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  1. Pathetic Patriots Suffer Humiliating 48-0 Defeat to Dolphins Gary Jones' dominant performance couldn't save the Patriots
  2. The New England Patriots nominate CB Dave Stokley for his work with his foundation Stoke's Tokes, which supplies medical marijuana to sick people who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Since being founded in 2019 in memory of Stokley's deceased father, the foundation has raised almost $300,000 for residents of Minnesota, Stokley's home state. Read an interview with Stokley here, published in the August 7th, 2020 issue of The Boston Globe:
  3. Dave Stokley, star cornerback for the New England Patriots, is well-known for his elite ball-hawking and dominant coverage skills. Racking up 29 total interceptions throughout his career, he is the cornerstone of the Patriots' defense. Despite being known for taking the ball away on the field, Stokley is well-known for giving back to his community off the field. Through his foundation Stoke's Tokes, Stokley gives medical marijuana to those who need it. Through the foundation, Stokley has given almost $300,000 back to his community since the foundation's founding last year. Our very own reporter Constance Bourchier sat down for a chat with Stokley to discuss how his foundation came to be and his goals for the future. Constance Bourchier: Thanks for being here today, Dave. First of all, I have to ask the obvious question: why is your foundation dedicated to supplying medical marijuana? Dave Stokley: This is a really personal story, but in June of 2014 my dad was diagnosed with cancer. The first year was hell for him. He was in massive pain, and he always felt like crap because of the radiation and chemo. He'd constantly be vomiting and his life was just terrible. Then, in July of 2015, Minnesota started distributing medical marijuana. For my dad, it was like night and day. His pain mostly went away, and he wasn't sick nearly as often. He wound up passing last year because of the cancer, but his last four years he felt so much better because of the marijuana. I saw what it did for him, and then I read about these people, a lot of them kids, suffering from all these terrible diseases and conditions that can be treated with marijuana, and I thought “wow, I should do something to help these people.” So I did. CB: My condolences for your father. Now, tell me about who Stoke's Tokes helps. DS: Well, it helps people that need medical marijuana who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. A lot of these people are kids, suffering from some of the roughest diseases you can imagine: cancer, ALS, seizures, you name it. Their families often don't have insurance, and they can't afford to get the marijuana without it. The foundation steps in and pays for it for them so the kid (or adult, we help a lot of them too) can have a better quality of life. CB: Now, I hate to ask, but: how do you keep people from exploiting the foundation to get free weed? DS: Minnesota actually has pretty strict laws regarding medical marijuana, you have to actually have a serious disease to get some. Beyond that, though, the foundation will occasionally check in with people to make sure it's being used in a responsible manner. CB: And the foundation also supports the legalization of medical marijuana nationwide, right? DS: Yeah it does. I've hosted several events throughout the country to help raise support for the legalization of medical marijuana. This is an issue that's really personal to me because of my dad, so I hope that we see some real change soon. CB: Well, I'm out of time and questions. Thank you very much for sitting down with me today, Dave. DS: Thanks for having me. I realize that this charity is a bit unorthodox, but we are really helping people and I hope that we can continue in the future.
  4. What happens if there's a tie?
  5. Weathersby has, multiple times I believe.
  6. Pls someone take them, it kills me to see Utah be shit.
  7. Bad Davis Brad Davis Puts on a Disgraceful Performance as New England Falls to Philadelphia Lawyer Johnson looks on in disgust as Brad Davis throws his third of four interceptions
  8. Elvis Has Entered the Building Elvis Williams dominates, scoring 2 TDs en route to a 30-24 win over the Giants W.K Coffman made 3 field goals in the Patriots' victory on Sunday.
  9. Disbarred Lawyer Johnson Benched for Brad Davis Following Patriots' Humiliating 34-10 Loss to Kansas City Brad Davis looks on as Lawyer Johnson throws an interception to Devin Stephens
  10. QB Controversy? QB Battle Brews in New England as Brad Davis Shines in Practice QBs Laweyer Johnson (left) and Brad Davis (right) receive instructions from Patriots OC Harold Goodwin
  11. lol A&M is 43-46 all time, how are we #27?
  12. Ryan "Johnny Manziel" Harris
  13. I mean I guess I should be worried, but Ole Miss is about as good as we are and it was a 3 point loss on the road.
  14. It Don't Come Easy Patriots Fans Struggle to Keep the Faith as Team Fails to Grab the Moment Under New York's City Lights Elvis Williams Can't Go On as his Line tries Breathlessly to create Space for him.
  15. I mean it was stupid in hindsight but people have had kickers punt before and (to my knowledge) none of them died as hard as Weathersby did.