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  1. None for the Road Justin Nielsen drills a 56 yard field goal as time expires to send the Titans home with an "L"
  2. The first QB I had was Teddy Rogers who was a 3.0/3.0 JR. He was a 3.0/3.0 straight out of HS and was a four year starter at QB for Rice. My offense focused more on RB Kwendi Nkwenti the two years I had him so Rogers didn't put up much stats. Never really learned what he was good at. He was a below average QB on a very below average team. Ended his career with 9788 yards, 55 TD, and 39 INT on a team that went 9-49 during that span. I know he was the CFBHC leader in career INTs when he graduated but that record has been broken by several players since.
  3. QB navbox updated Added SS Jeffrey Pearson His high school (Woodsboro) was already created by pizzarolls in this thread Done. HS pages are easy, just copy that format. Then when people create new players and see the HS page has already been created, they can just add on to the alumni list.
  4. I'll give you a guy: DT Sila Lotomau 6-5 296 Jr Punahou (Honolulu, HI) 5.0 of 5.0 [2-Gap]. People don't know about him because he's at Hawai'i. He dominated the MWC as a sophomore last year. I had him ranked as a better player than Shamar Ware until the last couple weeks when Ware turned it on. Ware had 2.5 more sacks but played in 4 more games than Lotomau, obviously against better competition. Also, it's awesome to see a big 2-gap DT with a Hawaiian name from Honolulu, HI playing at Hawai'i that is a beast.
  5. Troy Wilson has the longest PR TD in history (99 yards), 2nd longest KR TD (106 yards), and T-3rd longest PR TD (95 yards). He also became the 2nd player to have 4 return TDs in his first two seasons, the other is Artemio Ramirez. The career record for return TDs is only at 5 held by Kriewaldt, Keyshawn, and Sean Jenkins.
  6. Here's some more OL stats for you: Average starting LT: 88.5 overall rating, 3.87 years pro, 69% are pass blocking/31% are run blocking, 44th pick Average starting LG: 84.9 overall rating, 2.97 years pro, 59% are pass blocking/41% are run blocking, 58th pick Average starting C: 82.5 overall rating, 3.00 years pro, 65% are pass blocking/35% are run blocking, 84th pick Average starting RG: 84.5 overall rating, 3.74 years pro, 50% are pass blocking/50% are run blocking, 75th pick Average starting RT: 84.0 overall rating, 3.06 years pro, 55% are pass blocking/45% are run blocking, 73rd pick
  7. Here are all the UDFAs that are now starters (not including FB, K, P, #2 WRs, #2 DTs, #2 ILBs): QB Joaquin Younger 6-5 215 2 Oregon [Hybrid] 82 RB Shawn Cole 5-9 188 5 Washington [Power] 92 RB Booker T. Washington 6-1 208 5 OklahomaState [Speed] 83 RB Michael Duckworth 5-7 179 4 Michigan State [Speed] 85 WR Aaron Pagliei 6-3 185 3 Florida [Speed] 81 TE A.J. Carter 6-6 226 5 Boston College [Blocking] 78 TE Scott Brown 6-1 250 4 Stanford [Blocking] 81 DE Steven Jordan 6-7 279 5 Iowa State [Contain] 83 DE Adam Scott 6-4 281 5 OhioState [Contain] 80 OLB Craig Davis 6-1 221 4 Syracuse [Blitz] 82 OLB Kyries Brown 6-0 227 4 Wisconsin [Coverage] 81 SS Tywan Tafoya 6-2 185 5 Washington State [Zone Coverage] 88
  8. Using the depth charts on the forums and the draft records from the wiki, I found the average round/pick each position's starters were drafted. If a player was undrafted, I put in that they were pick #250. I tried to remove players that were only starting because of injuries and use the original starter instead. The 1sts column show how many players were 1st round picks (in the first 32 picks of the draft). So even if they were the 2nd round, 18th overall pick in the 2014 draft, they were counted as a 1st round pick. Offense Defense Special Teams Ranked List (Pick) CB #1 (41) LT (44) QB (44) MLB (58) LG (58) WR (59) LE (63) SS (64) CB #2 (64) DT (64) RT (73) LOLB (74) RG (75) RB (75) FS (76) RE (80) C (84) ROLB (86) TE (100) K (173) FB (186) P (188) Notes Left side of offensive lines are drafted higher (not surprising). However, left defensive ends and left outside linebackers are drafted higher than right side of defense. This may be because some teams have strong-side and weak-side DE's/OLB's in their depth chart instead of right and left DE's/OLBs. I put strong-side as left and weak-side as right. There are no former UDFA's that currently start on OL. The one former 1st round pick that is used as a holder is Blake Shell. Not including special teams and FBs, the average NFLHC starter in any position was the 67th overall pick in the 3rd round.
  9. An Equal and Opposite Reaction Coming off a 44-7 victory, the Titans snap back to reality after 38-6 defeat to the Packers QB Alexander Williams finished the game with 0 touchdowns and 4 interceptions
  10. What did you see in bmlig95 that made him a viable candidate for the position?
  11. Free of Charge Titans demolish the Chargers 44-7 at home against former head coach Wooden Kevin Williams first of two TDs on the day, each raising $50,000 for his Williams' Warriors charity.
  12. Jarius Jones had a perfect passer rating. First time someone's done that since week 15 of the 2018 season. And he does it against the Cardinals.
  13. Alex Collins, fumble recovery - 8:56 Tom Oldham, LAC, 3 for 18 yards, 0 TD, 1 DRP, 1/1 F/L Alex Collins, TEN, 1 FF, 1 FR, 5 Tackles WR Tom Oldham 6-0 155 R Iowa State [Speed] 81 FS Alex Collins 6-0 214 6 Auburn [Man Coverage] 87 I think Tom Oldham got his "Welcome to the NFLHC, rookie" moment.
  14. Oh, Snap! Titans snap something other than their legs, snapping a 14 game losing streak
  15. Tennessee Titans move: WR Wesly Chandler 6-0 170 6 Boise State [Target] 80 OG Peter Greenwood 6-2 269 4 Georgia [Pass Blocking] 76 to IR

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