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  1. Yes but how many #7 votes did WSU get?
  2. Actually that's a clerical error, #22 should be Utah not Texas
  3. You've made your choice
  4. Ok well USF beat powerhouses like Louisiana Tech and Charlotte in addition to Tennessee so we had to give the spot to them
  5. "***UCF highest ranking is 7th" wut.
  6. Fucking re-sim these games something obviously glitched out
  7. So UCF is the best team in both the AAC and the state of Florida. Right?
  8. Thanks now I'm banned from Downtown Disney
  9. Wish you all the best <3
  10. I can't wait to play Temple
  11. UCF If a P5 team were available that had a roster that was basically guaranteed to win the natty the next year, I wouldn't even consider it. Obviously not everyone on the site has the chance to coach their alma mater, and I'm very honored to have the chance with UCF. I'd rather spend 10 seasons competing for bowl games and the AAC East with a team I've put my heart into than win the playoffs with some random powerhouse I have no real life connection to. Go Knights! Charge On!
  12. Guess which team recently temporarily lost their coach
  13. Guess which team recently lost their coach
  14. I'm coming for you smoo
  15. So can we start the DeNorris Jackson Heisman campaign now?