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  1. This is quickly becoming my favorite media series on the site. Great job as always!
  2. 8 AND OH Philadelphia's win over the Giants Sunday push them to 8-0 all time against their division foe. Pictured: Third year wideout Cameron Whelahan continues his break out season with a broken tackle that ended in a fourth quarter touchdown. Whelahan is now at 55/754/5 in 10 games this season.
  3. I'm ranked and ND isn't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I believe the series is now at 0-8 in favor of the Eagles. That also includes a playoff game.
  5. BIRDS CRASH JETS IN JERSEY Troy White gets loose for a game sealing fourth quarter touchdown run at MetLife Stadium Sunday afternoon.
  6. Three of our four losses came at the hands of the Rams (#1), Panthers (#2), and the 9'ers (#8). The fourth was as arly-season head scratcher to the Cards (#31). We've also beat the Jets (#7) on the road, Cowboys (#9) on the road and lost to the Rams on a game winning FG on the road. I don't think we're necessarily contenders but I'm very happy with the way we've been playing the last few weeks. #12 feels about right for this team at this time, though I think we may be able to crack the top 10 should things continue this way. I thought our defense would take the next step this year; which it has, but not as large a step as I would have hoped. Any struggles we had/have on offense point directly to the offensive line IMO. The NFC just got a lot better this year. If our remaining schedule wasn't also crazy hard and if the AFC could actually beat some NFC teams I'd say we have a shot at the wildcard. Unfortunately, neither of those are looking likely to happen so unless we rip off a win streak, I'll start scouting for the next draft. As always, good read!
  7. Just when we're finally starting to play better we have to play @LAR, @NYJ, SEA, MIA, DET, @DAL FML
  8. OH SO CLOSE The Eagles' fourth quarter comeback efforts fell just short in a SNF thriller in Los Angeles. Philadelphia's road trip continues as they fly back across the country to face the 7-1 Jets in New Jersey this Sunday afternoon.
  9. I think it's safe to say the blowout settings of the game plan don't work.
  10. Ah yes, my annual pilgrimage to the top 10 before a disappointing loss is underway!
  11. A.T. DELIVERS TD'S AT FEDEX FIELD Allen Taylor celebrates a fourth quarter rushing touchdown which capped a four score performance (3 passing TD, 1 rushing) Sunday afternoon. The Eagles would cruise to 35-21 season sweeping win over the Redskins in Washington ahead of their week nine prime-time showdown with the Rams in Los Angeles.
  12. The year my only loss of the season at UCLA was to a then .500 Utah squad causing me to miss the Pac 12 Championship game and ultimately a chance at the playoffs. This was probably the strongest team I've ever had in the CFBHC sim. Very disappointing. A year or two later I was going into the final game of the season at USC,. If I won I went to the Pac 12 Championship. Me being an idiot forgot to game plan and ended up losing. To be fair I could have game planned and still lost but that situation still bothers me. To date, I believe it's the only game plan submission I've ever missed since I've been here. One other thought is more of a generality but certainly applies to failure. If I started off a crooting season especially strong I would tend to get greedy and drift from my original game plan in an effort to snag some prized croots I wan't originally planning on going after. Both times this happened I ended up spreading myself too thin and losing out on an original target or two as well as the additional croots I thought I could snake. Stick to the plan!
  13. Is this because you enjoy the other items outside of the football sims or what he's suggesting is a ton of work? Please excuse my ignorance, I have not idea what goes on behind the scenes of this place; but better understanding of your process and challenges may improve the suggestions here.
  14. Just to echo some of the other sentiments expressed here: Expansion of game reports/stats for CFBHC/NFLHC. I think we can all agree that would be amazing Having NFLHC game plan options for CFBHC (2 RB & Split Coverage PLS!) Love the calendar idea. Shoutbox announcements seem to do more harm than good and cause a ton of annoy, repeated follow-up questions by people like me who don't hang out in the SB often. I understand there is a finite amount of time & energy that Soluna and the mod team can put into this site. With that in mind (and as others have said), personally I'd prioritize these improvements to the current CFBHC/NFLHC sims over the expansion of any of the other sim games. It does pain me to say that because I do enjoy NHLHC and CBBHC, but I'm here for the football.
  15. BIRDS OF PREY FEAST ON BUFFALO Michael Hawkins tip toes into the end zone for a 35 yard touchdown reception on his was to a 10/178/1 stat line for the afternoon. The Eagles' passing game was deadly and defense suffocating in a 41-3 drubbing of the Bills in Buffalo.
  16. I don't spend a ton of time around here so unfortunately I don't have the insight many of you do. Most of my interactions come from the random shoutbox conversations so off the top of my head: @Jumbo, @Darman, @taffyowner, @smokingcricket, @stormstopper - Whenever there's an interesting conversation going on in the SB I pay attention to what these guys are saying @notoriousbigej & @CadeRich5 for the lolz @bingo415, @Jumanji, @ImposterCauster, @npklemm - Some of the sites nicest dudes @Soluna & @grv413 - Fellow Nittany Lions Shout out to @Dacder, (who I thought was a troll for the first year and half I was here), for becoming super chill over the last year or so. And finally media contributors: I don't want to name any out of fear of missing one. But, in addition to Soluna and @inspiral's work (and all other mods FTM), I don't think this site would be as successful without your regular contributions of media pieces. I'm blown away by the depth of some of the articles and truly is a reason why people keep coming back.
  17. I nominate Rabid for Inactivity Council.
  18. As fun as "parties" would be for memes and shitboxing I think it just adds unnecessary complexity and doesn't serve the goal of simplifying Soluna's work load. I like the idea of electing an "Inactivity Council" that makes those subjective calls regarding those grey-area inactive coaches. I do, however, think there would need to be rules regarding how many votes it would take to remove a coach in a subjective call (unanimous or at least a higher percentage than a simple majority). I like the mod situation as it's currently set up and wouldn't mind any overlap between the mods and IA Council.
  19. Over rated
  20. ....against a bottom 10 O-line on nearly 50 drop backs (counting his RA's).
  21. Consistently Inconsistent The Eagles' early struggles to find consistent offensive production continues amid costly turnovers, ineffective rushing, penalties and red zone stalls in home loss to the defending Superbowl champs.
  22. Good enough to pick in the middle of the draft but bad enough to miss the playoffs. And as much as it pains me to say it; we might be in the same boat.
  23. Not a single RB wanted to transfer to FSU to start over a 2.0 with an offense that includes an experienced line, Benny Schuler and Luke Cobb?
  24. Ken Fucking Eller brought 2016 UCLA to a 13-1 record and a bowl win over Pitt. I then somehow convinced Broletariat to draft him in the 7th round of the draft where he spent 2 years as the Eagles starter, including an inexplicable 7-9 record in his second season on an expansion team roster. He backed up AT in his first season with Philly and played just well enough in the preseason to claim the 3rd string spot in 2020. Unless we see a big, unexpected progression; KFE's days as a pro player may be numbered. God bless that beautiful bastard.