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  1. Good enough to pick in the middle of the draft but bad enough to miss the playoffs. And as much as it pains me to say it; we might be in the same boat.
  2. Not a single RB wanted to transfer to FSU to start over a 2.0 with an offense that includes an experienced line, Benny Schuler and Luke Cobb?
  3. Ken Fucking Eller brought 2016 UCLA to a 13-1 record and a bowl win over Pitt. I then somehow convinced Broletariat to draft him in the 7th round of the draft where he spent 2 years as the Eagles starter, including an inexplicable 7-9 record in his second season on an expansion team roster. He backed up AT in his first season with Philly and played just well enough in the preseason to claim the 3rd string spot in 2020. Unless we see a big, unexpected progression; KFE's days as a pro player may be numbered. God bless that beautiful bastard.
  4. Marcus Banks with the game sealing INT.. wat
  5. ALL WHITE, ALL WHITE, ALL WHITE Troy White's 186 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns powered the Eagles offense in a 41-12 rout of the previously undefeated division rival Dallas Cowboys.
  6. So glad to see Troy White still has some of that 2018 magic in him.
  7. CARDS KAREEM EAGLES Marshawn Matthison celebrates his second TD on the afternoon as Kareem Taylor and the Cardinals offense cruises through a lackluster Eagles defensive performance.
  8. Edit: AT is missing a rushing TD.
  9. The ranking is certainly fair.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles -9
  11. I'll admit you guys kicked our ass. I'm hoping we'll have a chance at redemption in the playoffs, but that'll probably require the regular-season-hero to actually win a playoff game.
  12. HOW OFFENSIVE! Allan Taylor added fumbles number three, four and five in a 31-10 loss to the Panthers Sunday afternoon. Carolina's relentless pressure provides no help to a Philadelphia team who's search for answers continues on the offensive side of the ball.
  13. GD Carolina is good. Everyone talks about that offense but they shut down just about every facet of our offense. 6 sacks on 31 drop backs? JFC, that was an ass whooping. GG Carolina, I hope we have a chance at redemption later this season.
  14. I'd say that's a pretty fair assessment of the PHI @ CAR game. Skaggs is going to score (unless we break him too) so it's going to come down to how much our defense can get in the backfield, limit the damage and how well our offense can control the ball/clock. We're probably going to need a big special teams/defensive play to win this one in Carolina. I like our chances beating this team at the end of the season or playoffs when the weather is cold/shitty than at the beginning of the season when it's warm and sunny. Can't wait, should be a good one.

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