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    1. SageBow

      [2021] Week 7 Headlines

      Who Is Rob Zeko Steelers soundly beat division rival 28-10
    2. SageBow

      [2021] SEC Statbook

      Updated post Week 6. Will try to get Week 7 up ASAP. Just no time lately ;_;
    3. SageBow

      [2021] Week #7 - TNF

      Chester Henson bby what is you doing
    4. SageBow

      [2021] Week 6 Headlines

      Shellshocked Blake Shell does the unthinkable, winning an NFL game at the expense of our Steelers
    5. SageBow

      [2021] Week #6 - 4 PM

      Pipe strikes the Rams again
    6. SageBow

      [2021] SEC Statbook

      Updated post Week 5
    7. SageBow

      [2021] Week 5 Headlines

      From London with Love Steelers Ironically Dropped by Patriots in London
    8. SageBow

      [2021] SSC: Week 4

      Week 4 is over! After a slight delay, lets check out the Stats Leaders! STATS LEADERS Passing Yards Tucker Dowden, - 1233 yards Elijah McManus, - 1189 yards Eric McLean, - 1088 yards Passing Touchdowns Elijah McManus, - 14 TDs Eric McLean, - 13 TDs Zack Cera, - 13 TDs Rushing Yards Ethan Newby, - 541 yards Trevon Yeldon, - 538 yards Jamal Trufant, - 498 yards Rushing Touchdowns Ethan Newby. - 9 TDs Evan Grant. - 8 TDs DeSean Madison, - 8 TDs Receiving Yards Artavius Hopkins, - 430 yards Deontray Clay, - 420 yards Tevin Lattimore, - 417 yards Receiving Touchdowns Artavius Hopkins, - 7 TDs Daniel Hobbs, - 6 TDs Parker Tripp, - 6 TDs NOTABLE TIDBITS Take a Bow El Chacko! The NDSU superstar led them to a huge win over FBS UMass Thursday Night. Artavius Hopkins is a force to be reckoned with. 10 receptions, 139 yards, and 3 Touchdowns in huge victory over Georgia Southern. He's got superstar written all over him heading into the next level. Another big win for Florida led by Ethan Newby. 3 TDs and 172 yards on the ground as he pounded through Kentucky's defense to keep the Gators perfect. Michigan and Lucas Benton slaughtered Liberty in brutal fashion. The Wolverines sacked poor David Clevenger 10 times, as the Flames signal caller was literally seen running for his life the entire afternoon. Down goes the Nittany Lions! Led by Khairi Bryant, the Buckeyes beat the reigning national champions in Happy Valley! Watch out B1G! MATCHUP OF THE WEEK WR Jarvis Ward vs CB Kenyon Justice Two true superstars clashed in SEC West Divisional Play. Lets take a look to see how they performed. Ward - 6 receptions for 45 yards, 1 TD Justice - 1 INT, 2 Tackles Verdict - Kenyon Justice Not many people can limit Jarvis Ward. Kenyon Justice is not people. The corner shut down one of the most explosive receivers in the nation all night long. Though Ward had plenty of receptions, he was largely limited in what he could do all night.
    9. SageBow

      [2021] Week 4 Headlines

      Dial M for Turner Michael Turner's 28 yard Overtime Strike leads the Steelers to a Divisional Win over the Bengals
    10. SageBow

      2017 National Championship Predictions

      Alabama 41 Georgia 0. 6 defensive touchdowns for Bama with a missed extra point #JustPruitt
    11. SageBow

      [2021] SEC Statbook

      Updated post Week 4
    12. SageBow

      [2021] Week #4 - 4 PM

      Great win for the Black and Yellow! Team is starting to gel with the new gameplan style after the takeover, very happy with Tuscan's coaching. Go Steelers!
    13. SageBow


      You're approved for the Arkansas Razorbacks! Request here for Arkansas's logo as your avatar picture. Once your account has been elevated you will gain access to the shoutbox and the private conference subforum. The 2021 CFBHC season has been underway for a few weeks. Your 2021 roster can be seen here. You are no longer allowed to change your redshirts as the season has begun. Place your depth chart here; if you are not sure to how to properly format the chart, look here. Make sure to request an account on the interface, that's where we handle gameplanning and recruiting (Make sure to choose CFBHC, not CBBHC!). Recruiting is currently underway, with the first few weeks already in the books, so you'll definitely want to read up on how that works. You are expected to maintain Arkansas's Wiki page. If you are inexperienced with wiki editing, that's OK, the template is already established for you. You are also responsible for individual season pages for each year. You can use Western Michigan's 2021 season page as an example there. The Wiki is currently broken and un-editable. We will let you know when it is working again. Feel free to PM me with any questions regarding this. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to ask in the chat or message me directly. There's a lot to catch up on, coach, and you're starting out in a hole.. Also, because this sim requires timely interaction, be aware that if you are inactive for 14 consecutive days or fail to perform recruiting duties for your school for two weeks during the season that can be grounds for losing your team. Welcome to , the and to ! WOOO PIG SOOIE
    14. SageBow

      [2021] Week 3 Headlines

      The Hall Monitor Cometh Raiders take down Steelers 32-14 in a complete victory
    15. SageBow

      [2021] SEC Statbook

      Updated post Week 3