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  1. The Buffalo Bills place WR Isaiah Cronin 6-1 174 4 Ohio State [Speed] [-2] 84 On the IR. He suffered a severe ACL Rupture in Week #7 and is out for the season
  2. fever_ful

    [2023] Week #7 - MNF

    Jags offense was scary good in prime time. Sowell and Robinson going off.
  3. Why is Franklin Riggins always so good
  4. Calvin McKay is still alive
  5. Rodney Montgomery is doing a lot more than i realized
  6. Always hoped keyshawn would be back as a coach one day. One of my favorite players when our defense was at a high level so it seems he had great knowledge of the game.
  7. Based on his recruiting camp and size everything I have seen leads me to believe he will be a great bruising power back so that is exactly how I intend to put him to use. Things could change depending what qb I sign, but right now I am envisioning a power run and maybe even his preferred smashmouth system and use him to just punch defenses in the mouth. Obviously I have coached some talented RBs in the past with Moussa Goode and Julius, but I have never had a true pure power guy like this before, so I am excited to try a little different offensive approach.
  8. Its a true Buckeye love story. Brings tears to your eyes.
  9. I do like to think Galbreath will make the hall of fame, but it really is a question of whether you value the highest peak of a players career, or the elite level of play for a longer career. I dont think he has ever lead the lead in sacks, like Brumm has several times, but he is always right towards the top and has a bunch of 10+ sack seasons. Originally we brought him in to Buffalo to take some pressure off Ortiz, but for a lot of years in the past he has actually outshone Ortiz. I think the biggest arguments against are probably that his early career was pretty underwhelming, and he just has not played on any really contending teams to get the attention he would otherwise. He's definitely a very borderline case either way.
  10. Ron Thomas for two 5ths
  11. Matt Jones kissing that sophmore slump goodbye
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