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    1. This is rough. Very unfortunate situation. Keep in touch Rome, see you around.
    2. Miller is back and my dude is hungry
    3. Eagles are re-activating Cameron.
    4. NFC Beast is still the best division in football. AT is still a superstar. EZ Street looks to be an explosive playmaker.
    5. Great stuff as always. Whiting seemed so promising in his rookie season before a nasty injury really derailed him. He's settled at "passable starter" but I have to imagine the injury had a lasting impact on his development which is a real bummer.
    6. The World Champion Philadelphia Eagles place WR Ricky Cameron 6-2 189 1 Boston College [Target] [+1] [+] 80 on short-term IR - he suffered a moderate ankle fracture in preseason week 1 and is out until regular season week 5.
    7. TJax in midseason form already damn.
    8. @HAFFnHAFF Packet 1: 0 PU, 2 SU, 0 IN, 1 PR, 2 MD, 2 ME Packet 2: 0 PU, 0 SU, 3 IN, 1 PR, 1 MD, 3 ME
    9. World Champion Philadelphia Eagles vs CIN @Rome at CAR @CadeRich5 vs IND @npklemm
    10. The World Champion Eagles UDFA bids are in
    11. WR Lukas Shapiro 5-11 191 R Alabama [Speed] [0] 81 4 years // 16.0 million // 56.25% Guaranteed G//4.0//4.0//1.0//0.0//Total:9.0 $//0.0//0.0//3.0//4.0//Total:7.0 Total//4.0//4.0//4.0//4.0//Total:16.0
    12. 1-2: Ryan Frey, EDGE, Miami (FL) What else is there to say - Ryan is one of the few hallowed 99 overall players in the history of the game and is on a Hall of Fame trajectory as an all-time great pass rusher and perennial All-Pro. With no signs of slowing down and a long term contract that keeps him with us until the end of 2027, we'll do everything to make sure he never puts on another team's uniform. 2-33: Jack Green, OG, Cincinnati This felt like a steal when we drafted him and his output hasn't disappointed. An All-Pro at guard and one of the anchors of our rushing attac
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