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  1. Ryan Harris absent? He played Wake but 300 yards and 4 TDs is still pretty impressive.
  2. lol gg to you too kendrick <3
  3. Thanks to everyone for the advice last week, changes I made looked pretty good tonight.
  4. Living Up To the Name QB Brett Fisher Sponsors a fishing trip for his fellow Ravens Rookies During the Bye Week Pictured: Runningback Moussa Goode showing off his catch alongside the team's RB Coach
  5. Nick Hall, OAK, QB, Hamstring
  6. gg jacobs, told you you shouldn't have been worrying
  7. San Jose State 6-66 USC And after yet another horrible disappointment with the loss to Notre Dame, Dream knew he had to take desperate measures, and to seek redemption he went into the underworld. "Make me a good coach," he asked of Satan. Satan replied, "I shall, but you know that I must take something in return". "Anything, dark lord" "I shall take...your brother's manhood." Satan said broodingly. "But...my lord, such a thing does not exist!" Dream exclaimed. "That is because I took it retroactively. You see, Dream, I knew long ago that you would come to me for assistance. So I took Dean's manhood in advance. This way he will never know what it is that he is missing." "Thank you dark lord," Dream said as he returned to the land of mortals. And thus began the dark ages where Dream's USC won 666 straight national titles.
  8. So obviously this is an opinion piece so I'm not going to say it's by any means wrong, but I will say I have different feelings about a few of these teams and that's at least kind of worth discussing. Panthers 2, Packers 4 only one week after the Packers beat the Panthers by 16. While both have one loss the H2H makes me think the Packers get the edge since their SOS is at least comparable imo. I think you're overrating Indianapolis from what we've seen so far. They are 0-3 versus teams that are over .500. Atlanta and Miami have both looked wholly unimpressive as of late. I think both are overrated here considering that power rankings generally have a built in recency bias. I don't really understand your ranking of the AFC North with how the teams are placed in relation to one another. The Browns and the Bengals have had extremely easy strength of schedules while the Steelers and Ravens have had really pretty difficult schedules thus far. The whole division is a clusterfuck anyways but I was surprised to see us and Pitt in a lower tier than Cincy and Cleveland, I actually thought you'd just have a tier called "AFC North" from 17-20 or so, lol. Titans are overrated here I think. They've played a lot of awful teams for those 3 wins, though I guess I can't throw too much shade since we barely beat them. Patriots just benched their QB and have 2 wins, I'm not sure they're ahead of that many teams. Again these are just my opinions, I think the rankings as a whole were pretty good, but these all stuck out to me as something I disagreed with so I figured I might as write this because, hey, what's the point of power rankings if not to disagree with them?
  9. USC. I grew up near LA and it's always been my favorite FBS college football team (obviously Davis takes precedence now but it's FCS). I grew up during the Pete Carroll era and I got into the team because of Reggie Bush and never looked back. It sometimes sucks cuz I'm pretty much the only active USC fan that I know of when there are a ton of Notre Dame fans, but sometimes it's also kinda cool, not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome to watch the Rose Bowl this past year and feel like the villain because the entire site almost was rooting for Penn State, especially when USC made the crazy ass comeback. I don't think I'd leave Fresno until I think they're in a good place, which obviously won't be for at least a few seasons. It's never been my intention to quit a team because I think it's bad, rather I'd say I enjoy challenges and challenging myself to get better at both recruiting and coaching.
  10. The entire AFC North now has 4 wins after 9 weeks.
  11. ayy you guys did it!
  12. AFCN is such a clusterfuck right now, every team within half a game of each other I think?
  13. Incorporated. Ravens fall to the Steelers as Rob Corp tries to take back the Pittsburgh starting quarterback spot by force.
