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  1. Only 11/32 for me, couple guys who I remember considering but just couldnt remember the names of but the oline guys were a total loss for me. Surprised others are able to remember some of these guys so well.
  2. @believer Packet 1: 1 PW, 2 SU, 3 IN, 1 PR, 1 MD, 0 ME (8 Total Funds) Packet 2: 1 PW, 2 SU, 1 IN, 2 PR, 1 MD, 0 ME (7 Total Funds)
  3. That was extremely satisfying. Sucks about Faneca but nice to see Cronin step up in his place. D'Neal Norris is also quickly becoming one of my favorite picks in recent memory. GG dolphins, looking forward to the rematch at your place.
  4. Jets always play us so tough, I never look forward to playing them. Terrible first half for us, but a win is a win. Nice little comeback to keep things rolling.
  5. I think this underrates Miami a pretty significant amount, despite our early success they still feel like the team to beat in the AFC East to me
  6. I think it would be a rash move to bench king this early in the season, the Bengals likely aren't going to be competing for much either way and its not like Oates has a history of success that would give much reason to think he would do much better. Personally, I think Oates is ass but even if you don't I'd give King a couple more weeks before deciding once and for all he is done in Cincy.
  7. I would personally like to see Christian Barkley start over Jarius Jones for the Cards. From everything we have seen i think he is the better qb for a team that the cards have right now, i think there is a chance he could still be starting for the jags today if they did not get such a steal on TayRod. Jones started hot but he has never really shown much of anything since his early years and it feels like a weird move to go back to him after giving up on him before (its a little weird they brought him back at all after giving up on him before).
  8. Crazy how the Chiefs are both the best team in real life and NFLHC at the same time. Even with Harris looking mortal against one of the top defenses in the league it was never really in doubt. They have really built something pretty special.
  9. Following the latest update, the Buffalo Bills would like to announce the launch of a formal search process for a new Head of Scouting for the organization. The position would involve handling all of the scouting gameplan responsibilities as well as assignments to scout draft prospects in whatever form that eventually takes, as well as working closely with myself and coach @ndunkelbarger69 to help ensure that the team continues to build towards our combined vision of success. If interested please PM myself of dunkel, very willing to work with newer users or anyone still hanging around without NFLHC attachments.
  10. The Buffalo Bills would like to create a Special Teams coordinator Age 64 (3 points) Level 3 Kicker Skill (50 points) Level 1 Kicker Progression (10 points) Level 1 Kicking Unit Chemistry (10 points) 73 Points total
  11. Bills will pass on their remaining picks to promote from within Atlanta(?) is now on the clock @acewulf @Rocketcan @Quasar @Ricky Campbell
  12. The Buffalo Bills would like to create a Defensive Coordinator 65 Years Old (0 points) Level 5 Secondary Skill (90 points) Level 1 Secondary Progression (10 points) 100 Total Points
  13. Round 2, Pick 22 The Buffalo Bills select: OC Kevin Stefanski (Age 42) Descended from Mike Zimmer Passing Game Chemistry Level 2; Running Game Chemistry Level 2 To be Offensive Coordinator. The Las Vegas Raiders are now on the clock. @alienufo
  14. I always knew Devy had a gun. I just didnt realize he actually has two.
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