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  1. Really surprised CU is so low
  2. Why did you invest so much in recruiting jake when you had a young qb with similiar talent, seems like you could have filled other holes?
  3. Are you new here?
  4. Your notes are blasphemy at rb and te, but as a compromise you can make my fs the 2nd teamer.
  5. You didn't include a 2nd team fs
  6. Rabble rabble salty salty
  7. Same with nate linsley, linsley had more production last year the niu te has had in his career. Smh
  8. How could you put gabe ciamo at 2nd team. He had more rush yards, more ypc, more td then Walton, plays on a more talented team with a passing game to lean on and is coming off a +1.5 and is 5/5 as a sophmore.
  9. Me either..
  10. I just got called a misogynist straight cis gendered priveledged white male for commentating on a girls Facebook status about tinder saying they should try meeting people in real life. What a time to be alive in America.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Weeze56m


      check your privilege bro.

    3. TuscanSota
    4. UBL


      Are you a  misogynist straight cis gendered priveledged white male though?

  11. Holy shit I cant wait for mine.
  12. Ciamos carrys do baffel me, I've run the same scheme the entire year and consistenly got 20+ and all off a sudden the last 2he is getting less carries, it's almost as if I'm choosing more passing but I'm not. It makes sense vs smu since I was behind most of the game, but against ohio, I really don't get why I passed so much.
  13. Lol ok u got me there, I was just salty that I got passed over for the team I coach when I said I was interested in taking over for raybaxter.

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