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  1. I don't believe any more Kstate
  2. Ravens superb owl for the memes please
  3. Just Short Steelers miss playoff despite win
  4. S.O.S. Steelers loss forces them to look for help from others in Week 17.
  5. We moved the ball well but all them short field goals made it a really close game. Either way got the job done and now bowl eligibile.
  6. K-state one game away from bowl eligibility
  7. Home Stretch Steelers take care of business against Pats, setting up crucial divisional games in final two weeks.
  8. Guys why is LSU ranked ahead of Bama?
  9. I know that our game made the most sense. Really dissapointed that I lose a game like that
  10. @Kansas scares me but if I can somehow get past this I have like 4 in a row at home.
  11. Who has 2 loss Clemson ranked 8th and how does Texas have more votes than WVU when WVU just beat them by 40 in Austin.
  12. I know i'm in here complaining every week but I literally just beat KC on the road and have a better record than them lol.
  13. There are also only 3 games left so winning 4 would be pretty impressive