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  1. TuscanSota for all of the above
  2. cant join if I was already part of the turtle club
  3. Aaron Hardon > Benjamin Yeets

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      Jared Raddick > Travis Ricketts > Aaron Hardon > Benjamin Yates

  4. Russian Union of Socialist States Founded: 1879 Form of Government: Socialist Tsardom Leader: Tsar Nicholas II In 1879, Russian Tsar Alexander II is successfully assassinated by Russian radicals, supposedly from the radical terrorist group Narodnaya Volya. This comes after sluggish attempts at progressive reform, from the liberation of the Serfs in 1861, civil reform in 1864 which simplified the Russian judicial system, educational form which permitted the working class to pursue an education, and military reform which subjugated all social classes to six years of military service -- two if they managed to have an elementary education system prior. Due to the educational reforms brought out by Alexander II, former serfs and peasants were encouraged to practice free thought and to express themselves. This brought in a wave of western influence in the form of socialist philosophy and early traces of communism. Peasants would gather in social circles to discuss such policies such as workers rights and unionization that they concluded the tsar and his inner circle were not promoting reforms at their full potential. What ensued were years of civil unrest and attempts of assassinations. After surviving an assassination attempt in 1866 via bombing and an early attempt in 1874, Alexander II would meet his demise in 1879 by radical revolutionary Alexander Soloviev after shot five times in the back from a runaway attempt. Had Alexander chose to run in a zigzag pattern, he might have lived. In the wave of his assassination, the Narodnaya Volya mustered up the local peasantry and workers in the Moscow and Saint Petersburg region, to take on the broken Romanov family and the noble class. The Romanov army force attempted to fight back the Narodnaya rebels, only to find itself in chaos due to the chaotic unrest from the peasant class within their ranks. By October 1879, tsar Alexander III would negotiate a surrender to Soloviev and his inner circle of socialist radicals. A new constitution labeled the Soviet Testament (The Worker's Testament) was drafted during this meeting. The Romanov family would keep their rank of royalty in Russia, while a socialist union would absorb all political rule and jurisdiction from the monarch. The Tsar would have a place within the Union's political circle, but rather-more for show than for purpose. Further, Alexander III's first born son would be educated on progressive and socialist doctrine brought in from the western circles of Europe (By educating the monarchy on Alexander II's progressive policies, the Narodnaya would hope for a monarch who would put the working class first over all else). At the start of it's reign, this Socialist Union concentrated power within an inner circle of Narodnaya Volya; while the Worker's Testament stated the levels of governance. The Russian Union was divided into several states -- or blocks -- each independently governed and controlled, but given assignments by the head of state on policies the state itself must focus on. This allowed local socialists and workers, familiar with their own homelands to govern as they wished, at the expense of sending taxes and goods to head of state. Prices remained controlled by the state when necessary, in order to prevent price hikes and monopolies from taking control of certain economic sectors. In the years between 1880-1899, the RUSS placed an emphasis on furthering the rights of workers and evolving Russia from an agricultural nation to one of industrial power. The Russian Union would promote intrastate trade between the different states, and even importing agricultural goods to other nations in order to finance the new production of factories and plants among it's northern regions to begin supplying coal and iron. In the far east, the Russian Union would focus its policies in more maritime and lumber, utilizing the transsiberian railroad as a supply chain from the Central State to the vast Siberian states and towns. By 1900, Russia's manufacturing is on the rise, whereas its military might remains focused on its land power as opposed to sea. It's agricultural production remains at an all-time high, yet not at the level as those in Western Europe. Due to the vast expanse of the nation, the Central State is considering a second railroad to allow further trade and expansion into Siberia and neighboring nations. Patriotism is high, whereas there are still nobles who attempt to speak out against the new socialist regime. Stats: Economy (1-10): Education (1-10): Military Power Overall (1-10): Land Power (1-10): Sea Power (1-10): Air Power (1-10): Technology (1-10): Health (1-10): Infrastructure (1-10): Population:
  5. Trust me, I'm not disappointed in you in anyway. As long as you're having fun man, that's all that matters.
  6. I know I left Baylor in the middle of the 2021 season, but it's been frustrating being on the sidelines watching the two recruiting classes I put together be completely underwhelming. The defense is good, but the lack of a 'playmaker' on the offensive side of the ball has been holding the Bears back. I wasn't expecting Miles Street to be Sean Bell 2.0, but I was hoping he would be somewhat productive. Same with Caleb Olmsted holding the rock after Marcus Schwartz graduated. I wasn't expecting a world beater, just hoping that someone Olmsted would have a better arm than Schwartz did. Nope. Maybe I should've aimed higher while everyone was trying to piece together how to recruit in Recruiting 2.0, or at least before Prestige became a thing. Maybe if I actually recruited an offensive playmaker, it would look make the defense perform better. End of rant. This is more of a critique on the talent I recruited. I seriously hope Vivid breaks Baylor out of this rut and gets them back into a bowl game.
  7. Name: Jared Raddick nickname: Big Dick
  8. The amount of talent that this team had was ridiculous, it's a shame that on the field they were mediocre.
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  10. I'm going to go with some suggestions that I don't really see here... Persona 5: 100 hour Main Story title. JRPG that brings out the best parts turn-based gameplay, and a story that I think holds up very well and covers a lot of modern topics. Guild Wars 1. Not GW2, 1. Should be able to get the whole collection on steam for $30. It's an old school mmorpg with an emphasis on builds and teamplay. If you're interested, hit me up. I'm in a guild where we do weekly / bi-weekly dungeon runs. We can get you up to speed. Life is Strange Season 1. I can't speak for season 2 because I haven't played it yet, but last I checked all of Season 1 should be available on PSN. If you want to cry your eyes out, play this. Other suggestions: Assassin's Creed Origins / Odyssey -- Ubisoft took the series, added a soft version of souls-like gameplay and placed in Witcher-like questing. It's not 'great', but it works. I prefer Origins more because they did a great job on making the main character relate-able. Monster Hunter World -- If you're looking to kill a lot of monsters to pass the time, this is the game. Capcom does a great job of easing you in, and defeating the giant monsters feels satisfying. Tomb Raider reboot series Dying Light Left 4 Dead 2 Endless Legend - a 4X strategy game like Civilization, but fantasy. Star Wars Empire at War -- old RTS with Star Wars, huge focus on the original trilogy. If you like RTS games, give this a try. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 & Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy -- the multiplayer portion from these games were my first experiences with online multiplayer. Not as much player numbers, but a lotta fun. Mods and maps make this game better. I recommend checking out https://oldgamesdownload.com/. It's a website I found from a reddit thread but shows you how to download games that are off the web. The reason for this are because two of my favorite childhood games are abandoned but some people figured out how to install and play them: Battle For Middle Earth 2 - Real Time Strategy Lord of the Rings. The war of the ring mode was pretty much RTS chess and is the best thing about this game. Battlefield 2142 -- If you want a true battlefield experience that isn't Bad Company 2, 2142 is it.
  11. Started a new job this week; on Monday, more than half the office was already remote. My new boss was in the office to start off the onboarding and to welcome me onboard with the team. Starting yesterday, everyone is now remote. For my particular field, it's pretty easy to go remote; but it's noticably different now because I think almost everyone with a white-collar job is doing it. Roads are a lot quieter outside. Where I am, I-35 is a nightmare to drive on in the middle of the day; since Monday, it's smooth driving. I just wanted to drop by, but I hope that y'all are safe. Reach out to me on discord if y'all want to chat. TuscanSota#1458
  12. Congrats @TheLiberator! Wishing the best for you, @joedchi and @StorMy moving forward. Take back the North!
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