  14. Except Harris could actually be a good NFL QB.
  15. “What can I say, I love being the big man on campus.”- Ryan Harris, Wednesday, Februrary 1st, 2017, as he announced his commitment to the Fresno State Bulldogs. Ryan Harris addressing the media on signing day. Harris has never been a stranger to attention. Deemed a prodigy, he was recruited to De La Salle—California's most prestigious high school for football---at the age of twelve. He received the offer after throwing for six touchdowns in a U14 football game. His father, Benjamin Harris, did not even call his wife before signing the paperwork. For him, a regional manager for bank of America, the eight thousand dollar a year tuition was practically pocket change. “I've always been heavily invested into my son's football career”, the fifty year old Benjamin starts. “I saw early on that he had a special talent, and I know from my life that if you have a talent you need to go and chase it as aggressively as you can. So I signed him up to all the best football camps, I paid his way onto travel teams and private lessons, and clearly it worked. Some other parents, they'd get jealous you know, because my son was better than theirs and because I wasn't afraid to say so. What can I say, I don't believe in coddling. I think it makes kids weak.” From the day he set foot on campus at De La Salle, Harris was a controversial figure. “Well, a lot of people don't know this, but De La Salle used to run a wishbone”, Ryan said in our interview, “but my Dad, he wasn't a fan of that at all. He threatened to pull me out of the school and go down south to St. John Bosco if the offense wasn't changed to better suit me. At first the coach wouldn't back down, but when he saw me practicing, and saw how good I was, he knew he had to do whatever it took to keep me there.” “Ryan and Benjamin were sometimes...difficult.” De La Salle coach Justin Alumbaugh admitted in an interview. “The year they came I'd only just taken over for Bob Ladouceur, and you know, he was a legend. So I wanted to keep his systems in place, and he ran a wishbone, but when we got Ryan, I eventually realized that it wouldn't make sense to keep that offense anymore. So I agreed to the switch. But I'll admit, I wasn't happy about it, and if some freshman tried that on me today, I'll tell him to [expletive] off.” But the offensive gameplan wasn't the only source of drama for the young Ryan. “Yeah, I was a bit of a party boy, even as a freshman” Ryan Harris recollected, “My dad, as long as we were winning he was happy, so I was pretty much given free reign aside from practicing and doing enough homework to keep myself academically eligible.” After a variety of different dramas involving Harris including “misguided” locker room pranks, bullying and academic scandals, coach Alumbaugh had just about had enough. “I told him, “one more slip up and you're gonna be benched for a year.” But did he listen? Of course not”. “In retrospect, yeah, I probably should have controlled him better,” Benjamin Harris told me with a chuckle, “but he was a high school boy, you can't expect them to behave, especially not when they're getting visits from college scouts every other day.” It was true that, even as a sophomore, Ryan had been getting scouted significantly. “Best mechanics I'd ever seen in a sophomore”, Tim Bucknor, a scout for UCLA, told me, “I wanted him bad. But you know, just because someone is talented doesn't mean they are someone you wanna have on your team”. Harris throws a pass to his former Wide Reciever Sam Hiller-Weeden In August, the first week after the beginning of the semester at De La Salle, the campus was rocked by scandal. That weekend, after a party gone awry, Ryan had been arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center for a night. What exactly happened never went public, but the star quarterback was released just the next day. Rumors circulated that he had been caught doing hard drugs, or maybe petty vandalism. As the rumors flew around, coach Alumbaugh knew he had to act. Alumbaugh sighs, “I went up to Harris in the locker room before one of our practices and said, “I told you, son, one more slip and it's a suspension. You're not gonna suit up this year” I'm pretty sure his Dad actually tried to get in touch with St John Bosco, but they weren't having any of it. They didn't wanna deal with Ryan at all. I sat down with his Dad, and we worked