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  1. The Eagles place: DT Tyrone Crawley 6-4 296 3 Kentucky [2-Gap] [+2] 73 on IR, he suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in the Divisional Playoff Round and is out for the season.
  2. Holy shit, what a game. Wow. One for the ages, maybe the greatest game I've been a part of on this site. Well done ATL, congratulations on a great season.
  3. GG Panthers, I think we've got a legit rivalry now - always a thrilling matchup. What a slugfest, well done on defense and special teams. Another @DStack11 masterpiece. ONWARD.
  4. The Norris Brooksheer revenge tour continues.
  5. The Eagles place: DT Tommy Brooks 6-7 285 5 Texas A&M [1-Gap] [+1/C] 82 on IR, he suffered a Severe Hamstring Rupture in Week 16 and is out for the season. and DE Lawrence Marshall 6-5 251 3 Oregon [Blitz] [0] 78 on IR, he suffered a Severe Achilles Rupture in Week 17 and is out for the season.
  6. I was worried hard about this game, GG @deandean1998 Happy to be bowling this season, and happy about my young core of Carr and Rinehart.
  7. GG franchise, glad we could redeem that ugly loss. Really happy with our defense here, especially keeping the run game below 3 YPC, and we're in great form on offense right now. Should be an exciting finish.
  8. Why did I even get my hopes up for the Bears to not be terrible?
  9. INTRODUCTION We're quickly progressing through the 2022 season and so far it hasn't disappointed. We've seen comebacks, meltdowns, pipeworks, and watched as stars rise and legends fall. But ultimately, it all comes back to the draft, the greatest three days of the CFBHC year. Here's our in-season 2022 mock draft. Remember, we were here first, and the Jumbro Post is the best collaborative news outlet in the land. As per usual with our work, we've meticulously researched team situations which include record, injury, statistics, salary cap, and everything between. However, it may be that we've missed some nuance of your team that may leave you scratching your head as to our choice. That's cool, but we'll never know as much about all 32 teams as the ~60 coaches, GMs, owners will, so keep that in mind and enjoy the mock. This is a collaborative piece between myself and @Jumbo - all research, writing, composition, and glory is shared. 1. New England Patriots (1-9) DE Deontre Graham 6-7 244 R Alabama [Contain] [-1/C] 83 While many would expect the Pats to go for a QB here, they’ve got Luke Trickett starting his first game this upcoming weekend and I think there’s some promise in his future. And with a relatively deep QB class, they may think they can afford to wait even if they want to hedge their bets. The Pats do have a massive need at DE right now, especially with Joey Davis likely to retire, and Graham is a scheme fit. The 6-7 monster has 9.5 sacks so far this season and should slide in nicely in a division where every other team manages to have elite DE play. 2. San Francisco 49ers (1-9) CB/FS Dominique Dawkins 6-2 199 R Georgia [Man Coverage] [0] 83 This pick seems like a fairly obvious trade target to me, as SF has talent but has been decimated by injuries and bad luck in 2022. Trading down makes sense as a way to acquire depth and re-tool for a run during Lester’s contract, which expires after the 2026 season. Later in the round there are some really nice ILB and OG options which just don’t make sense to me at #2. However, Hawkins looks like a great choice with Bashir looking down the barrel of potential free agency this offseason. The supremely talented hybrid corner/safety has the size to play either position but projects as an outside corner in San Francisco. 3. New York Giants (1-8-1) QB Eric McLean 6-2 206 R Rice [Pocket] [+2/C] 83 McLean to deandean, it all makes sense. The Giants have an obvious glaring need at QB, and I don’t think there’s any player available it would be justifiable to pass on him for unless the team prefers a different QB. The 83 guy who fits the current scheme they’re running is the clearest fit, overall, however. 