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  1. I dont respect those troops is definitely going to rustle some jimmies.
  3. Nothing like a last second lynch train with no reasons behind it. When i die an am shown to be town those 3 probably deserve a closer look.
  4. Im certainly sympathetic to being busy but you can understand why its not a particularly convincing defense either right?
  5. I was a little sus of wahoo but honestly his point about brightfalls is totally fair and seemingly exactly what someone trying to lie low would do. For now I will also lynch brightfalls
  6. Obviously I am not voting for you just yet, but in the interest of full disclosure this answer does not really satisfy me much. We did want you to talk and discuss but that doesn't mean you have to jump to lynch someone right away too. Really just wanted to hear from you. In addition, its probably safe to assume that one or two wolves were in the group that lynched anon, so while just voting for him doesn't mean you must be, it doesn't really give me a ton of faith you're not either.
  7. I think for now my vote is to Lynch CadeRich5 I still think there are other possibly more suspicious people, but until Cade wants to contribute I dont see much point in keeping him around. And GK saying he is probably a dumb townie got me to think that I think Cade has played enough mafia games on here to not be that dumb/bad. So instead its just suspicious.
  8. Im thinking cade or gk at this point but if anyone has other ideas I'm all ears. I dont really want to kill cade but basically all he is saying is I am villager which is not super helpful to the town cause. GK I am suspicious of for the same reasons as yesterday.
  9. I dont think thats really a significant loss since he wasn't around for a whole day but it certainly doesnt help things.
  10. FWIW I think there is a good chance you are a villager but so far nothing you have said has been very helpful and claiming it at all the first day seems suspicious. So if its between you or anon I see more reason to kill you than him right now. Feel free to change my mind, and if you'll notice I haven't actually voted for you though because I dont think either of you is a particular good choice.
  11. This makes a lot of sense to me. In fact I am really not sure what anon has done that is so sketchy other than not participate much, which is more annoying than particularly telling that he is a wolf. If he had answered the thread after he got called out I would be more suspicious but since his name has been up for like 12 hours it seems pretty clear he just isnt paying attention. I'd rather go cade than anon at this point. He has at least said some suspicious stuff.
  12. VOTE FLIPPER KILL HIM (but not really)
  13. Not wanting to rush to lynch a townie, while maybe a true reason, is a bad one in my opinion. We are not going to get anywhere waiting for a sure thing to come along with osu dead and if we arent talking about lynching we arent talking at all. Then we have a last second train almost at random.
  14. GK has been one of my biggest concerns this whole game, seems like just enough posts to seem like he is around but nothing of real substance. You have somewhat convinced me here. unlynch wahoo lynch GK23
  15. Lynch Wahoo Going after anon, possibly to take suspicion off himself, seems sketchy to me.
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