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  1. Great write-up! I do need to mention that while Jerraud Blount is young and only in his second season, he absolutely dominated playing LDE opposite Ryan Frey. He took over the starting DE position in week 13. He made the stat sheet in every game he started racking up 7 sacks, 7 TFL and 1 FF in only 5 starts. Beast.
  2. Jerraud Blount is my completely unbiased dark horse for DPOY. I'm fairly certain he's averaging over 1 sack and TFL per start since winning the LDE job halfway through the 2023 season.
  3. The Eagles are a SS factory! Now if only we can figure out how to translate that to developing OLBs and WRs...
  4. https://images.app.goo.gl/fyFFAyZ8EH733X7A8
  5. It hasn't been updated in a while but has a good amount of the early editions' top 5. Here ya go: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4f4L5dHST1DgyZICqEmNCu?si=8gm_CEEFSCWijRx3yzEHmg
  6. Yea, I mean we are aging a bit at our skill positions, so I'm expecting we'll have a down year at some point - just hoping it's not this year since we've been proceeding as an organization as if our championship window is still open. So I get it, but I guess we'll see. Good stuff man!
  7. Fan predictions have us at .500 or just over, one of eight teams with a non-zero chance at the #1 overall pick... Seeing as we have had no major departures in terms of talent, I'm guessing the sim thinks our vets are about to fall off a cliff? Great.
  8. TFW one out of every three of your 2024 season games are against pre-season top 10 opponents.
  9. Fair criticism given this squad's recent performance. Also, I never ran a 3-4 defense. Now that I have players that better fit my 4-3 and NFLHC gameplan options, I'm hoping this team plays up to it's potential in 2024.
  10. 2024 Seminoles OOC Week 1: at Illinois State (some kind of bird emoji? EDIT: ) @VerifiedThing Week 2: at Iowa @wrigleyfan Week 5: vs Tennessee @TazerMan Week 13: vs Florida @Soluna
  11. The Philadelphia Eagles expect every member of the organization to act professionally and do their job. This not only includes the players trying to earn a roster spot, but also the coaching staff helping them along the way. We do not take improper behavior lightly; whether that be missed meetings, displaying a lack of effort or being unprepared to perform. This also includes speaking to the media about matters that should be handled internally and not in the headlines. The coaching staff has no further comment on this story at this time.
  12. Hmm, I understood the question as which position group can be elevated the most by the addition of one player to that group. If we're asking which improvement of a position group can have the best net effect on the team? Then O-Line and D-Line are my 1A and 1B on that list.
  13. Definitely pass rushers. One great one changes your line and can cover up flaws in a weaker secondary. IMO, the rest of those position groups have too many considerations about fit/specialty/chemistry to add just one great player and make a massive leap in effectiveness as a group.
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