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  1. Unfortunately i don't know how it works since ive only bought them either from osu as a student or from some random student on the fb groups. But i think what you are describing makes sense because i have seen sections that appear to be non students in those areas in the past despite it being the student area of the stadium. I'll leave others to weigh in on the choices you laid out as im really open to any of them but i think this route would be valid as you laid it out.
  2. Ive really only ever sat in the student sections so I dont really know any better anyway
  3. fever_ful

    [2023] Week #1 - MNF

    GG Colts. You just made Matt and the offense look downright concerning to me going forward. Really put the pressure on us in the 4th. Its good to be back.
  4. I thought about that but since Nebraska plays both weeks I didnt think that made sense. Not trying to take anyone's thing though so my bad flutie.
  5. Id love for you to do it again you killed it last year but since no one posted it for week 0 I wanted to get one out. I need those sweet crooting media points we didnt get this year.
  6. B1G Players of the Week- Offense- Matt Ballard 24/37 330 Yards, 4 Tds, 1 Ints vs ASU Honorable Mentions - PSU Dillon Sneed, MICH Nick Rowland, PSU Dominic Dixon Defense- Jerraud Braxton 5 Tackles, 2 TFL, 2 Sacks, 1 FF Honorable Mentions - OSU Damien Atkins, PSU Oghale Adelangwe, NEB Jarvis Hargrove Special Teams- P Patrick Houck, 45.3 Avg Honorable Mentions - OSU P Drew Stanfield, OSU K Cameron McCoy, PSU K Adrian Rodriguez P.S. if any B1G coaches want to take this over for the year just let me know and I am happy to hand it off, just don't want to see another season of such light B1G media and nobody else seemed to be jumping at it after the first week.
  7. Eastern Michigan (0-0) at Maryland (0-0) The Matchup- Coachless Eastern Michigan walks into Maryland on Saturday morning, just hoping to leave with a little moral. TSweezys Maryland boys on the other hand have something to prove, being ranked by the computer polls as one of the best teams in the B1G and the country, they want to show everyone they are indeed for real. What to Watch For Eastern Michigan - Rumbling Runner One of the few standout pieces on this Eastern Michigan squad is the running back, (So) Tyler Pearson. A 4.0/5.0 already, this guy ran for over 1,000 yards with 4.81 YPC last year, and is clearly a threat to pummel opposing defenses if they are not prepared for him. Maryland - Breakout Talent There is a lot of very skilled players on this Maryland team, with a shocking number of 5.0s all over the roster. The real question is why this team did not do better last year, when a lot of these guys were already around. If Maryland wants to live up to their lofty rankings this year, they need these guys to start playing up to their talent level on both sides of the ball. The Prediction This one will likely get very ugly. There is a lot of good stuff to say about Maryland, who happens to be at home and playing a coachless squad, while I don’t have much to say positively about EMU. This one should be over in the first half, and if it isn’t Maryland fans should be alarmed that they are still struggling to put this talent to use against a team they should smoke pretty easily. FINAL: EMU 6 - Maryland 42 Minnesota (0-0) at Florida International (0-0) The Matchup- Another team that the polls really love to start the year, Lucas and the Golden Gophers are looking to compete for a B1G Championship this year, and would love to get off to a good start in Florida. Rocketcans FIU guys on the other hand are a team on the build a bit, benefitting heavily from the rich Florida recruiting bed, but still lack a little experience and top level talent that could really help them in a game like this. What to Watch For Minnesota- Lynch Votes True Senior Robert Lynch (5.0/5.0) is the catalyst of this offense and this whole team. He has gone under the radar a bit in years past, in part because Minnesota has been good but not great among the B1G teams, but his stats have been tremendous nonetheless. Seeing that the talent on this team is largely starting to catch up to him, I am expecting a big year from him with possible Heisman votes headed his way, and the road to that being right now in week 1, especially against a rather questionable group of CBs. FIU- Fresh Legs Not a whole lot stands out on this roster when compared to a team like the Gophers, but debuting running back (Fr) Marcos Orellana looks to be a very promising player who would love to get off to a hot start. With a decent oline in front of him, he should be a threat despite being a little raw (2.0/4.5) and is certainly a threat to have some big games running the football. The Prediction- Another one that looks like it will likely be over early. I greatly respect Rocketcan as a coach, and I think FIU could be competitive in a few years with good recruiting classes, they simply are not equipped to take on this Gophers team, especially in the passing game. I expect Lynch and his WRs to eat this secondary alive and get off to a hot offensive start out of conference. FINAL: MIN 38 - FIU 10 Western Kentucky (0-0) at Iowa (0-0) The Matchup- If you did not look at Western Kentucky’s depth chart, you would probably expect this to be yet another soft target to start the season for an up and coming B1G squad, but in actuality the Hilltoppers appear to have the talent to hang with a lot of teams. They certainly have weak points, but a fair amount of pro talent to cover for it. WriglyFan’s Iowa squad is fairly similar but without as many glaring weaknesses, and a much tougher schedule to work through. This is a team that is tough to predict for me, so this game should be a good barometer for their success on the season. What to Watch For- Western