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  1. To Pumph: How much will your two assistants assist in the actual everyday running of the team? Will they have a major influence with things like gameplans and the draft or will they be in a more reserved role, where they only passively assist the team by scouting and gathering data? How likely is it that you promote one of them to a major role within the org before the next season begins? To Flutie and bmlig: The Chargers are an org that most would agree is in a pretty bad position right now. How quickly do you think the team can return to playoff relevancy? What steps will you take to ensure a successful long term strategy when considering that you are both in highly temporary positions?
  2. INITIAL TRADE: [RAVENS GIVE] RB Booker T. Washington 6-1 208 5 OklahomaState [Speed] 83 2020 4th Round Pick (#120) [SEAHAWKS GIVE] ILB Tom Lavergne 6-0 226 2 Florida [Will] 81 2021 Conditional 5th Round Pick -4th if Booker T Washington has more than 800 All Purpose Yards and/or makes the Pro Bowl -3rd if Booker T Washington does not finish the 2020 Season on the team or if he has over 1000 All Purpose Yards CONDITIONS MET: -3rd if Booker T Washington does not finish the 2020 Season on the team or if he has over 1000 All Purpose Yards FINAL TRADE: [RAVENS GIVE] RB Booker T. Washington 6-1 208 5 OklahomaState [Speed] 83 2020 4th Round Pick (#120) [SEAHAWKS GIVE] ILB Tom Lavergne 6-0 226 2 Florida [Will] 81 2021 3rd Round Pick (???)* *will update once the complete draft order
  3. great article man
  4. I feel like it is worthy of discussion for this at least though I am biased; Colorado vs Nebraska in 2018 was the best game I coached on this site easily. Why? The #2 ranked team losing to unranked Colorado. A back and forth game culminating in a 3rd and 4th quarter comeback from 17-31 which took the game to overtime. Two goal line stands in the first overtime, leading to two field goals...if either had been a touchdown the game would have presumably ended. David Medley, former #1 overall recruit, picks up a sack and the clutchest fumble recovery of all time in 2OT to set up Colorado to win the game on a field goal. High powered offenses combining for nearly 800 yards. Here it is in full for those interested:
  5. Charlie Don't Throw Ravens beat the Raiders off the back of a poor showing by Oakland backup QB Charlie Walter
  6. I might be the worst 4-1 team in the country but IM STILL 4-1 BABY! RYAN HARRIS DA BEAST
  7. Draft is easily my favorite part of the site. I think my favorite moment in retrospect was actually the late 1st round of the 2020 draft. We weren't 100% sure what we were going to do coming into the draft but we acknowledged that we might take Brett Fisher if he was available. We ended up trading down from #22 to #29 because we weren't totally sure of the available prospects heading into that #22 pick and we figured if we wanted to take Fisher we could probably do so at 29. Of course, once we made the trade down, I fell almost irrationally in love with Fisher. I kept checking and double checking everything on him and started wanting him more and more, and as it got closer to our pick I started getting really nervous about someone jumping us for him, especially the Titans. I kind of panicked and started initiating trade talks with people, trying to move up and down simultaneously while trying to keep TheSam and Monark updated on the situation. It was absolute chaos. I think at one point I had something like 8 different tabs open on the GM chat, trying to make plans for every eventuality while also trying to throw the Titans off by pretending to want to trade down below them. I guess it didn't quite work but it didn't matter because in the end nobody ahead of us wanted to trade down, so the Titans couldn't jump us, and we ended up getting Fisher. Most stressful moment on the site for me by far, but afterwords the relief I felt that we had gotten our guy was awesome.
  8. Congrats Jieret. A couple questions: To Jieret, what do you think of the current Denver quarterback situation? Will you be confident going into next season with Jennings as your starter? To Bingo, what role will you take in the organization as owner with that being your only responsibility?
  9. Kayden Dozier, BAL, 2 for 5 yards, 1 TD, 0/0 F/L THE BULLDOZIER
  10. Ravens Left Fishing for Answers Sources say rookie Brett Fisher could take the reigns before the end of the season Pictured: Reggie Watkins joking with his heir apparent
  11. Ryan Harris absent? He played Wake but 300 yards and 4 TDs is still pretty impressive.