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  1. I'm just here because I'm bad at following direction
  2. A while back I made a Spotify playlist of past winners if anyone's interested.
  3. Kevin Muse aka "Insult to Trash" aka "Mr. 2.98 ypc" aka "Was on the Trade Block for the Price of a Wet Cigarette" is beside himself for not getting a mention.
  4. Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Mini Camp Roster WR Milo O'Connell 6-0 209 R Purdue [Target] [-2] 74 WR Hunter Crenshaw 5-9 167 R Virginia [Speed] [0] 66 OT Isaac Montalvo 6-6 290 R Temple [Pass Blocking] [0] 79 DE Jerraud Blount 6-7 254 R Mississippi State [Blitz] [-2/C] 79 DT Marlin Downs 6-3 271 R Arkansas [1-Gap] [0/C] 78 DT Albert Duke 6-4 326 R Kansas [1-Gap] [-1] 73 OLB Jeffrey Benton 6-3 234 R Virginia Tech [Coverage] [0] 69 ILB DeAndre Simon 6-3 229 R New Mexico [Mike] [0] 70 OLB Riley Nicholas 6-0 216 R Washington State [Coverage] [+1] 70 CB Jason Morton 6-1 193 R Arkansas State [Zone Coverage] [0] 69 FS Terrell Bradley 6-2 192 R Arkansas [Man Coverage] [0] 68
  5. Will the Position Battle reports for each team be publicly available?
  6. I think attributes are important to an extent, but more than anything we want players in those positions that are versatile. RBs that can run inside or outside and can also catch. Everyone knows AT can run but I feel most people underestimate his ability to efficiently stretch the field with his arm. I think the most difficult teams to scheme against are those that aren't great at one thing, but really good at a lot of things, which is what we strive for. None of our offensive players will ever lead the league in any category, and that's okay, as long as we're winning. Using your example, if Heiden were our QB: I think we'd have slightly different personnel and a scheme that fits his strengths. Build around your star pieces with players that can compliment those players with versatility. It also doesn't hurt that @Broletariat is our GM.
  7. I always enjoy tuning into the draft broadcast either live or catching up the next day! Was wondering if it's at all possible that someone records draft picks timestamps for the broadcast, for those of us listening later? Looking forward to hearing you guys this weekend!
  8. D Stack

    CFBHC v1.6d

    As someone who certainly doesn't have the permission to speak for the entire ACC; I'd like to speak for the conference. We would like the ranking to be based on level of annual under achievement of ACC teams relative to the pre season polls.
  9. Oh, hello expectations. Nice to finally see you again.
  10. D Stack

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Who wants some Seminole?? Fully booked for 2023 OOC: Week 1: @ ODU @TheTacoOfDoom Week 3: Notre Dame @joedchi Week 4: Boise State @AzulCaballero Week 16: @ Florida @Soluna
  11. The defense should be one of the best in the country and I'm expecting Micah Parsons and Gross-Matos to take a big step forward in leading the defensive front 7. The obvious question marks are QB, WR, RB and O-Line. I think we'll be good at O-Line and I do believe Slade is the next guy in a line of really good running backs; which only leaves the question of replacing Trace's production and leadership - and who the hell can actually catch the ball (looking at you JJ and Thompkins). I know Trace wasn't the most naturally talented passer, but the guy was a flat out winner - and that's not something that's teachable. That said, I'm taking it as a good sign that there wasn't much of an apparent QB controversy with the younger Clifford having the backing of the coaching staff over the more senior Tommy Stevens. For pass catchers, I love a big year for Freiermuth at TE; and for good lord, get KJ Hamler the ball however you can. Hopefully, Johnson will be a pleasant surprise and figure out how to use his massive frame to make contested catches a la Allen Robinson (because we know he can't create his own separation), which would be a good complement to Polk and Hamler as small-framed burners. With a new WR coaching staff and a deep bench of uber-talented young receivers, my money is on (see: hoping) that we see another receiving threat emerge from this group this year.
  12. Skills: Offense +2, Clock Mgmt +1, Discipline +1, Youth Mgmt -2 Feat: Ozymandias New Skills Offense: 14 --> 16 Defense: 15 Special Teams: 11 Clock Mgmt: 9 --> 10 Discipline: 10 --> 11 Youth Mgmt: 13 --> 11
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