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  1. Killing Fields: Eagles defense feasts as AT and Co. struggles
  3. Philadelphia Eagles HC DStack11 2 years // 9,000,000 $4,500,000 per year
  4. Eagles Nation would like to welcome their 2020 draft class. GM Broletariat had this to say about the draft: "Our front office came into this weekend's draft with specific tactical goals in mind rather than broad strategic ones. We feel very confident in our roster and believe that our young team has taken a step forward this offseason following our trip to the NFC Championship Game, but we left some things unfinished. For us, this draft was about finding players who can contribute however they may be asked to and in return they will have the opportunity to make an impact on our season." Round 1 (#23) - Martin Whiting, OLB from North Carolina [62 tackles, 5 sacks, 1 forced fumble in 2019, All-ACC in 2018 and 2019] After declaring for the NFLHC Draft a year early, UNC's Whiting impressed scouts at the combine with a 4.51 40-yard dash time, 36.5" in the vertical leap, and a 6.74 second 3-cone time for a combined 128.3 SPRQ score, good for fifth-best in the entire 2020 class. Despite a disappointing season for the Tar Heels, Whiting was a consistent contributor with 62 tackles, 5 sacks, and a fumble forced, good enough for All-ACC honors for the second straight season. GM Broletariat said he didn't think Whiting would be available into the early-mid 20's but it was an easy call to move up and get him when he was, "We loved Martin's athletic ability, refined technique, and pro readiness. The fact that he was there for the taking at #23 made it an easy decision to go and get him. We can't wait to see him flying around the field wreaking havoc for years and years." HC DStack has this to say about his new defensive dynamo, "Whiting looks to be the prototypical 4-3 OLB. I'm excited to pair him with Milligan in our efforts to stop the run and think he can really benefit in learning from Rod as he transitions to the NFL. Even more importantly, Whiting is a major upgrade in pass coverage over the middle where our defense has been exploited in the past. Whiting is another piece that makes it that much harder for OC to gameplan against." Bottom Line: Look for immediate improvement against the run and in space against the pass for the Eagles defense in 2020 thanks to the addition of Whiting. He'll start from day one. Round 3 (#93) - Kevin Muse, RB from SMU [308 carries, 1,691 yards, 23 touchdowns in 2019] The expression "carried" is thrown around a lot in the context of a single player's importance to a team but make no mistake about it, Muse carried the Mustangs to an AAC Championship and top-25 ranking in 2019 with a gaudy stat line and some marvelous performances. A two-year starter for SMU, Muse is a powerful downhill runner with a punishing style and the ability to finish defensive backs in the open field. However, his stock fell because of a personal conduct issue and concerns about his lack of experience in pass protection as well as shortcomings as a receiver. At the end of the third round, though, Broletariat likes the pick. "Obviously Kevin has some work to do if he wants to be an every down back in this league, especially in our offense which demands participation by runners in pass protection as well as pass catching out of the backfield. We feel that with the right coaching, Kevin will be a force in this league, but for now he will focus on his strengths, which are running between the tackles and grinding out short yardage/goal line opportunities. We think he a high caliber player in those situations right now. The rest will come in time." HC DStack offered similar insights, saying "Muse is a guy I've had my eye on for quite some time. He's a punishing downhill runner and tough to bring down between the tackles. He excels in short yardage and goal line situations. Admittedly, Muse is raw and needs work with pass pro and as a receiver out of the backfield. Fortunately, we don't necessarily need him to do those things year one, so he will have some time to develop good habits and learn from behind veteran Troy White and alongside Bryan Davis." Bottom Line: Muse will compete with Bryan Davis to spell Troy White and will get looks in short yardage as well as goal line packages in 2020. Round 5 (#158) - Roy Davis, WR from Texas [52 catches, 664 yards, 2 touchdowns in 2019] At 6'4, 209 pounds, Roy Davis is a big man to be covered by your typical NFLHC cornerback. It's no secret that the Eagles struggled to convert in the red zone last season, with a combined 13 field goals from within 40 yards (T-4th in NFLHC), so it's not a surprise that the front office would look for a guy like Davis - a huge frame and a history of touchdown production with 17 throughout his career. Despite a statistically down season for Davis, big receivers with a capability to play outside between the 20's and make plays in the red zone can be hot commodities in our passing league. GM Broletariat sheds some light on the pick, "We like Roy's potential and size. He's a guy who played in a tough conference for a premier school in college and has a history of production as well