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  1. So is Rob Corp the best or is he the best?
  2. Porous Steelers lose second straight as defensive struggles continue
  3. Does this include the current head coach or is this the "head coach" for the entire time of the franchise?
  4. Raheem who?
  5. Chester Brenner for Heisman!
  6. Catastrophic Failure Steelers blow chance to take drivers seat in AFC North
  7. Just for clarity sake how have we regressed from last season? Last season we scored 20.06 PPG and this year we are scoring 27 PPG with half of those games being our backup QB. Last season we gave up 29.94 PPG and this year we are giving up 25.63 PPG. Last season our O-Line rating was 7.59 this season it's 7.78. Our FG kicking has been worse this year than last but that's about it. Last year after 9 games we were 1-8 this year we are 4-5 despite having played the 13th toughest schedule. You also have us behind Cinci and Ten despite us beating both of them on the road and having the same or better record than both. I don't necessarily think we should be much higher but to say we have regressed and put us behind those teams doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  8. Oklahoma State is 1-0 not 1-1.
  9. I knew we were losing this because winning would have made sense and I'm a shot coach so nothing ever makes sense. Gg Saints.
  10. It's possible they had a penalty or something and it was a 55 yard field goal and so they went for it.
  11. Turnover on downs
  12. Working Overtime Steelers move to .500 on the season with win over Ravens in overtime
  13. We did.
  14. That offense though.... That defense though....