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  1. thatfunk

    [2022] Mid-Season Re-signings

    Bengals are ready
  2. thatfunk

    [2022] Roster Cut Downs

    Bengals are down to 53
  3. thatfunk

    [2022] Injured Reserve

    The Cincinnati Bengals place: OLB Mike Hulsey 6-1 233 3 Oregon [Blitz] [0] 83 on IR. He suffered a severe meniscus rupture in training camp and is out for the season.
  4. thatfunk

    [2022] Head Coaching Contracts

    HC LamboThrone 1 yr // $4.15 Million Total $4.15 Million per year
  5. The Cincinnati Bengals are pleased to announce they have come to an an agreement with @LamboThrone to become the teams next Head Coach. Owner and General Manager Thatfunk is overjoyed that a coach of Lambo's caliber was available and looks forward to working together. Although there were multiple highly qualified and knowledgeable candidates, Lambo possessed the experience and coaching style the Bengals were looking for in a Head Coach. The organization as a whole is excited to welcome Lambo to the community and can't wait to see what this partnership can accomplish. The floor is now open for questions.
  6. thatfunk

    [2022] 1st Round Rookie Salary Negotiations

    DE Timothy Key 6-2 240 R Florida [Contain] [-1] 83 4 years // 24.0 million // 75.00% Guaranteed G//6.0//5.0//4.0//3.0//Total:18.0 $//0.0//1.0//2.0//3.0//Total:6.0 Total//6.0//6.0//6.0//6.0//Total:24.0 Value//12.7164287713
  7. thatfunk

    [2022] Rookie Mini-Camps

    Bengals will send: DE Timothy Key 6-2 240 R Florida [Contain] [-1] 83 CB Kamari Cheatham 5-10 221 R NC State [Man Coverage] [0] 79 FS Matthew Dyson 5-11 216 R TCU [Man Coverage] [0] 78 OLB Prince Matos 6-1 254 R Louisville [Blitz] [0] 76 OG Max Gavin 6-5 339 R Iowa State [Pass Blocking] [-1] 75 QB Chase Shapiro 6-3 224 R Texas Tech [Hybrid] [0/C] 75
  8. Let me know if you need a preseason game. Bengals have all four weeks available

  9. The Cincinnati Bengals have officially announced a search for a new Head Coach for the upcoming season. Owner and GM Thatfunk also covered head coaching duties last season to uninspiring results. When asked on his reasoning for the decision to hand over the HC reins to someone else, Thatfunk said the decision was an easy one to make. "Look, I'm not a good coach. I'd much rather be able to focus on the ownership and GM aspects of the team and trust someone else to handle the Xs and Os and Jimmies and Joes." Thatfunk said that someone with NFLHC, and specifically head coaching experience is preferred, although he's open to the possibility of teaching a newcomer during what is expected to be another arduous season.
  10. thatfunk

    [2022] Draft interface passwords

    Bengals need a new password
  11. thatfunk

    2018 CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

  12. thatfunk

    2018 CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

  13. #8 CB Aaron Stiles 5-11 180 3 Tennessee [Man Coverage] [0] 81- Rejected N/A
  14. thatfunk

    [2022] Re-signings

    Bengals up
  15. thatfunk

    OC Hue Jackson