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  1. Updated through week 8. C-USA Leaders: Passing Yards Eric McLean (RICE): 1675 Riley West (WKU): 1500 Tim Pritchard (MTSU): 1412 Rushing Yards Harrison Weir (USM): 675 Isaiah Mitchell (ODU): 652 Justin Barksdale (UTEP): 631 Receiving Yards Keith Triplett (RICE): 499 Charles Sherrill (USM): 432 Randall Johnson (USM): 406 Tackles Andres Arriaga (RICE): 43 Arthur Campbell (LT): 37 Keiron Brooks (CHAR): 35 Sacks Javier Grady (UNT): 6.5 David Tracy (FIU): 5.0 Daniel Spivey (WKU): 3.5 INTs Douglas Brown (UTEP): 4 Aaron Price (MTSU): 3 Four players tied with 2
  2. Hold On Tight Titans hold on to victory despite late run by the Chicago Bears
  3. Break Out the Kaleidoscope Bobby Kolodziej leads Titans to 30-10 victory over Texans, snapping 5 game losing streak
  4. Titans to consider: WR Kevin Williams: 70 Rec, 982 yards, 5 TD 4th in the league in receiving yards despite being on a team that is 27th in the league in passing yards. His TDs are low but we have only thrown for 12 TDs this year. He has the highest percentage of receiving yards of a team's total in the league. DE Tyler Jones: 27 tackles, 8.5 sacks Leads the AFC in sacks as a rookie DE Charles Woods: 22 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 1 FF Tied 4th in AFC for sacks and tied 4th in AFC for tackles by a DE. OLB David Doherty: 55 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 3 FF, 1 FR Leads OLBs in tackles. May not rack up the sacks but that isn't the type of OLB he is. CB Jack Ramsey: 16 tackles, 5 INT, 1 FF, 3 TDs League leader with 3 defensive TDs. Most turnovers forced by a CB with 6. In my CB coverage stats thru week 11, he has the 2nd best QB Rating allowed when targeted in the league (62.5)
  5. Southern Miss' abbreviation is USM. SMU is some garbage team in Texas.
  6. Ruff Game Titans lose 16-14 to Lions after a Leon Woodruff missed field goal
  7. Lot closer than expected. Kolodziej did okay considering the scheme change and it was his first start in over 2 seasons. I wonder who got our other 2 INTs. I don't want them to knock Tyler Jones off the statsheet though.
  8. Updated through week 5. C-USA Leaders: Passing Yards Riley West (WKU): 1011 Tim Pritchard (MTSU): 927 Alexander Cassidy (USM): 917 Rushing Yards Harrison Weir (USM): 430 Isaiah Mitchell (ODU): 412 Yakov Sousa (UNT): 351 Receiving Yards Matthew Cunningham (USM): 332 Benjamin Brown (WKU): 289 Chance Lindsey (UNT): 272 Tackles Julian Eason (UNT): 23 Andres Arriaga (Rice): 22 Arthur Campbell (LT): 22 Sacks Javier Grady (UNT): 3.5 David Tracy (FIU): 3.0 Daniel Spivey (WKU): 2.5 INTs Douglas Brown (UTEP): 3 Four players tied with 2
  9. Here's some DeNorris Jackson facts: He has played in 42 games. He has rushed for a TD in 37 of them. He's ran for multiple TDs in 24 of them. He's ran for over 100 yards in 39 games (he still ran for over 90 yards in the other 3 games) He has never had less than 4 YPC He has 71 career rushing TD's. The record is 75 by Sterling Brown. His worst game was his 2nd career game in which he had 25 carries and 106 yards with 0 TDs against UCLA. This year he has 100 Att for 606 yards and 10 TDs
  10. Could be another KR or PR by Artemio. I don't think returns show up now.
  11. Updated through week 4. C-USA Leaders: Passing Yards Eric McLean (Rice): 885 Riley West (WKU): 856 Tim Pritchard (MTSU): 723 Rushing Yards Brannon Austin (FIU): 304 Harrison Weir (USM): 298 Isaiah Mitchell (ODU): 284 Receiving Yards Keith Triplett (Rice): 267 Benjamin Brown (WKU): 243 Matthew Cunningham (USM): 230 Tackles Andres Arriaga (Rice): 22 Kieron Brooks (CHAR): 19 Julian Eason (UNT): 19 Sacks David Tracy (FIU): 3.0 Five players tied with 1.5 INTs D'Andre Newton (UTSA): 2 Aaron Price (MTSU): 2 Thirteen players tied with 1
  12. Growing Pains MRI reveals torn ACL for Alexander Williams; Bobby Kolodziej named starter
  13. The Warrior Within Kevin Williams and fellow Titans visit Spring Station Middle School during their off week to speak to students about the importance of perseverance
  14. Wayne Wegert, MIN, 9 for 125 yards, 1 TD, 0 DRP, 0/0 F/L This is the craziest thing from these games to me.
  15. Auburn didn't throw any INTs. Armstrong threw one to Kenyon Justice.