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  1. Maybe I am crazy because even if I am running a 3-4 its really tough for me to not put a 4.5 and a 5.0 on the field regardless of designation. The fact that you can't redshirt the freshman means any time not on the field is time he is not developing as completely and generally in college talent wins out. I have had a lot more 1.5/5.0 type guys over perform than I have 3.5/4.0 guys. I think against all common sense my lineup is OLB (Fr) 1.5/5.0 [Coverage] - 0 experience OLB (Sr) 4.5/4.5 [Coverage] - 2 years starting experience The only exception is if I think the roster has true big time potential the year in question. I might do some rotating in of the 3.0/4.0 if I feel the pass rush is needed against a certain team but I think more often than not Ill just put the most talented guys on the field. Of course this all goes out the window if one of those 4.0 guys is a 4.5, in which case the 5.0 probably would need to sit a year. I just can't sell myself on letting a 4.0 get in the way of him in the presented situation though. I also might be very tempted to red shirt the JR 3.0/4,0 and start him after the 4.5 is graduated assuming I do not find anything better. But it depends a lot on the team around them.
  2. Having JWJ and Matt Ballard back for one more run with improvements to the oline that held us back this year. Hoping to help them earn some high draft stock back.
  3. fever_ful


    Welp, were enemies now.
  4. Damien Atkins is racking up the awards. Too bad I only had him for one year but he sure made it count.
  5. Coaching Skills Offense: 13 Defense: 13 (+3) - 16 Special Teams: 12 Clock Mgmt: 9 Discipline: 17 (-2) - 15 Youth Mgmt: 10 (+1) - 11 CFBHC Career Akron Zips (2016) Washington State Cougars (2017) Ohio State Buckeyes (2018-Present) NFLHC Career Cincinnati Bengals GM (2016-2018) Buffalo Bills GM (2018) Buffalo Bills GM/Owner (2019-Present) Achievements None. New Feat Flexible Resistance
  6. Pretty rude of the dolphins to beat us and then not win the super bowl
  7. Gg @mahrowkeen it was definitely exciting. Mostly just glad i could send condon, Atkins, and especially schumacher to the nfl on such a high note. Go get em boys!
  8. Wait now who is going to be my rival come back
  9. Nazir Flowers is the absolute last guy I would have expected to declare early for me. I'm a bit blown away but at 78 he seems more ready than I guessed. Good luck to him and everyone should draft him early. . On the other hand I'm excited to get one more season with both JWJ and Ballard, hoping to send them off on a little higher note. Thought I might lose at least one.
  10. Me too. Seems we saved our worst game against them for the playoffs.
  11. Gg dolphins. Not how we wanted it to end but were getting closer to where we need to be. Hopefully we can break through next year. Shoutout to ndunkelbarger69 for coaching this roster to the playoffs
  12. A bad day for the state of Ohio, and thus, the world
  13. Id really love to try to find a way to build an offense around Wildcat or trick plays. Just forget about getting a good QB and get skilled playmakers all over the field and let it rip. I am way to scared to do this though because I am not quite sure what that would even look like, and because I don't think it would actually work that well. It sure seems like it would be fun and lead to a lot of crazy stat sheets if it worked though. On defense, I would love to run a 5-2 somehow. Always was my favorite scheme to run in NCAA football games and as most can probably tell I love some good dlinemen.
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