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  1. Me either..
  2. I just got called a misogynist straight cis gendered priveledged white male for commentating on a girls Facebook status about tinder saying they should try meeting people in real life. What a time to be alive in America.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Weeze56m


      check your privilege bro.

    3. TuscanSota
    4. UBL


      Are you a  misogynist straight cis gendered priveledged white male though?

  3. Holy shit I cant wait for mine.
  4. Ciamos carrys do baffel me, I've run the same scheme the entire year and consistenly got 20+ and all off a sudden the last 2he is getting less carries, it's almost as if I'm choosing more passing but I'm not. It makes sense vs smu since I was behind most of the game, but against ohio, I really don't get why I passed so much.
  5. Lol ok u got me there, I was just salty that I got passed over for the team I coach when I said I was interested in taking over for raybaxter.
  6. I didnt talk shit, I called my game the g5 superbowl. Its a game that's supposed to be fun, which is what I'm trying to do, but half the people here suck so much fun out of it that I barely get anything out it anymore. Which is why I hardly an active anymore. I barely ever post on here these days. The culture of this place is so fucking toxic, just leave me the fuck alone if you have nothing nice to say. I just wanna play the game and enjoy myself.
  7. Idk wut that means. I'm just so sick of people being on my case, it's so beyond playful shit talk, its excessive at this point. Everg single thing related to toledo gets some fucking troll post in it. Imposter has probably saved the link to that thread for 6 months so he could post it in here to up his ego.
  8. Gg time, can't win kicking field goals. @imposter do u really have nothing better to do then troll all my loses, get a life.
  9. Congrats beez, I really don't understand why my pass run ratio was so high, i played balanced, but can't win em all, I'm going 13-0 next year so enjoy it while u can
  10. My te and rb got robbed. Glad haywood got the recognition he deserves, he's a beast.
  11. Dude I love you, I wish I still had your passion for this stuff.
  12. Only cmu can stop this train
  13. How do we know if ours is an offender?

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