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  1. Artists 1. Johnny Cash 2. The Strokes 3. Mac Miller 4. Cage the Elephant 5. Jimi Hendrix Songs 1. First - Cold War Kids 2. Trouble - Cage the Elephant 3. All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem 4. Two weeks - Grizzly Bear 5. I hear a rhapsody - Bill Evans & Jim Hall 6. Aint no rest for the wicked - Cage the Elephant 7. Stockholm - Atlas Genius 8. Broccoli - Dram 9. Answer - Phantogram 10. Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash Total time of 30,590 minutes I was surprised Johnny Cash was #1 but i do remember driving around listening to cocaine blues and stripes about every time i went somewhere earlier in the year so it makes sense. Also didnt think i listened to random jazz songs like i hear a rhapsody so much but im ok with it.
  2. Erasmus is still McReady to fuck
  3. I dont really have anything to add that others havent but I just want to reiterate the apperciation I have for all that you do for the site and admire your ability to not blow up on some of these people for their aggressively ungrateful demands towards you. The interface improves the site expirence by a lot and clearly had a lot of work go into it.
  4. Asu is so good at holding good teams to like a field goal
  5. Gg, you have done a lot with what you got. I think you have another win in you still at minimum.
  6. Unrelated to Brooksheers performance,I would be excited to see Kyle Jefferson get a look. Feels like his stock has been all over the place up and down ever since the pre draft process, so it would be nice to see him get some snaps to prove what he can or can't do and settle it once and for all.
  7. Based on your dominance of the strava group I have a feeling youll be well prepared but good luck to you anyway! I cannot fathom running that far so I am extremely impressed by those who can.
  8. My team might be ass but at least I kept the de pipeline flowing
  9. Heartbreaking to lose on a FG that could have sent it to OT. Still can't be too upset though, that game definitely lived up to the hype. See you week 17 at our place Miami.
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