Kentucky - Two Headed Monster The most interesting part of the Western Kentucky team to me is their running backs, as they have a pair of pro talented and pro ready guys forming a thunder and lightning duo in a potential 2 RB system. Their oline is a little suspect in spots, so it remains to be seen if it holds them back at all, but I think they have a chance to have a big year and put the new depth chart positions at RB to good use. Iowa - High Soaring Hawkeyes When looking at this Hawkeye team, there's two things that really stand out. The first is that this offense looks really good, combining a very talented passing game with a good runner and hybrid QB to keep things balanced. The second thing you notice is that the defense, is not very talented. They have some talent at Dline and Safety, but otherwise this is the obvious weakness of the team. They should be able to hold the Hilltopper offense in check for the most part, but it's going to take a good offensive performance to carry this team through the year, and they should look to get off to a hot start this week to set the tone. The Prediction- Western has the talent to hang in this game, but with question marks at coach (do they even have one?) and Iowa holding the home field advantage, it think Iowa will be able to take over in the second half and pull away for a comfortable win. FINAL: WKU 17 - IOWA 30 Purdue (0-0) at Syracuse (0-0) The Matchup Inspiral2 starts off the season with one of the better matchups of the week, taking his Boilermakers to New York to face his alma mater (I think?). The Boilermakers have not been quite the same since Matt Jones took off for his NFL career, but are hoping to be back in the top of the conference this year with a deep roster. Syracuse debuts a new coach in their home opener, with CoachAnson trying to show he can hang with one of the best coaches around in the carrier dome. Syracuse brings in a similarly deep, if slightly less talented squad into this game, and should have a shot to make it a close one with home field advantage. What to Watch For- Purdue - Boiler Bombers As talented as the Purdue offense is looking, and it is quite talented, the defense is where this team seems to really shine. A solid Dline, headlined by JR DE Landon Crowder, combined with a good second level and secondary, should be enough to stifle the Syracuse offense in most spots, and has the potential to be one of the better defenses in the B1G as the year develops. Syracuse - Safety First Two red shirt Seniors with pro talent at safety highlight the best of this Syracuse team. A mean pair in the defensive backfield, it's going to be tough for many teams to get big plays down the field against this defense. The downside of this pairing is the mixed schemes they have, but I would bet that the talent is enough to overcome any weaknesses there and make them one of the better backfield tandems in the league this year. The Prediction- Syracuse has home field advantage, and seems to have the talent to at least hang with this Purdue team, if not make it go down to the wire. That said, its hard to bet against Inspiral2, one of the best coaches in football at any level, and the depth of their squad really gives them an edge in any grind it out type of game. I’ll take Purdue to take this one on the road, and give the rest of the B1G a notice they are back in contention for big things. FINAL: Purdue 28 - Syracuse 17 Nebraska (0-1) at Texas Tech (0-0) The Matchup- Coming off a fairly brutal loss against maybe the best team in the country in Auburn, Nebraska looks to bounce back and show they still have the talent to compete with the mortal teams of the league. On the home side, Acewulfs Red Raiders have a big challenge ahead of them after losing the engine of their offense, Solomon, to the NFL. While they still have the depth and talent to take over, this should be a great matchup of teams who lost some key players to the NFL but look to keep the momentum alive despite the losses. What to Watch For- Nebraska- A Fresh Start Not a whole lot went right for Nebraska in week zero, and there were not too many bright spots to see as they were smashed by a clearly superior team. Against Texas Tech they get a second chance to show that they can make some impact, and I think just about any players they have could stand out in this game. It may be a bit of a cop out from me, but the opportunity for guys to break out stands out more than any particular player, and it will be key for Nebraska to establish some sort of rhythm on offense for the season going forward. Texas Tech- No Moss Maybe it's because I had such a good time with D.J. Barnes in the slot, but I love that Acewulf is giving senior KR Tyson Moss a shot as the slot receiver. It remains to be seen how this offense runs without Solomon carrying the load, but as the most talented player on this offense and special teams, Tyson Moss is going to have to carry a fairly heavy burden to keep this team running at the same level as last year. I expect they will be looking to get the ball in his hands to make some big plays whenever they can. The Prediction- This one has the opportunity to be one of the tightest games of the week, and likely one of the best games I have gotten to preview this week. In what should be a good barometer for both of these teams, and one I am not really clear on the outcome, I have to take my B1G bias and give Nebraska the edge on the road. FINAL: Nebraska 27 - Texas Tech 21 Wisconsin (0-0) at Georgia (0-0) The Matchup- A matchup of mighty foes, Taffy vs Franz in a battle between what feels like two of the longest tenured coaches around. The Badgers bring a deep team to the table, but despite their depth they lack talent at several spots (Wiscy with a poor oline?? Madness) which leaves them a bit vulnerable to top tier teams. Georgia shows similar depth but with