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  1. Bubada

    [2024] Week #13 - MNF

    Jordan Harris is the first player with a 3 INT game in NFLHC history. Crazy that he had 3 INTs, 2 PDs in this game when he's had 0 INTs, 2 PDs in the first 11 games of the season. I wonder when Jack Ramsey sprained his ankle and Harris moved to #1 CB. Also, good to see Logan Evans get his first INT in his third start. This was also Jamal Trufant's first career start, looking good so far.
  2. Pros: 1. Gives agents another tool in their toolbox during negotiations 2. Gives agents another way to be involved but shouldn't be time-consuming 3. Gives teams an opportunity to potentially lower contract costs 4. Adds interesting scenarios in the future Cons: 1. Agents could demand a no-trade clause to be included so that they have more control over the player 2. Agents may delay trade negotiations 3. May decrease the amount of blockbuster trades we see
  3. Summary: Creates the ability to add a no-trade clause to contracts that are negotiated with an agent. Effective Date: Effective immediately on the passage of this resolution Soluna's Workload: Minimal. Teams and agents will track players with no-trade clauses. Teams must make a note on their cap sheet if a player has a no-trade clause. Official Proposal: TBD Rules: 1. No-trade clauses will be for the entirety of the contract. 2. Agents may waive a no-trade clause. They should act in the best interest of the player. Playing time, player happiness, team success should
  4. The Tennessee Titans place: RB Chad Dess 6-1 241 9 Virginia [Power] [-1] 88 on injured reserve. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture week 12 and is out for the remainder of the season.
  5. The Tennessee Titans select: Grizzyland Coliseum (through 2027) Grizzyland Coliseum (through 2027): +15 stadium upgrade and +5 medical funds immediately; +5 practice funds at the beginning of 2025, 2026, 2027.
  6. I'm sure you were just confused with Matthison's 334 yard game in college
  7. http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_NFLHC_game_rushing_leaders Morris has the record now.
  8. Seems like a solid debut for our 1st round pick, FS Logan Evans, but who knows. He was injured for the first half of the season. Defense won this game for us. Need to get Wheeler rolling now. WR Derek Blalock 5-10 168 2 Western Carolina [Speed] [0] 80 is having a good season though. He's the #4/slot WR. Kevin Williams is our leading receiver with 596 yards but Blalock now has 568 yards and 4 TDs which leads the team. He had a 93 yard TD today and a 73 yard TD in week 6. Hoping he can continue to be a playmaker.
  9. The Tennessee Titans abstain @fever_ful
  10. @DangerZoneh Am I looking at this right? The signing bonus looks like it's $12.6M (8.6+4). There is $3.4M non-GTD and $14.6M GTD for only $18M, I think you lost a million somewhere.
  11. Brandon Reamon #1. Keep Wheeler healthy this year please. Drafting Reamon is one of my most favorite moments on the site. We were certain the Bears were taking him at #6, one pick ahead of us. They really needed an OT. They took Ivory Hull which also worked out for them, instead. But it was very suprising to see 3 CBs taken in the top 6. We were going nuts in our chat. This was back when it was me, Wooden, and thatfunk. We assumed Reamon would be gone and we would be taking Matt Cole at #7.
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