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    1. [2021] Week 5 Headlines

      The Land of the Los/Las Titans skate by Los Angeles Chargers to improve to 4-1. Focus now on big matchup with 4-1 Las Vegas Raiders
    2. Great article, appreciate the contribution. Just going to give my opinion on a few things: Wheeler has been more than I've hoped for. He's deserving of his contract so far and has brought one of the worst offenses over the past two years into playoff potential. But he ain't runner-up to MVP. Nick Hall should be here. Should be a great game between Hall and Wheeler this weekend. Wheeler should be in the fight for AFC pro bowl QB with Brown, Hall, Wegert, and Shea. Just want to clarify that I did not create the formula for those team ratings. I just updated them for the 2021 teams. But yeah, I probably would have had TB in the bottom 10 at the start of the season. Still don't believe TB is a legit playoff team but DNJ is more impressive than I thought. Cameron Newhouse is legitimately the most confusing NFLHC player to me. I think he's elite then he's terrible then he's elite. Who the fuck is he? He didn't seem streaky before this year (just seemed on his downslope) but maybe he's just a streaky guy. Garrett Holliday of the Saints should be mentioned as runner-up. Statistically, he's doing a great job. But I have a strong belief that ILB #1 should be seen as the leader of the defense. Holliday leads the #28 PPG defense with the #31 passing yards allowed defense so I completely understand if he was left off the list for these reasons. Carlos Washington is in a distant first. He's got like a 4 week lead on everyone else. No one expected the Chiefs and McCready to be off to a hot start. Completely biased, some credit should be due to TheTodd15. He was hired to a shithole that went 1-15. Then we went 5-11. And now we're 4-1 and considered a top ~8 team. Complete bias but I feel like he didn't have a winning roster the first two seasons and now he has a chance to win and he is making the most of it. If we can pull it off, going from a #1 pick who went 1-15 to a playoff team in 2 season deserves a lot of credit for Todd.
    3. [2021] Conference USA Statsheet

      Updated through week 5. C-USA Leaders: Passing Yards Eric McLean (Rice): 1416 Riley West (WKU): 1104 Alexander Cassidy (USM): 1103 Rushing Yards James Fitzgerald (USM): 425 Mayer Ewing (FIU): 360 Cayden Gipson (MRSH): 346 Receiving Yards Deontray Clay (Rice): 547 Tristan Rucker (FAU): 348 Jamir Irving (Rice): 330 Tackles Justice McKinnon (UTEP): 25 Kieron Brooks (CHAR): 24 Kai Askew (FAU): 22 Sacks Leonard Graves (USM): 6.5 Marcus Kaplan (RICE): 4.0 Cory Joseph (UAB): 4.0 INTs Janoris Callahan (WKU): 3 Aaron Darling (MTSU): 3 Gerald Sykes (RICE): 3 Carter Ragland (USM): 3
    4. [2021] Key CFBHC Injuries (Week 5)

      TE Jamari Redmond - Severe Achilles Rupture Redmond's plan to walk off the injury has backfired. After a few plays, Redmond was holding his lower leg. He will have season-ending surgery, and Abraham Kent will be starting next week. RIP his career. Redshirt senior, can't medically redshirt. Tried to play him when he was questionable with mild achilles tendonitis. Good to know there is a risk of aggravating an injury when playing a questionable player. This could help my offense though since it's changing a 3.5/3.5 blocking TE to a 3.0/3.0 receiving TE.
    5. [2021] Week 4 Headlines

      Wheel-Air Titans improve to 3-1 with Thomas Wheeler's 350 yard, 4 TD performance
    6. [2021] Conference USA Statsheet

      Updated through week 4. C-USA Leaders: Passing Yards Eric McLean (Rice): 1088 Riley West (WKU): 837 Alexander Cassidy (USM): 803 Rushing Yards James Fitzgerald (USM): 302 Cayden Gipson (MRSH): 295 Gregory Crosby (MTSU): 257 Receiving Yards Deontray Clay (Rice): 420 Jonathan Cason (CHAR): 266 Darius Watkins (Rice): 248 Tackles Kieron Brooks (CHAR): 20 Justice McKinnon (UTEP): 18 Kayden Wilkerson (ODU): 17 Sacks Leonard Graves (USM): 5.5 Ahmed Eubanks (WKU): 3.5 Felix Jennings (WKU): 3.5 INTs Janoris Callahan (WKU): 3 Four players tied with 2
    7. [2021] Week 3 Headlines

      Back to Reality Titans unable to come away with victory in Buffalo
    8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-AiqFAiOIUdKYkWyCJQSKI4og9v2hCf0W0sxGePpsRc/edit?usp=sharing