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  1. Winners: RB DeNorris Jackson, UCF DE Jamari Callahan, Kansas
  2. Of Note: Nico Kaufman and Luke Trickett continue their strong Heisman campaigns with dominating performances this week Rod Fulton makes up for CG3's 3 interceptions with 3 touchdowns on the ground as Kansas upsets #21 Oklahoma State DeNorris Jackson piledrivered SMU's defense on his way to 3 touchdowns in an high profile AAC clash TEs galore as Charles Sherrill and Mason Parks lead the way for all receivers this week FRESHMAN ALERT: Jamari Callahan with an awe inspiring performance against Oklahoma State FRESHMAN ALERT: Matthew McNeil brings down Andre Webb twice to make his first nomination Marcus Terrell is an animal. 3 sacks for the Illini. Garrett Holliday may be the best inside linebacker in the nation, picking off Donald Culver and 8 tackles along the way Eric Hall may have the most multi-interception games of any player ever. Ridiculously talented corner
  3. I will have a running total of SEC stats for this season and it can be found in the link above. In this thread I will post when I have updated the stats for that week. Feel free to use the SEC Statbook to see just how well the best players in college football perform this season!
  4. Updated post Week 8
  5. UCF by 10, 31-21. Don't think SMU has what it takes to stop DNJ, and I think UCF has what it takes to stop Dean Burkhart.
  6. How much of Schuler's performance do you think is due to Luke Cobb? If McConnell has a great receiver in Adam Coles, but if Rook had a top tier WR1 do you think he'd be the best QB in the conference?
  7. The only team the Rams have lost to this year is the 49ers, twice.
  8. Week #7 OPOTW QB Mohammed Foster, West Virginia 25 of 33 for 385 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT, 6 carries for 64 yards, 2 TD vs Oklahoma Mohammed Foster wins his second career National Offensive Player of the Week award, but his first since 2018. He was able to sit down for an interview. Sage here sitting down with Mohammed Foster. Mo, 6 TDs against BigXII rival Oklahoma. What led to this great performance? Well - Sage.. This group has been together for several seasons now and we've developed incredible chemistry. We challenged ourselves with a difficult schedule and the dividends are paying off now. Our offense has continued to improve each week, we played well against Texas and we played well against Oklahoma. It really comes down to that chemistry and diversity. My job is made easier by the guys around me. Am I going to throw to J.C.? Elias?, Dupree? Am I handing the ball to Mustafa or am I keeping it? There's so many guys around me that I think we just keep defenses off balance. You're known as a true dual threat guy. Tell me, would you rather beat a team in the pocket or by gashing them with long runs? Honestly - as long as we get the win I just want to do whatever puts in the position to do that. I want to show scouts that I can pass it with the best of them and can also get out and extend the play with my legs. It's all about the team though and I'm going to do whatever the situation calls for at the time. Lots of professional teams have expressed some interest in you. What do you think about possibly going to the NFL at the end of this season? It's not something I'm thinking about right now. We have a real good chance to win the Big XII and I owe it to my teammates to focus on that goal. When it makes sense I'll sit down and look at my options with coach, my family, and hear what the scouts have to say. West Virginia does seem like the team to beat in the Big XII. Do you feel like this puts added pressure on the team, or is being seen as the favorite something you Mountaineers cherish We try to look beyond the pressure because we have a lot of experience on the team. Elias, Mo, and I been starting together since our freshman year. A lot of the defense has been playing together for years so we aren't afraid of pressure. Last year we were predicted to win 3 games this year we were predicted to win 6. Regardless of what the media says, we're going to go out and play our game with the goal of gettin' the fans singing Country Roads at the end. Thanks for the interview Mo. Anyone you'd like to give a shout out to? Shout out to my girl, she's the real MVP -------------------------------------------------------------------- Week #7 DPOTW ATH/CB Dominique Dawkins, Georgia 2 INT, 2 Tackles vs #7 Vanderbilt Versatile Georgia defensive back Dominique Dawkins wins his first career National Defensive Player of the Week award after a stunning performance against Vanderbilt. He was able to sit down for a quick interview with Sage. Thanks for sitting down with me Dominique. Two picks against one of the top teams in the SEC East gives Georgia a commanding position to win the division. How were you so successful in stopping DeAndre Felder? Coach really