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      1. GG and same for sure! Good sign to see big time players having big time games when the stakes are highest. Soldier Brooks has his best game of the season (in a season full of good/great performances) in the biggest game of the season so far. Crazy to think he wasn't even the full time starting ILB until Rod went on IR.
      2. GG Giants, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Some interesting things: - This is the first Giants win over the Eagles in NFLHC history. - The Eagles were a part of the last league expansion in the 2017 league year and went 2-14 that season. Both wins coming against the Giants. - The series now stands at 1-16, including one playoff matchup. The Eagles went a full regular season's worth of games before being beaten by the Giants - think about that for a second. - The Eagles front office has not changed at all since the inception of the franchise, Owner/GM @Broleta
      3. Before I even saw the results this was easy the most excited I was to clink on a PFF link here. Is that weird? Brandon Guillory is such a grinder, three year special teams Captain. If we could draft any other position as well as we draft safeties (and o-line) we'd have a few rings by now.
      4. When you're 1-9 and catchin another L is no biggy.
      5. GG @HAFFnHAFF, hopefully we can return the favor later in the year! NFCE still up for grabs! Some takeaways: Soldier Brooks coming for that DROY It's over halfway through the season and I'm still thinking Ricky Cameron actually might be decent? TJ you're not helping our negotiation situation, thanks Is this defense in the conversation for one of the best in the league? WFT is going to go on a run, aren't they?
      6. Soldier Brooks for DROTY Jerraud Blount continues smoking fools in his second season Ricky Cameron had a quiet game tonight but has been putting up decent numbers on a low volume passing offense - is he good? Kwon Shaw sighting - sweet Travaris Jackson did not make the statsheet, he should probably re-sign for a reasonable price
      7. If we're going to win a championship it's going to be on the back of this defense Edit: Roy Davis is an enigma Edit 2: AT gets the ball back with a minute and a half and gets MK in position to bang a long FG for the win. That's Iggles football.
      8. I think submit that Fly Golden Eagle song a few years ago in one of these! That was in heavy rotation for me, love that song!
      9. The Philadelphia Eagles select WR/TE Skill Level 1
      10. Running game, defense, special teams and fumbles. If you don't like that then you don't like Eagles football. Gg @serwendel!
      11. Hey man, sorry to hear about this. It's been a crazy year, but remember there's a light at the end of the tunnel with this covid situation. It sounds like a lot of the trouble youve had have been either caused directly by the pandemic or a symptom of it. The next few months might still be shakey but it's only going to start getting better soon. Talking to someone and routine exercise is a great start for stress management, but I'd def suggest looking into meditation/mindfulness. If you've never tried, it sounds strange (I was the same way when I first was suggested) bu
      12. The Philadelphia Eagles would like to create the following coaches: Offensive Coordinator Age: 62 [9] O-Line Skill - Level 2 [30] QB Skill - Level 2 [30] Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement - Level 2 [30] Total - 99 Defensive Coordinator Age: 54 [33] D-Line Skill - Level 1 [10] D-Line Progression - Level 1 [10] Secondary Skill - Level 1 [10] Secondary Progression - Level 1 [10] Total - 73
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