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  1. The town awakes to find one of their own missing. jmjacobs is found lying in the street, face down in a pool of his own blood. When the town investigates his house, they find alchemical supplies scattered about, that could presumably be used to ward off werewolves at night. jmjacobs has been killed. He was a Baner. Day 2 has begun. It will last 48 hours (5:00 PM Eastern 6/4) or until a majority has been reached. A majority requires 11 votes.
  2. That rules clarification was unrelated to anything going on in the game at the time, I just reread the rules and realized I never specified.
  3. "I'm not suspicious... yet," claimed nemolee. Unfortunately he was suspicious, and the town agreed almost unanimously. The led him to the gallows and hanged him without much discussion. As the life drained from his body, he grew hairier and eventually his true werewolf form was revealed. Additionally, his eyes, even in death, glowed with a mysterious red energy. nemolee.exe has been lynched. He was the Devil, Werewolf-aligned. Final Vote Tally: nemolee.exe (12) - anonemuss, MasonAsher, Dacder, Dean_Craig_Pelton, jmjacobs, Jumbo, GK23, CadeRich5, jared2001usa, HAFFnHAFF, Jammz, Time Jamzz (1) - nemolee.exe Night 1 has begun. It will end in 24 hours (2:00 PM Eastern, 6/3) or whenever all night actions have been received. Also as a reminder of the rules since it's different than the last game, feel free to post in the thread during the night phase.
  4. Rules Clarification I Just Thought Of: A baner cannot protect himself. I've updated the OP as well since I realized this was unclear.
  5. Vote update: nemolee.exe (5) - anonemuss, MasonAsher, Dacder, Dean_Craig_Pelton, jmjacobs
  6. Mod warning for nemolee, don't edit your posts.
  7. Night Zero It was a warm June night in the Polish town of Cfbhc. The summer months brought a sweltering heat wave, and many new arrivals had come to the town to trade in the Cfbhc's famous summer market. Just past three in the morning, a villager heard a scream from the town hall. Rushing towards the source of the noise, he threw open the door and saw the Alderman lying dead on the floor, apparently mauled by a vicious beast. The next morning, the town convened in the square to discuss what had happened. Many theories were put forward before, at last, an old man said, "I've seen something like this before. It was back when I was a younger man, before I settled down here with my wife. A town in Bohemia, much like this one, experienced a similar problem. The Alderman was killed. Then the priest. Then respected elders. Those who tried to flee were always found the next day mauled on the road. I pray for all our souls, because there are werewolves among us." sleuthofbears, The Alderman was killed. Day 1 has begun, it will last 48 hours (Day ends at 10:00 PM Eastern Time on 6/3). A majority requires 12 votes.
  8. Rules Notable deviations from previous mafia rules are bolded. Roles That's right, you get a list of all of the roles in this game. Aren't I a kind and merciful game master? List of Players Dacder anonemuss Jamzz Time jmjacobs smackemz nemolee.exe - Lynched Day 1, Devil Jumbo MasonAsher Wahoo Swipet cmcgill HAFFnHAFF GK23 jared2001usa grv413 brightfalls Osu Qupax fever_ful Dean_Craig_Pelton CadeRich5  SyndaKyt  Let me know if you have any questions or if something is unclear.
  9. Last call for this, I'll probably be starting it up over the weekend/on Monday.
  10. You swapped me and VT's starting weapons, I was the only mafia to start without a gun.
  11. Now that Wahoo's game is winding down, how about another mafia game? It'll be similar to the one I ran back in 2016, which you can conveniently find here. Looking for like 20-30 people, post below if you're interested. It'll probably start pretty soon after Wahoo's ends. Current people signed up: Dacder anonemuss Jamzz Time jmjacobs smackemz nemolee.exe Jumbo MasonAsher Wahoo Swipet cmcgill HAFFnHAFF GK23 jared2001usa grv413 brightfalls Osu Qupax fever_ful Dean_Craig_Pelton CadeRich5 SyndaKyt
  12. #Unvote imerman for now, I'm going to hold off while we talk about this some more.
  13. No, it was just a slight variation in backstory from what appears to be the standard.
  14. No, but in dean's defense I do have a slightly different backstory than "did crime and want to escape so family gets cash" so I'm willing to believe him on that. This, incidentally, is why I wasn't convinced that Hagan was town on day 1.
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