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    1. panther553212

      Davenport seeks Trade

      How were we supposed to acknowledge his hold out when he is making unreasonable contract demands to get paid like a star player which we aren't going to do.
    2. panther553212

      [2021] Preseason All-American Team

      Really JC Weldon over Raheem?
    3. panther553212

      [2021] Franz's Facts: Preseason Week 1

      They will be semi used to it. The concern would be if GB or someone like that has to play in Vegas.
    4. NAME POSITION INJURY WED. THU. FRI. GAME STATUS Keil, Kalei RB Groin DNP DNP DNP Out Taylor, Ray ILB Shoulder DNP DNP LP Questionable
    5. panther553212

      [2021] Scout contracts

      Pittsburgh Steelers Stinsy 1 year
    6. panther553212

      Team Pages and Cap Sheet Audits

      Steelers is up to date
    7. panther553212

      [2021] Pre-Season Sign Ups [OWNERS]

      You asked me in shoutbox if we wanted to play and I said as long as you could come to Pittsburgh and then you never responded so I listed it.
    8. panther553212

      [2021] Rookie Minicamps

      Pittsburgh Steelers will send: RB Kalei Keil 6-1 201 R Notre Dame [Power] 77 FB Marc Carlisle 5-8 232 R USC [Run Blocking] 79 WR Chan Pease 6-1 230 R Ball State [Target] 75 TE Jayden Townsend 6-6 194 R Auburn [Receiving] 75 DE Carlos Washington 6-0 261 R Michigan [Blitz] 80 DE Tyler Ashworth 6-3 243 R Florida State [Blitz] 76 CB Kordell McKinnon 6-0 195 R Michigan State [Zone Coverage] 81
    9. panther553212

      [2021] Pre-Season Sign Ups [OWNERS]

      Steelers @Tampa Bay @ Seattle Vs. LAR Vs. Was
    10. panther553212

      [2021] 1st Round Rookie Salary Negotiations

      DE Carlos Washington 6-0 261 R Michigan [Blitz] 80 4 years // 14.0 million // 75.00% Guaranteed G//3.5//3.5//1.75//1.75//Total:10.5 $//0.0//0.0//1.75//1.75//Total:3.5 Total//3.5//3.5//3.5//3.5//Total:14.0 Value//7.29027386739 CB Kordell McKinnon 6-0 195 R Michigan State [Zone Coverage] 81 4 years // 14.0 million // 64.29% Guaranteed G//3.5//2.0//1.75//1.75//Total:9.0 $//0.0//1.5//1.75//1.75//Total:5.0 Total//3.5//3.5//3.5//3.5//Total:14.0 Value//6.883910651
    11. panther553212

      [2020] Bowl Games - Day #8

      A fitting end to a season of almosts :(. Good game @vtgorilla Also covered the spread
    12. Tie and then we can both round up to 8?
    13. Losing this game by a TD or less would be the perfect cap on the type of season that I've had. Winning puts me on 8 wins which would be huge.
    14. panther553212

      Coordinator expiring contracts [GMs ONLY]

      I think the confusion(at least on my part) was it says please post here if either of your coordinators has an expiring contract. Since neither of mine did I didn't think I needed to post here. Thankfully someone messaged me and told me to post here.
    15. panther553212

      Coordinator expiring contracts [GMs ONLY]

      Pittsburgh Steelers OC Joe Philbin +4% OG skill +9% OT/OG/C chemistry +3% OT progression -12% total scheme change penalty Under Contract through 2021 DC Wade Phillips +4% OLB Skill +15% OLB Progression +10% Defensive adjustments Under Contract through 2021