4. Los Angeles Rams (2-8) RB Maurice White 5-11 231 R Oklahoma [Power] [+1] 82 Could it be? Could the Rams find a running back to balance their attack and take some the pressure off of Darrell Murphy? Maybe. White is a force of nature in the backfield with absurd size and the burst to get into the second level on a consistent basis. The knocks on him here are that a) he may not have the elite speed usually necessary to compete with NFLHC athletes and b) he isn’t a prolific pass-catcher, which potentially hurts his value in the Rams scheme. However, LA is currently owns 7th-worst rushing attack in the league, and in my opinion the Knox/Holland combination is not working. Maurice White here allows LA to reconsider their offensive scheme with an exciting new dynamic in the bruising Oklahoma product, in an attempt to give Murphy some real help. 5. Los Angeles Chargers (2-8) QB Troy McMurray 6-2 189 R Stanford [Scrambling] [-1] 82  It seems like the Matty Swift era is coming to an end in LA, as the word out of the Chargers front office is that they aren’t particularly keen on even re-signing him following his contract expiring this offseason. While there are some decent QBs likely to be available on the market, I think any team with a need at QB is going to be hard-pressed to pass up likely Heisman candidate TMac. What he’s doing with 4 1-skill receivers at Stanford is pretty incredible and he adds a dynamic threat on the ground as well. A team in LA’s position can certainly afford to take a risk on the boom-or-bust 1-year starter here. 6. Arizona Cardinals (2-8) QB Marcus Black 6-6 225 R Auburn [Hybrid] [+2] 82 Embattled free agent Paul Davenport has seemingly already worn out his welcome in the desert with a miserable start which has included a sub-60% completion percentage, 10 interceptions, a 78.29 passer rating, and a 2-8 record. Given the low guaranteed number in his 2023 contract year, the Cardinals could easily move on without too much of a financial burden, opening the door for Auburn sensation Marcus Black to step in and compete immediately with Davenport or even take over outright if the front office decides to part ways. With elite size, above-average arm strength, and the ability to extend plays with his feet, Black projects well in my opinion. 7. Minnesota Vikings (3-8) OT Shane McCord 6-6 290 R Georgia [Run Blocking] [0] 83 Minnesota happily nabs up the last 83 non-special teamer on the board as he falls to them. Evan Grant has struggled as a rookie and part of that is the mere averageness of the Vikings o-line so far this year. Taking McCord to put at RT across from Donald Reed and sliding in the declining Mackenzie Woods - set to make $18.5 million over the next 2 years, ouch - in to fill one of the team’s major holes at guard seems like quite a natural fit. Brian Vardell has still played well the last few years despite this team’s decline, and if they can build up an elite offensive line, it could help lead the first Super Bowl champs back to the promised land, eventually. 8. Chicago Bears (3-7) DE Samir Sample 6-2 267 R Texas Tech [Blitz] [+1] 82 The Bears are in a state of building, with second-year QB Mohammed Foster displaying flashes of promise at times, yet struggling at others. Aside from working through these offensive growing pains, the Bears will need to continue investing in the defensive side of the ball to reach the next level. That includes a shot of youth into an aging defensive front which includes 7-year vet Andrew Fazande (who is currently unhappy with the situation he’s in), and inconsistent 8th year player opposite him in Jeff Holleyman. Sample has arguably underachieved this season compared to his peers at the top of the CFBHC pass-rushing food chain, but his talent and a good combine showing will elevate him to a top-10 lock and provide a spark for the Bears defense. 9. Houston Texans (4-6) ILB Bradley Rainey 5-11 223 R Penn State [Will] [0/C] 82 The Texans are having an alright season, but stuck in a tough AFC South their playoff hopes seem to be mostly in the dumps. The addition of Bob Ballard has really helped out this team’s defensive line, but their linebackers are still relatively weak outside of a starting-to-age Blair Williams. Putting the talented Rainey, who has accumulated an impressive 4 interceptions this season, next to Williams could help transform the defense into an even more elite one. Outside of RB, there’s not much other direction for this team to build on right now on offense, so taking a building block for the defense certainly seems like a good idea. Rainey’s captaincy ability also gives him a slight nudge. 