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  1. Week 4 has come and gone. Lets see who put up big games to end the first quarter of the season! Offensive Player of the Week RB Jayden Huff, LSU 20 carries for 155 yards, 2 TDs vs Ole Miss With a big performance against the previously undefeated Ole Miss Rebels, Jayden Huff became the first LSU Tiger to win SEC Offensive Player of the Week in nearly 2 seasons! Congratulations Jayden! His scores and overall runs were vital in keeping Ole Miss's offense off the field and led to the blowout victory by the current #1 team in America! Defensive Player of the Week DE Sebastian Smallwood, Alabama 2 sacks, 6 tackles vs Nevada Yet another big time pass rusher in Bama history. Smallwood currently leads the conference with 6 sacks, and 2 of them came against one of 2019's playoff teams, the Nevada Wolf Pack. Smallwood got to their signal caller repeatedly throughout the night, and kept the hurries and knockdowns consistently going throughout the game. Special Teams Player of the Week K Wyatt Abel, LSU 4/5 FG, 4/4 XP vs Ole Miss Though Abel may have missed one late in the game, in his defense when you kick the ball 8 times in one Saturday, your leg tends to get tired. Abel was another piece of LSU's offense powered win, scoring 16 of the team's 40 points. SEC POTW Award History
  2. Winners: WR Adam Coles CB Damani Jeffries
  3. Dang it Memphis has a premier pass rusher now
  4. All 14 of the prestigious SEC teams have played 3 games, lets take a look at some points of interest for each team so far! Alabama Crimson Tide Steady Bama Football - Antonio Pugh has played solid for the undefeated Crimson Tide, picking up largely from where Rory Weston left off. A.J. Edwards remains an elite deep threat and the big strength of this team is still this elite defense. Alan Tuitamalofo and Sebastian Smallwood have been beasts so far. Player of the Season (so far) - DE Sebastian Smallwood, 15 tackles, 6 sacks. Question Going Forward - Can they get a run game going? Tolani Catingub has really struggled getting anything going on the ground. Can Cade get the best out of the young running back, or will he rely more and more on Pugh? Arkansas Razorbacks Inconsistent Start - Connor Dawson has had moments of greatness, and moments of incompetence, and as he goes, so does Tyron Chambers and the rest of this offense. When he's on, Dawson is one of the best in the nation. Razorback fans are hoping he can stay hot as they get into the meat of their season. Player of the Season (so far) - WR Tyron Chambers, 24 receptions for 317 yards, 3 TDs (13.21 ypr) Question Going Forward - Who's going to step up on this defense? Robert Bleeker is living up to the billing as one of the top JUCO guys in the last cycle, but the senior corner can only do so much. Auburn Tigers Marcus Black is a Superstar - It's been amazing just how good Black's start to his sophomore season has been. He's got great pieces around him on the offense, but the way the Maestro coordinates guys like Sean Meade and Andre Curtis around him is truly remarkable. Auburn looks poised to be one of the best teams in the nation. Player of the Season (so far) - QB Marcus Black, 59 of 85 (69.41%) for 700 yards, 6 TDs, 0 INTs (161.88 passer rating). 14 carries for 87 yards, 2 TDs, 0 FUM (5.38 ypc) Question Going Forward - Can they stay hot? Really not much to doubt for the Auburn team. They look truly legit. Florida Gators Run the Freaking Ball - Ethan Newby has been a workhorse for the Gators as they sit tied for the lead at the SEC East, sitting at 3-0. Newby has excelled under new head coach Soluna, and looks to be one of the possible SEC Offensive Players of the Year at the end of the season. Player of the Season (so far) - RB Ethan Newby, 78 carries for 446 yards, 7 TDs, 0 FUM (5.72 ypc) Question Going Forward - Can Newby sustain this? Its been a lot of carries for Newby, a conference high 78. Can he handle this heavy workload, or is he going to wear out as the season goes along? Georgia Bulldogs Scoring Woes - Georgia's defense this season is nowhere as good as their historically great ones from 2019 and 2018. However the issue remains the same: can this Bulldogs team score enough to win? The bulk of this responsibility lies with senior QB Salvatore Tanner. He'll need to play really well as the season goes on. Player of the Season (so far) - RB Isaac Wilson, 62 carries for 269 yards, 4 TDs, 0 FUM (4.34 ypc) Question Going Forward - Is Salvatore Tanner good enough? Frankly speaking, Tanner has been the weak link for the Bulldogs all 3 years. People just aren't respecting this Bulldog passing game. If Tanner can step it up, find Ja'Wuan Howard more often, then Georgia is right there as an SEC contender. Kentucky Wildcats Starting to find their Rabid-legs - The Wildcats do not have the most talented roster, but for their key guys, Rabid has gotten the best out of them. Elijah McManus responded well to his game 1 benching, and senior linebacker Abdoul Gordon has been a machine on defense. The revelation of the year has been Quinn