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  1. B1G Ten, so hot right now
  2. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" CHECK PLEASE! Trade Rumors Abound In Buffalo, Some Vets "Want Out" As Bills Continue Pathetic Run
  3. Lol
  4. My first season was a half season at Akron and it was not memorable because we SUCKED MAJORLY. So I basically remember very little of that season other than I had some success running the pistol compared to the shit I inherited. The most memorable part of that season is somehow beating Kent State for my first win of the year and starting off perfect against my rivals. Recruiting however was a great time that year, and I will never forget a lot of the guys I recruited there even if their careers turned out a little less than I hoped for (Looking at you T.J. Zamora). I remember I was a bit intimidated and confused by the community at first, probably compounded by the fact I had never really been part of a majorly forum based game of any kind before, but after I hung out in the shoutbox for awhile they quickly grew on me and haven't stopped since.
  5. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" SLIPPING OUT OF REACH Buffalo Season On Life Support Already As Titans Narrowly Escape
  6. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" JOAQUIN' IT BACK Expectations Dropping Quickly As Joaquin, Offense Struggle Mightily Through 1-4 Start
  7. Bills Current Deal: CB Jacoby Seaverns 6-2 190 5 Oklahoma [Man Coverage] 93 // 4 Years // 3 Years // 48 Million // Even Restructured Deal: CB Jacoby Seaverns 6-2 190 5 Oklahoma [Man Coverage] 93 3 years // 36.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//12.0//6.0//0.0//Total:18.0 $//0.0//6.0//12.0//Total:18.0 Total//12.0//12.0//12.0// Total:36.0 Value//17.6890850295 Current Deal: SS Keyshawn Ayanbadejo 6-1 217 6 Florida State [Man Coverage] 84 // 4 Years // 3 Years // 24 Million // Front Restructured Deal: SS Keyshawn Ayanbadejo 6-1 217 6 Florida State [Man Coverage] 84 3 years // 14.4 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//7.2//0.0//0.0//Total:7.2 $//0.0//4.8//2.4//Total:7.2 Total//7.2//4.8//2.4//Total:14.4 Value//7.2
  8. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENT Bills Have Struggled Putting It All Together, This Time Falling To Pats In Last Minute
  9. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" LOST IN TRANSIT Bills Offense Never Shows Up In Road Loss To Denver
  10. Believer fixed the Giants offense EVERYONE LOOK OUT
  11. The Buffalo Bills would like to take this time to congratulate our two AFC players of the week, offensive standout Joaquin Younger, and the always dangerous Anthony Ortiz. While receiving the player of the week awards is always a special moment for a player and organization, having a performance good enough to win players of the week on both sides of the ball is truly a great feat and was crucial in our big win against the Jets this week. While both these players are still fairly young and should only keep growing, we are thrilled that we have had the chance to watch their careers bloom here in Buffalo so far. The players will be made available to any media that has questions after today's practice. Once again, congratulations to our Players of the Week! AFC Offensive Player of the Week Joaquin Younger gives some loves to his fans after the close home victory which saw him explode for over 350 Total Yards and 2 TDs AFC Defensive Player of the Week Anthony Ortiz recorded 2.5 sacks and 5 tackles as he rocked against the Jets offense
  12. God Bills are such studs. MAJOR KEY ALERT. Love the Lawyer Johnson blurb though..
  13. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" RUNNER'S HIGH Strong Day on the Ground Carries Bills Past Jets in Nail Biter Joaquin Younger Sets the Tone With a 56-Yard Scamper to the Endzone on the Bills Opening Drive
  14. The Buffalo News Week 1 Blues A Bevy of Misses and Miscues Doom Bills to Week 1 Drubbing at Fins of Miami, Extending All Time Week 1 Record to 0-4

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