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  1. DE Khairi Bryant arrived to training camp riding a horse and proclaimed, "We are here to win the Super Bowl," in first session with media. I fucking love this guy
  2. If Franklin Riggins continues to haunt me in the NFL as much as he did in college I am gonna be very unhappy
  3. fever_ful

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Ohio State Week 1 @ Arizona State@ndunkelbarger69 Week 2 V Akron @npklemm Week 4 @ Virginia Tech @vtgorilla
  4. When I was not doing the popular wait or multiple tabs methods, I usually just used it as time to shit post to reddit. RIP Shiposting time.
  5. In need of a home and away game or two homes. Have openings weeks 2 & 4. Lmk if you want to get bucked up. 

  6. Buffalo Bills offer DC Pete Carroll $3,500,000 per year  2 Years
  7. Buffalo Bills offer OC Clyde Christensen $1,650,000 per year  2 Years
  8. Base starting skills Offense: 12 (+1) Defense: 13 Special Teams: 10 (+2) Clock Mgmt:10 (-1) Discipline: 16 (+1) Youth Mgmt: 11 (-1) Feats: Michigan's Rival Final Skills Offense: 13 Defense: 13 Special Teams: 12 Clock Mgmt:9 Discipline: 17 Youth Mgmt: 10
  9. Paradox games are definitely good choice because of the sheer number of hours they can eat up in the blink of an eye. In a similar vein id probably go with something like rimworld, tons of replayability and you can put some serious hours into it.
  10. Bills: Defensive Coordinator - Ray Rhodes +8% FS/SS progression - 5% defensive adjustments Offensive Coordinator - Frank Reich +4% FB skill +3% WR skill +10% FB versatility -5% WR durability
  11. Awesome job rob! Probably one of the most thorough recruiting media pieces ive seen in a long time.
  12. Nice to get a win at least even if this isnt exactly the bowl game I was hoping to appear in. Ballard had another one of those games where he looks legitimately nfl caliber with limited weapons.
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