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    1. [2021] Pre-Season AP Poll

      Thats alot of trust in me after how poorly i coached last season
    2. [2021] MAC Pre-season Overview

      If I don't win the natty it's because my OL is too inconsistent, QB can't hit the deep ball and I lack one more star at OLB/SS. Hard to say what will happen. Pretty disappointed that i choose my last chance to pad up my 2021 squad that I totally dropped the ball in recruiting.
    3. [2021] MAC Pre-season Overview

      I've waited many irl years for this promised time. Now to journey forth to the promised land.
    4. Jumbo

      The pac has been stacking up on good coaches.
    5. npklemm

      oh nice, i think this is the first time someone has ever switched into the MAC
    6. @Jieret Congrats, well deserved. Still going to beat you by 420 in 2021 tho <3
    7. How i managed to be top 5 in the conference is beyond me lol.....
    8. Wow it's really hard to believe I had the best scoring defense. Also don't understand how I have simultaneously the highest rated oline and the 3rd most sacks allowed, maybe they're good run blockers.
    9. looking for a week 9 opponent to play in Toledo, will return the following year yada yada 

    10. BYU Looking to fill schedule

      Ill go to BYU if u come to toledo next time around. Week 3
    11. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Afternoon

      51 yard FG ftl