as good hands. He will help us convert our green zone opportunities into six points more frequently. AT seems to be pretty happy about the choice here." HC DStack added, "Davis is a product of wanting to get bigger and tougher on the outside. We have burners in Hawkins and Pro Bowler Johnson, but wanted to create favorable matchups against teams that press, and especially down in the redzone where a few too many of our drives ended in a field goal. We liked the value in Davis and like Muse, he won't be asked to do too much in year one. We're excited for this big guy's future." Bottom line: Davis will likely battle Cameron Whelahan for reps on the outside opposite Michael Hawkins while Chris Johnson works from the slot. Look for him to play a role in the red zone for the Eagles immediately. Round 7 (#226) - Brandon Guillory, SS from Texas A&M [21 tackles, 3 interceptions in 2019] With the departure of RJ Dix at strong safety this offseason, the Eagles look to the former Aggie to be an on-call defensive back in the event of an injury to FS Kevin Hartley or SS Joe Johnson. Guillory had nine career interceptions for Texas A&M and despite being fairly raw in some aspects, his nose for the ball could earn him playing time beyond the preseason. At 5'11 201 he may struggle to cover bigger tight ends or solo tackle some power backs but in space he can be a dangerous playmaker. GM Broletariat talks about his newest safety, "Brandon is a gamer. He doesn't have the best scout scores and he's not regarded as someone who will be in the Pro Bowl next season but I think folks will be surprised at how he looks at game speed. We're going to ease him into our defensive scheme and rely on guys like Joe and DeAndre to bring him into the fold but I think he's a guy who could earn some time at some point down the line beyond special teams." HC DStack gave a more realistic comment, "Brandon's a guy whose size we liked and hustle we appreciated. He may never develop into a star in the secondary but we do expect him to be an immediate contributor in all aspects of special teams." Bottom Line: Guillory is a long shot for a starting job but will likely make the roster and can keep his spot with special teams. Eagles staff and 2020 draftees will now take questions.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles @ JAX @ SF NYJ CLE
  6. Signed
  7. OC Jim Caldwell $1,850,000 per year 1 year
  8. Signed
  9. DC Jeff Fisher $3,100,000 per year 1 year
  10. /
  11. OC Joe Philbin $1,350,000 per year 3 years
  12. DC Leslie Frazier $2,860,000 per year 3 years
  13. So happy to see this LVL team in a bowl game after the rough (and deserved) preseason projections!
  14. GG Rabid - hopefully we squeak into a bowl at 6-6!
  15. Eagles
  16. NFC East Champion Eagles offers are in.
  17. Big congrats to the entire 49ers organization for a brilliant year! I can't wait until we play again because I think SF-PHI is turning into a marquee NFLHC rivalry that I want to win more instances of
  18. +6 for my boy Mark Kirschbaum, The Philadelphia Leg
  19. Well, we had an amazing run, and AT is worth every cent and every pick, but all things must end Was not expecting this team to lose to the Niners in the end, but hey, we beat the Giants three times this season so that takes the sting out.
  20. Philadelphia, PA - The entire NFC East Champion Eagles organization would like to extend congratulations to our players honored by members of the league to represent the NFC in the 2019 Pro Bowl! Allan Taylor [QB] Passing: 269 of 411 attempts (65%) for 4,051 yards, 22 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, 109.46 rating Rushing: 61 for 325 yards (5.33 ypc), 4 touchdowns Taylor has been the centerpiece of the #1 seed Eagles all season, and worth every penny if he continues his play into the post-season and beyond. Dealt from Jacksonville for a 2019 1st and 2nd round pick, as well as 2nd and 6th round picks this season (escalation conditions of 3,800 yards, 100+ rating, playoff berth, and Pro Bowl appearance all met). The superstar QB has turned the Eagles around this season with his dynamic playmaking ability and stellar ability to protect the football and limit turnovers (T-1st with 6 interceptions in 2019). The 2019 Eagles finished 4th in PPG (25th in 2018), 2nd in total offense (30th in 2018), T-9th in touchdowns (T-26th in 2018), T-5th in sacks allowed (11th in 2018), and in large part have AT to thank for that astounding improvement. GM Broletariat had this to say about his star QB, "AT is AT. We all know what he can do, but the impact he has had on this offense, this locker room, this team cannot be stated clearly enough. He makes us all better. He's the best in the game." Ryan Frey [DE] 50 tackles, 13.5 sacks, 1 fumble recovered If you want to contend in this league, you need at least one elite pass rusher. The Eagles have theirs in second-year sensation Ryan Frey who, after a disappointing senior season at Miami (FL), moderately impressed as a rookie in 2018 with 25 tackles, 8 sacks, a fumble forced, and a safety. That said, he's taken the step from proficient pass rusher to elite defensive talent in just one season. Frey lead the NFL with 13.5 sacks in 2019 (second