out a deal. Ryan would be suspended the entire regular season. If we'd made the playoffs, he could play then. In all honesty, that was pretty stupid of me to agree to that.” Without Harris, the Spartans weren't nearly as good as in the previous year when they'd lost the state title game. They only just managed to squeak into the playoffs, and facing pressure from the team's boosters, coach Alumbaugh bit the bullet and started Harris. Ryan played lights out the team's opening two games, but ended up losing in the state quarterfinals in Ryan's worst game at De La Salle. “I'm pretty sure Ryan was playing hungover. I wouldn't doubt it one bit” an anonymous teammate of Ryan's told the local news. That off season less teams were scouting Ryan Harris than either of the two years prior. “I realized that his actions off the field were affecting his opportunities on the field,” Benjamin Harris said, “so I shortened his leash. A lot. He didn't do much for those six or so months but practice football and go to school. I wasn't about to let my son waste his god given talent by being stupid.” Ryan Harris played every game that season for De La Salle, including the state championship, which the Spartans won. He tallied 55 touchdowns and 4600 yards in fifteen games. He was rated as the #1 overall recruit in the 2017 class by 247, rivals, and ESPN. He was even given a perfect recruiting score by all three. Ryan Harris received only one scholarship offer from an FBS school. Fresno State. “I think I did push too hard,” Ryan admitted, “once we were winning again, I was able to do whatever again, and I went back to partying all the time. A couple times I was drunk for a visit from a coach, and I'm pretty sure they noticed. Word got around that I had some baggage, and for whatever reason, I guess people don't care how well you can throw if you are too much of a “problem”. But that's fine. Fresno is perfect for me anyways.” At Fresno, a known party school, Ryan Harris is an absolute superstar. He gets invited to every party, can get with any girl, and, according to some reports, even gets some “generous” grades from his professors. He's very publicly bad mouthed opposing teams, players and coaches. But the last two seasons Harris has managed to play extremely well in spite, or perhaps because, of all of this special attention. In the past month, anonymous players on the Fresno State roster have leaked that Harris is, “A toxic presence in the locker room”, but the Fresno State coaches have assured the press that the locker room is under control. Regardless, it's just more negative attention towards Harris. And as Ryan Harris gets closer and closer to the NFL, teams are beginning to look at his behavior, and already it is raising some red flags. “He's the next Onterrio Smith,” one scout reported, without a hint of a smile, “All the talent in the world with a mind too stupid to use it.” Whether Harris will really drop on the NFL big boards due to personal controversy remains to be seen. But it's certainly something worth paying attention to as the season goes on. Perhaps Ryan can redeem himself, or perhaps, like so many talents of days gone by, he'll be lost to history as someone who just could never make it work.
  16. Projected for the playoffs awwwwww yeeeee
  17. Does giving an in state player the "Star designation" bonus count towards the initial x2 multiplier if they are in your state? Does the star designation bonus burn the initial x2 multiplier if you don't put any other points on them that first week? Also, do points from the (x2) multiplier count towards breaking the 5-point barrier on the in state bonus? So if you used 3(x2) points the first week would that 6 points break the 5-point barrier on the instate bonus?
  18. Rough Week for the Jeffersons A.J loses the game; Kyle loses his job Sammy Muhammad's 3rd Quarter Pick-Six sealed the deal in the Ravens' win over the Falcons
  19. lol AJJ.
  20. Quarterback Controversy Ravens' fans calling for Reggie Watkins to be benched after he threw 2 interceptions the day after celebrating the signing of an endorsement deal with Haribo.
  21. pretty sure he was referring to: Lawyer Johnson, NE, 19/36, 230 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 0/0 F/L
  22. it seems like a lot of MWC teams had a lot of massive holes ignored whereas the PAC's transfers were relatively generous. probably something to avoid in the future imo.