wanted us to focus on pass defense in this game. DeAndre is obviously their top target, so I spent some extra time in the film room learning his game this week. This was a really big game for us, so I wanted to make sure I did my job. You're an extremely versitile player, able to use any kind of coverage with ease, and you've shown your ability to shadow receivers or drop back into zone. What allows you to be such a defensive Swiss Army Knife? I feel like I've always just been a really flexible type of player. In high school I played both sides of the ball, and I played receiver and corner last season here at Georgia. I think that having that experience as a receiver helps me on defense, because I know what the other guy is thinking and doing. I've been that guy before. Playing different positions and bouncing around like I have, I think I've just gotten used to being flexible and learning all these different aspects of the game. As a sophomore, you're already starting to solidify yourself as one of the top up and coming defensive backs in the nation, standing out for a traditional defensive powerhouse. How have the coaches here at Georgia really honed your talent and abilities? Last season was my first season, but it was coach Cats' first season here too. We were all learning her system, and she was learning the team I guess. I think it just created a good dynamic between us and it's been really easy working with her. It was her idea to put me strictly on defense this season, and so far it's working out great. The coaches here have me really working on the finer parts of my game trying to iron out all of the little mistakes and bad habits. Thanks for the quick interview Dom! Before I leave do you have any shout outs? I just want to give a shout out to the rest of the Georgia Bulldogs D. We had an important game this week and you guys all showed up ready. And of course to my mom. Without her, I wouldn't be where I am, so thanks mom. Thanks to Smackems and Lasercats for their interviews this week. Best of luck to all the players in Week 8! Previous National POTW Award Winners
  9. Sunday Nightmare Crippled AJ Jefferson has worst game of the season in a bad loss to the Lions
  10. Week 7 saw dominating displays, shocking upsets, and massive divisional clashes. Lets see which stars shined! Offensive Player of the Week QB Marcus Black, Auburn 22 of 30 for 288 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT, 3 carries for 1 yards, 1 TD vs Ole Miss Incredible display out of the sophomore signal caller for Auburn. They took down a previously impressive Ole Miss squad in style, and was especially efficient through the air. While he was largely contained on the ground, Black was still able to power his way in for a touchdown, using his massive 6 foot 6 inch frame to drag Rebels along. Black was recently listed as a favorite for the Heisman this season, and if he can continue these performances there's no doubt he'll be invited to the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Defensive Player of the Week ATH/CB Dominique Dawkins, Georgia 2 INT, 2 Tackles vs #7 Vanderbilt In a huge SEC East clash, Georgia triumphed over Vanderbilt thanks to their sophomore cornerback Dominique Dawkins. Dawkins picked off Commodore QB Justin Malloy twice, and crashed down to help with run support several times throughout the night. For his efforts, he also won National Defensive Player of the Week! What an incredible performance for the first time SEC Defensive Player of the Week winner! Special Teams Player of the Week P Sean McCracken, Florida 45.3 yards per punt vs Missouri Florida's Sean McCracken wins his first SEC Special Teams Player of the Week after an incredible punting performance against Missouri. With 10 punts in the game, McCracken averaged an incredible 45.3 yards per punt, including a boomer that went for 63 yards and rolled out at the opposition 3 yard line. Contratulations Sean McCracken! SEC POTW Award History
  11. Voters continue to not watch games. Beat the #3 team in the country in Tuscaloosa and don't even get votes okay.
  12. One of the premier news outlets on the site has released the first mid-season Heisman shortlist for 2020. It is with great pleasure I introduce these players that are in such strong contention for the most prestigious prize in college football. QB Tanner Bowman, Penn State QB Mohammed Foster, West Virginia QB Marcus Black, Auburn QB Matt Jones, Purdue QB Kyle Davidson, Michigan State QB Luke Trickett, USC QB Nico Kaufman, Air Force QB Ryan Harris, Fresno State RB DeNorris Jackson, UCF RB DeSean Madison, Western Michigan RB Trevon Yeldon, Oregon RB Jayden Huff, LSU RB DeSean Dockery, Louisville WR Jarvis Ward, Texas A&M WR Tyron Chambers, Arkansas DE Sebastian Smallwood, Alabama OLB Blake Raines, Army Any controverisal players listed? Any controversial players missing? Feel free to let us know below in the comments!
