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  1. Raheem Robinson, JAX, 2 of 2 for 27 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 0/0 F/L QB competition in Jacksonville?
  2. "We're just getting started." I actually got goosebumps. Great story Rob. Also sorry about the broken femur
  3. Hahahahahahahahaha I have Soluna and randye recruiting in my state now
  4. Who is your least favorite player in NFLHC? Buzz Etcheverry Fuck you Dacder
  5. If you do this you'll be my third favorite person on the Lightning
  6. This is not okay
  7. He's been here since May 2015
  8. That about says it all
  9. He won't be least hyped when he wins the 2020 Heisman and goes 1st Overall
  10. Touchdown.
  11. FUCK.
  12. You shittalk your own team better than I ever will <3 GG CHARGE ON!
  13. Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, TN) Literally unplayable

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