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    1. TuscanSota

      [2021] Post Regular Season Mock Draft

      I'd consider these two players a steal if they are this far back in the draft. At least Brian Chavez, but I can argue for Kyle Cunningham as well. Regardless, I like the mock.
    2. TuscanSota

      Steam Summer Sale 18 discussion thread

      I'm about to host a LAN party this Saturday, and am going to use the steam sale to my advantage. Would any of you know any good games for a LAN part of approx. 8-10 people? Here are the games we've discussed so far: Left 4 Dead 2 Team Fortress 2 Quake Champions Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Rocket League Civ V
    3. Thank you, Fever. Great question. It's evident that what Utah's managed to do this season is quite an accomplishment. Not only to win your conference, but to make the playoffs is no easy feat. I offer my congratulations to @owensr37 for doing just that. To answer your question, it's not going to be easy. Next season will be critical. In technical terms, the team is a bit bare-bone in a few areas, but it allows us to the room to be able to shape the team how we see fit in the long-term. We'll have to look around the state and the region for talent we need for our squad, but that is something I was already aware of going into the program. What I think is most important for the program right now is setting our standard and making a statement. I want it to be known in Utah and the region, what Utah State's capable of on and off the field. Our program isn't only going to focus on athletics, but make sure that our student-athletes are ready for the next stage in life- whether it be the NFL, the CFL, or the working world. When high school athletes see how well our players perform, I want them to have the impression that we're the school they'd like to attend. We're not the only school that's setting the standard. Utah's making quite an impression this year, and so is BYU. Outside of our state, you've got Air Force, Hawaii, Boise, and plenty of others making marks in the west. We're just going to have to do it better.
    4. "Fantastic question!" "To say first and foremost, the football program here isn't like one you'd find in Texas. I come from a school--and a state--where it's completely normal to hand a toddler a football and make them run a hundred yards. How do you think Solomon McLaughlin got so talented? Gotta start em' young." "The culture is different here. Utah State, historically, isn't one of the most winning programs in the West. Considering the program's previous coaches who attempted to lead the program. Many were unsuccessful here - coaches weren't winning both on the field and in the locker room. Some to the point of not knowing how to manage a team. And because of this history, I think people look at a school such as Utah State and think "there's no way this program could go up." "I disagree. When I think about this team, I see Utah State as the perfect opportunity to move past that history and establish a different culture. A culture where players can speak proudly about their university experience. A culture where these football players aren't just winning - their leaving a mark and a legacy when they stop off the field here in Logan, Utah. That's not to say that they haven't seen success before, I know what Zack's done to the program. Utah State got the chance to taste victory - I'm going to give them the full course meal."
    5. Earlier today, Utah State University hired it's newest coach, TuscanSota. Formerly retired after a three-year stint at his Alma Mater, Baylor University, the head coach expressed interested in help building the program. The Utah State Aggies went 5-7 this season. The season took a turn for the worse when their former coach, ZackTyzwyz, left to rally the Oklahoma State Cowboys to a phenomenal season. "Thank you, thank you. I'm happy to be here in Logan, Utah with all of you today. Can I just say first... DAMN y'all have some beautiful mountains. I mean it. Coming from Texas, I've never seen such a gorgeous place than right here. I could go on about the beautiful mountain ranges here. Really. However, I know that's not the main topic for today... I recently decided that I could take on the duties of being a Head Coach as I continue to maintain my private life. Those who might know me understand that I've set certain goals in pursuit of improving my well-being - both professionally and personally. I've consulted with friends and family about what I should do, and where I should go. Now that I am here, I hope to continue these pursuits and help build a foundation for our players and bring great value to our university. Thank you for having me here with all of you today." "I am open to taking any questions from the press."
    6. TuscanSota

      Account Elevation Requests

      Hi Soluna, I was recently accepted as the HC for the Utah State Aggies (MWC). Any chance I could get Utah State avatar? Thanks, Tuscan
    7. TuscanSota


    8. TuscanSota


      Le bump. I'm holding up my end of the bet.
    9. TuscanSota

      #FranziaBowl 2.0

      Time kicked my ass. 66-20. I'll share a screenshot when I can. Time will decide where I will apply.
    10. TuscanSota

      #FranziaBowl 2.0

      Okay, I'm back. Starting stream now
    11. TuscanSota

      #FranziaBowl 2.0

      New estimated start time: 11pm CST
    12. TuscanSota

      #FranziaBowl 2.0

      So, I'm an idiot. A long time ago, @Time and I played a game of NCAA 14. I was Hooston (Go Coogs) and he was his respective team, Smoo. I beat his ass that game. I can't remember the score though... Anyways, back to me being an idiot, we decided to play again. Tonight. To make things worse... we also made a bet. If I win, I get to apply for whichever available school I want to coach at. ... If Time wins, I'm letting him pick for me. I was also the one who came up with the bet. Because of my stupidity and because I think some of you will want to watch this, I'm going to livestream the match in this thread. Match begins at 10:30pm CST, after I pick up my roommate from the airport. Disclaimer: No bags are being slapped in this livestream
    13. Utah State needs to keep rising up
    14. This just in: Unemployed head coach discovers bag of wine in fridge, proceeds to make terrible decisions. More info later this weekend

      1. Darman


        Sources claim that this coach plans to slap said bag

    15. TuscanSota


      I'm going to withhold my application for the time being. I'm interested in returning as a CFB Coach, but I want it to be at the right place, and at the right time.