10. Buffalo Bills (4-6) OG Cole Fay 6-7 271 R Virginia Tech [Run Blocking] [0/C] 82 Don’t let Marshawn Matthison’s breakout season fool you, the Bills are bad up front. Despite picking center Javier Cuellar with the 7th pick in the 2022 draft, I think they go back to the OL well this season for a huge, imposing people-mover that can pick up the torch for veteran guard Rob Lipscomb (who will be entering his 10th season in 2023). The 29th-ranked unit has also allowed 26 sacks on the year, the 8th-worst sum in the league. 11. Denver Broncos (4-6) CB Eric Hall 5-11 177 R Arizona [Man Coverage] [0/C] 82 The Denver front office has always been a bit unconventional with their approach to the draft, and based on their roster I don’t think anyone would really expect them to take Hall here. But of their 3 80+ corners, 2 are aging at this point, and one is TJ Hunter, so it is both an immediate and long-term need. Hall has 5 interceptions and 9 PDs this season and seems relatively scheme versatile, which would be a great fit for Denver’s defense. The team obviously has a need at QB, and though Todd Jennings might not be back and isn’t a lock to be good ever again, none of the QBs left on the board are worth the selection at this point. May as well continue to build up the talent base otherwise. 12. New York Jets (4-6) OG Charlie Cooper 6-7 282 R Auburn [Pass Blocking] [0] 82 The formidable combination of Joe Farmer and David Schlereth is not getting any younger, and with the pending re-signing of franchise tackle Darnerien Sohn rapidly approaching, there is only so much cap space to go around to a given position group. I think the Jets will jump at the extremely solid value of Auburn’s Cooper as a plug and play starter who can hit the ground running, and free up a non-negligible amount of cap space for the Jets to make a run at free agency. Despite their record, this is a team ready to win, now. Look for a trade involving one of Farmer or Schlereth if the opportunity presents itself. Alternatively, the Jets could grab the most athletic TE prospect here and break him down for parts. 13. Cleveland Browns (5-5) CB Zion Evans 5-11 167 R Michigan [Zone Coverage] [-2] 81  The Browns continue to stumble into mediocrity every year, but with Ryan Clark locked up long-term there’s not much that makes sense to do in terms of change at the QB position. Instead, they should focus on building up the rest of their team in the hopes that Clark can manage well enough to maybe make a playoff run, but I wouldn’t expect much. In the case that Cleveland still does believe in Clark, despite the offense somewhat struggling this year, I would expect an aim at improvement on defense. This team’s corners are just okay besides Cameron Marshall, and Evans had 6 picks last year and has 5 thus far this year, so he might be able to add some dynamism to a team that seems to lack it on defense. 14. Baltimore Ravens (5-5) WR Gavin Faulk 6-2 200 R Connecticut [Target] [0] 82 Anemic, ineffective, pathetic. These are words I would use to describe the Baltimore passing game in 2022. Trade acquisitions Darrell Mack and Ryan Mitchell appear to be easy walks for the Ravens front office as they have disappointed mightily thus far, combining for a paltry 40 receptions, 497 yards, and two touchdowns. The defensive unit in Baltimore is stellar but the Ravens crave a sure-handed redzone target like Faulk who, at the time of this writing, already has 11 touchdowns and near 1,000 yards on the season for the Huskies. The title of #1 WR in the class is his to lose at the upcoming combine but he projects to help Baltimore from day one in their area of largest deficiency. 