Walters, one of the most dangerous weapons in the SEC. Player of the Season (so far) - WR Quinn Walters, 23 receptions for 294 yards, 2 TDs (12.78 ypr) Question Going Forward - Just how much noise can they make this year? This Kentucky team showed that they have firepower in the big win against Cincinnati. Can they pull off some upsets in their conference slate? Rabid has this team feeling the chip on their shoulder, and I think they can make a big impact this season. LSU Tigers Title Contenders on a Roll - This team is starting to ball out, especially in a huge beat down of Ole Miss this week. Elias Allen-Hollis and Alexander Burton are back to their superstar form, and the supporting cast is just as deadly. This team is absolutely terrifying. I should know, I've already played them. Player of the Season (so far) - RB Jayden Huff, 67 carries for 395 yards, 6 TDs, 0 FUM (5.90 ypc) Question Going Forward - Nothing. They've already shown they can grind out games and blow teams out. Just keep doing what you're doing Tigers. Missouri Tigers Its Tucker Dowden Time - Dowden has faced his share of criticism, but those have disappeared in 2020. Dowden has been indefatigable, with an astounding 198 passer rating after three games. Dowden is the type of player that can take Missouri to the promised land of the playoffs just like Aaron Shea did a few years ago. This team is going to be a threat in the SEC East. Player of the Season (so far) - QB Tucker Dowden, 57 of 78 (73.08%) for 885 yards, 7 TDs, 0 INTs (198.00 passer rating). 20 carries for 148 yards, 2 TDs, 0 FUM (7.40 ypc). Question Going Forward - Where has FS Jamal Barnes been? One of Mizzou's best players last season just hasn't done enough through the opening 3 games. When the Tiger's best defender has been true freshman David Triplett, we just need to see more out of the veterans. Give Dowden a chance to win and he'll take it. Mississippi State Bulldogs Yet Another Strong Team - Aside from a big defeat at the hands of Heisman favorite Nico Kaufman and the Air Force Falcons, the Bulldogs have looked very strong. Ryder Shipman to Ryan Childs is deadly as ever, and Brady Christiansen is one of the top linebackers in the country. Player of the Season (so far) - OLB Brady Christiansen, 17 tackles, 1 INT Question Going Forward - Run the Ball? The Bulldogs have had a rough start on the ground with DeAndre Dyson leading the charge. Simply put, he just hasn't been good enough. The fanbase would like to see Clanga get more pass-heavy, its yet to be seen if Coach Duncan will oblige. Ole Miss Rebels We Go as Marquise Laws Goes - Two wins to start the season where Laws looked like a great QB, then a rough performance out of Laws when they dropped one to LSU, frankly one of the best teams in the nation. This team has firepower, veteran leadership, and talented defenders. Unfortunately, they just happen to be in one of the toughest divisions football has to offer. Player of the Season (so far) - TE Hunter King, 18 receptions for 290 yards, 3 TDs (16.11 ypr) Question Going Forward - Strength of Schedule? Laws and the Rebels looked awesome early on, but those teams were pretty bad. Is Laws actually that good, or did he get lucky with that bad schedule. This will get answered soon as the Rebels start getting into the meat of their conference slate. South Carolina Gamecocks Tough SEC Start - 2 SEC games out of their first 3 is rough for any team. Even more nervewracking is that these are Hagan's first games as head coach. He's obviously still working out the kinks with his roster, but results have been quietly promising. South Carolina was fantastic against UMass, but it was UMass. Player of the Season (so far) - WR Sean McDermott,14 receptions for 259 yards, 2 TDs (18.50 ypr) Question Going Forward - Can McDermott get the ball enough? Sean McDermott is the magic man for the Gamecocks. Everytime the ball is in his hands, good things happen for South Carolina. Milo Condon has his struggles but scheming up ways to get McDermott is necessary. Tennessee Volunteers Losing Record? - The Vols haven't had a losing record in SageBow's entire regime. Sitting 1-2 after 3 games is a bitter blow for Big Orange Nation. Can the Vols right the ship, or did they simply lose too much in 2019? There's been good moments for the Vols, but after the second half shutout the USF Bulls pitched this weekend, there's a lot to see how Coach Sage analyzes the performance of his team so far. Player of the Season (so far) - DE Eric Jamison, 12 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 1 safety Question Going Forward - Where the Veterans at? Some of the Vols best players have been freshmen (QB Adrian Goldson and ILB Marcus Coles). It begs the question, what is Nathaniel Jeffries and the rest of the senior doing? Texas A&M Aggies Jarvis Fucking Ward - The Junior Receiver is unstoppable so far this season, torching every team the Aggies play against. He's nearly 50% of this team's entire offense, and he's got the fans in College Station ecstatic. Player of the Season (so far) - WR Jarvis Ward, 25 