  23. It is way the hell too early to be looking at potential picks in the 2021 draft, but that won't stop me from trying. With draft positions based off Rome's win expectancy stat, here's a look at the players who might be taken in a half a year's time. Only 5.0/5.0 seniors were eligible for being drafted. 1. Tampa Bay DE Josiah Harden 6-3 249 [Blitz], North Carolina 2018: 21 tackles, 11 sacks 2019: 20 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 1 safety Josiah Harden might not have the hype that Tyler Jones or Early Davis had coming into his senior year, but as the only really high upside DE this class don't be surprised if he ends up going early. He struggled last year as UNC was left coachless but he could very well recover and have his best season ever, and if that's the case Tampa would have to strongly consider him as perhaps the best player that fills a need. 2. Arizona QB Tanner Bowman 6-2 203 [Pocket], Penn State -2018: 272 of 455, 3802 yards, 20 TD, 12 INT -2019: 263 of 398, 3380 yards, 23 TD, 4 INT The only 5.0/5.0 senior QB this year is a good one. After struggling under a tumultuous coaching situation in 2018 he came out in 2019 and led the Nittany Lions to a national championship. He's got the poise, he's got the talent, and he will most certainly be a top pick in 2021. And what better team for him to go to than Arizona, who just last year got rid of their franchise QB in Jarius Jones? The only way this isn't a top 5 pick is if an even better QB declares early. 3. LA Chargers WR Luke Cobb 6-5 198 [Speed], Florida State 2018: 81 for 1162, 10 TD 2019: 61 for 1178, 11 TD The hype surrounding Luke Cobb is real, and it's easy to see why. His YPC especially stands out to scouts as unbelievable. He seems like the perfect pick for a team with a struggling WR corps and offense like the Chargers. LA needs a true #1 receiver, and Luke Cobb could very will be that guy for them. 4. Kansas City CB Andrew Boyd 5-10 175 [Man Coverage], Boston College 2018: 16 tackles, 6 INT, 3 TD 2019: 25 tackles, 3 INT, 1 TD Kansas City has struggled this year after trading their star CB George Brady. His loss has been so impactful partly because, without him, the Chiefs really lack a true CB1 option. Andrew Boyd isn't a big name—yet, but he's the best looking man cornerback in the draft class. The question is whether he'll be able to continue being productive as Boston College continues to progressively get less talented. 5. Washington OT Damian Mason 6-3 296 [Pass Blocking], Tennessee -N/A The Redskins' offense has been struggling way more than it should this year. Some point to Javier Fields being washed up, but that's ignoring that the Washington Oline has been terrible this year. Their aging set of offensive tackles could really use a youthful boost, and Damian Mason is just the guy. His illustrious career at Tennessee makes some scouts think he's the #1 guy this draft class, and perhaps that'll be the case. For now he'll settle for #5. 6. New Orleans CB Malachi Douglas 6-1 184 [Zone Coverage], Clemson 2018: 15 tackles, 4 INT, 1 TD 2019: 16 tackles, 5 INT, 1 TD The Saints need help on their secondary and they need it badly. With Aaron Stiles currently starting at CB2 it's easy to see where they'll attempt to upgrade. Malachi Douglas is probably my favorite overall CB in this class at the moment, as he's looked very good despite playing second fiddle to Marquise Reed in the past. Will he shine as he steps into the spotlight as Clemson's CB1? 7. Chicago OT Ben Goode 6-6 312 [Pass Blocking], Kansas -N/A Chicago is another team who, like the Redskins, are having offensive struggles centered around the Oline. Brooksheer has looked bad, but maybe that's because he doesn't have enough time to throw the ball. If so, Ben Goode might just be the answer. 8. Buffalo WR Malcolm Davis 6-6 216 [Target], Kansas 2018: 86 for 1183, 9 TD 2019: 80 for 1254, 9 td The second of three great WR prospects this draft class, Malcolm Davis has led the Kansas offense for years now. Buffalo needs wide receivers desperately, and Davis has a ton of potential. However, it remains to be seen how he'll play without Eric Jennings at the helm. 9. Tennessee CB Kevin McQueen 5-11 176 [Man Coverage], UCF 2018: 31 tackles, 0.5 sacks, 5 INT, 1 TD 2019: 17 tackles, 2 INT, 1 TD The Titan's CB situation is pretty bad at the moment. McQueen isn't a sexy pick by any means, but if UBL can get him to kick it up a notch this year then he might just be who the Titans look to as their savior in the coming draft. 