  13. Winners: QB Mohammed Foster, West Virginia ATH/CB Dominique Dawkins, Georgia
  14. Of Note: Nico Kaufman continues his strong run with an effective demolition of Notre Dame Marcus Black is doing a lot for his Heisman chances as well, excellent game against Ole Miss MoFo does the same with a big game against Oklahoma And you can't forget Tanner Bowman and his 4 TD performance against Indiana DeSean Dockery continues a strong start to his season with a big performance against Clemson for the upset FRESHMAN ALERT: say hello to true freshman edge defender Oghale Adelangwe and his monster game for Penn State Dominique Dawkins and his two interceptions was a big piece in Georgia's win against Vanderbilt Saturday Evening Jeremy Whitehead remains one of the best safeties in the nation and is growing into a leadership role for the LSU defense
  15. This kills the chargers. Murphy had more TDs than incompletions also way to go Bucs! We'll do our best tonight to get another one against the NFCN!
  16. Updated post Week 7
  17. I want some feedback and help as I create a shortlist for the Heisman. PM me if you'd like to contribute to the site!

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      My feedback: Don't rob Cobb this time

  18. Week #6 OPOTW QB Nico Kaufman, Air Force 22 of 27 for 315 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 6 carries for 83 yards, 2 TD vs Boise State Nico Kaufman won his second National Offensive Player of the Week award for the season, and sat down for his second interview of the year. Sage here once again with Cadet Nico Kaufman. Nico, huge game against Boise State, one of the Falcon's toughest rivals. How were you not just able to put up monster numbers, but put them up efficiently against the Broncos? I don't worry too much about the numbers. I'm trying to make sure no opportunity is wasted. Those guys on the line work hard every play, I don't want their effort to be wasted because I made a bad decision. We've been able to do a good job capitalizing on the opportunities we create, but we've still got some room for improvement. Nico, statistically you have had a blistering start to the season, putting you at the forefront of the Heisman race. What would being the first Air Force Falcon to win that award mean to you? Just being considered for the award is a great honor. I remember watching Allan Taylor and Brian Brown play while I was in high school, and it just floors me that anyone thinks I'm playing at that level, I sure don't think so. Really though, winning an award like this is not really in my control. All I can do is go out there and play my best. I can't let any sort of hype influence how I play, it's hard work that got me here. What about the naysayers that point at your teams strength of schedule? Any words for them? Well I don't make the schedule, but all we can do it just go out there and play our brand of football. If we can do that well, week by week and win, it will all work itself out in the end. I know I can speak for the entire team when I say that the opponents we have are important to us. This is your second time winning, so before I leave, care to tell your fans at home your favorite part of the Air Force Academy? My favorite part of The Academy is the camaraderie. I really can't quite describe it. Being able to share the experience of attending the Academy with it's traditions, and knowing that my classmates and I will be carrying that forward into service in the greatest Air Force on earth? No place else has that. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Week #6 DPOTW DE Marcus Terrell, Illinois 2 Sacks, 5 tackles vs Iowa Illinois defensive end Marcus Terrell wins his first national award, and was also able to sit down for a quick interview. Marcus, disappointing loss but you were still able to get a lot of pressure on the opposition quarterback. How were you able to tally your two sacks? Well, we have a strong defensive front which enables me to make plays and get to the quarterback. If we didn't have other threats like Javier (Davenport) or David (Hendrickson) I would have to play more against double-teams. Of course I also have to play as hard as possible to have a game like I had on Saturday, but I have to give credit to my teammates for helping me out. Football is a team sport, after all. You're quite accomplished as both a sack artist and run defender. What kind of defender do you pride yourself on being? I like to think that I'm a pass rusher first and a run defender