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  1. Pls someone take them, it kills me to see Utah be shit.
  2. Bad Davis Brad Davis Puts on a Disgraceful Performance as New England Falls to Philadelphia Lawyer Johnson looks on in disgust as Brad Davis throws his third of four interceptions
  3. Elvis Has Entered the Building Elvis Williams dominates, scoring 2 TDs en route to a 30-24 win over the Giants W.K Coffman made 3 field goals in the Patriots' victory on Sunday.
  4. Disbarred Lawyer Johnson Benched for Brad Davis Following Patriots' Humiliating 34-10 Loss to Kansas City Brad Davis looks on as Lawyer Johnson throws an interception to Devin Stephens
  5. QB Controversy? QB Battle Brews in New England as Brad Davis Shines in Practice QBs Laweyer Johnson (left) and Brad Davis (right) receive instructions from Patriots OC Harold Goodwin
  6. lol A&M is 43-46 all time, how are we #27?
  7. Ryan "Johnny Manziel" Harris
  8. I mean I guess I should be worried, but Ole Miss is about as good as we are and it was a 3 point loss on the road.
  9. It Don't Come Easy Patriots Fans Struggle to Keep the Faith as Team Fails to Grab the Moment Under New York's City Lights Elvis Williams Can't Go On as his Line tries Breathlessly to create Space for him.
  10. I mean it was stupid in hindsight but people have had kickers punt before and (to my knowledge) none of them died as hard as Weathersby did.
  11. Can we just amputate Weathersby's leg and send him out there? Hell, amputate both legs -- he'd still be better at kicking the ball than Ronald.
  12. So, without looking, I couldn't remember if my first game was against Houston or Boise St. Just checked it out, and it turns out it was a 34-17 win over Boise in week 4 of the 2016 season. I'm pretty sure it was one of the last games Kah coached before he fell off the face of the Earth, because I remember him leaving right around that time. Other than that, I remember being excited because it gave me hope that I might actually make a bowl in 2016 (my one goal when I took over Utah was to lead them to a bowl in 2016, and I didn't think I could even do that). At the time, I honestly felt a little bit intimidated by the community since it was very well-established by the time I joined, but it was also pretty welcoming, which is one of the reasons I stayed.
  13. So I actually got Manning (retired due to injury) confused with Thomas Johnson from the year before, who was the jogger murderer. But yeah, Johnson had some pretty severe mental issues that went unnoticed until, well, he went missing for a few days, then later hacked a random guy to death with a machete.
  14. So I see where you're coming from on this, but I disagree on the solution. I ran the numbers last year and assigned star ratings to people based on a formula (nothing fancy, just based on skill and potential) I came up with, and it basically matched up with irl numbers of 4 and 5 star recruits (~30 and ~300 respectively). I think the problem, though, is that in CFBHC it's really hard for a recruit to bust. For example, going back to 2018 (the last season we have complete stats), the worst statline for a 5.0/5.0 QB was Lawrence Pritchett, whose stats were: 194/301 (64%) for 2539 yards, 16 TDs and 12 INTs. Aside from Pritchett, none of the 10 other 5.0/5.0 QBs came close to having a TD/INT ratio lower than 2 (the next closest was Eric Jennings at 2.5), and only three had a completion percentage lower than 65%. While it's harder to assess how other positions do given how stats are presented, the same holds true with RBs. Excluding Marshawn Matthison, who at this point I think it's fair to say was being misused (sorry deandean), every 5.0/5.0 RB had >5 YPC, >1400 yards, and all but one had at least 18 TDs. In contrast, let's look at every Texas A&M (I'm using A&M since I know the program well) recruit from 2013, 2014, and 2015 who had a >.95 rating on the 247 composite rankings: 2013 Ricky Seals-Jones - Was alright but never lit the world on fire like you'd expect from the #2 WR in the country. Justin Manning - Caught 1 TD pass, then dropped out of school and then murdered a jogger with a machete. The jogger murderer was actually Thomas Johnson, got them confused. Justin Manning - Forced to quit football due to injury. Isaiah Golden - Arrested for armed robbery 2014 Myles Garrett - Will be picked in the top 2 tonight. Speedy Noil - Had a good freshman season and then had weed problems, never even came close to fulfilling his potential. Kyle Allen - Transferred due to QB mismanagement. Nick Harvey - Meh. Started last year but wasn't that great. Frank Ihenacho - Hasn't started yet for A&M. 2015 Daylon Mack - Struggled to make an impact in his first two years, we'll see if he can turn it around. Christian Kirk - Legit stud. Kyler Murray - Transferred due to QB mismanagement. So out of 11 players that were top recruits, there were: 2 great players, 5 were/are good-to-mediocre players that never lived up to their potential, 2 are no longer on the team due to transferring, and 1 is no longer on the team due to injury, and one is no longer on the team due to criminal reasons. While the transfer thing is a special case, I think think that my point still stands: players bust all the time irl, but almost never do in the sim. If I had to suggest a solution to this, it'd probably be something along the lines of decreasing the chances that players progress well, which means you'd see more 4.0/5.0 (Sr) players, or something like that. This'd mean that you'd have a reason to start a 4.0/4.0 or a 3.5/3.5 over a high potential sophomore that so far hasn't progressed well. Of course, if you were to implement changes like this, it'd impact the quality of players coming into NFLHC, which is also something that needs to be considered. TL;DR: please read the thing so I can feel validated about writing 550 words about recruiting on a fake football website.
  15. Accidentally submitted early, will edit it back in when actually finished
  16. Strip Search Patriots force four fumbles en route to a 27-9 win over Denver
  17. My first ever starting quarterback was Byron Harper, current backup for the Jacksonville Jaguars (pls give him a chance Soluna). He was a redshirt junior when I took over Utah 2 games into the 2016 season, and I was more than happy with him. He carried Utah's lackluster offense to a Pac-12 Title game, then carried an absolutely awful 2017 Utah team to an 8-5 season with a bowl game win. He also produced my favorite play in the history of the site: Byron Harper, 23 yd TD run - 0:24 (10-14) (UT) For context, 5-0 UCLA was travelling to 3-2 Utah. It was a close game, complete with a missed FG by my garbage kicker that would have put me up by 3 at the end of the 3rd. In the fourth quarter, UCLA made a field goal to go up 10-7, but then that happened. Harper scrambled 23 yards to the endzone to win the game. That was when I really started to realize that that team was capable of doing something special. Fun fact: UCLA went 12-1 that season, and missed the Pac-12 CCG because of that game. It's interesting to think about the potential ramifications of an undefeated UCLA playing an undefeated Washington (who would later go on to lose in the NCG) for the Pac-12 title, but that's a topic for another day. I got a bit off topic there, but Harper is still probably my favorite player on the site, and I hope he gets a shot somewhere in the NFL.
  18. A&M is way too high, we should probably be in like the 70s.
  19. Black >>>>>>> Dowden Also, no love for Jarvis Ward?
  20. Buffalo rushed for 308 yards and had 4 interceptions (2 of which were pick sixes) in a loss.
  21. Run Over Abraham Runs Rampant as Patriots Fall to 0-3
  22. tbh we started last year 3-5.
  23. The Boston Globe Ronald Wrecks Revenge Attempt as Patriots Fall to Chargers
  24. I thought this was CFBHC, not /r/wholesomememes
  25. The New England Patriots select Option B Head Coach sleuthofbears was quoted today as saying "I'd like to reassure the fans today that the New England Patriots organization and coaching staff are dedicated to making sure that our players are at peak performance going into the start of the season. We fully recognize the importance of strength and conditioning, and are keenly aware of the vital role it will play on the road to Super Bowl VII."