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    1. Twin Temple - Satan's A Woman
    2. Chargers being top 3 youngest and top 10 overall is really interesting as well
    3. Ranked by overall: Ranked by (in)experience: And a scatter graph of both values: What stands out to you guys here?
    4. OLB Jeremy Woodall 6-2 236 2 Purdue [Coverage] [0/C] [#] 79 WR Cory Carradine 6-5 225 1 Northwestern [Target] [0] 78 Woodall's happiness resets. Bucs confirm.
    5. sorry, but 2nd worst lmao. No way we end up more terrible than the 2024 Bucs barring absolutely catastrophic injuries
    6. Bucs place on longterm IR: OT Kenyon Hendricks 6-7 285 9 USC [Pass Blocking] [+1/C] [#] 88 Out through week 10 due to Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff suffered in week 1 vs NYG,
    7. your offensive line was last in the division by oline rating last year, and the two teams ranked ahead of you in RB each spent a 1st rounder on that position this year. But you might be right that I'm underestimating your players at those positions, only one way to find out.
    8. Buffalo Bills New England Patriots New York Jets Miami Dolphins Matt Jones and Alex Leshoure both are excellent quarterbacks who have a lot of upside moving forward, with Jones getting the nod due to age and ceiling. Wegert still seems to be the starter in the long term for the Jets but his situation is growing more precarious by the year. Matty Ice wasn’t inspiring in his run with the Chargers but let’s see if the problem was with him or the org. New York Jets Miami Dolphins Ne
    9. sorry, I did not think we needed to post it since it was due to ownership change. As of a few months ago now, the Bucs fired HC Mike McCarthy (Age 61) Descended from Jim Haslett QB Progression Level 3; QB Skill level 3; WR/TE Skill Level 3 OC Emory Simms (Age 55) Descended from Mike McCarthy O-Line Progression Level 2; O-Line Skill Level 1; O-Line Chemistry Level 1; Passing Game Chemistry Level 1; WR/TE Progression Level 1 DC Greg Manusky (Age 58) Descended from Mike Singletary Linebacker Progression Level 2, Linebacker C
    10. DE Charles Johnson 6-8 261 7 Hawaii [Blitz] [+1] 85 to short term IR He got a moderate wrist fracture in preseason week 1 and is out until week 5.
    11. Shoutout to Josh Russell, our rookie CB from Boston College. We knew we needed a CB badly but couldn't quite get DJ Chavis in the 1st so we settled for Russell, and so far he's done excellently. He's looking like he'll be a long term solution for us at nickel with a potential to move into a starting spot down the line. Also shoutout to Jamie "Overall don't mean shit" Price, who has been our top rated player both preseason games, this being the same guy who had top rating like 5 times last year. We're hoping he and England form a deadly duo for opposing QBs this season
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