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  1. I do not plan on pulling a Brett Favre.
  2. Yes, for the foreseeable future I will continue to coach Southern Miss.
  3. Head Coach and Owner of Los Angeles Chargers, Wooden, Announces Retirement from NFLHC Hello all. I have come here today to announce my retirement from my positions as Owner and Head Coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, and from NFLHC as a whole. As some of you may have noticed I have been extremely busy recently and have not been able to put in the time needed to do my job as Owner and Head Coach of the Chargers. I will be going off to college soon, and I have realized that I will have even less free time. I don't want to take up a spot in NFLHC if I can't fully participate, and I want to thank everyone who I have worked with in my four years with the Titans and the Chargers - pumph, Bubada, and thatfunk. Pumph is an active and dedicated user who will take over my positions on an interim basis. I also want to thank alien and Soluna for all the work they do to create such a great game, and I want to thank all the other coaches and front office members for creating such a fun and competitive environment. I will now open the floor up to any questions.
  4. Blowout Chargers' woes continue as they suffer embarrassing 49-6 loss to division rival Broncos.
  5. And passer rating would be interesting.
  6. More of the Same Chargers do some good things, but drop 8th game in a row in a 30-20 loss to the Raiders.
  7. The Return of Matty Swift Matty Swift shows improvement as Chargers blow lead in 4th Quarter and lose nail-biter to defending champs 49ers.
  8. Fizzling Out Chargers blow 14 point lead at halftime, lose 30-24.
  9. Fumble! Chargers lose 4 fumbles in 40-21 loss to Seahawks.
  10. Bowen Ball Joseph Bowen's 99 yards and TD not enough to overcome division Rival Broncos, as Chargers lose 31-25.
  11. Bye Week, Bye Injuries Outside linebacker Asante Willis has returned to non-contact drills after suffering a chest injury week 2.
  12. Road Woes Chargers Drop 3rd Straight Road Game
  13. Shut Down Chargers offensive struggles continue as they fail to reach the endzone in a 21-6 loss to the Jets.
  14. Yeah... hopefully he's the next Jerry Rambo
  15. Powder Blues Chargers Lose Pearson in Ugly 44-7 Rout