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      1. All your awards are belonging to Matt
      2. Despite the loss that is a vintage Vardell performance to end his career in Minnesota
      3. GG Miami - just had to deny us the division sweep didn't you? Caps off a fun regular season, excited for the playoffs but no matter what happens at least we can take pride in still finishing first in the division and tying our best record ever despite some really awful injury luck to some of our best players on offense.
      4. The Bills have a new post in mid-season re-signings (first post still pending)
      5. The Buffalo Bills place OT Mike Woods 6-2 317 5 Michigan State [Pass Blocking] [-1] 93 on injured reserve. He suffered a Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff and is out for the rest of the season.
      6. Mike Woods has some awful luck with injuries.. missed almost a whole season a couple years back and now misses the whole post season. Tough break for the big man, not to mention our oline strength going into the playoffs. potentially down both our starting OTs for the rest of the year On the upside everything else about this game was pretty fun.
      7. For the first time in their 8 year existence, the Buffalo Bills are AFC East Champions
      8. Im sweating just thinking about it
      9. I would absolutely vote yes for this, it gives teams a way to benefit from the fact that they are competitive in a way that just is not present right now and make it so there is more to the negotiation than just how much money you have. I sort of understand the wanting to limit it to certain overalls, so I would be fine with that addition, but I am also not sure its super necessary. Like if an agent demands a no trade clause for an 80 something overall player who isnt really a key to the team I'm probably just not going to give it to him the same way I wouldnt give them a boat load of money th
      10. https://giphy.com/gifs/nfl-football-dallas-cowboys-3o7TKsoVuOCiiw7Zx6
      11. I cant overstate how enjoyable it is to watch brian brown wreck everyone on a team not in my division. Also really sucks to see mofo go down right as the bears were really rolling.
      12. I knew deep down that we could still win some games without Matt Jones but boy it sure is a relief to see it actually happen.
      13. The Buffalo Bills select: Remain Ralph Wilson Stadium though 2027
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