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  1. Paradox games are definitely good choice because of the sheer number of hours they can eat up in the blink of an eye. In a similar vein id probably go with something like rimworld, tons of replayability and you can put some serious hours into it.
  2. Bills: Defensive Coordinator - Ray Rhodes +8% FS/SS progression - 5% defensive adjustments Offensive Coordinator - Frank Reich +4% FB skill +3% WR skill +10% FB versatility -5% WR durability
  3. Awesome job rob! Probably one of the most thorough recruiting media pieces ive seen in a long time.
  4. Nice to get a win at least even if this isnt exactly the bowl game I was hoping to appear in. Ballard had another one of those games where he looks legitimately nfl caliber with limited weapons.
  5. Another for OSU, it would be nice to get to the round of 32 but I am just happy to be here at all Also rooting for ASU but they are pretty much in the same boat.
  6. 2019 week 7 bills @ saints, younger pulls off the miracle with a 60 yard run for td under a minute left. Absolute peak joaquin. I know inposter and dean are still bitter about this one.
  7. HC NDunklebarger69 extension 2 Years / $6 Million $3 Million Per Year
  8. Wow this is not the result I was expecting. Norris didn't have the best game but there is no doubt he has elevated this team and he proved a lot of the haters wrong this year, myself included. Very interesting to see how far this Steelers team can go. Nice to see Henson still contributing in a big way too.
  9. Lone bright spot from this week, the 1st quarter TD thrown by Matt Jones was the 30th of his final campaign, getting a nice round number to end his rookie season on. Incidentally, Ryan Harris also ended the season with exactly 30 after two more this week.
  10. Man just could not stop Riggins this season, both games he blew us up. Line play was just bad on both sides. Tough one after such a great season. Good luck in the playoffs Nebraska.
  11. Awesome idea, I will def pitch in to help run up your donation! I think it's easy to forget how much goes into making this site tick so good to have a reminder every now and then. I'm sure we will never be able to match just how much time and effort is spent on it with any donations but anything we can do to help ease the load in some way seems like a worthy cause.
  12. Hell yeah! Pants count rises to two. Big House fans leave disappointed. Indianapolis on the horizon. Doesn't get much better than this. Heck of a 3rd quarter for my boys. GG Jacobs. Always a fight.
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