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    1. [2021] Week 1 Headlines

      MILLER TIME? Marshawn Miller posted 97 yards from scrimmage and added two touchdowns in his NFLHC debut Sunday night in Philly. The Eagles needed a game winning kick from Kirschbaum in OT to ice a nail-biting divisional match-up against the reigning NFC East Champs. Pictured: the Philadelphia offense celebrates a first quarter Hawkins TD reception with a choreographed baseball routine.
    2. [2021] Inactives - Week #1

      Philadelphia Eagles Week 1 Inactives: QB Nico Kaufman 6-1 236 R Air Force [Scrambling] 73 WR Adam Vann 5-10 220 R LSU [Target] 69 TE Stanley Sherk 6-7 232 3 Virginia Tech [Blocking] 79 OG Mike Rachal 6-8 326 5 Ohio State [Pass Blocking] 75 DT Tyrone Crawley 6-4 296 2 Kentucky [2-Gap] 71 CB Adam Harris 6-1 183 5 Air Force [Man Coverage] 74 CB Arthur Nelson 5-11 195 2 Hawaii [Man Coverage] 71
    3. [2021] Week #0 - Saturday Evening

      Huh. Not exactly what I had in mind for this game. My new JUCO QB throws zero TDs and two INTs. My new freshman running back averages less than 3.5 ypc and loses a fumble in his first start. My defense is about as rigid as a wet tissue. Aaaaand my most consistent pass catcher and most promising defensive player get injured. Yikes.
    4. [2021] Preseason All ACC Team

      Anthony Walton just hung this article in his locker.
    5. [2021] Pre-Season AP Poll

      Ouch... hopefully UCLA's coach figures out at 59:1 pass to run ratio is not an ideal gameplan.
    6. [2021] Pre-Season AP Poll

      So proud to see UCLA back in the top 25! That's going to be one fun offense to watch.
    7. To add to this, these are Bridgewater's combined stats from 2020 and 2021 preseasons (3 games): Passing: 49 of 54 (90.74%!) for 724 Yards (13.4 YPA!) / 6 TD / 1 INT Rushing: 5 Att for 39 Yards (7.8 YPA) and 2 TD's
    8. Interesting results. I think I voted for Clemson, but was really split between them and BC (I personally weigh defense a bit heavier). Clemson has been a main stay atop the Atlantic table the past few years, so it would be exciting to see some new blood there. I think the Coastal is Duke's to lose with such a talented, balanced team. Regarding the COTY results, I think cricket's right about the depth of coaching in the conference. Personally my vote went to a coach who's team I don't think will necessarily be competitive for a conference title this year; but who's team success, I think, will exceed their talent on paper. Not that I think any (or many) coaches voted for themselves, but maybe that should be a rule in the future. Also, maybe instead of "choose one" style of voting, we could do a "rank your top 3." Looking forward to another great season in the ACC!
    9. [2021] Rookie Minicamps

      The Philadelphia Eagles send: QB Nico Kaufman 6-1 236 R Air Force [Scrambling] 73 RB Marshawn Miller 6-1 225 R Connecticut [Speed] 81 WR Adam Vann 5-10 220 R LSU [Target] 69 OT Elias Roman 6-1 332 R Arizona [Run Blocking] 74 C Tim Kerns 6-1 271 R Pittsburgh [Pass Blocking] 75 ILB Graham Otto 6-0 245 R Florida State [Will] 67 CB Travaris Jackson 5-10 185 R Eastern Washington [Man Coverage] 79 FS Aaden Boston 5-11 184 R Michigan [Zone Coverage] 70 SS Demetrius Kirkpatrick 5-11 204 R Southern Miss [Zone Coverage] 77
    10. Looking for a team to scrimmage BOTH weeks 1 and 2 of preseason. Preferably an AFC team or a team we won't be playing in the regular season. 

    11. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #9

      GG Taffy! Cobb making his case for Heisman and I keep my bowl record clean at 4-0!
    12. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #4

      Aaaaaaand 0 for 3 betting.
    13. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      Woof these are really good lines IMO, not feeling too confident in aaaany of these. I should stay away but, hell, it's not real money right? Let's roll the dice and get skin in the game! Friday, October 13th, 2017 $100 - CFP Quarterfinal: Auburn (+4.5) $300 - Birmingham Bowl: Ole Miss (-3.5) $100 - Liberty Bowl: Texas Tech (+4.5)
    14. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      Thursday, October 12th, 2017 $350 - CFP Quarterfinal: Western Michigan (+11.5) $400 - Bay Area Bowl: Washington State (-4) $250 - New Mexico Bowl: Fresno State (+3.5)
    15. [Survey] Alumni Network

      Penn State - 2011
    16. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      $500 CFP Quarterfinal Virginia (+9) $250 Bahamas Bowl: Arizona State (+6) $250 Independence Bowl: Miami (OH) (-8.5)
    17. [2020] Early Declarations

      Spread your wings and fly, brother.
    18. New York Giants Announce GM Hiring

      No question, just wanted to say thank you.
    19. [2020] AFC Championship Game

      Sounds like a perfect quote for a tattoo
    20. Official CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

      Unfortunately I had a change of plans and I'll be unable to draft today. Looks like @Isaac829 and then @thatfunk were next in line for spots. @alienufo how do you want to handle signing my spot over to someone else?
    21. [2020] Divisional Sunday - 1 PM

      Nick "Ice Man" Hall. Dude's a closer.
    22. Mayweather vs McGregor

      The fight will last as long as Mayweather wants it to. That being said it probably goes the distance. I'm predicting the actually engagements will be less than exciting with Mayweather using his elite footwork to keep McGregor's haymakers at distance and scoring easy counter-punch points. The highlights will probably entail in-ring trash talking and taunting, coming from both corners. Because I predict the actual fighting to be somewhat boring I think this match will look closer than it really is. Mayweather probably wins by a a slimmer margin than he should and the talks of a big-money rematch begin before the final bell dings. I love boxing and MMA, but this is one fight I won't be watching. Edit: I'll be super pissed if McGregor, in a punch drunk stupor, forgets/accidentally throws a leg or elbow and I miss it live.
    23. Discussion Tuesday #14

      Everyone in here talking about young QBs that may or may not work out. Alex Bridgewater is rated 88, keeps progressing and absolutely balled out in the preseason. I know this site loves finding the next big QB, but odds are most of the young guys named in here will end up slightly above average at best. Bridgewater could start for a team immediately and be successful. Tennessee, you still got my number?