a generally more well rounded team, and should give the Badgers a fierce challenge in the opener. What to Watch For- Wisconsin- Taking Away the Middle While Wisconsin's oline may not be the strength that most are used to, they do have some great players on the other side of the ball on the Dline that look like they could slow down any offenses looking to run it up the gut. Combine that with their young but talented ILB Grant Morrison, it should be tough to take advantage of anything over the middle against this Wiscy defense, and could give a lot of teams trouble taking away the middle third. Georgia- Flying Bulldogs This Georgia offense is no joke, with talent all across the board. While they could probably have success no matter which way they go with the ball, but looking at their WR talent and Wisconsin’s suspect secondary, JR Zeke Burnett should be able to have a big day and toss it all around all day. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 3 or 4 touchdown game out of the 4.0/5.0 qb, and it’s tough to see Wisconsin slowing him down. The Prediction- Wiscy has the chance to be a competitive team this year, and should be a bowl bound team with the talent they have on board at the least. Georgia on the other hand looks like a playoff bound squad, and they seem like more than a match for the Badgers, especially with the home field on their side. This one may get ugly as well, but for the first prediction of the week, the ugliness is not on the side of the B1G boys. FINAL: Wiscy 17 - Georgia 38
  8. FOOTBALL IS REALLY BACK, and so is the B1G ole preview week #1 (I'm as surprised as you). Unfortunately I did not have time to finish the preview for the Saturday games just yet since the B1G has so many damn games this weekend, but I wanted to get at least the Thursday nights out before the games were posted because, well, its not much of a preview if the game already happened. Stay tuned for Part 2 that has all the steamy Saturday B1G action you can handle! Texas State (0-0) at Indiana (0-0) The Matchup- Rabid’s Texas State team may be coming off a losing season that left them just shy of bowl eligible, but they bring a surprisingly well rounded squad into Indiana to face off against Jamzz’z Hoosiers. Coming off a very rough season, Indiana looks to have a quietly solid team that should be enough to carry them through their non conference schedule, though things could again be a little shaky against the elite of the B1G. What to Watch For- Texas State-Dobbs’ Dominators Texas State’s Oline is unquestionably led by SR 5/5 OT Sawyer Dobbs, but even outside of them they have an oline that is respectable at the very worse. I can see some B1G teams even being envious of this unit (not that I would know..), and they should be able to hold up fairly well against a middling pass rush Indiana-The Grown Ups Texas State and Indiana are really not that far apart on talent to the degree that one would think, but Indiana’s biggest advantage is clearly the expirence and maturity of this squad. All but 2 players on offense listed as starters on the depth chart are younger than a JR, and most of the defense is the same. On the other side, Texas State is starting a large amount of freshman, so I would expect a big leg up in the consistency of performance on the Hooiser’s side of the ball. The Prediction- I like Texas State a lot more than I expected I would before looking through the depth charts, but they still feel a year or two away from really competing with the P5 conferences, even a team like Indiana just has more mature talent than they possibly could. Being the road dogs will likely not help, and I see them pulling up a bit shy. FINAL: TSU 17 - IU 24 Rutgers (0-0) at Army (0-0) The Matchup- In a battle of the colored knights, Scarlett takes on Black in one of the more interesting games in the Friday night slate. Quasar’s Scarlet Knights feature a roster thats been quietly building a store of nice talent, though a little development may be needed to take the next step. Largely unknown coach StorMy on the other hand, brings a well rounded and almost impressive average team into play to open at home, with little pro talent but almost no glaring weaknesses to exploit. What to Watch For Rutgers- Scarlet Shirts Rutgers will be debuting two new 5.0 potential prospects in this game at some of the most important positions in the game, with QB Omari Ricks-Hargrove taking the snaps for the offense, and B1G Ole DT Shawn Marshall throwing his 327 lbs around at the nose. Both are redshirt freshman, and this game could be a huge opportunity to show that they can live up to their rating and carry this team through a tough conference largely intact. Army- Militant Discipline As far as less talented teams go, I really like this Army squad for what they are. They really don’t have any stand outs that jump off a depth chart, but they also don’t start a single player worse than a 2.0/3.5 (or 3.0/3.0, depending on how you roll). They also start a lot of upperclassmen and exactly 0 freshman, so you can bet a squad of guys developed for years with an Army discipline are not going to give you anything easy. The Prediction- Rutgers really gets all the advantages going into this one expect the home crowd, they have a more talented team overall with more pro/star potential and a proven coach Quasar with experience under his belt taking on a debuting coach. If the Black Knights are going to have a chance they have to hold this offense in check early. That said, this feels eerily similar to me to the Michigan Notre Dame matchup of last week, with a more talented team with a lot of youth playing a well rounded team of underclassmen. Rutgers will likely be a fairly strong team this year that beats other better teams, but I am expecting week 1 growing pains to give Army just enough shot to hold on. FINAL: RU 14 - ARMY 17
