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  1. The Boston Globe Ronald Wrecks Revenge Attempt as Patriots Fall to Chargers
  2. I thought this was CFBHC, not /r/wholesomememes
  3. The New England Patriots select Option B Head Coach sleuthofbears was quoted today as saying "I'd like to reassure the fans today that the New England Patriots organization and coaching staff are dedicated to making sure that our players are at peak performance going into the start of the season. We fully recognize the importance of strength and conditioning, and are keenly aware of the vital role it will play on the road to Super Bowl VII."
  4. Here's the link to the full results (I took out favorite players to make it harder to identify people) I'll provide a summary of the more interesting results below if you don't want to go combing through the google doc. There were 24 people who filled out the survey legitimately, to put the vote totals into context. Ideal front office: Owner: alienufo General Manager: Soluna Head Coach: Emperor_of_Orange Special shoutout to the person that voted Jumaji as the best coach in the league. Worst possible front office: Owner: AzulCaballero General Manager: paperllamasunited Head Coach: ajyoungmark/lucas95 (tie) If you could add one person to your organization (in any capacity) who would it be? Soluna narrowly beat out Sage and alien. Stormstopper was the only other person to receive at least 2 votes. Best player in the upcoming draft: 1. Tyler Jones - 13 votes 2. Raheem Robinson - 7 votes T3. Akeel, Burnett, Hurd, Randolph - 1 vote Biggest Bust: T1. Graham Burnett - 3 votes T1. Jeremy Cook - 3 votes T1. Terrence Rodgers - 3 votes 4. Curtis Henry - 2 votes Best NFLHC Player: 1. Alvis Brumm - 9 votes 2. Brian Brown - 5 votes 3. Nick Hall - 3 votes Best Offensive Player: 1. Christian Skaggs - 11 votes 2. Brian Brown - 7 votes 3. Nick Hall - 4 votes Best Defensive Player: 1. Alvis Brumm - 15 votes 2. Tyrone Jones - 3 votes 3. Andre Brooks - 2 votes Best Run Franchise: 1. New York Jets - 7 votes 2. Oakland Raiders - 6 votes 3. San Francisco 49ers - 4 votes Worst Run Franchise: 1. Minnesota Vikings - 8 votes T2. Cleveland Browns - 4 votes T2. Miami Dolphins - 4 votes 4. Cincinatti Bengals - 3 votes SBVII Winners: 1. Oakland Raiders - 6 votes 2. Detroit Lions (it's finally their year guys!) - 5 votes T3. Philadelphia Eagles - 3 votes T3. Indianapolis Colts - 3 votes Worst Record in 2020: 1. San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers - 13 votes 2. Cleveland Browns - 5 votes 3. Minnesota Vikings - 2 cotes Favorite Player: 1. Sean Jenkins - 3 votes (nice block voting Saints FO) 2. Lawyer Johnson - 2 votes (I didn't even vote for him, so who did?) 3. A lot of people tied with 1 vote Least Favorite Player: 1. Erik "#Wegrets" Wegert - 3 votes 2. Brian Brown - 2 votes 3. A lot of people tied with 1 vote And finally, 96% of survey participants are hyped for the draft (one person declined to answer).
  5. sleuthofbears, New England Patriots Head Coach/General Manager B ) Due to my dual role as Head Coach and General Manager, I will be staying in the war room in Foxborough. However, I will be doing several small interviews with the press throughout the day.
  6. Fill out this NFLHC survey pls: 


  7. Here's a survey for y'all to fill out. Please only take it if you are an owner, GM, or head coach. I'll probably close it around this time tomorrow so I can get it out before the draft. Serious replies only.
  8. New England Patriots Head Coach: HC sleuthofbears 1 year // $6,750,000 $6,750,000 per year
  9. Signed
  10. OC Harold Goodwin $1,250,000 per year 1 Year
  11. gib Patriots password pls
  12. OC Joe Philbin $1,485,000 per year 3 Years
  13. DC Mike Vrabel $2,000,000 per year 2 Years
  14. OC Joe Philbin $1,350,000 per year 2 Years
  15. Sleuth von Bearington, Vancouver Times-Herald Are there any plans for the Dolphins to hire a head coach and/or general manager to help you with the workload?

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