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    1. C-USA fully updated. Team pages, team navboxes, and C-USA navbox are complete and updated. Charlotte FAU FIU Louisiana Tech Marshall Middle Tennessee North Texas Old Dominion Rice Southern Miss UAB UTEP UTSA Western Kentucky C-USA Navbox
    2. Bubada

      [2021] All Pro Team

      Very proud of the Titans players. During the 2019 season when we went 1-15, who would have guessed these three guys would be making All-Pro teams two seasons later? WR Margene Huard 6-6 169 1 Arizona [speed] 69 WR Kevin Williams 6-0 165 3 Boston College [speed] 75 CB Jack Ramsey 6-2 172 1 Virginia Tech [Zone Coverage] 79
    3. Bubada


      You're approved for Charlotte! Request here for a logo for your avatar picture. The season just ended. Charlotte went 0-12. Here is your roster for this past season, it will be updated for the next season at a later time. You do not need to post a depth chart for the next season yet. Go here and create an account with the same username, this is where gameplanning and recruiting happens. The season is over so you will not need to gameplan or recruit until the start of next season but please create an acount If you do not log in for 14 consecutive days, you will be removed from the team. If you have any questions, you can send me a message or ask in the chatbox. Welcome to the !
    4. Bubada

      Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

      Titans: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k5Q5mhgmrqvseSe37KhIR8MhCxD4BckBT0OfhVzFKh0/edit?usp=sharing
    5. Bubada

      2022 NFL Draft early entries

      Yes! McLean is staying. Didn't make sense for him to join this draft class. I'm surprised my SS is going though: SS Jeffrey Pearson 5-10 190 R Rice [Zone Coverage] [0] 70. First early dec from Rice. Last year there was a 70 rated SS who didn't even make a practice squad, hopefully he gets a chance somewhere. Despite there being a record number of early entrants, not a lot of it is top talent. Only 3 players from my top 25 big board declared early (#1 Bryant, #3 Yeldon, #8 Barney). Last year, 14 of my top 25 big board declared early. Crazy that this class lost 14 of the top 25 players and is still this good. And now that 22 of the top 25 players in next class are returning for their senior season, the next class looks very strong.
    6. Bubada

      [2021] Divisional Sunday - 4 PM

      Nate Tensi is only the third player to have multiple 2 interception games. The other two guys are Travis Chatman and David Wilburn (who has done it thrice). This is also only the second time a player has had multiple picks in a playoff game, other time was Travis Chatman in a wild card game in 2017.
    7. NFLHC season and career passing records updated here: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=NFLHC_Record_Book

      1. Bubada


        Also, all game records are updated. Will be working on rushing/receiving/defensive season and career records over the next couple days.

      2. Soluna


        Thanks for all the work!

    8. http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Archie_Velasquez Some more fun facts: -Was MVP of the 2015 SEC Championship Game after picking off Matty Swift twice -Made $15.5 million, largely thanks to a 3 year, $12 million deal between 2018-2020. -In the middle of last season, I called him one of the worst starting CBs
    9. Bubada

      [2022] Progressions

    10. Bubada

      [2021] Pro Bowl Squads

      Most Pro Bowl Appearances 7 appearances: Christian Skaggs, Vaughn Abraham, Marcellus Peterson, Quentin Smith, Rodney Galbreath, Tyrone Jones 6 appearances: Chester Henson, Dan Nomellini, Alvis Brumm, Andre Brooks, Gary Faneca, David Wilson, Sean Burton, Jace Brown, Mike Tripplett, Brian Brown Streaks 7 year streak: Tyrone Jones 6 year streak: Jace Brown 4 year streak: Jon Zatkoff, Ron Rice, Matt Cowan, Darius Jones 3 year streak: Brian Brown, Gary Tomlinson, Enoch Dickenson, Cameron Jonah, Troy Marshall, Akili Wallace, Sean Jenkins, LaMont Sherriff Breaking a 7 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Christian Skaggs Breaking a 6 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Sean Burton Breaking a 4 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Mosi Bartos, Sid Henson, David Doherty, Justin Davis, Dane Wilson, LaMarcus Smith Breaking a 3 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Aaron Shea, Tai Miller
    11. Bubada

