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    1. Suddenly feeling a lot better about last week's performance against this Falcons team. Damn they lookin' good!
    2. Gg 9ers, that rushing attack is going to be a problem for a lot of teams.. These new game reports are amazing!
    3. As an IRL Iggles fan, we have different definitions of glorious.
    4. Wow, uncharacteristically bad day from Kirschbaum. Hopefully his yips are once and done with no carry over to the regular season..
    5. Best corner in the game, don't @ me. (Do the kids still say this?) Lots of positive take aways: - Decent Oline rating considering who actually played - Solid 3rd down %, kept the ball moving - Marshawn Miller and TJax are bosses, like always - Young promising guys at every level on defense continue to be young and promising: Blount, Harris and of course Soldier Brooks - Lots of rookies on the statsheet: Foster, Street, Henderson, Shapiro and Dockery! - No drops on the statsheet! Things we need to improve - Blacknall ran all over us. Pr
    6. Thinking of you and your family buddy. Stay strong.
    7. The World Champion Philadelphia Eagles are Ready
    8. Gameplan Primary Offensive Formation: Spread Option Secondary Offensive Formation: Pistol 2RB Primary Defensive Formation: 4-3 Secondary Defensive Formation: 4-4 Coaches HC Steve Spagnuolo (Age 65) Descended from Tom Coughlin Defensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 3; Pass Defense Aggressiveness Level 3 OC Caleb Henderson (Age 63) Descended from Steve Spagnuolo O-Line Skill Level 2; QB Skill Level 2; Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 2 DC Cassius Wall (Age 55) Descended
    9. The World Champion Philadelphia Eagles will send: QB Dontarrious Foster 6-0 226 R LSU [Hybrid] [0/C] 78 RB Miles Street 6-0 172 R Baylor [Speed] [-1] 79 RB CeeCee Henderson 6-1 206 R Boise State [Power] [0] 76 WR Lukas Shapiro 5-11 191 R Alabama [Speed] [0] 81 OT Jake Shepherd 6-4 300 R Missouri [Pass Blocking] [-1] 80 OG Philip Barber 6-4 324 R California [Run Blocking] [0] 76 DE Gabriel Darwin-Turner 6-1 250 R Arizona [Contain] [0] 76 OLB Jermaine Dockery 6-3 241 R Duke [Coverage] [+2/C] 81 CB Dion Sutton 6-1 173 R Clemson [Man Coverage] [-
    10. Hawkins was our number one guy for a few seasons before (and after) TJax was drafed. Did really well there and even nabbed a Pro Bowl IIRC as our top corner.
    11. For me, it's Rod Milligan and Peebles. While they didn't start their careers in Philly, they were OG Eagles since the beginning, added during the last NFLHC expansion year which brought the franchise into the league. Their gritty, reliable performance year in and year out helped to give us a foundation on which to build the roster, on both sides of the ball. They saw the organization transition from the 2-win, Ken Eller led Eagles days to perennial contenders. When the time came, they finally hung up their cleats as Superbowl Champs. Fly Eagles Fly.
    12. There really shouldn't be a limit on the amount of likes I can give out!
    13. GG Ravens, knew this one was going to be a nail biter, congrats on an excellent season! So happy to finally get over the hump and get a ring for AT, Milligan, all the older vets and of course @Broletariat, most underrated GM in the game. Been working towards this for 5 or 6 years IRL. Gotta say it feels pretty damn great!
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