15. Kansas City Chiefs (5-5) WR A.J. Edwards 6-4 217 R Alabama [Speed] [-2] 82 Anyone got a #1 WR for trade? Anyone looking to trade a #1 WR? That comprised about half of Nmize’s shouts from Week 1 of this season until the trade deadline, and while he acquired Kevin Branch, with a retirement seemingly looming that #1 WR spot is likely to open again. Barring a major free agent acquisition, Edwards or Faulk make the most sense to add to Ryan Harris’ passing targets. Edwards might actually be a better fit in a receiving corps currently lacking speed, and he still adds a height dimension which should allow for some deep balls similarly to how Hiller-Weeden used to get used at Fresno State. Seems like a clear match here. 16. Indianapolis Colts (6-4) CB DeSean Barkley 5-10 162 R Colorado [Man Coverage] [-2] 81 The reality for NFC South teams not named the Jaguars is: it’s Raheem’s world, they just live in it. The electric ballhawk from Colorado should find the field early and often in Indianapolis, and will be challenged from day one in practice by the always stellar Shea/Bartos connection. Barkley’s size is definitely a concern, and he’ll have to prove that he can avoid getting bodied by NFLHC talent, but 20th ranked pass defense is in dire need of playmakers in the secondary. And while Colts corners have a combined two interceptions in 2022, Barkley’s got seven. If he can show that he possesses the physical attributes necessary to overcome his size, he may not even make it this far. 17. Washington Redskins (6-4) TE Garrett Taylor 6-3 239 R Temple [Receiving] [+1] 82 Washington has performed admirably this year with an average offense and above average defense. Tanner Bowman continues to play well but his main problem seems to be that he only has one real target - although a very good one in Sam Hiller-Weeden. Add Garrett Taylor, and make that two real targets. Taylor has 679 yards, 6 TD and 0 drops so far this season and is a clear upgrade over the pedestrian Tony DeMarco, who’s only under contract for one more season anyway. Add Taylor and this is a top 10 offense in 2023. 18. Dallas Cowboys (6-4) ILB Alexander Hutton 6-2 240 R Michigan [Mike] [+1] 82 An series of unfortunate quarterback events have left the Cowboys scrambling to stay in the hunt while their passers get healthy, so don’t be confused - this is a talented roster that is a few bad breaks away from being 8-10 spots lower in this mock. In the absence of a glaring need, the best value to me here is Michigan’s Hutton, a huge physical presence in the middle who could anchor this Cowboys defense for a decade. With Cleo Blair looking at potentially walking away from the game this offseason, I think the Cowboy’s FO would be happy to have a chance to grab a player like Hutton here. 19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-4) OT Alex Vasili 6-5 310 R Penn State [Pass Blocking] [+1] 82 The Bucs have gotten just average play out of their o-line this year, and though they could use some help on defense solidifying the offensive line with a star-in-the-making OT could help them in a division loaded with great pass rushers. Vasili has been an All-American caliber tackle in his time at Penn State and could easily supplant either Gene Miller, likely to decline soon, or John Young, who is unhappy with the team and may request a trade or release. 20. Tennessee Titans from New Orleans Saints (7-3) OG Silolo Siula 6-1 333 R Utah [Pass Blocking] [0] 82 High flying to be sure, but the Titans are not without their share of struggles in the trenches. They have given up the 5th most sacks this season and sit in the middle of the road in OL rating and YPC. I don’t believe there is such a thing as over-investment into the offensive or defensive lines, so Siula looks like a real catch at 20 for a guy who I think would sniff the top-10 in most other seasons. A monstrous road-grader in the middle to the Titans. 21. Seattle Seahawks (5-5) OT Brendan Lowe 6-2 260 R LSU [Pass Blocking] [0/C] 82 Good teams build up the trenches. The Seahawks are luckily only committed to Jarius Jones for one more season, but in the meantime they should start building up a better offensive line for whoever their QB is in 2024 - theirs has been more below average than above relative to the rest of NFLHC this season. Lowe has been relatively unheralded thus far, but an 82 overall and a captain designation certainly helps his case to be drafted in the first round. You can’t be too upset with an 82 this far down in the order, either. 