second. Going after the quarterback has always come more naturally to me, and I think I have the physical tools like speed and agility to do it successfully not only in college, but at the pro level too. However, the ultimate goal for me is to become a complete player, so I'm aiming to become better at defending the run as well. I just want to become as good of a defensive end as I can possibly be. Speaking of growing pro, is there a dream team at the next level that you would just love to play for? Maybe the local Chicago Bears? I grew up in Nevada and most of my family roots for the Raiders, so I guess it would be kind of cool to play there one day. However, it's probably too early to talk much about being a pro given that I'm a redshirt sophomore. The most important thing right now for me is to be an impact player on this defense and help the team win more games. A lot more games. Thanks for the interview Marcus! Before I leave do you have any shout outs? Yeah, I'd like to send a quick message to my teammates and the coaching staff: If you're reading this, stop procrastinating and get back to work! Don't get lazy, don't get complacent; we have a chance to do something special this season. Thanks to Descreto and Flutie for their interviews this week. Best of luck to all the players in Week 7! Previous National POTW Award Winners
  19. See I consider myself a pretty good corner. The best actually. Since I was the first corner ever drafted back in 2014, I thought I'd share some insight to the position and the guys I match up against. Here is the official David Wilburn Top 5 Toughest Wide Receivers, in no particular order. These are guys I've gone to war against, and every single one of these guys play at the pinnacle of the wide receiver position. Walt Peck 6-5 203 pounds, with hands made of epoxy and the moves to boot. If God made a wide receiver, he'd make Walt Peck again. He's so big and so fast, but the biggest thing to note is just how good he is at catching anything that goes his way. See here he is against Keyshawn Thompson, one of the top corners in the league. Ball's in the air, but take a look at what Walt does when it hits him. First off, he does this one handed, crazy amounts of concentration to do that when you're going at full speed. With Keyshawn draped all over you, its downright impossible. But he makes the one handed grab. Then look at his hips. He extended out his right foot, the immediately shifted his hips, rebalanced, and fell with the ball cradled between his arms with no chance of escape. That's downright unbelievable. Him and Murph have been doing it for so long, even against the tightest of coverages they can do something like that. Walt is a physical freak, but its his concentration and catching ability that just makes him so fearsome. He'll downright win the mental game against lesser corners too. Guy talks trash like no one else. If chatting was a stat on Madden, Walt would have a 99. The stuff he says about your mother... Sean Jenkins Now comes probably the most physically gifted receiver I've ever gone up against. 6'6" 182, and one key thought. Jenkins doesn't think he's fast. He knows he's fast. There's a huge difference in that. Guys that think they're fast, they never hear the safety coming. They never expect the corner to be right on them. They think they can out run the coverage. Guys that think they're fast don't last long in this league. Guys that know they're fast, like Jenkins, that's a whole nother beast. One wrong step, and as a corner you're flirting with disaster. Don't believe me? Look at what he did to my boy Mike Gradishar down in Oakland. Jenkins doesn't even go in. He does a little hop at the line of scrimmage, then its off to the races, and when he's got a head start, even if its a 10th of a second, its absolutely over. Mike might as well not have even been there, its just pitch and catch between Devy and Jenkins. Jenkins is one of the few guys in this league that knows he's fast, and everyone else knows it too. He got absolute burners on his leg that keeps everyone scared. Dan Nomellini This guy is outrageous. Probably the best receiver in the league right now in my humble opinion. I've got a lot of memories of when he played in Carolina, but watch this crazy route running he does. Look at him chop his feet. That burst of explosion. People don't talk about this much either, but Nom is probably the most sure-handed receiver to ever grace the game. Then you combine his route running ability and his intellect and you've got a dangerous combination at wide receiver. Lots of guys with Nom's measurables don't make it in this league. 