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    1. Bubada

      Tennessee Titans

      2026 Roster Coaches Active Roster (55/55) Practice Squad (0/12) Injured Reserve (0)
    2. #20 DE Tyrone Rivers 6-4 258 3 LSU [Contain] [-3] 80 - Declined #30 OT Aaron Walls was traded to the Cardinals
    3. Sorry, Titans fixed and ready now.
    4. QB Brandon Murphy 6-6 205 R Minnesota [Hybrid] [0] 78 Darrell Murphy's little brother. That was the first year family ties were added in to crooting so this will be the first pair of brothers in the league except for AJ and Kyle Jefferson. Went to rival Minnesota. Was a Heisman candidate before this season. 6'6" hybrid QB that comes out as a 78 from 4.5/4.5. Going to be real interesting to see where he goes.
    5. Crazy to think that this has been my goal on the site for over 7 real years and it's complete now. Never was a doubt in my mind it would happen when wooden and thatfunk left the Titans and then me and todd went 1-15 in our first season together. Very proud that we have now turned that into the best season in site history. Lots of roster planning and lots of gameplanning over the years led to this. I know he's not real but it does make me happy knowing Kevin Williams has a super bowl ring. And, Jeff Fisher is a super bowl winning coach now.
    6. QB History of Every Team (click on the team's name) Win/Loss Records Spreadsheet This will be updated every offseason. Last updated end of 2025 season.
    7. What a great game. Brian Brown deserves better. Steelers D ate their OLine up. They had the best pass block rating in the league this season, their performance today would be 13th. Their run block rating of 8.01 would be last place. Hard to blame Amral. Carlos Washington is insane. Sad to see ILB Cameron Jonah 6-1 243 9 Hartnell College [Mike] [+2/C] 90 likely end his career on that note. Lowest grade of 1.28. I wonder what the lowest grade for a 90+ is. Been the defensive captain of the team since we could name captains in 2020. 5x Pro Bowler, 3x 1st team All-Pro. Was lined up at OLB this year. Vega too fast for him now.
    8. 3 pro bowler players on a team that won 16 games let's go Titans!!!! Not complaining, I only voted for 2 Titans. I didn't have Yeldon over Major Morris. Also, shows how good of a coach Todd is that we can go 16-1 with only 3 pro bowlers. Six coaches have coached multiple pro bowls: Bingo, Soluna, DStack, Inspiral, alien, and Todd now.
    9. Most Pro Bowl Appearances 11 appearances: Christian Skaggs 10 appearances: Brian Brown, Tyrone Jones 9 appearances: Kenyatta Henderson 8 appearances: Marcellus Peterson, Justin Campbell, Jace Brown, Mike Tripplett, Sean Burton, Ron Rice, Jon Zatkoff 7 appearances: Vaughn Abraham, Quentin Smith, Rodney Galbreath, Gary Faneca, Andre Brooks, Keyshawn Thompson, Nick Hall, Jeremy Miller, Sean Jenkins, Troy Marshall 6 appearances: Darrell Murphy, Chester Henson, Dan Nomellini, David Wilson, Alvis Brumm, David Wilburn, Justin Davis, R.C. Rone, Steve Noonan, Dane Wilson, Derrick Martin, Curtis Henry, LaMont Sheriff Streaks 8 year streak: Jon Zatkoff 7 year streak: Brian Brown, Troy Marshall 6 year streak: Curtis Henry, Kenyatta Henderson 5 year streak: Matt Cole, Brandon Guillery 4 year streak: Adrian Jankowski, Carlos Washington, Christian Skaggs, Kenyon Randall, Monte Jackson, Russell Benson-Gifford, Tyler Dotson 3 year streak: Brandon Reamon, C.J. Thomas, Jack Ramsey, Ryan Harris, Solomon McLaughlin Breaking a 10 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Tyrone Jones Breaking a 7 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Ron Rice Breaking a 4 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Terrence Rodgers Breaking a 3 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Raheem Robinson, Travis Chatman
    10. The Titans place: TE Mark Westbrook 6-2 252 R Oklahoma State [Blocking] [0] 78 on Long Term IR. He suffered a moderate ankle fracture in week 16 and is out for the season.
    11. The C-USA has existed for 8 seasons. Rice has now made the championship game for the 7th time and are fighting to win their 7th championship.
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