  9. Ah losing ground after a win.. just like old times. You'll come around pollsters. You always do.
  10. If the sun is hot how can space be cold
  11. Im thinking of trying to do them weekly but with a little less exposition. Probably more of a pick em style with a sentence or two. Don't know if I can stay that consistent though.
  12. THE B1G IS BACK! I am for one and pretty excited to see it. So excited in fact, I took a look at all the B1G Games kicking off in the week 0 matchups, and boy are there some good ones. With that in mind, here's my take on all the matchups these B1G ole matchups. Ohio State (0-0) at Arizona State (0-0) The Matchup: The Bills Bowl Returns! The Buckeyes finished just outside the playoff picture last year thanks to two key losses to Nebraska and look to come out firing in their bid to return the conference to the playoffs. They head to Tempe to take on an Arizona State team that was a bit inconsistent in a 6-7 finish a year ago, but bring back a rather intriguing set of skill players on offense that could help carry them despite a few holes. What to Watch For: Ohio State- DE’s Big Day Arizona State sports one of the worst lines on the Buckeye’s schedule, starting an offensive guard at left tackle and a 2.5 tackle at right. Against Cece Condon and Juco Transfer Damien Atkins, that could lead to a lot of blown plays. Arizona State- Offensive Eruption If Arizona State is going to win this game, they are going to need to have a big day from their offensive skill position players. (Jr) Israel Carlson (5/5) is one of the best RBs in the nation, and despite (Sr) QB Parker Townsend being a bit of a disappointment in recent years, having two 5 star WRs and one 4.5 to throw to should make his job a whole lot easier. The Prediction: Arizona kept it close last year in this infinite home and home, but just could not keep the Ohio State’s offense in check enough to win the game. I see a similar outcome in this years game, with both offenses performing well, but Ohio State pulling away in the second half due to their superior star power. FINAL- ASU 24 - OSU 35 Auburn (0-0) at Nebraska (0-0) The Matchup: The Auburn Tigers need little introduction, coming off a national championship last year and the Vegas oddmaker’s favorite to win it again this year, Auburn lost the comfort of Marcus Black being at the helm, but may hardly notice with the talent on this team. Nebraska on the other hand, somewhat surprising but well deserved Champions of the conference last year, still seem like a tier below what they would need to be to take down teams like Auburn, and despite being at home seem like they are fighting a very uphill battle. What to Watch For: Auburn- An Early Lead With a good gameplan I think the Auburn offense is simply too talented to be slowed down, and the Tigers can and should take a strong lead in the early half. This Nebraska team is talented enough on offense that you don’t want to be in a close game late, so look for Rome to get the (Fr) 5 star QB Dominick Sherman comfortable very early. Nebraska- The Air Attack While now NFL Starter* Franklin Riggins did most of the carrying of this team last year, I actually look for Nebraska to go the other way with it this time and attack through the air. It remains to be seen if (Jr) RS RB Hakeen Nixon can carry the same load, and the WR talent on this team in juniors Calvin McKay and Alshon Collier are just a much more known quantity. No doubt attacking the Auburn secondary will be tough, but so it goes playing one of the best in the nation. *pending first start but CMON The Prediction I think Nebraska will surprise some people with this season, as Caesari is more than capable enough to pull another successful season out of this team that could compete with the top of the B1G again. But in this case he seems a bit overmatched here due to the player’s talent disparity. This certainly isn’t a G5 Ohio school matchup anymore. Look for Auburn to start strong and close the door, but if they struggle early it could get tight. FINAL- AUB 42 - NEB 21 Michigan (0-0) at Notre Dame (0-0) The Matchup Consistently one of the most elite teams in the B1G as long as it has been a conference, Michigan returns again with another strong team to continue their usual business of finishing in the top 10. They open with a rather tough one against Rival Notre Dame, whom has this game as one of the biggest on their schedule with no conference record to take priority. Both teams will come out looking to make a statement, and it could be a signature win for either. What to Watch For Michigan- Playing the mismatch To me, it seems that Michigan’s biggest advantage in this matchup is that they simply have more star power. Notre Dame is a pretty solid team throughout, but there is no one I can really point to and