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  1. DStack11

    [2022] Week #14 - MNF

    GG @Soluna, didn't expect it to be quite that high scoring. This is one of those matchups that you really want to jump out to a lead. Your squad made it a nail-biter after spotting us 14 in the first quarter. We played with the lead, game planned around stopping slowing Asante, and he still had a day. Dudes a problem. Few positive takeaways for the Iggles: - While his numbers haven't been eye-popping, rookie TE Sebastian 'Seabass' Babb has changed the way this offense has to be defended. He puts so much pressure on the linebackers/middle of the field defenders who also need to be alert for run defense. It would not surprise me if he ends the year as our leading receiver as he's been grabbing a higher percentage of team receptions and rec yards as the year rolls on. - This young secondary may have a few studs. We all know about the resurgence of Ball Hawkins, and it looks like he did well in damage control against Raheem. But between the rookies Cameron Bowden, Logan Holmes and second-year corner Travaris Jackson; it seems that lately one of them comes up with a big moment each game - excited for the future of this defense. Edit: Also, Ryan Frey continues his machine-like production. Edit II: Any chance we could get player grades for this game?
  2. DStack11

    [2022] Week #13 - Saturday Evening

    GG @ImposterCauster congrats on the win. Looks like your redzone defense was the difference in this matchup, well done.
  3. DStack11

    [2022] Pro Bowl Voting

    No Babb for NFC TE?
  4. DStack11

    [2022] Week 13 Power Rankings - The Return!

    TFW when your team is responsible for half of the losses of the top two ranked teams.
  5. DStack11

    [2022] Predicting the NFC Playoffs

    Getting past WAS team (that smoked us in Landover a few weeks ago) with a win tomorrow will set up a nice opportunity to close the season strong. 4 of 5 games at home, we also have the H2H tie breaker with DET.
  6. DStack11

    [2022] Week #12 - Saturday Morning

    Aye, been a few seasons but back to bowl eligible!
  7. DStack11

    PhillyFan3: Gone But Not Forgotten

    Also, if anyone wants to know how the Eagles have been able to sustain decent success the past few seasons, it's because we've been exploiting the opposing team's blocking weakness on Specoal Teams.
  8. DStack11

    PhillyFan3: Gone But Not Forgotten

    So Phillyfan really wanted a job with the Eagles. When prompted with the challenge of creating a comprehensive scouting report for our upcoming game, a pivotal matchup against our division foe in Dallas, this was his response. The following would soon become cfbhc lore. Only time can pass judgement whether Philly fan was mad or simply a misunderstood genius. https://imgur.com/a/KsmYziE
  9. DStack11

    [2022] Week #11 - 4 PM

    Yikes what an ugly game. Good to see Bowden, Jackson and Holmes each playing so well in this game. Combined 4 years of experience and 3 picks. Future of this secondary looking bright! Cameron Bowden for DROY!
  10. DStack11

    [2022] Tanking?

    Tanking's lame. Broletariat built a perennial playoff team in a few NFLHC seasons from a 2017 expansion roster. All while having only one early first round pick (Frey) in the franchise's existence. In NFLHC, I think having patience with players and not destroying team chemistry by turning over half of your teams roster in a season or two is under rated by some of the teams that struggle year after year.
  11. DStack11

    [2022] Week 10 Power Rankings, #1-12

    I think we're in a good spot at this point of the season. The Oline and our young secondary is playing much better of late. The rookies Evans and Babb are emerging as legit receiving threats in the middle of the field, something we've never really had on this offense. IIRC, something like 5 of our remaining 7 games are at home. Barring any major injuries I'm optimistic we could crack the top 6 by seasons end. Edit: Also glad to see two of our losses came at the hands of teams ranked #7, #8 (third was WAS) all on the road. We also have wins this season @GB ranked #2 and vs DET ranked #3.
  12. Base starting skills Offense: 14 Defense: 15 Special Teams: 11 Clock Mgmt: 9 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 13 CFBHC Career: UCLA Bruins (2016-2018), Florida State Seminoles (2019-Present) NFLHC Career: Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach (2017-Present) Achievements: Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2016 Adjustments: +2/+2/0/-1/-1/0 Traits after 2016: 12/12/10/9/9/10 2017 Adjustments: -1/-1/+1/+1/+1/+1 Traits after 2017: 11/11/11/10/10/11 2018 Adjustments: +2/+2/-1/0/-1/0 Traits after 2018: 13/13/10/10/9/11 2019 Adjustments: -1/0/-1/+1/+1/+2 Traits after 2019: 12/13/9/11/10/13 2020 Adjustments: +1/+1/+1/-1/+1/-1 Traits after 2020: 13/14/10/10/11/12 2021 Adjustments: +1/+1/+1/-1/-1/+1 Traits after 2021: 14/15/11/9/10/13
  13. Just snuck into that baller quadrant. Wonder what this would look like considering our latest game against the Giants... 416 yards of offense vs 241 yards allowed.
  14. Love these charts... Balanced and boring, sounds exactly like my coaching strategy!
  15. DStack11

    [2022] Week #9 - 1 PM

    Subscribe Edit: Good game Loins! Some takeaways: - The rookies getting involved: mid-round pick Evans shows up as the highest rated Eagle in the game in his third start at Slot WR.. Logan Holmes showing up with a pick and PD at Slot Corner (2nd pick in two games!) @HAFFnHAFF - Troy White carrying the full load with MM inactive to a tune of 141 all purpose yards and a score - AT doing AT things. Efficient passing and deadly on the run. - Michael Hawkins doing his damage deep on the outside on limited receptions, keeping the D honest - Ryan Frey is a machine and I cannot be convinced otherwise - 5/10 on third down! This is why we run! - The OL seems to have stabilized after some tweaks and is back to playing near the 2021 levels - We have a Martin Whiting siting on the statsheet! Hope to see more of that as the future of our LB corp rebounds from missing the majority of 2021 with a torn ACL