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  1. Some big games coming up for the conference! Interested to see what happens in the UVA v Louisville matchup.
  2. Hopefully we can stay healthy long enough to see this offense running with AT at the helm. The Eagles org have never had this level of weapons and O-line success. 520 total yards and 6 TDs is insane for a run first/ball control offense. Counterpoint: Cardinals.
  3. I'm hyped for this matchup. You have a very solid veteran squad!
  4. My style of offensive scheme isn't flashy so hanging 50 on teams isn't likely to happen. I assume most voters saw our 35-10 win over you guys and went "Meh". That said, I feel like we're ranked appropriately, until we prove otherwise. And lots of opportunities for this team to prove itself in the coming weeks' schedule.
  5. Super dark horse but I need to hype my player most likely to win Heisman. My junior defensive end, Anthony Walton, is coming off a 12.5 sack (3rd in nation) and 12 TFL (T-7) season (on 10 stat sheets) as a true Sophomore. I think he's got a legit shot at leading the country in sacks, but would also need to go HAM in a few other stat categories for Heisman consideration.
  6. "Classic" 1. Stones 2. Zep 3. Beatles 4. Hendrix 5. Fleetwood Mac HM: Who Contemporary 1. RHCP 2. Black Keys, Arcs, Dan Auerbach 3. White Stripes/Jack White/Racontuers 4. Portugal. The Man 5. Strokes HM: Pearl Jam Edit: Also my childhood wouldn't be complete without mentioning Blink, Green Day and Offspring.
  7. @stinsy's Malik Dawson comment is probably the hardest I've ever laughed at anything from this site. I'll link when I'm not on mobile. Edit: Link below
  8. I'm just here because I'm bad at following direction
  9. A while back I made a Spotify playlist of past winners if anyone's interested.
  10. Kevin Muse aka "Insult to Trash" aka "Mr. 2.98 ypc" aka "Was on the Trade Block for the Price of a Wet Cigarette" is beside himself for not getting a mention.
  11. Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Mini Camp Roster WR Milo O'Connell 6-0 209 R Purdue [Target] [-2] 74 WR Hunter Crenshaw 5-9 167 R Virginia [Speed] [0] 66 OT Isaac Montalvo 6-6 290 R Temple [Pass Blocking] [0] 79 DE Jerraud Blount 6-7 254 R Mississippi State [Blitz] [-2/C] 79 DT Marlin Downs 6-3 271 R Arkansas [1-Gap] [0/C] 78 DT Albert Duke 6-4 326 R Kansas [1-Gap] [-1] 73 OLB Jeffrey Benton 6-3 234 R Virginia Tech [Coverage] [0] 69 ILB DeAndre Simon 6-3 229 R New Mexico [Mike] [0] 70 OLB Riley Nicholas 6-0 216 R Washington State [Coverage] [+1] 70 CB Jason Morton 6-1 193 R Arkansas State [Zone Coverage] [0] 69 FS Terrell Bradley 6-2 192 R Arkansas [Man Coverage] [0] 68
  12. Will the Position Battle reports for each team be publicly available?
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