receptions for 378 yards, 5 TDs (15.12 ypr) Question Going Forward - Just keep developing. No this isn't a question, this is simply what the Aggies need to do. Nathan Singletary is a freshman quarterback, and while he's been good getting the ball to Jarvis Ward, everything else needs to get better. Vanderbilt Commodores Defensive Juggernaut - Jordan Tucker, Damian Dailey, Adam Lovelace, all of these guys have been unstoppable for the Commodores through 3 games. Can anyone break the breach? Cause it doesn't seem anyone can. Player of the Season (so far) - OLB Damian Dailey, 17 tackles, 1 INT, 2 sacks Question Going Forward - Is Justin Malloy good enough? The signal caller for the Black and Gold has arguably the worst quarterback in the conference. Kareem McGee has done really well to make things happen for this offense and with a defense this good, they don't need to score a lot. They just need to score. What did I get right? What did I get wrong? Please feel free to comment your own thoughts below!
  5. Updated post Week 4
  6. Of Note: Lots of talented running backs this week. Rushing attacks finally showing up big in the 2020 season! Nico Kaufman for Heisman hype is really starting. That guy has had an outstanding start to the season Jahmir Rolle hasn't been on many people's radars, but what a fantastic game for the Yellow Jacket against the Clemson Tigers Speaking of Clemson, FRESHMAN ALERT, Glenn Thorpe did it all against Georgia Tech this week Sebastian Smallwood is dominant as always, Alabama always seems to have big time pass rushers Sean Taylor welcome back. The Bronco's lead defender took a pick to the house against Navy this week.
  7. Week #3 OPOTW QB Marcus Black, Auburn 20 of 28 for 241 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 6 carries for 31 yards, 1 TD vs #3 Clemson Huge win for Marcus Black and the Tigers as they drop Clemson. He was able to sit down for a quick interview with SageBow Glad to have you here Marcus. You're coming off one of the program's finest wins, beating 2019 runner ups Clemson. What did this game mean to you in particular? I'm happy to be here, man. This game meant a lot to me. I feel like last year was a disappointment and we lost a lot of games we should've won. This was about proving a point. We're a different team this year and we still had doubters in the media even after that blowout in Oklahoma. It's alright though because it just adds fuel to the fire and motivates me to keep improving. So was this win special to me? Sure, we beat another great football team by a wide margin. For me, scoring three touchdowns was just icing on the cake. Marcus you've received some national attention as a potential Heisman Trophy winner. What are your thoughts on thst prestigious award? You know, we still have a long way to go this season. Winning the Heisman is something that I've been dreaming of since I was a kid and it feels great to be mentioned among the best players in the country right now. I'm very happy with the way things have gone so far and I'm going to do my best to become the second Auburn Tiger to bring that trophy home. You got a dangerous weapon in the backfield in Sean Meade. How does he compare to your 2019 running back Jermaine Lockett? Well the most noticeable difference is that Sean likes running through tacklers instead of trying to make them miss. This is his first year playing, but you can't tell by by watching him. He's one of those guys that you can always count on to come in and do his job. He works harder than anybody and his early season success isn't changing him. That's something we need on this team. There's always been a lot of talent here, but like I said earlier, we were disappointing last year. That hunger that Sean shows on every play is what's going to get us to that next level. You're also making moves with your legs too! How has this offensive line unit improved from 2019 to 2020? All I know is that they've done a great job of working together to keep me on my feet. With this being the second year of Coach Jumanji's system, everybody is a little more comfortable with it and it's showing. The offensive line has been huge for us so far and a lot of our success is because of those guys. We love 'em. Thanks for the interview Marcus. Before I leave do you have any shout outs? Go Tigers! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Week #3 DPOTW OLB Alexander Burton, LSU 1 INT, 1 Sack, 3 Tackles vs #12 Tennessee SEC with their third National Defensive Player of the Week! The Reaper was able to grab a quick interview with SageBow With me today is Alexander Burton. Alex, huge game against the Vols last weekend where you picked off Adrian Goldson in overtime. Walk me through that play. Pre-snap, they were in a three receiver formation with a tight end and receiver lined-up close to my side of the line, but when the TE went in motion across the formation I looked at Jaiden and he picked him up. I knew Eddie had his guy on the outside and I had underneath coverage on the receiver with help over the top. Having a guy like Jeremy playing