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    1. We'll deserved win Alien, I wish we could've kept it closer but it was clear the better team won. I hope to see you back here next season. Anyway, I'd like to get your take on your outlook for next season. Two part question: what are some of the reasons you think this team could make it back to yet another Superbowl next season? What are some some specific reasons you could see being why this team wouldn't make it back?
    2. DStack11

      Super Bowl VIII

      GG Alien. On to next season...
    3. DStack11


      me: inspiral's coming to the ACC, YES! also me: inspiral's coming to the ACC, FUCK!
    4. DStack11

      [2021] NFC Championship Game

    5. DStack11

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #13

      So proud of this UCLA squad!
    6. DStack11

      [2021] Pro Bowl Snubs

      DNJ had a great season, but White only trailed DNJ in the counting categories because of the presence of Marshawn Miller and a reduced amount of carries. TW was essentially a 2-down runningback all season. Regardless of DNJs season, it's crazy to think someone putting up almost 1500 yards from scrimmage and 15 total TDs misses the pro bowl.
    7. DStack11

      Philadelphia Inquirer

      HUNGRY FOR MORE The Philadelphia Eagles completed the 2021 regular season with their 6th straight win to finish 13-3 overall. This was enough to earn them a first-round bye as they wait to see which NFC playoff team will be traveling to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles next week in the divisional round.
    8. DStack11

      Philadelphia Inquirer

      EAGLES FLYING UNDER THE RADAR While not much discussed by national media, the Philadelphia Eagles quietly improve to 12-3 as they easily down the lifeless Chargers on Sunday afternoon. The Eagles look to close out the regular season with a 6th straight win this weekend at home against the Giants. The Eagles have not lost to the Giants since entering the league in 2016 with the series currently at 12-0 (including 1 playoff match up).
    9. DStack11

      Philadelphia Inquirer

      BIRDS CLINCH PLAYOFF BIRTH In spite of injuries, the Eagles win their fourth in a row to improve to 11-3 to stay one game behind LAR and GB for a first-round bye in the NFC playoffs. The Eagles will host the LA Chargers this Sunday in Philadelphia.
    10. DStack11

      [2021] Headline Violations

      Where has the headline thread been the past few weeks??
    11. DStack11

      [2021] Week #14 - SNF

      Did not expect to beat Nick Hall with 3 of our 4 starting secondary and best OLB out with injuries. GG alien!
    12. DStack11

      Music thread again

      Was my summer 2017 anthem. Until I find something better, may just be again for 2018. For you Vulfpeck fans For you funk/fusion fans
    13. DStack11

      [2021] Week 11 Headlines

      EAGLES DROPPED IN DALLAS The Eagles lost on a late field goal in Dallas this weekend making them 0-2 in their last two contests after starting 7-1. The banged up Eagles squad heads back to Philadelphia this weekend for a tough matchup against Christian Skaggs and the surging Panthers.
    14. DStack11

      Sports Video Games

      NFL Blitz for N64. So much nostalgia looking this up on YouTube just now.. https://youtu.be/F9BCOBffyrU