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  1. The Philadelphia Eagles select WR/TE Skill Level 1
  2. Running game, defense, special teams and fumbles. If you don't like that then you don't like Eagles football. Gg @serwendel!
  3. Hey man, sorry to hear about this. It's been a crazy year, but remember there's a light at the end of the tunnel with this covid situation. It sounds like a lot of the trouble youve had have been either caused directly by the pandemic or a symptom of it. The next few months might still be shakey but it's only going to start getting better soon. Talking to someone and routine exercise is a great start for stress management, but I'd def suggest looking into meditation/mindfulness. If you've never tried, it sounds strange (I was the same way when I first was suggested) but it's simple and surprisingly effective (both proactively and reactively). Check out the Headspace app if it's something you might be interested in.
  4. The Philadelphia Eagles would like to create the following coaches: Offensive Coordinator Age: 62 [9] O-Line Skill - Level 2 [30] QB Skill - Level 2 [30] Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement - Level 2 [30] Total - 99 Defensive Coordinator Age: 54 [33] D-Line Skill - Level 1 [10] D-Line Progression - Level 1 [10] Secondary Skill - Level 1 [10] Secondary Progression - Level 1 [10] Total - 73
  5. Round 2, Pick 20 The Philadelphia Eagles select: ST Larry Izzo (Age 50) Descended from Pete Carroll Kicking Unit Chemistry Level 2; Punting Unit Chemistry Level 2 To be Special Teams Coordinator. The Dallas Cowboys are now on the clock. @serwendel
  6. Got married, moved to a new apartment with a balcony/view of NY harbor/statue of liberty, built a PC and started sim racing (PC2, ACC, AC, iRacing, AMS2 - hit me up @TheLiberator and @Broletariat!). Other than that I've been able to continue working mostly from home (with the exception of a full lockdown in NYC for a few weeks in April). We had big plans this year, and a lot of them didnt happen (big wedding, first half marathon, a couple 5ks/10k and honeymoon in Italy) but we still made the best of it. Happy to be healthy TBH.
  7. Round 1, Pick 20 The Philadelphia Eagles select: DC Steve Spagnuolo (Age 64) Descended from Tom Coughlin Defensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 3; Pass Defense Aggressiveness Level 3 To be head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Dallas Cowboys are now on the clock @serwendel. FTC.
  8. D Stack

    [2024] Week #1 - MNF

    This defense is legit! Some takeaways: Glad to see the rookie DT, Kwon Shaw, showing up in the stat sheet with a sack even though he isn't a starter and is considered a project player. Second year DE Jerraud Blount is picking up right where he left off since winning the starting end spot opposite Ryan Frey mid-way through 2023, this d-line is looking good. Travaris Jackson will be worth every penny of that extension. He's a top 5 CB in the league. Don't @ me. Milligan is not going to just give away that starting Mike LB spot to first round pick and leading pre-season tackler, Soldier Brooks. 10 years in and he's STILL playing at a very high level. TFW your best defensive player doesn't even need to make the stat sheet in an excellent team defensive game The offensive performance is concerning and while Allen Taylor needs more help from the WR, he needs to be more accurate. We're a run first team up against a team that defends the run very well. Not too worried about Miller as the lead back, yet. We're going to make some adjustments for our trip to Miami to play the Dolphins. One way or another, I think we're going to learn a lot about our chances at contending this season based on this matchup.
  9. Great write-up! I do need to mention that while Jerraud Blount is young and only in his second season, he absolutely dominated playing LDE opposite Ryan Frey. He took over the starting DE position in week 13. He made the stat sheet in every game he started racking up 7 sacks, 7 TFL and 1 FF in only 5 starts. Beast.
  10. Jerraud Blount is my completely unbiased dark horse for DPOY. I'm fairly certain he's averaging over 1 sack and TFL per start since winning the LDE job halfway through the 2023 season.
  11. The Eagles are a SS factory! Now if only we can figure out how to translate that to developing OLBs and WRs...
  12. https://images.app.goo.gl/fyFFAyZ8EH733X7A8
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