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  1. If we are claiming things in here ill take cleveland. This is for you.
  2. I think we all just have to be on the same version so it seems like 20 would probably be the easiest. I will probably get 21 though so if we decide to do that no issue for me.
  3. Ive always loved the idea of an online ootp league but the administration seems like a pain. If someone else is dealing with that im so in.
  4. 1-3 is the only halo games I accept. Maybe like reach/odst but 4 and up are something else completely imo
  5. Ive been thinking about going back to play through all the halo games now might be a good time
  6. oh a cfbhc civ game is a great idea. I never have had time to join one in the past but I sure do now.
  7. I think during these times a lot of people on this site probably will be playing a lot of games, I know I certainly have. I'd also bet a lot of people may be playing games that are great time sinks that others have not even thought of. With this in mind, what games would you recommend that would be a good thing to play that may take up a lot of this time we are spending inside? Any good time sinks or more unknown games that you want to give a shoutout? Any old games that this is a good time to go back through?
  8. Reading this thread, I certainly come away feeling lucky that both my current workplace and the place that I just got an offer from last week have been very flexible and accommodating during this time to make sure that I have a steady stream of income and some sense of normalcy while everything is so not normal. During the work day other than working from home I hardly notice much difference in my life, which seems to be a pretty sharp contrast to what a lot of people here have experienced. For me the most troubling thing is just the cabin fever aspect of this, I have a very small studio apartment in the middle of downtown so I am basically in the same room all day every day while this is going on. I generally am a bit of a homebody so I think I can deal better than most but I can already feel the sameness starting to wear on me. The only time I go outside my apartment all day is basically just to walk my dog, which is also a surreal experience as the normally fairly alive downtown is just a complete ghost town. Overall I would wager I am lucky to be doing better than most, so I don't want to complain too much, but it is definitely starting to hit me how absurd and unprecedented this whole thing is. My thoughts are absolutely with anyone who is struggling with financial instability or otherwise in these trying times, and my thanks to Darman for creating this thread to give everyone a place to vent a little about all this.
  9. Bills #13 CB Sean Taylor 5-9 193 3 Western Michigan [Man Coverage] [-1] [+] 81 - Declined
  10. Im gonna be playing a shit ton of video games it seems.
  11. The Bills are done and have been since last night just forgot to post here
  12. Just so im clear this fine goes against our team salary cap and not our coaches salary cap correct?
  13. Maybe I am crazy because even if I am running a 3-4 its really tough for me to not put a 4.5 and a 5.0 on the field regardless of designation. The fact that you can't redshirt the freshman means any time not on the field is time he is not developing as completely and generally in college talent wins out. I have had a lot more 1.5/5.0 type guys over perform than I have 3.5/4.0 guys. I think against all common sense my lineup is OLB (Fr) 1.5/5.0 [Coverage] - 0 experience OLB (Sr) 4.5/4.5 [Coverage] - 2 years starting experience The only exception is if I think the roster has true big time potential the year in question. I might do some rotating in of the 3.0/4.0 if I feel the pass rush is needed against a certain team but I think more often than not Ill just put the most talented guys on the field. Of course this all goes out the window if one of those 4.0 guys is a 4.5, in which case the 5.0 probably would need to sit a year. I just can't sell myself on letting a 4.0 get in the way of him in the presented situation though. I also might be very tempted to red shirt the JR 3.0/4,0 and start him after the 4.5 is graduated assuming I do not find anything better. But it depends a lot on the team around them.
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