10. NY Giants WR Hakeem Black 6-2 208 [Target], California 2018: N/A 2019: 90 for 1253, 10 TD This one is probably gonna be pretty controversial, but I like Hakeem Black. He looked excellent in his first year out of junior college, and I think he'll look excellent again this coming season. 11. Philadelphia OT Kevin Grey 6-5 260 [Pass Blocking], USC -N/A When Soluna traded Allan Taylor to the Eagles, he made them promise that he would protect the veteran scrambler. So far this year they have failed to do so. Taylor is having PTSD flashbacks to his time with the Jags as he gets pressured constantly thanks to his bottom 3 Oline. What the Philly offense needs and needs badly is a new offensive tackle, and while he's small, Kevin Grey has looked great at USC throughout his career. 12. Minnesota SS Jonathan Norman 6-2 203 [Zone Coverage], Virginia Tech 2018: N/A 2019: 31 tackles, 6 INT The Vikings have had the same problem for a few years now and that is their secondary. By now any even remotely decent Cbs have gone so Minnesota is forced to improvise. Jonathan Norman was an excellent player for the Hokies in his only starting season. 13. New England OLB Brady Christiansen 6-0 249 [Coverage], Mississippi State 2018: N/A 2019: 37 tackles, 1 sack, 2 INTs New England is a pretty well rounded roster, but one place they could definitely use an upgrade is at outside linebacker. Brady Christiansen is probably my favorite OLB prospect of the class so far, so I expect him to go here. However, we'll have to see how he does without Tyler Jones in his front seven. 14. Baltimore C Mendy Morrow 6-4 254 [Run Blocking], Arizona -N/A We need offensive line upgrades pretty badly in order to prepare for the Reelening, so replacing the old and injury prone Jim Boso with the only good center this class makes a lot of sense. 15. Cincinnati DT Hudson Adam 6-0 310 [2-Gap], West Virginia 2018: 9 tackles, 3 sacks 2019: 45 Tackles, 12 sacks Hudson Adam is actually one of my favorite players so far, but DT isn't really a big need for most people nor is it sexy, so he falls down to here. It is no secret that Cincy's defense needs help, and Adam, though not a DB, should be able to provide some. 16. Indianapolis ILB Christopher Clayton 6-0 240 [Mike], Penn State 2018: 53 tackles, 0.5 sacks 2019: 14 tackles Clayton had a mediocre year statistically last season as he was butted out of the stat sheet by other talented Nittany Lions, but make no mistake, he still has the potential to be a pretty great player. Indy doesn't have many needs but again ILB fits as a minor one, and if Clayton can shine through the rest of the PSU defense he'd make a lot of sense here. 17. Houston WR Josiah McCray 6-1 199 [Target], Clemson 2018: 78 for 1020, 5 TD 2019: 63 for 946, 5 TD Houston has helped out their skill position situation on offense and I'm sure they'd like to take a corner here ideally but that's just not really possible in this mock. Instead they'll give Leshoure another weapon in McCray, who quietly was a star receiver for Clemson these last two seasons. 18. Cleveland SS Cameron Riley 6-1 197 [Zone Coverage], Texas Tech 2018: 50 tackles, 7 INT, 3 TD 2019: 12 tackles, 2 INT, 1 TD Cleveland has made a lot of progress with their defense but they still have some holes, including Strong safety. Cameron Riley fell off in 2019 but if he can return to his 2018 form he should turn a lot of heads this draft cycle and he'd theoretically be BPA here. 19. Atlanta DT Joseph Bynum 6-6 298 [1-Gap], Oregon -N/A I mock a defensive tackle to Atlanta every year. Every single year. They still haven't done it, but this year is no different. Bynum has no stats, but historically Oregon has put out some great Olinemen. It's all on Bynum to prove himself as being worthy of this pick. 20. Seattle FS Damani Crump-Jackson 5-11 [Man Coverage], Colorado State 2018: 22 tackles, 5 INT, 2 TD 2019: 29 tackles, 3 INT, 1 TD Seattle is in a similar situation to where Atlanta was a few years ago. They have some elite players in their secondary but a lack of a good free safety really limits their effectiveness. Crump-Jackson has been pretty decent so far at Colorado State and if he can break out this year then I'd really like this pick for Seattle. 