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  1. Rip the hype
  2. Michigan is too low
  3. Nevada is no slouch either, good job
  4. Let's go MAC, the east looks wide open right now.
  5. The running of the bulls
  6. I think the 2 week rule is fine tbh
  7. @stormstopper for believing
  8. Speculating I think it's 10+20% for a 30% bonus
  9. This was alot of fun to participate in thanks!
  10. Fake news
  11. For me it was @neovenator250 and @rabidsnowman Ty
  12. Does this include gameplans on Sunday night?
  13. Really surprised CU is so low
  14. Why did you invest so much in recruiting jake when you had a young qb with similiar talent, seems like you could have filled other holes?

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