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  1. [Survey] Alumni Network

    Florida State University - 2015 - English
  2. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Morning

    Solid finish to the season. Way to go, team. Bowl game, here we come!
  3. [2020] Week #10 - Saturday Evening

    Woooo! Bowl eligible!
  4. [2020] Week #9 - TNF

    Wow, I won!
  5. [2019] MAC Awards

    Incredibly proud of both my boys and this conference. We're all destined for great things next season! MACtion forever!
  6. paperllamasunited

    Best of luck with your new gig, Llamas. Appreciate all you did for the MAC.
  7. Love the new look! Here's to the new CFBHC!

  8. Best game you have ever been to?

    FSU-Notre Dame a couple years ago. I was in the student section when Notre Dame got stopped on the last play. Loudest place I've ever been in.
  9. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    I picked up Sun yesterday and I've got a pretty sweet team, picked up a Miltank from Wonder Trade that's gonna be a mainstay on my team.
  10. [2019] Power Rankings after Week 9

    The wiki's wrong, before this week's game I was 4-3, gg ohio.
  11. Call for Power Rankings!

  12. [2019] Week 8 Power Rankings

    I will try my hardest not to lose to Wake Forest
  13. [2019] Week #8 - TNF

    god with a capital DAMN MAMADOU WYNN FOR THE WIN!