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    1. Music

      Music dump : Here's a playlist I made. For those lazier, here's a few songs from the playlist:
    2. Pittsburgh, PA Good morning everyone. Hope you're all having a wonderful morning here in Pittsburgh. I would like to start off this press conference with a message to all Steelers fans across the country. Thank you. Thank you for keeping strong and cheering for our Steelers. We're almost halfway through the season, and we remain undefeated against our AFC North Rivals. Despite hardships from the preseason - with the contract issues revolving Paul Davenport and with the franchise becoming up for save - we've managed to start a foundation for a stronger Steelers organization to build upon for years to come. While it's unfortunate that our Sagebow is no longer part of the organization, I hope for the best for him. He arrived in Pittsburgh with a vision to build a strong, formidable team. During my search, my goal was to find someone with a similar vision to what Sagebow had in mind for the franchise. An owner who can oversee the rebuild and set a course for the franchise to inevitably reach our goal for the Lombardi trophy. To Steelers fans everywhere, I am happy to announce our new Owner and GM, @joedchi. Joedchi comes from the Dallas Cowboys organization, where he took the role of General Manager. During his time with the franchise, Joedchi's drafted players which are considered a staple to the franchise: Graham Burnett, Taylor Rodriguez, Adrian Robinson, Erasmus High, Carlos Cruz, and Emmanuel Slade. In his first season with the franchise, he helped put together the 2018 which would go on and win Super Bowl V. Joedchi looks to repeat the same success he's had in Dallas, and help bring the Steelers to prominence. With Joedchi joining the organization, I will return to my original role as Head Coach for the Steelers. Stinsy remains as our Scout, and will help the both of us prepare for our weekly match-ups and with scouting talent for the organization. I will now open the press conference to any questions. TuscanSota
    3. [AU] Coach your least favorite school

      Wait you go to Baylor? ______________________________ It'll have to be TCU for me...
    4. Head Coach TuscanSota takes the podium in Pittsburgh for a special conference. I'm not sure any of you know, but Sagebow has retired from the site due to real life situations. He is no longer the Owner and GM of the Pittsburgh Steelers; and to my knowledge, he no longer coaches at the University of Tennessee. We are sad to see him leave at this time; however, we here in Pittsburgh understand when priorities need to be taken, and that we must do what we can for our own personal interests. We bid SageBow farewell, and hope that he is able to take care of his personal and professional matters and that we may see him one day return to the site. As the current head coach, I would like to announce that I am taking over as Interim-Owner of the Steelers. I will be handling all Owner and GM duties as best as I can for the rest of the season. I would like to state now that this position is temporary, and I will explain why. Last season, I announced my retirement from the Seattle Seahawks as both owner and head coach. I left on good terms with Lambo, and I explained here that there were personal matters I needed to take care of, and for future involvement, that I focus solely on CFBHC. The reason I rejoined NFLHC is that SageBow approached me with a plan for the Steelers and he believed that I could help him steer the franchise in the direction he wanted. After further negotiations, I was brought aboard to take care of the Head Coaching duties, while he focused on front-office duties. Through my experience so far, I can happily say I've enjoyed working with Sage and I've enjoyed helping mentor our current head scout, Stinsy. We had a very good, tight-knit group, and I personally believe we are on the cusp of turning around this organization. As the interim-owner of the Steelers, I will commit and do my best to bring this team to the playoffs. However, I know that in the long-run I will not be able to maintain this franchise due to the same IRL reasons as before. From now until the end of the season, I will be looking for a permanent owner to take control of the franchise. I will be seeking someone who shares the same passion for this franchise that Sagebow has, someone who wants to see the Lombardi trophy within the halls of the Pittsburgh Steelers headquarters. If you are interested in purchasing the Pittsburgh Steelers, please message myself and AlienUFO. I shall now open the press conference to those who would like to ask questions.
    5. [2021] Coach Smackems sings Country Roads

      This is the best day ever. Thank you for pulling through with this!
    6. We should probably declare the Mountain West a P6 conference at this point Could Oregon State become the first bowl-eligible team not previously in the top 25? Okay, I love y'all, I really do, but have you seen my O-Line? My last two performances?
    7. Hey, you. Have a good weekend.

      1. Time


        You too my dude

    8. [2021] Week #6 Inactives

      Steelers Inactives: RB Chase Dillard 5-9 175 1 Alabama [Speed] 71 WR Malaefou Lewis 5-8 181 3 Arizona State [Target] 74 FB Marc Ladner 6-0 210 4 Iowa State [Pass Blocking] 78 OLB Milan Porter 5-11 206 1 Fresno State [Blitz] 68 ILB Donny Hunter 5-11 207 3 Ohio State [Mike] 74 QB Allan O'Hennesy 6-0 222 2 Syracuse [Hybrid] 76 DE Jesse Boyd 6-6 276 3 Fresno State [Contain] 73
    9. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/19406-2020-coach-tuscansota-sings-take-me-home-country-roads-as-agreed-upon-in-country-roads-clash-rivalry/ I advise you skip to the 4min 50sec mark, for the most entertainment. Looking forward to hearing your beautiful singing voice, @smckenz3
    10. considering that my RT is now out for the season, I'm pretty sure this might be one of the last weeks I see votes. Whoever voted for me though, I appreciate it. Thanks
    11. [Week 5] College Gameday LIVE

    12. [2021] Week #5 - Saturday Afternoon

      Joshua Hyde, OT - Severe Achilles Rupture The only thing keeping me from crying in my sleep from this injury is the fact that @smckenz3 now needs to sing Country Roads live for the site.
    13. [2021] Week #5 Inactives

      Steelers Week 5 Inactives: RB Chase Dillard 5-9 175 1 Alabama [Speed] 71 WR Malaefou Lewis 5-8 181 3 Arizona State [Target] 74 FB Marc Ladner 6-0 210 4 Iowa State [Pass Blocking] 78 OLB Milan Porter 5-11 206 1 Fresno State [Blitz] 68 ILB Donny Hunter 5-11 207 3 Ohio State [Mike] 74 QB Allan O'Hennesy 6-0 222 2 Syracuse [Hybrid] 76 DE Jesse Boyd 6-6 276 3 Fresno State [Contain] 73
    14. ObliviousLAX

      Welcome back