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  1. So can we start the DeNorris Jackson Heisman campaign now?
  2. Special Teams wins championships
  3. Tulsa is the worst catastrophe in Oklahoma since the Dust Bowl
  4. YE is still high as a kite from getting his wisdom teeth removed
  5. You have been promoted to Men's Lacrosse
  6. UCF is ranked higher than FSU in the spreadsheet so I'm gonna go with that one
  7. Exactly the same here, and I think a lot of people here do and feel the same way. Recruit for the team you want, gameplan for the team you have. And gameplanning isn't some complex 4D chess either, look at the last couple games + depth chart and you pretty much know what you're up against (obviously only once you're well into the season)
  8. Thank you turnovers
  9. Nearly all of my game planning for UCF occurs between posting my depth chart and the first game of the season. I start completely from scratch from the previous year and reevaluate my roster from the ground up and come up with a plan that 1) emphasizes the positions that I'm strong at and 2) puts my best players on the field. Now, this is my 5th season and each year I've had a 5.0 Power RB as the focal point of my offense, as it will be again this year, but come next year after DNJ graduates I will very likely end up doing something completely different for at least a season. I really don't do very much in-depth scouting into other teams. There are a couple options that I may flip after a quick glance over my opponent's depth chart or previous game's stats, but I've found that whenever I try to get clever or fake-out another team, I get creamed. UCF's offense is very simple: DNJ will run for over 100 yards and a couple TD's, a WR or TE will also get a TD, and Gavin Sewell will kick a one or two FG's. When I start changing things each week, that gets messed up. Of course, this is all also assuming a season isn't going catastrophically. In my four seasons so far my worst start has been 1-3, and my worst record has been 7-5 with a bowl win, with the best being 10-2 AAC Champs plus a play-in win. I haven't exactly been a Top 10 team, but hey, consistency is worth something.
  10. Pffft Titans could only manage to get ONE player on the Passing Leaders board. Pathetic.
  11. Wow Raheem was really slacking today, might be time to change our gameplan
  12. Raheem Robinson, JAX, 2 of 2 for 27 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 0/0 F/L QB competition in Jacksonville?
  13. "We're just getting started." I actually got goosebumps. Great story Rob. Also sorry about the broken femur
  14. Hahahahahahahahaha I have Soluna and randye recruiting in my state now

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