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  1. Where Life Unfolds Daily AT LEAST IT WAS FUN Despite Bills Antics, Raiders Escape With Win In Rainy OT Game
  2. ITS SOMETHING Smothering Defense, Surprisingly Mediocre Offense Allows Bills To Escape Dumpster Fire In LA With A Win
  3. It almost feels wrong that anyone gets to walk out of that shit show with a win..
  4. "Where Life Unfolds Daily" SILVER LININGS Cronin Continues to Shine, Draft Position Continues to Climb, As Both Bills and Texans Take Another Loss
  5. I have experimented with both RB and FB at WR and TE, as well as CB and FS at WR, mostly because I have had a terrible shortage of WR's the past season. It did not go super well. I think the FB made some stat sheet appearances but nothing to write home about. Interestingly enough, the best out of position performance I got was playing a pretty bad OT at TE, managed 2 receptions and a TD.
  6. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" EVEN A BLIND SQUIRREL... Bills Get Their Nut On Back Of Big Games By Cronin, Linebackers
  7. The Buffalo News Where Life Unfolds Daily KAPLAN KAN'T Bills Change QB's But Not Results, Taking Another L
  8. Fun game LDYo. Nice to finally start my big ten campaign against anyone but Penn state.
  9. The Buffalo News Where Life Unfolds Daily WHY ARE WE HERE? Bills Spend Bye Week Questioning Identity After Abysmal Start and Big Personnel Changes
  10. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" NEW FACES, SAME PLACES Influx of Ex Texans Can't Help Bills Get Over The Hill
  11. B1G Ten, so hot right now
  12. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" CHECK PLEASE! Trade Rumors Abound In Buffalo, Some Vets "Want Out" As Bills Continue Pathetic Run
  13. Lol
  14. My first season was a half season at Akron and it was not memorable because we SUCKED MAJORLY. So I basically remember very little of that season other than I had some success running the pistol compared to the shit I inherited. The most memorable part of that season is somehow beating Kent State for my first win of the year and starting off perfect against my rivals. Recruiting however was a great time that year, and I will never forget a lot of the guys I recruited there even if their careers turned out a little less than I hoped for (Looking at you T.J. Zamora). I remember I was a bit intimidated and confused by the community at first, probably compounded by the fact I had never really been part of a majorly forum based game of any kind before, but after I hung out in the shoutbox for awhile they quickly grew on me and haven't stopped since.
  15. The Buffalo News "Where Life Unfolds Daily" SLIPPING OUT OF REACH Buffalo Season On Life Support Already As Titans Narrowly Escape