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  1. i told u we're getting the #1 overall whether u like it or not....if we even think about winning a game im cutting tyrone
  2. Howell's Revenge: The Jets blow out the Ravens behind the performance of Baltimore's lost son
  3. Uh excuse me, Julio "Who?lio" Barnes put up 7 of those himself.
  4. patriots pissed off the wrong dude. WEATHERsby? Now every time the Pats go to kick a FG it starts gusting and snowing.
  5. what a sick game to start off the season!
  6. Really glad to see my favorite article series back for 2020! Gotta disagree with the Chiefs though, I see them as way overhyped given the massive question marks they have right now. I also think GB is a bit underrated---but I am biased there lol.
  7. gilll novacekkkkk
  8. Dan Nomellini, GB, 11 for 231 yards, 5 TD Dan Nom bb it's not even the regular season yet slow down
  9. Adrian Robinson, DAL, 16 for 111 yards, 3 TD ugh he's so dreamy.
  10. who the fuck is John Varela? Did the Bears have a "Watch a lucky random fan play a game as QB" promotion for this game or something?
  11. do you wanna be fired, cuz dis how u git fried
  12. the funny thing is that this would have applied more if you hadn't left Pittsburgh for Tampa.
  13. Jaz Durant, GB, 19 for 88 yards, 1 TD Jaz Durant, GB, 3 for 28 yards, 1 TD Mah boy.
  14. Don't you think it's a bit crazy to part ways with a coach that led you to your best ever season last year before the regular season has even started?
  15. I was gonna say something about not expecting Franz to take over, but I got two wins myself lol

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