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    SageBow reacted to neovenator250 in Nike Free Trainer V7 Week Zero shoes in collegiate colors are on clearance for 50% of   
    Arkansas, LSU, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia, USC, Florida State, Michigan, Florida, TCU, Penn State, Alabama, Oregon State, Kentucky, and Ohio State all still have designs available
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    SageBow reacted to randye4 in Week 8 OOC at Rocky Top taking on any and all challengers   
    We can play week 8 if you want. @ Tenn is fine. 
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    SageBow got a reaction from caesari in From now until the middle of July I'm going to be working at a summer camp. I'll stil   
    Just keep in touch with your commissioner and visit the site when you can! Best of luck in these trying times away from the site!
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    SageBow reacted to SlinkyJr in Have a good idea for a Players Tribune article but for some reason don't want to writ   
    I will also do this too so Sage doesn't get piled on
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    SageBow got a reaction from Jumanji in Right now I'm 5'10" and about 255. As a 3-4 NT should I put on a bit more weight or m   
    Aren't you only 15? You got plenty more growing to do, I wouldn't worry about it for now
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    SageBow reacted to npklemm in Site may be down all day Sunday to downgrade. Thanks for all the feedback.   
    Please don't. A vast majority of users love the update. I personally love how it looks and how it works.
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