      [2021] Pro Bowl Squads

      No complaints here. Surprised Wheeler got in over Shea and Wegert but it is well deserved. Happy that Kevin Williams made his first Pro Bowl. And Jack Ramsey gets his second in a row. But most importantly, @TheTodd15 is the coach! Congrats Todd!
    12. Bubada

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #1

      Dang, thought C-USA would get their first bowl win today. We are a whopping 0-13 in bowl games now. At least we get another 6 chances this year.
    13. Bubada

      The Tennessean

      DEN at TEN Titans prepare for first home playoff game in franchise history
    14. Bubada

      [2021] C-USA Awards

      Thanks to everyone who voted. Had a great turnout with 10 of the 11 active coaches voting. Also, special thanks to @Darman who broke tiebreakers for a couple 2nd team spots and to @bingo415 since I stole his format from the Pac-12 Awards.
    15. OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR Eric McLean, JR QB, Rice 4,195 passing yards, 46 passing TDs, 9 INTs, 151.99 QB Rating CO-DEFENSIVE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR Leonard Graves, SO DE, Southern Miss 37 tackles, 10 TFLs, 14.0 sacks Aaron Darling, FR OLB, Middle Tennessee 59 tackles, 2 TFL, 6 INTs, 5 PDs SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE YEAR Afasa Ponifasio, FR WR, Southern Miss 503 PR yards, 299 KR yards, 2 PR TDs FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR Deontray Clay, FR WR, Rice 102 rec, 1,422 rec yds, 12 TD J.B. Blacknall Award (Best new transfer/JUCO) Sebastian Porter, SR WR, UTSA 56 rec, 843 rec yds, 10 TD COACH OF THE YEAR Bubada, Rice All C-USA 1st Team Offense QB: Eric McLean, Rice RB: Lorenzo Deaton, UAB FB: Avery Middleton, CHAR WR: Deontray Clay, Rice WR: Darius Watkins, Rice TE: Charles Sherill, USM OT: A'Shawn McNair, Rice OT: Jose Clark, FIU OG: Mark Lattimore, USM OG: Raphael Brannon, Rice C: Shawn Cortez, MRSH All C-USA 1st Team Defense DE: Leonard Graves, USM DE: Curtis Dunn, LT DT: Ashton Roland, UAB OLB: Aaron Darling, MTSU OLB: Marcus Kaplan, Rice ILB: Kieron Brooks, CHAR CB: Carter Ragland, USM CB: Gerald Sykes, Rice FS: Hakeem Whitley, ODU SS: Kaden Jennings, CHAR All C-USA 1st Team Special Teams K: Jeffery Warren, UTSA P: Graham Chandler, UTSA RET: Afasa Ponifasio, USM All C-USA 2nd Team Offense QB: Alexander Cassidy, USM RB: James Fitzgerald, USM FB: Hunter Borden, Rice WR: Sebastian Porter, UTSA WR: Parker Tripp, WKU TE: Tristan Rucker, FAU OT: Russell Weaver, UAB OT: Bryan Schultz, ODU OG: Joe Perez, USM OG: Dante Vick-Schaeffer, Rice C: David Sutton, LT All C-USA 2nd Team Defense DE: David Tracy, FIU DE: Aden Dobbins, UNT DT: Bradley Watts, MRSH OLB: Darrelle Paige, FAU OLB: Eli Macdonald, MTSU ILB: Marvin Williams, UAB CB: Michael Bell, USM CB: Keith Kemp, MRSH FS: Janoris Callahan, WKU SS: Jeffrey Pearson, Rice All C-USA 2nd Team Special Teams K: Samuel Sheppard, LT P: Evan Shelton, Rice RET: Christopher Pace, UTEP