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    1. [2021] Week #1 - SNF

      23 penalties for 230 yards, yikes!
    2. [2021] Week #1 - Saturday Morning

      I was super nervous that Holcomb was going to shit all over my secondary. Good game man.
    3. [2021] Pre-Season Week #4 - 1 PM

      Sean Egloff 22 175 2 50T 0/0 Who was talking shit to me about signing Sean Egloff in the offseason? Fight me.
    4. [2021] Preseason All ACC Team

      Really proud of my guys this season! We need bigtime play from guys like DeSean and Prince in order to take advantage of all the turnover in the conference.
    5. [2021] Injured Reserve

      Eagles place: OT Elias Roman 6-1 332 R Arizona [Run Blocking] 74 on injured reserve. Suffered a severe meniscus rupture in rookie minicamp.
    6. [2021] ACC Recruiting Roundup - Week 1

      Dockery's heir apparent has arrived!
    7. [2021] Franz's Facts: Preseason Week 1

      Just a reminder for teams with dumpster fire QB situations that Bridgewater is available.
    8. [2021] Pre-Season Sign Ups [OWNERS]

      Eagles: @NE @NYJ JAX GB
    9. [2021] 1st Round Rookie Salary Negotiations

      RB Marshawn Miller 6-1 225 R Connecticut [Speed] 81 4 years // 16.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//4.0//4.0//0.0//0.0//Total:8.0 $//0.0//0.0//4.0//4.0//Total:8.0 Total//4.0//4.0//4.0//4.0//Total:16.0 Value//6.52848223531
    10. DC Steve Spagnuolo

    11. DC Steve Spagnuolo

      DC Steve Spagnuolo $2,000,000 per year 1 year
    12. Please consider Marlon Roland, SS, from the Louisville Cardinals (3.0/3.0 RS JR) who finished the 2020 season with an impressive statline of: 38 tackles, 4 interceptions, 1 fumble recovery, All-ACC Marlon is also the all-time interception leader in Louisville history with 9, and still has a year of eligibility left!
    13. OC Tom Cable

      OC Tom Cable $3,000,000 per year 3 years
    14. OC Tom Cable

      Signed. Above bid was invalid (did not increase previous high offer by 10% per year in salary or extend by a season)
    15. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #8

      Bitter end to a great season. I need to recruit some fat guys to stuff gaps. GG!
    16. [2021] Virginia Special Conference

      Pour one out for the departure of an ACC legend. Best of luck klemm, we're going to miss you.
    17. Coordinator expiring contracts [GMs ONLY]

      Philadelphia Eagles OC Jim Caldwell +4% WR skill +6% WR fitness -9% offensive adjustments Contract expired at end of 2020 season DC Jeff Fisher +8% CB aggressiveness +2% ILB skill +11% FS/SS chemistry -9% DE/DT versatility Contract expired at end of 2020 season
    18. [2021] Scout contracts

      Philadelphia Eagles statsheetstuffer 1 year
    19. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Evening

      Dear lord.
    20. Philadelphia, PA - The Eagles front office is happy to announce an addition to our staff. Please join us in welcoming statsheetstuffer as Director of Scouting. His role will include opposition and prospect scouting, as well as the opportunity to have a voice in the future of the Eagles organization. Stat joins us with NFLHC experience in Atlanta as an assistant and head coach. We are very excited to add another member to our management team in a crucial season as we look to climb back to the top of NFC East. GM Broletariat and Director of Scouting statsheetstuffer will now answer questions.
    21. #2 DE Ryan Frey 6-6 277 3 Miami [Blitz] 93 - Accepted $7,500,000