6-1, 182, not that fast, none of that crazy catch range. What he's accomplished is on pure effort and hard work. Jenkins and Walt, those are some freak talents. Nom is a guy that's crafted his way into the game by using his god given talent of juking corners out their shoes. Me and him man, those were some battles. Tai Miller When people think physical receiver, they usually go with a tall, jump ball guy. That's not what I think when I think physical. Tai isn't small, but he's not the 6'5", 6'6" basketball players I have to deal with, but he's also not a jump ball specialist. What he's got is some incredible handfighting abilities, and he's probably the best receiver at using his body in this league. Michael Barber is a hell of a cornerback, but you see Tai just uses his physical advantages all the way. Hand fighting throughout the slant, then he tucks in. Ball's actually thrown a bit high, but he adjusts, makes the play, and shields it all with his body. That is some absurd talent for a guy who's really starting to blossom into his own in this league. Rodney Montgomery Now when people think of Rodney, they think he's this shorter, speed guy that makes his living getting big yards. They're wrong. Montgomery may not be the 6'6" freak that Sean Jenkins is, may not have the physicality of Tai Miller, but he's absolutely a weapon in the red zone. Why? He's got the ups and knows how to use body positioning the only way an old vet does, years and years of practice. Here he is one on one against Troy Marshall of the Ravens. Marshall's all over Rodney, doesn't take a step wrong, but Rodney just uses his great vertical leap to jump right over Troy. Then as he's falling, he does the vet move to toe tap and lean out. Toe tap for the TD, leaning away from the defender to complete the catch with as little interference as possible. He makes a killing eating the lunches of DBs that allow him to get the short catches he can turn into YAC, but that all comes from how clean he runs his routes and how he uses his body. There you have it, the toughest receivers to cover in the league. These guys may be the best in the country at what they do, but I'm always down to go another round with them! DAVID WILBURN/CONTRIBUTOR
  20. Week 6 saw several SEC teams on a bye. With less competition, lets see the players that won this week's awards! Offensive Player of the Week WR Jarvis Ward, Texas A&M 10 receptions for 151 yards, 2 TDs vs South Carolina Forgive me if you've heard the story before, but Jarvis Ward gets another monster game and the Aggies still find a way to lose. This has to be maddeningly frustrating for a player that is on the shortlist to win this year's Biletnikoff! 10 receptions, over 15 yards a catch, 2 touchdowns, and the Aggies still drop the game! Nevertheless, Jarvis becomes the first player to win multiple weekly awards this season, congrats! Defensive Player of the Week SS Sincere Robinson, South Carolina 1 INT, 7 Tackles vs Texas A&M Sure he got roasted by Jarvis Ward, but really, Sincere Robinson plays more like a box safety / additional linebacker and had a fantastic game shutting down A&M's running attack. He even managed to find himself deep to get his first interception of the season, and was a big reason why this Gamecocks team was victorious this past week. Special Teams Player of the Week K Kai Ragsdale, Missouri 2/2 XP, 3/3 FG vs BYU Tough loss for Mizzou, but it wasn't because Ragsdale didn't play hard enough. The kicker was perfect from the field, accounting for 11 of the Tiger's 23 points. He's the first Missouri kicker to win this award since Mason Dutton back in 2017. SEC POTW Award History
  21. I drafted all 4 of these boys. #ProudPapa
  22. Of Note: Heavy on offense this week, light on defense USF really gave UMass the business this weekend.Three of their players make the nominations list Lots of big names here, North, Foster, Trickett, Davidson, and current Heisman favorite Nico Kaufman Brannon Austin welcome to the big stage! Jarvis Ward plays his soul out for a winless TAMU team yet again. At least he'll get the Biletnikoff at the end of the year. FRESHMAN ALERT: Sila Aveau is a true freshman wide out for the Bulls. Great job to the young fella! G5 represent on defense, 4 of the 5 nominees play for Group of 5 teams
  23. Winners QB Nico Kaufman, Air Force DE Marcus Terrell, Illinois
  24. Im not paid to do this