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  1. The Buc Stops Here Steelers look impressive in all three phases during win over Tampa Bay.
  2. They knew they were going to get tired so they decided to not play the 1st quarter?
  3. I think the Ravens defense while good is really going to suffer from how bad the offense is. Even if you have a great defense when you are always on the field because you don't have Booker T chewing up the clock and getting you rest you are going to eventually break.
  4. So is this the first ever trick plays win in NFLHC? Also all that work we put in having Raheem run/throw the ball in college really paying off.
  5. GG TB. Also Davenport is missing a Rushing TD from stat line and Brant Thomas is missing an FR.
  6. Cleveland going undefeated and winning super bowl.
  7. I mean to me it would be the same as the coach going to the team facility everyday but not game planning week to week and just using the same one he made the first week. A team would likely fire their coach for that level of effort but I mean if you are bringing IRL into it you would not get out of paying that coaches contract if you fired him.
  8. That is really my point though. He let you know he would be on less and has still been logging in. This isn't an issue of him completely disappearing. He just isn't as active as you expect him to be so you fired him(rightfully so). I just don't think making a coaches salary cap exception in this situation sets a good precedent.
  9. Did he legitimately disappear though? He was last online 5 days ago which doesn't even meet the old requirements of two weeks of inactivity.
  10. I mean I asked a question and stated why I asked. Until Stormstopper said something I hadn't thought of him being 2nd RB in a 2rb system. Sorry I posted.
  11. Yeah because saying one of the two situations where this could happen makes me dumb....
  12. So do we expect Sowell to be on the injury report? It looks like he got injured after 5 carries.
  13. Except for the Giants. They have 100% of their contracts guaranteed.
  14. Yeah but we could always beat some team in week 13 at their place to keep them out of the playoffs.
  15. I wonder if getting called for presumably 7 holds isn't actually that bad of a thing because think of how many holds he probably gets away with. I also wonder how the new referees will effect these numbers.

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