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  1. Well, looks like the Bear Brawl is off to a crazy start... on the other hand, I seriously want to know how this game ended. I'm stoked to read future notes for games. Edit: Also, is this the most points scored in a regular season game?
  2. As far as any of my failures go, I was awful in the old recruiting system (The one with the four rounds) The average amount of points I put on a player was approximately 8. The maximum I used was 20. This is why I feel like I'm partially to blame for Houston's current state. In the end, I learned I needed to be more tenacious when going after players I want.
  3. QB Marquise Mariota 6-4 222 Fr Saint Louis (Honolulu, HI) 3.5 of 5.0 [Hybrid]

  4. I think I need some time off. I don't know when I'll be back. Don't go looking for me.

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      Hope everything is OK man. We're here if you need us.

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      +1 to Klemm, let us know man. I'd be a lot less of a person without you guys and this site.

  5. Butterfingers Seahawks send shipment of delicious chocolate candies to Chargers Front office after the game Seahawks' Kenji Sagatomo, Brian Glenn, Christian Okonkwo, and Malcolm Douglas-Scott each recovered a fumble in yesterday's 40-21 win in Los Angeles
  6. The Big 12 was the only conference that wasn't involved in the 2020 Coaching Carousel

  7. how did the Lions drop by two ranks, if no one above them got any higher?
  8. Sack-atomo! Rookie makes stunning debut in his first career start against the Redskins Kenji Sagatomo sacks Javier Fields after recording a Pick-Six in the First Quarter
  9. story

    Shoutout to @HAFFnHAFF for helping me with the proofreading. You da real MVP
  10. Link to Part 1 A paper slid across the desk, and went right in front of me. It was a simple piece of paper - all of my personal information that I submitted to the school. There was also athletic information - which locker was mine, shoe size, pads, and jersey number. None if it caught my attention except for the statement in bold red stamped on the right hand corner of the page. Redshirt “I know how you must feel about this,” Coach said to me. He wasn’t leaning back in his chair, rather resting his elbows on the desk, in very stern expression. “I discussed this with the staff, along with the quarterbacks coach before coming to a decision. We believe this will be the best decision for you in the long run.” “Sir, I-” “Trust me, you wouldn’t be getting any playing time.” “Coach. Whether I start or not, I could be the backup! What if Marcus goes down and…” Coach sighed, and leaned back in his chair. He took a quick glance over at his wall of memorabilia: championship and rivalry trophies from his time in Houston, photos with players even before my time. An old strange bag was propped behind a glass panel. It caught me off guard, but I dared not ask about it. “Listen Caleb, we haven’t had an injury here at Baylor in years. Injuries rarely happen at the college level, thanks to our country’s progression in sports medicine. Even if disaster strikes and Marcus goes down, I wouldn’t have you as a backup.” I couldn’t understand coach’s words. I stood there, puzzled, glancing between the boldly marked Redshirt and my coach’s austere appearance. Coach motioned towards the chair opposite of his desk. “Why don’t you sit down. Do you know what a redshirt means?” “I’ll take a guess, it means I’m prohibited from all sports activities?” Coach shook his head. “Not quite.” “Then what is it?” I said, slightly annoyed. I didn’t want to be here. Coach pulled out a red practice jersey from one of his drawers, and placed it on his desk. “It’s nothing like a prohibition. More like, a suspension. You won’t be able to play on game days this season, but you’ll still be expected to participate both on the practice field and in the classroom.By redshirting you, you have an extra year under your belt - you’ll learn the playbook, become familiar with the team, and improve your athletic ability.You’ll still be considered a freshman next season, but you’ll be much more prepared for our quarterback role than you are today.” I leaned back in my chair, taking in my coach’s words, “And what role is that then?” Coach raised his eyebrows, “I don’t see you as a backup, Caleb. I see you as a starter.” ~ I closed the door to coach’s office. I quickly left McLane Stadium made my way back to campus. It was when I was crossing over the Brazos that I stopped and looked over the walkway. One thing I learned since being here - the Brazos was always green. Awfully trashy, to be correct. Still, a nice, sunny day made this river a little less disgusting than it already was. Students were on the water using kayaks and paddleboards over by the school dock. Life just seemed to pass by me in this moment, even as the reality of being redshirted began to set in. I sighed, and accepted that my career here at Baylor may be a bit longer than I expected. “Hey! Caleb!” I heard my name from across the bridge, by the law school. Zach McHale ran over, waving his arms. “So, what did coach say?” I showed him the red practice jersey. Zach gave me a look of concern. “What’s this?” “Coach is redshirting me,” I told him. “Well shit, I didn’t think he’d redshirt you.” Zach expressed. “I thought the same, myself.” “You’re still on the team though, right?” “I am, as a team player. I’m just not allowed to compete in games.” Zach sighed, “Well that’s dumb… at least you’ll get to see me on the field this season! Coach didn’t recruit a highly capable player such as myself to just sit on a bench!” Something then crossed my mind, “What are you doing over here? I thought practice doesn’t start until later today.” Zach’s face lit up, and he pointed directly at himself, “I was told that Coach Tuscan wants to see THIS guy! I’m sure he’s wanted to speak with me for awhile, probably going to tell me that I’m starting this season.” Aside from Zach’s ego, he had a point. The linebacker position was a huge question mark heading into the summer practices. I’ve known Zach for only a few days as his roommate, but the dude had some real good highlights on Youtube. I know this because he showed everyone else in our hall. “Well, best of luck to you then.” I said. “Thanks man!” Zach exclaimed, “There’s NO way anything could possibly go wrong!” ~ To be continued.
  11. I think this is the approach that is currently being used in CBBHC, iirc
  12. Roster updated. I was actually surprised that Jayden Tinsley left... if anything, this changes my strategy regarding crooting this season
  13. When I joined Houston, Joel King was the starting QB Looking back, I felt like I squandered his development a little bit by running the Pro Style scheme. In the next season, 2017, I switched to the Spread scheme, and his numbers increased drastically. For starting out at CFBHC, having Joel King was a blessing. When the offense was balanced, he was putting up very good numbers. When I tried to slant the offense more towards the pass, the numbers slightly went down. It really helped him that we had a threat on the ground in Adrian Robinson, while I was coaching the Cougars. As of where Joel King is right now, he's currently the starting QB for the Cincinnati Bengals. Didn't do so well for a rookie, but I think he'll get past the growing pains
  14. Brace Yourselves! Seahawks cap off Sunday night with surprising OT Win against the Raiders DE Brian Glenn recorded 2 Sacks, a Safety, and 3 Tackles during last night's matchup
  15. How many games have ended in OT for the Seahawks this season? Also, GG Alien. This was a difficult game to plan for

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