behind me gives me a lot of leeway to play up close knowing if I get beat over the top he has my back. So I took one step forward and played inside coverage on the receiver. When the ball was snapped I saw the receiver make a move inside and came forward and took a peak into the backfield. I saw the QB release the ball at the last second and the ball hit me in the chest as the receiver hit me trying to get to his spot. I didn't get my hands on the ball at first but I was able to snag it as I was going down from the hit from the receiver. Looking back I should have made a better move on the ball and sealed the game, but I knew the offense would pick us up. This is a momentous win for the Tigers, beating the reigning SEC Champions. Just what did this win mean for you personally? It means a lot to go into their house and silence the crowd in OT, but we know it won't mean anything if we can't put together a good season and make the playoffs After a tremendous freshman season you are now the heart soul and face of this LSU team. What does the purple and gold mean to you? I came to LSU because of the history here, and to follow in the footsteps of the best OLB to ever play the game, but this place has become so much more since in the past two and a half years. I grew up in Florida but Baton Rouge will always be my home. The people, the atmosphere in a home night game, the food, and it just feels right ya know? Anytime I put on that jersey I feel a sense of pride, and I just give my all on the field. Expectations are very high for the Tigers. How is this team handling all the outside noise? No one has higher expectations than ourselves. We know what we are capable of achieving and have to work every day to get there. This is a group of guys who challenge each other on the practice field every day and at time tensions have boiled over, but we're brothers and we have each other's backs. That sense of family we have really keeps us focused on the task at hand. During practice, who is the one guy on offense that gives you the hardest time? Jayden is a monster man. He can make his move and turn the corner on a dime and his acceleration is some of the best I have ever seen. When he moves out of the backfield and I have to take him one on one in pass protection he beats me more times than not unless I get help . Thanks for the interview Alexander! Before I leave do you have any final shout outs? Nope! Many thanks to Jumanji and cmcgill for their part in these interviews. Best of luck for all the talented playmakers in Week 4! Previous National POTW Award Winners
  8. Rahim Murrell tracker 3-0 as a starter Greatness Confirmed
  9. Week 3 lets do this! Big games all around the SEC as two of our players won National Player of the Week awards! Offensive Player of the Week QB Marcus Black, Auburn 20 of 28 for 241 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT, 6 carries for 39 yards, 1 TD vs #3 Clemson Huge game out of the sophomore quarterback as Auburn trounced the Clemson Tigers Saturday night. Marcus Black dazzled as he accounted for 3 touchdowns on his way to earning a National Offensive Player of the Week award. Congrats Marcus! Defensive Player of the Week OLB Alexander Burton, LSU 1 INT, 1 Sack, 3 tackles vs #12 Tennessee Alexander "Reaper" Burton was the winner of the National Defensive Player of the Week award, coming up with a huge game against the Tennessee Vols. When it came down to it in overtime, Burton intercepted a pass from Adrian Goldson, giving his offense the go ahead opportunity to kick the field goal and win the game. Congrats Alexander! Special Teams Player of the Week K Ian Monahan, Texas A&M 4/4 FG, 2/2 XP vs #8 Alabama The Aggies may have lost, but Monahan was simply brilliant Saturday Afternoon against the ever tough Crimson Tide. Monahan hit field goals from 19 to 41 yards, and was perfect from the field as the Aggies gave Bama a tough game. Monahan is a rising star in this conference, and is on his way to possibly an All-SEC kicker nod. SEC POTW Award History
  10. Winners: QB Marcus Black OLB Alexander Burton
  11. #12 Tennessee takes the #2 team in the nation to overtime and falls 6 places. Voters not even watching games smh
  12. Updated post Week 3
  14. Of Note: Serious star power at quarterback this week. Black, Bowman, Trickett, and North are some of the game's premier signal callers. Honorary mention to Purdue's Matt Jones who just barely missed the cut Can't say enough about Kareem McGee's start to the season. He's been a major part of Vandy's undefeated record DeNorris Jackson gets a ton of love, but start watching out for DeSean Dockery. Very talented back Louisville's got there. Joseph Thurston had his way with the Missouri Tigers. Big time receiver out of Sparty. Him and Davidson are an absolute menace. Hello Carlos Washington. The Wolverine's lead pass rusher murdered Fresno State's Ryan Harris repeatedly Alexander Burton, Brandon Thomas, Blake Raines? Keep an eye out on the Army linebacker. He's been the heart and soul of the Black Knights and always steps it up in big games.