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  1. im loling because i dont understand why he got stripped of his team if he was allowed to have it immediately back, what are you referring to?
  2. Lol
  3. looks like im going to have to do the same thing, from northwesterns pov this move is straight up retarded imo, im going to win decker and northwestern is going to spend every available point they have losing him.
  4. Dislike
  5. finally a decent game out of my team
  6. just imagine how bad ohio would be if all the teams in ohio actually recruited
  7. Hiring recruiting coordinator apply pls. PLS
  8. is it safe to assume i gave up a kickoff or punt return TD? still trying to learn to interpret these new game reports
  9. how things change
  10. Buffalo is such a tease
  11. nice job coach! keep it up
  12. I love how the Toledo2021 hashtag is a thing
  13. yeah it doesnt make sense that 1-1 buffalo is ranked above 1-1 ohio when ohio beat buffalo thats what i ment by my comment
  14. DAMMMMNNN nice job Jieret. That was a well coached game, your team is going to be great this season.