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  1. Florida State Seminoles Select RB Adam Owens 5-8 208 (Fr) Lake Gibson (Lakeland FL) 2.0 of 4.5 [Power]
  2. Loved this guy even though he didn't really fit what I like to do on defense. He played most of his collegiate career in a 4-3 scheme, including all of his impressive 2023 campaign. He's a project for sure, but I'd love to see what he can do with some time in a scheme that properly uses his skill set. I also feel like he has the potential to be a special teams contributor year 1. He'll be drafted, but it's hard to imagine someone grabs in the sixth though. Nice write up dude!
  3. Updates post-2023: New Skills: Offense +1, Defense +2, Discipline +1, Youth Mgmt -1, Clock Mgmt -1 New Feat: Strength in Growth Skills for 2024 Offense: 16 ---> 17 Defense: 15 ---> 17 Special Teams: 11 Clock Mgmt:10 ---> 9 Discipline: 11 ---> 12 Youth Mgmt: 11 ---> 10 Feats for 2024 Ozymandias Strength in Growth
  4. Though I'd never win it, kinda disappointed I didnt even make the ballot for COTY after dragging an injury riddled team (including our best offensive player and starting QB, Allan Taylor, who was out for 2/3 of the season) to an 11 win season...
  5. Good eye, didn't think anyone outside of our org took notice. Guy is a stud and was selected to be our ST Captain at the beginning of the 2023 season. He had a blocked FG in our week 17 overtime loss to WAS to go to the playoffs too.
  6. Oh the possibilities.. Allen Taylor, Troy White, Marshawn Miller RPO's.. Is AT going to hand it off to White? Keep it himself? Nope, he hands it off to Michael Hawkins streaking behind the LOS for a Jet Sweep instead. Also, I LOVE the idea of rotational players, especially D lineman with our mixed personnel. This not only changes gameday strategy, but draft strategy, roster construction/MGMT and will certainly change relative positional values. I'M NOT SURE WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS
  7. TFW your 3rd string running back wasn't supposed to see the field and ended up with 9 carries, playing like dogshit and losing a fumble.
  8. Its already wild that a 10 win team is going to miss the playoffs. What's even crazier is there's a decent chance that an 11 win team misses the playoffs.
  9. Ah yes, we actually went a game or two without an injury! Good to be back to normal! GG to the Dallas squad, this division is an absolute bloodbath.
  10. GG @Rome, always interesting playing the Bengals. With this win we now move to 10-3 on a season marked by injuries, young guys stepping up and a division that has got to be pushing for a record for most combined wins: - Fire the training staff: Allen Taylor missed the first 9 games of the season with a broken foot, Micheal Hawkins put on IR with torn ACL, multiple missed games by starters Justin Evans (starting slot WR), our best OG Jack Green, and starting OLB Dennis Himes - Smokin' Hot: In four starts since winning the starting defensive end job opposite Ryan Frey, rookie DE Jerraud Blount has put up 11 tackles, 5 TFL and 6 sacks. Blount is gunning for that DROY in less than half a season of starts. - NFCBEAST Current standings: WAS 11-2, PHI 10-3, DAL 9-4, NYG 2-11.
  11. Finally got the Syracuse monkey off my back. Ugh, looking back at single possession losses at Notre Dame and Clemson, what this season could've been...
  12. Between the Pipe thrashing our roster and every team not named the Giants being uber competitive in the NFCE, I'm thrilled just to be in the conversation for playoffs this season.
  13. Well this embarrassing, seems I'm a bit of a Dan Auerbach fanboy: Top Artists: 1. The Black Keys (led by Dan Auerbach) 2. The Arcs (also led by Dan Auerbach) 3. Dan Auerbach 4. Gary Clark Jr. 5. My Morning Jacket Top Songs: 1. Hi/Lo by The Black Keys 2. Home Soon by Dope Lemon 3. The Mountain by Heartless Bastards 4. Capsized by Andrew Bird 5. Sick Love by RHCP 6. Rodeo by Futurebirds 7. Fire in the Hole by Steely Dan 8. Stepping Razor by Peter Tosh 9. Catfish Blue by Gary Clark Jr 10. One Big Holiday by My Morning Jacket
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