe. This allowed the Fon people to gain European military tactics and begin expansion of the Kingdom of Dahomey into the Imperium du Dahomey. After the conquests of Adandozan, their borders now stretch from the Volta River in the west, all the way to the Lagos Lagoon in the east, tracing up the Omo forest. Dahomey controls the lucrative West African coast line. Their northern border is constantly in dispute with different tribes, but the prospect of Gold and Diamonds in the Birimian area make it a tempting prospect to go further in land. Dahomey is a true Empire, led by an Ahosu who passes on his title down via Primogeniture. Fon is the language of the people, though many speak French as they are well connected due to a mutual history, and France is the preferred trading partner of Dahomey. Technologically, they have been brought up quickly due to their interactions with France, but still struggle in manufacturing fine goods. They do however have a wealth of resources, and are trying to leverage that to speed up their industrialization process. Dahomey has a strong standing army. Conscription starting at the age of 18 is mandatory for all men, and many women sign up as well as traditionally the Fon women also fought. Their naval forces are slowly improving, but still struggling to catch up with other powers in experience and tactics. Stats: Economy (1-10): Education (1-10): Military Power Overall (1-10): Land Power (1-10): Sea Power (1-10): Air Power (1-10): Technology (1-10): Health (1-10): Infrastructure (1-10): Population:
  4. Aaron Stiles they broke my boy. There's also been significantly less unicorn receivers. Sometimes you get Sean Jenkins. Sometimes you get Marcus Ratterman
  5. Oh god, Simon-Alford was terrible. Hopefully can work out the kinks this upcoming week.
  6. Name: Gold Adrianson
  7. RIP this dude's career. From a weird 5* kid that left Connecticut to catch passes from Charlie at Hawaii to a league disappointment bouncing around the NFL.
  8. Really well put together. Neo Franz and Bingo were quite the squad back then. Tctykilla was highly regarded when he joined as well. Kevin Richard's injury is probably the first onfield hit that started the general collapse, not having a counter balance to keep opposing defenses honest. Then the entire collapse of the Saint's passing defense made them the victims of Skaggs and Heiden. The brutal offensive line injuries in 2020, yikes. I think they've got some cornerstones, Devy, Sean Jenkins/Mike Miller, Ryan Poole, Jeremy Miller is still solid, Garrett Holliday. Corey Davis maybe able to take the jump at the back end of the defense. Cece Condon everyone loves. Maybe they get back to that spot.
  9. As a fan of the sport, I'm excited for Justin "The Cannon" Buchanan to find a worthwhile activity to do with his playing career over!
  10. gotta be a career ender. woof Dude has been in the league for 6 years and I don't think he's ever started a regular season game. Goddamn someone give him a chance
  11. Hot take, I think the Jets will actually come in 4th this season.
  12. They better be, i didn't dump all of my points in offense for nothing. Thanks Jieret!
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