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  1. tl;dr: We're so fucking bad
  2. mpost2 He was a gigantic idiot and a terrible user, but goddamn did he have the ability to make me laugh at his trolling/idiocy
  3. jesus fucking christ
  4. SHIRTS VERSUS SKINS Washington hosts charity flag football game, youth outreach programs during bye week
  5. Like 3 of my players were straight-up robbed though
  6. Updated
  7. Not winless anymore boyos
  8. A statement from Redskins coach nephewjack: While we certainly have faith in Javier going forward as our quarterback, we're not going to take any risks with our players' health. At the same time, it's a little early to rule him out for the entire year, and on the advice of team doctors he'll sit until we have a better handle on the full situation. We'll be waiting for an update on his condition, and in the meantime, we have complete confidence in Yancey's ability to step up under center and make this season a successful one, regardless of how long Javier's injury may keep him out.

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      Tell us how you really feel

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  10. Top half baby
  11. Miss you bb
  12. nephewjack, Head Coach of the Washington Redskins D) I will be at the draft, available to interview with our 1st round pick and to heckle other teams' picks.
  13. Still the #1 G5 team, still made the playoff, still ended up with my best-ever final poll ranking