22. Tennessee Titans (6-4) DE Tristan Priest 6-6 251 R Texas [Blitz] [+1] 81 It’s clear that John Peterson has not lived up to his draft expectation as a mid-2nd round pick in 2019. Despite the change of scenery after being dealt to Tennessee this weekend, he’s recorded just two sacks on two statsheets in 2022. Priest projects as a speed rush specialist with his lean build and ability to get to the quarterback. However, he seems more raw than the EDGE players taken ahead of him here and that may be a concern for the Titans. Overall, I think that he’s a boom-or-bust pass rusher who has a lot to learn but could provide the help needed to take some pressure off of the other side, where Tyler Jones has accounted for 10 of the Titans 18.5 sacks so far this season. 23. Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) WR Ryan Childs 5-11 150 R Mississippi State [Speed] [-2] 81 Many give Joel King credit for Cincinnati’s turnaround so far this season, but the Bengals defense is actually top 5 in NFLHC as far as points allowed per game thus far. King, to his credit, is much improved this season, but outside of Adrian Jankowski this team does not have much in the way of targets. Childs adds a dynamic speed threat to the Bengals offense across from the target hogging of Jankowski and should help keep defenses honest with respecting King’s ability to throw it deep. I really like the match of player and team here. 24. Las Vegas Raiders (6-4) RB Jamal Trufant 6-1 223 R Wisconsin [Power] [-2] 81 The Raiders have mostly played better than their record here indicates, but it seems like their unbalanced offensive attack demands more attention at this point. Major Morris has not looked good in 2022, and didn’t look good in 2021, so I think Vegas moves on here. Trufant has the size and college production such that he could easily be taken higher than #24 with a combine performance to match. He’s a bellcow who can carry a game and wear a defense down. Luckily for Jamal, he won’t have to do a ton of either as he’ll be able to step in on day one as backup to Nick Hall’s lead in the Raiders scheme. 25. Philadelphia Eagles (7-3) CB Jordan Westbrook 5-11 191 R Purdue [Man Coverage] [+2] 81 The Eagles don’t have too many needs, but one position where they could continue to build up is at CB. They’ve taken Travaris Jackson and Logan Holmes in the 2nd and 3rd in consecutive drafts, so some would consider this overkill, but Westbrook fits the Ball Hawkins mold and could easily move in to replace him as he starts to age. Westbrook had 7 INTs in Purdue’s national championship winning season last year, and still has had a solid year with 4 in 2022. Consider this more of a luxury BPA pick thing than anything, but Westbrook is certainly a good player that could give Philly some flexibility at the CB position. 26. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) RB Gabe Ciamo 6-0 174 R Toledo [Speed] [-2] 81 The arrival of Norris Brooksheer in Pittsburgh has been nothing short of astounding to us onlookers, as the Steelers sit at a 7-3 record despite being ranked 28th in rushing yards per game, and 31st in yards per carry. Norris has carried the Steelers on offense while the wheels on the legendary Chester Henson Bus have all but fallen off at this point. With an aging defensive core and an overextended quarterback, I like the Steelers to take a shot on the explosive MAC product, cut ties with the future hall of fame Henson, and try to keep the dream alive with NB at the helm for the remainder of his contract, which expires after the 2024 season. Like many before him, Ciamo has put up some gaudy numbers against MAC competition including an absurd 17 touchdowns in 8 games thus far in 2022. 27. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3) CB Khalil Harrell 5-9 168 R Florida State [Man Coverage] [-2] 81 The Jaguars are another team without too many holes, but there’s a sneaky hole at CB here. None of their corners are under contract for more than 2 years, and outside of Jay Wade none are really all that good. Harrell can come in and play well immediately, perhaps as a nickelback to start considering his shorter stature. He’s shown great improvement in 2022, with 5 INT and 8 PD this year compared to 4 and 4 last year, and certainly could help out a Jaguars secondary that’s allowing the 3rd most passing yards per game this season anyway. 