21. Pittsburgh DE Javier Grady 6-1 238 [Blitz], North Texas -NA Pittsburgh has a few holes, but none as big as defensive end. With how weak this class looks to be at DE the Steelers will need to move quickly to procure their guy. Grady hasn't played a snap yet but if he can really dominate at North Texas he should be able to overcome the lack of competition and limited sample size to become a first round guy. 22. Oakland OLB John Kearns [Blitz], TCU 2018: N/A 2019: 39 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 1 FR, 1 TD Oakland is one of those teams that is so solid that it's difficult to mock for them, but one place where they have a slight weakness is OLB. Kearns only has one year under his belt but it was a good one where he had an opportunity to learn alongside Daquan Darcey. It's not sexy but it could be a nice little upgrade. 23. LA Rams RB DeNorris Jackson 6-0 235 [Power], UCF 2018: 330 for 1818, 23 TD, 0 fum 2019: 287 for 1560, 20 TD, 1 fum DNJ is definitely the top RB prospect this coming draft, even with UCF's....history as an RB producing school. One place he could easily end up is Los Angeles, who still have yet to really get a star RB to help take pressure off of Darrell Murphy. 24. Detroit CB Kordell McKinnon 6-0 195 5.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage], Michigan -N/A Mocking a CB with no stats to the team that has Keyshawn Thompson seems stupid, and probably is, but the thinking here is that the Lions still don't really have a lot behind Keyshawn. With the star studded wide receiving corps in the NFC North getting more quality Cbs definitely can't hurt, and there's not a whole lot else they need here. 25. Denver SS Cameron Whitney 6-2 183 [Man Coverage], Connecticut 2018: N/A 2019: 35 tackles, 5 INT, 1 TD Denver has a few places they could go here but one possibility is strong safety, where they have a slight hole. Whitney showed a fair bit of promise in his inaugural season and if he can build off that this season he should be able to make a name for himself in the coming draft's first round prospects. 26. NY Jets OT Shawaun Holsey 6-2 297 [Run Blocking], Virginia -N/A With Joe McCord getting older and his contract expiring this year I could see Jumbo going for the value pick here with Holsey, another seemingly quality senior offensive tackle. With a team as well built as the Jets it becomes all about maintenance, and this is definitely a maintenance pick. 27. Green Bay DT Emanuel Serrano 6-2 320 [2-Gap], Stanford 2018: N/A 2019: 32 tackles, 2.5 sacks The Packers have improved dramatically this past season but they still have a couple openings on their defense, the biggest probably being defensive tackle. With Carter Jackson being fairly medicore and Mark Bassett getting older, they could easily look to Emanuel Serrano here, who played well in his only year in college. 28. Dallas WR Joseph Thurston 6-0 210 [Target], Michigan State 2018: 36 for 466, 2 TD 2019: 60 for 912, 7 TD With Graham Burnett presumably starting next year the Cowboys will probably look to ease him in by providing him with an addition to their currently mediocre WR corps. Thurston doesn't have a lot of hype but part of that was his tumultuous coaching situation throughout his career. If Slinky can turn him around he could be a good looking prospect by season's end. 29. Arizona (from Jacksonville) OG Leon Slack 6-5 263 [Pass Blocking], Wisconsin -N/A Randye has put a lot of effort into upgrading his offensive line in his time at Arizona but it's still not good enough to be comfortable if he decides to take his chances on a new QB this year. Tanner Bowman would really appreciate Slack, the only good guard of this class, being on the frontlines. 30. Carolina OLB Nathaniel Jeffries [Blitz], Tennessee 2018: N/A 2019: 27 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 2 INT, 1 TD The Panthers are pretty lacking in OLBs, as seen in their attempts to create one using positonal changes, and it's one of the few positions they could really upgrade so they take Jeffries, who has looked quite promising at Tennessee thus far in his career. 31. Miami WR Jamir Blackburn 6-4 196 [Speed], Minnesota 2018: 45 for 566, 6 TD 2019: 56 for 800, 4 td Brian Brown is really good, but even he surely wouldn't mind a new toy on offense. Blackburn may not have the hype now, but if he can have a really good year he might just break into the first round of a WR heavy class. 32. San Fransisco OLB Caleb McNamara 6-2 217 [Coverage], Vanderbilt 2018: 23 tackles, 0.5 sacks 2019: 10 Tackles San Fransisco has more holes than you might expect from a reigning champion, not least of which is at outside linebacker. McNamara hasn't done much through his career but there's always a chance he breaks out this season.
  24. huh, that is weird. he was gonna be your wr2 yes?