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  1. A project I’m working is on essentially a large worldbuilding project. Been creating countries, regions, history, religion and culture. What initially started as an idea for a series of short stories got a bit out of control, so I’m building a world and a game that would allow me to create content for narrative short stories
  2. The fried chicken was alright but I think the aesthetic for a nostalgic Texas-style diner didn’t resonate well. There weren’t that many people in the restaurant when I went.
  3. There’s an old thread somewhere here on this but I went to this restaurant and a few days later it shut down.
  4. Got offered a job before Covid hit the country. I ended up having one day in the office and then going remote since them. Despite the circumstances going on right now and the job hunt I went through last year, I’m glad and fortunate that I found this role. In my spare time I started building an online-text based roleplaying game that’s integrated through Discord. The engine is almost finished, and all that’s left is building the content and game data. I’m not going to advertise it here, since I feel as though it would be inappropriate to do so. This is the most I’ll say about this pro
  5. TuscanSota for all of the above
  6. cant join if I was already part of the turtle club
  7. Russian Union of Socialist States Founded: 1879 Form of Government: Socialist Tsardom Leader: Tsar Nicholas II In 1879, Russian Tsar Alexander II is successfully assassinated by Russian radicals, supposedly from the radical terrorist group Narodnaya Volya. This comes after sluggish attempts at progressive reform, from the liberation of the Serfs in 1861, civil reform in 1864 which simplified the Russian judicial system, educational form which permitted the working class to pursue an education, and military reform which subjugated all social classes to six years of m
  8. Trust me, I'm not disappointed in you in anyway. As long as you're having fun man, that's all that matters.
  9. I know I left Baylor in the middle of the 2021 season, but it's been frustrating being on the sidelines watching the two recruiting classes I put together be completely underwhelming. The defense is good, but the lack of a 'playmaker' on the offensive side of the ball has been holding the Bears back. I wasn't expecting Miles Street to be Sean Bell 2.0, but I was hoping he would be somewhat productive. Same with Caleb Olmsted holding the rock after Marcus Schwartz graduated. I wasn't expecting a world beater, just hoping that someone Olmsted would have a better arm than Schwartz did. Nope. Mayb
  10. Name: Jared Raddick nickname: Big Dick
  11. The amount of talent that this team had was ridiculous, it's a shame that on the field they were mediocre.
  12. I'm going to go with some suggestions that I don't really see here... Persona 5: 100 hour Main Story title. JRPG that brings out the best parts turn-based gameplay, and a story that I think holds up very well and covers a lot of modern topics. Guild Wars 1. Not GW2, 1. Should be able to get the whole collection on steam for $30. It's an old school mmorpg with an emphasis on builds and teamplay. If you're interested, hit me up. I'm in a guild where we do weekly / bi-weekly dungeon runs. We can get you up to speed. Life is Strange Season 1. I can't speak for season 2 because I
  13. Started a new job this week; on Monday, more than half the office was already remote. My new boss was in the office to start off the onboarding and to welcome me onboard with the team. Starting yesterday, everyone is now remote. For my particular field, it's pretty easy to go remote; but it's noticably different now because I think almost everyone with a white-collar job is doing it. Roads are a lot quieter outside. Where I am, I-35 is a nightmare to drive on in the middle of the day; since Monday, it's smooth driving. I just wanted to drop by, but I hope that y'all ar
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