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  1. My team is Penn State so my bar is set at being invited to the NIT. I was at last year's PSU NIT championship game and that was pretty much the equivalent of winning the NCAA for the program.
  2. Gg @TheTodd15. Disappointing result for me but, well deserved. I hope we can learn from it. This is my first bowl loss in 4 tries.
  3. Ken Eller - coached him at UCLA and we had a great run including a couple of bowl wins. I annoyed Broletariat into drafting him in the 7th round to play on the expansion Eagles. He was extremely average but every once and a while he just played a totally random game lights out. He drug a pretty terrible expansion roster to 7-9 in his last full year as starter, which is incredibly impressive IMO. Rod Milligan, Chris Johnson and to a lesser extent Brian Davis: These were the O.G. NFLHC Eagles. Those that are growing on me for obvious reasons: Allan Taylor, Troy White and Erik Bray (who?).
  4. As far as his legacy goes - ring or not he's one of the greats, if not the GOAT. But his legacy WILL be a meme one way or another. And for better or worse, that's probably tied directly to Cade's incessant role as Skaggs hype-man. There's still plenty of time for Skaggs.
  5. I wonder if the missed 62 yarder was an attempted game winner at the end of regulation?
  6. Hopefully someone good falls to us at 32.
  7. Congrats to AT, Stewart, Frey, Brooks (RIP), Joe Johnson, Brandon Guillory and your DROY Cam Bowden. Also, are the Eagles the first team to have 3 safeties make the PB in one season?
  8. This is less than ideal. Pipe needs to chill these past few weeks. That's now 3 of our DL with season-ending injuries this year.
  9. Yes, I recruit in FL (queue the boos); but I feel like the quality of my last two croot classes, considering how few points I've had, should be enough to be considered among these other strong recruiters. Anti-FL, TX, CA bias is real folks! Fake News! For real though, great job @deandean1998! Well deserved.
  10. DStack11

    [2022] Week #14 - MNF

    GG @Soluna, didn't expect it to be quite that high scoring. This is one of those matchups that you really want to jump out to a lead. Your squad made it a nail-biter after spotting us 14 in the first quarter. We played with the lead, game planned around stopping slowing Asante, and he still had a day. Dudes a problem. Few positive takeaways for the Iggles: - While his numbers haven't been eye-popping, rookie TE Sebastian 'Seabass' Babb has changed the way this offense has to be defended. He puts so much pressure on the linebackers/middle of the field defenders who also need to be alert for run defense. It would not surprise me if he ends the year as our leading receiver as he's been grabbing a higher percentage of team receptions and rec yards as the year rolls on. - This young secondary may have a few studs. We all know about the resurgence of Ball Hawkins, and it looks like he did well in damage control against Raheem. But between the rookies Cameron Bowden, Logan Holmes and second-year corner Travaris Jackson; it seems that lately one of them comes up with a big moment each game - excited for the future of this defense. Edit: Also, Ryan Frey continues his machine-like production. Edit II: Any chance we could get player grades for this game?
  11. GG @ImposterCauster congrats on the win. Looks like your redzone defense was the difference in this matchup, well done.
  12. TFW when your team is responsible for half of the losses of the top two ranked teams.
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