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  1. This is quickly becoming my favorite media series on the site. Great job as always!
  2. 8 AND OH Philadelphia's win over the Giants Sunday push them to 8-0 all time against their division foe. Pictured: Third year wideout Cameron Whelahan continues his break out season with a broken tackle that ended in a fourth quarter touchdown. Whelahan is now at 55/754/5 in 10 games this season.
  3. I'm ranked and ND isn't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I believe the series is now at 0-8 in favor of the Eagles. That also includes a playoff game.
  5. BIRDS CRASH JETS IN JERSEY Troy White gets loose for a game sealing fourth quarter touchdown run at MetLife Stadium Sunday afternoon.
  6. Three of our four losses came at the hands of the Rams (#1), Panthers (#2), and the 9'ers (#8). The fourth was as arly-season head scratcher to the Cards (#31). We've also beat the Jets (#7) on the road, Cowboys (#9) on the road and lost to the Rams on a game winning FG on the road. I don't think we're necessarily contenders but I'm very happy with the way we've been playing the last few weeks. #12 feels about right for this team at this time, though I think we may be able to crack the top 10 should things continue this way. I thought our defense would take the next step this year; which it has, but not as large a step as I would have hoped. Any struggles we had/have on offense point directly to the offensive line IMO. The NFC just got a lot better this year. If our remaining schedule wasn't also crazy hard and if the AFC could actually beat some NFC teams I'd say we have a shot at the wildcard. Unfortunately, neither of those are looking likely to happen so unless we rip off a win streak, I'll start scouting for the next draft. As always, good read!
  7. Just when we're finally starting to play better we have to play @LAR, @NYJ, SEA, MIA, DET, @DAL FML
  8. OH SO CLOSE The Eagles' fourth quarter comeback efforts fell just short in a SNF thriller in Los Angeles. Philadelphia's road trip continues as they fly back across the country to face the 7-1 Jets in New Jersey this Sunday afternoon.
  9. I think it's safe to say the blowout settings of the game plan don't work.
  10. Ah yes, my annual pilgrimage to the top 10 before a disappointing loss is underway!
  11. A.T. DELIVERS TD'S AT FEDEX FIELD Allen Taylor celebrates a fourth quarter rushing touchdown which capped a four score performance (3 passing TD, 1 rushing) Sunday afternoon. The Eagles would cruise to 35-21 season sweeping win over the Redskins in Washington ahead of their week nine prime-time showdown with the Rams in Los Angeles.
  12. The year my only loss of the season at UCLA was to a then .500 Utah squad causing me to miss the Pac 12 Championship game and ultimately a chance at the playoffs. This was probably the strongest team I've ever had in the CFBHC sim. Very disappointing. A year or two later I was going into the final game of the season at USC,. If I won I went to the Pac 12 Championship. Me being an idiot forgot to game plan and ended up losing. To be fair I could have game planned and still lost but that situation still bothers me. To date, I believe it's the only game plan submission I've ever missed since I've been here. One other thought is more of a generality but certainly applies to failure. If I started off a crooting season especially strong I would tend to get greedy and drift from my original game plan in an effort to snag some prized croots I wan't originally planning on going after. Both times this happened I ended up spreading myself too thin and losing out on an original target or two as well as the additional croots I thought I could snake. Stick to the plan!
  13. Is this because you enjoy the other items outside of the football sims or what he's suggesting is a ton of work? Please excuse my ignorance, I have not idea what goes on behind the scenes of this place; but better understanding of your process and challenges may improve the suggestions here.
  14. Just to echo some of the other sentiments expressed here: Expansion of game reports/stats for CFBHC/NFLHC. I think we can all agree that would be amazing Having NFLHC game plan options for CFBHC (2 RB & Split Coverage PLS!) Love the calendar idea. Shoutbox announcements seem to do more harm than good and cause a ton of annoy, repeated follow-up questions by people like me who don't hang out in the SB often. I understand there is a finite amount of time & energy that Soluna and the mod team can put into this site. With that in mind (and as others have said), personally I'd prioritize these improvements to the current CFBHC/NFLHC sims over the expansion of any of the other sim games. It does pain me to say that because I do enjoy NHLHC and CBBHC, but I'm here for the football.
  15. BIRDS OF PREY FEAST ON BUFFALO Michael Hawkins tip toes into the end zone for a 35 yard touchdown reception on his was to a 10/178/1 stat line for the afternoon. The Eagles' passing game was deadly and defense suffocating in a 41-3 drubbing of the Bills in Buffalo.