place Alvis Brumm had only 11.5) and stood out on his own as the most consistent pass rusher in the league, tallying at least a half sack in 12 games this season. His tackle number doubled as well, showing that Frey is not a one-trick pony, but an every down playmaker who is here to stay. Broletariat on Frey, "This was the easiest draft pick I've made as GM of this organization. Ryan shredded the combine just as he shreds left tackles and the confidence of opposing QBs every Sunday. Find me a better defensive player in this division, I dare you." Frey is slotted as the #1 DE on the NFC roster this season. Rodrick Milligan [iLB] 97 tackles, 1 interception, 1 sack After missing the Pro Bowl in 2018, Milligan is back this season after tallying 97 tackles, good for 2nd in the league, along with an interception and a sack from the middle of the field. Milligan is the center of the Eagles defense both literally and figuratively after taking the reigns in the 2017 season following his trade from Oakland, seen by some as misguided by the Eagles at the time (Miligan was traded, with other assets, for #6 overall in the 2017 NFLHC Draft; the Raiders took CB Mike Gradishar with the pick). Broletariat had this to add about the selection of his thumping middle backer to the 2019 Pro Bowl "Rod is the leader of our defense which has gotten better every season since he arrived. His personality is contagious in the locker room and he does all the right things. I wish I had 52 more of Rodrick Milligan, the man, on this roster. He deserves every accolade he's earned since arriving here." DeAndre Hawkins [CB] 29 tackles, 6 interceptions, 1 touchdown Let's call it a comeback. After being bounced and lambasted around the league due to salary, consistency, and big play concerns, Hawkins has found a home in Philadelphia with a stellar campaign. 2019 marked a career season for Hawkins who posted career highs in stat sheets (8, up from 5), tackles (29, up from 24) and interceptions (6, up from 4). Coach DStack has found a way for Hawkins to limit exposure in big plays and get in front of passes to force turnovers, and the still youthful corner has flourished in his 3rd season in the league. Another product of trade from the Eagles, Hawkins was swapped for cheaper and older Jim Milloy to the Carolina Panthers (10 tackles, 0 interceptions in 2019) in a rare one for one exchange. GM Broletariat added "DeAndre is a football player. He's tough, competitive, and comes ready to play each and every week. We're ecstatic that we've found a way to harness his talent and help him get to his first of many Pro Bowl appearances." Hawkins will line up at slot corner for NFC behind Atlanta's David Wilburn and Carolina's Nate Tensi. Christopher Johnson [KR] Returning: 2 touchdowns Receiving: 49 receptions for 761 yards (15.53 ypc), 1 touchdown Playing mostly out of the slot as receiver in 2019, CJ has made his mark as a top-flight KR after joining the Eagles from Cleveland in the 7th round of the 2017 NFLHC Expansion Draft following his rookie season. He's scored four special teams touchdowns for the Eagles since then and has established himself not only as a special teamer but a reliable receiving target for Philly, setting career highs in receptions and yardage with AT under center this season following a down year in 2018. Another transplant from a different franchise that has found their place and settled into an Eagles uniform with the help of DStack, Johnson will line up at kick returner for the NFC Pro Bowl roster this season. Broletariat had this to say, "I think CJ is a dangerous weapon anywhere on the field and his dedication to special teams just proves that he is a team-minded player willing to work hard on every facet of his game. His spot in the Pro Bowl is well deserved and we couldn't be happier to line a playmaking threat like CJ up every week." DStack11 [HC] 12-4 in 2019, Division Champion, Fitness Enthusiast The Eagles have a markedly improved roster on paper compared to that of their abysmal 2-14 debut season in 2017, but the crowning jewel of the organization is head coach DStack11. Under his coaching expertise, the Eagles have improved five wins in each of the last two seasons and now find themselves atop the NFC heading into the 2019 postseason. When asked about his professional relationship with DStack and how their philosophies combine to make the Eagles work, Broletariat noted "Coach and I have a shared philosophy on team building that has gotten us to this point from expansion just three seasons ago, but there is still a lot more work to be done to achieve our ultimate goal and bring a championship to Philly. We would not be close to where we are today if not for the expert coaching ability of DStack and his continued involvement in front office decisions. Congratulations, coach." DStack will lead the #1 seeded Eagles into the playoffs with homefield advantage throughout, and lead the NFC Pro Bowl roster this season.
  21. Don't forget to write in DeAndre Ball Hawkins for Comeback Player of the Year!
  23. Up For Grabs: Eagles lose lock on #1 seed but maintain NFC East lead after falling to Detroit

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