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  1. Thanks! I plan to play it patient but Delonta John and OG Alex Snell are two players I'm keying in as starters for our 2024 campaign. Chris Carlin may have a rotational role in our back field but more likely he'll be redshirted.
  2. Thanks! I essentially wanted to establish a foundation for UC Davis football going forward. I knew that with 24 points I lacked the recruiting power necessary to grab highly contested recruits so I instead tried to grab decent quality starters across the board that I could build around going forward. The vast majority of these players will be starting in coming years so I think that goal was realized. Obviously RB Chris Carlin and OLB Delonta John are the two most exciting recruits. They will be solid pieces moving forward in the construction of my offense and defense respectively. I'm also very excited about CB Zaire White and OT Mayer Whalen, as I highly value cornerbacks and offensive tackles as positions.
  3. While virtually every other coach in the nation is still out recruiting, UC Davis has closed up shop for the season. "Recruiting on the FCS scale involves airplanes, buses and cars," UC Davis President Janet Napolitano began her statement, "our university's commitment to being green and eco friendly does not philosophically agree with mass recruiting policies so we have decided to limit the time frame in which our coaches can recruit for the year. Furthermore, we believe it is illogical to invite recruits to our campus when toxic smoke from nearby fires blocks out the sun and forces us to cancel classes. Thankfully, Coach Dacder has informed us that he has already signed a full class, and as reward I will be giving myself a $100,000 bonus." Dacder had this to say: "Well I think it's a bit insane, but at the same time it lets me kick my feet up and focus on gameplanning for the rest of the year, so I can't really complain. Besides, I'm sure the guys we got will be fine for the time being." Those players are listed below:
  4. Hell yeah bro! Can't wait til next year when you boys are really gonna come online...did anyone say playoff potential?
  5. In the mist of an amazing 7-0 run to start the year, the Lions made time today for some holiday shenanigans and hosted a team sponsored Halloween party. Here are some highlights: Kicker Brent Hankton stole CB Keyshawn Thompson's jersey from his locker and wore it, claiming he was dressing up as “an actual football player”. Punter Bryan Johnson was reportedly unhappy about the insinuation of this statement, saying to team reporters “kickers are people too”. Kenyon Randall and his two favorite blockers Dwayne Lawton and Joe McCord decided to pander to the children attending with their costumes of Baby Shark (Randall), Mommy Shark (Lawton), and Daddy Shark (McCord), according to height. Defensive tackle Earl “E-Jax” Jackson completed the quartet by dressing as Grandpa Shark. Quarterback Rob LeCount was unanimously awarded “worst pun” for his calculator costume, while wide reciever Jeremy Cook received the “best pun” award for his portrayal of Guy Fieri. According to team sources, there are no functional differences between the two awards. As always the pumpkin carving contest was highly competitive, featuring many innovative designs. Taking home the first place prize was Center Don Teteak for this masterpiece: But shout outs to Nathan Iverson, Rex Walsh and Bryan Johnson for their designs. And a special mention for Shamarcus Pierce, who decided to forgo traditional high effort design for a minimalist pumpkin which was described by an anonymous teammate as “almost as cute as Shamarcus himself”. The Lions host the Chicago Bears this Sunday, and have announced that families who show up with at least one member in costume will receive 50% off stadium parking and non-alcoholic concessions (restrictions may apply). Be sure to come out and cheer on your Lions!
  6. Dacder

    AI Coaches

    wonder which one of these will take florida
  7. Happy with how my defense has stepped up as of late, might be time for a scheme change on the offensive front.
  8. literally on the current page lmao
  9. I tip at a pretty standard rate. I'd prefer that it didn't exist as a customer but I know servers prefer it so it's fine by me. My sister is a regular at several places and always tips very generously (as high as 50%) and over time the servers and managers have gotten to recognizing her and she frequently gets free drinks and food now I guess, so make of that what you will.
  10. Stallworth is a monster of a 1.0/5.0 lol, leading the conference in yards and TDs with only 4 games played!
  11. actually he's on new york
  12. Taylor Cook 15/29 211 1 2 1/0 Felix Luck 30/49 331 4 0 0/0
  13. ur nutty, great job coaching this team dude
  14. I fuckin told y'all Ryan Harris would be the GOAT
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