28. Atlanta Falcons (7-2-1) DT Julius Mercer 6-2 301 R Washington [1-Gap] [0] 80 Defensive tackles have combined for 0.5 sack and 1 TFL in 2022 for the Falcons so far, and have been by far the most underachieving position group for the upstart Falcons in this resurgent season. Mercer slots in as an immediate starter and should boost the already competent front seven in Atlanta. At 6-2, 301, Mercer is a stocky and stout run defender with the ability to collapse the pocket from the inside. A fringe first-rounder in my opinion, I expect him to not make it past GB at #30 on draft day, given the weakness of DT in this year’s class. 29. New York Jets from Carolina Panthers (8-3) RB Simeon Wells 5-11 210 R Texas [Power] [0] 81 This is my own team so I don’t wanna give away too much here, but we certainly seem to have a need at RB, and Wells is by far the best RB left on the board. Seems like an easy enough fit. 30. Green Bay Packers (8-2) DE Tyrone Rivers 6-4 258 R LSU [Contain] [-1] 80 The Packers are in a great spot here - 3rd in YPC, 6th in YPA, 5th in point differential, and top-5 in most defensive categories. However, Green Bay will have to make some tough choices in cap management this offseason, as they currently have just north of $20 million to sign CBs Cam Bowman, Antonio Burch, as well as DE Kaulana Groth, OLB W.M Mitchell, and others. Given that, I think it makes sense for them to look at the draft as a whole, and shoot for value in one of the 2-3 soft spots they may be left with by the time the draft arrives. My money is on the Packers retaining Bowman, and letting Groth walk, which opens the door for Tyrone Rivers, the LSU Tiger, to step in. 31. Detroit Lions (8-2) OT Tyson Chadwick 6-7 291 R TCU [Pass Blocking] [0/C] 81 The Lions seem to have nailed their draft class in 2022. But with whispers of Rob LeCount walking after the season to give Will Chacko a shot at the starting job continuing despite the team’s record, the Lions might want to give some attention to the offensive line in order to give Chacko the best possible situation to succeed in. Chadwick was an All-American in 2021 and is a clear upgrade over the other OTs currently on the team’s roster. Some attention could be paid to the defense, but if it is Chacko in 2023, improving the offensive line should be a larger priority, and even if it is a top 5 one by rating so far this season, right tackle is a position where Chadwick is likely to be able to slide in as a solid starter. 32. Miami Dolphins (9-1) FS Marquise Holliday 6-1 198 R Clemson [Zone Coverage] [0/C] 81 Top-5 on offense and top-1 on defense, the Miami Dolphins are leaving a wake of destruction in NFLHC right now. So, with that said, I’m giving them a pick that looks like a nice value at a position where they have an on-paper talent shortage. Holliday has the size you want in center field and the leadership you want in your defensive backfield. A four-year starter for the Tigers, Marquise has not been able to replicate his magical 9-interception freshman season, but is still performing at a high level for his top-ranked team. The rich get richer here.
  10. Whoa, blast from the past. I was damn nice to that kid.
  11. Very cool! I have a similar book with season/career totals both in large lists and by-player (kind of like individual player stat cards), but I like the approach of tracking by game and just rolling everything up. I may have to go that way in the future.
  12. Base Starting Skills Offense: 12 Defense: 16 Special Teams: 10 Clock Mgmt: 9 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 15 CFBHC Career: Louisville Cardinals (2016-Present) NFLHC Career: New England Patriots GM (2016), Philadelphia Eagles Owner/GM (2017-Present) Achievements: Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2016 Adjustments: -1/+2/0/0/-1/+2 Traits after 2016: 9/12/10/10/9/12 2017 Adjustments: +1/+1/-1/0/-1/+2 Traits after 2017: 10/13/9/10/8/14 2018 Adjustments: +1/+2/+1/-1/0/-1 Traits after 2018: 11/15/10/9/8/13 2019 Adjustments: +1/+1/-1/+1/-1/+1 Traits after 2019: 12/16/9/10/7/14 2020 Adjustments: 0/-1/+2/0/+2/-1 Traits after 2020: 12/15/11/10/9/13 2021 Adjustments: 0/+1/-1/-1/+1/+2 Traits after 2021: 12/16/10/9/10/15
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