say this guy is a difference maker. Michigan on the other hand has several on their offense, and I think they will carry the day for them in a hard fought game. Notre Dame- Getting in the backfield Despite typically being elite at the oline in the B1G, Michigan’s oline is breaking in a Fr OT at right tackle and could give a place to attack as he looks to fit in, and their good not great guard play could leave them unable to compensate. A lack of elite pass rushers on this team could make them unable to take advantage, but if they can disrupt the stars of the Wolverines before they can get the plays going, they will make things much easier. The Prediction Notre Dame does not feel like a team you are ever going to blow out this season, they are just too deep with good players to really get run out of the building. That said, despite being at home I just don’t see them having anyone to really take over and carry with the likes of NFL caliber guys of the Wolverines, and likely to be unable to hold onto any momentum they find. FINAL- MICH 28 - ND 20 GAME OF THE WEEK - TCU (0-0) at Penn State (0-0) The Matchup Man am I excited for this one. Two of the most continuously solidly built teams but also highly scrutinized coaches (I heard Jumbo is going to fire gravy) head to a Saturday evening show down in Happy Valley. This should be a pretty evenly matched game, and could be a playoff preview or playoff maker depending how these teams go through the season, so a lot on the line already in the 2023 Kickoff Game. Danger’s Horned Frogs come into this season with National Championship aspirations after falling just shy of winning the Big 12 last year behind QB Felix Luck (now rumoured to be committing to UC Davis at time of writing), a big feat in what was maybe the most powerful conference in college football. With a new QB and a load of talent returning, TCU looks poised for another one of those great seasons we have come to expect year in and year out, with some even wondering if this is the year that they can elevate to major playoff success. Penn State comes in with a little different situation on the other hand, with Gravy having proven he can go all the way after winning the National Title just a few years back, but having taken a pretty heavy step back in the following years without his star QB Tanner Bowman to carry the load. With a fresh face in QB Dillon Sneed looks to take up the mantle this year, fans are expecting a lot out of this Penn State team if they can get Sneed in a position to succeed. Middling records and a mid tier finish would be a disappointment to Penn State fans lofty expectations, so look for Penn State to try to start out hot at home. What to Watch For TCU- Road Cooking TCU has hopes to be one of the most talented and athletically inclined teams this year, so despite being on the road I expect them to come out guns blazing in an aggressive attempt to make some big plays. I think I made it fairly clear in the intro, but if you cannot tell already I am very intrigued to see these two new starting QBs can do. I expect Cook will be put to the test early and often in this game in deep ball situations, and looking at the talent around him, its tough not to see them succeeding. Penn State- Dline Machine Ignoring the subject of this section, I do have to talk about Dylan Sneed a little bit. I think Sneed is going to be great in this offense and I expect him to be efficient and effective, though maybe taking a few less shots than Cook on the other side. In any case, Sneed and the Penn State offense seem to have the weapons to stay in this game, so they need their defense to come up big. This is one of the most talented DLines in the country, if they are going to win this game they are going to have to make things very tough for TCUs offense by stopping any real forward push. SR DE Oghale Adelangwe may be the best defensive player in the B1G, and he would certainly love to give Cooks a rocky welcome. The Prediction This one was brutal to call, and it could really go either way. While I gushed over the QBs, to me this feels like it may be a more defensive game. Sneed and Cook will be very good, but they are looking against two very good defenses, especially down the lines. I expect the Dlines to dominate this game and keep both offenses relatively in check. With similar talent elsewhere on the team, I ultimately have to give the edge to TCU here since they give Cook some more help in the run game and have a secondary that is simply more talented. But with home field advantage Penn State could certainly squeak one out, and if they do, the whole B1G is officially on notice. FINAL- TCU 23 - PSU 17
  13. I thought trick plays worked in a way that didn't ruin a promising season. Terrible error.
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