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  1. I'm going to go with some suggestions that I don't really see here... Persona 5: 100 hour Main Story title. JRPG that brings out the best parts turn-based gameplay, and a story that I think holds up very well and covers a lot of modern topics. Guild Wars 1. Not GW2, 1. Should be able to get the whole collection on steam for $30. It's an old school mmorpg with an emphasis on builds and teamplay. If you're interested, hit me up. I'm in a guild where we do weekly / bi-weekly dungeon runs. We can get you up to speed. Life is Strange Season 1. I can't speak for season 2 because I haven't played it yet, but last I checked all of Season 1 should be available on PSN. If you want to cry your eyes out, play this. Other suggestions: Assassin's Creed Origins / Odyssey -- Ubisoft took the series, added a soft version of souls-like gameplay and placed in Witcher-like questing. It's not 'great', but it works. I prefer Origins more because they did a great job on making the main character relate-able. Monster Hunter World -- If you're looking to kill a lot of monsters to pass the time, this is the game. Capcom does a great job of easing you in, and defeating the giant monsters feels satisfying. Tomb Raider reboot series Dying Light Left 4 Dead 2 Endless Legend - a 4X strategy game like Civilization, but fantasy. Star Wars Empire at War -- old RTS with Star Wars, huge focus on the original trilogy. If you like RTS games, give this a try. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 & Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy -- the multiplayer portion from these games were my first experiences with online multiplayer. Not as much player numbers, but a lotta fun. Mods and maps make this game better. I recommend checking out https://oldgamesdownload.com/. It's a website I found from a reddit thread but shows you how to download games that are off the web. The reason for this are because two of my favorite childhood games are abandoned but some people figured out how to install and play them: Battle For Middle Earth 2 - Real Time Strategy Lord of the Rings. The war of the ring mode was pretty much RTS chess and is the best thing about this game. Battlefield 2142 -- If you want a true battlefield experience that isn't Bad Company 2, 2142 is it.
  2. Started a new job this week; on Monday, more than half the office was already remote. My new boss was in the office to start off the onboarding and to welcome me onboard with the team. Starting yesterday, everyone is now remote. For my particular field, it's pretty easy to go remote; but it's noticably different now because I think almost everyone with a white-collar job is doing it. Roads are a lot quieter outside. Where I am, I-35 is a nightmare to drive on in the middle of the day; since Monday, it's smooth driving. I just wanted to drop by, but I hope that y'all are safe. Reach out to me on discord if y'all want to chat. TuscanSota#1458
  3. Congrats @TheLiberator! Wishing the best for you, @joedchi and @StorMy moving forward. Take back the North!
  4. I made a game called 'Be A Bison' and ran a session on discord about a year ago. For this particular project, I'm trying to rewrite the rules so that anyone could play it table-top style or on discord. Best way I can explain the game is that it's Oregon Trail, but you're a Bison.
  5. Hosting my final press conference (for now). Should be Live at 8:00pm CST / 6:00PM PST Feel free to ask any questions.
  6. TuscanSota


    Knew it. Congrats bud
  7. Coach TuscanSota will be doing his a live press conference tonight. Aiming for 6:00pm PST. Any questions welcomed.


    Postponed: I am very sleep deprived :(

  8. Good game @Broletariat I honestly feel there's a bit of irony with how the Cougs coug'd it, again.
  9. As far as members in Texas, I know that myself, Azul, and CMcGill are in Austin. Ace and Gigem are in San Antonio, Vivid is in grad school @ Baylor in Waco and Mahrowkeen is in Houston. So about 7 active members. Did I miss anyone?
  10. I wanted to do this awhile back but lost track of time due to the site being down at the time. This is also a follow up from the last movie and discussion: The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai The movie this time is one that I found randomly while perusing Youtube: Rock and Rule. According to wikipedia, this is an animated musical science fiction fantasy film, made by a Canadian Company called Nelvana. Here are a few interesting tidbits: This movie was made & released in 1982/83. The movie features songs from Cheap Trick, Chris Stein & Debbie Harry of Blondie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and Earth,Wind,&Fire. Artists from the above bands are in fact also the singing voices for a number of characters in the movie. The American distributor of the film (MGM) disliked one of the leading voice actors, and decided to redub the movie with a more well-known actor. A number of edits were made to the American version of the film. The edits were made due to scenes involving adult themes such as sexuality & profanity. The original print of the movie was destroyed into a fire. Any current releases on VHS, DVD, Blu Ray, and Streaming are derived from a previous VHS source. The same fire mentioned above also destroyed original versions of the songs in the film. It is possible that either MGM or Nelvana may still have the original soundtrack; either way, the existence of the OG soundtrack is unknown, and the full versions of the song in the film are considered 'lost'. Fans have made an effort to piece together what the songs could be. A number of tracks from the soundtrack can be found on Youtube + Soundcloud Dialogue & plot points vary depending on which version of the film you watch So, if you're interested in seeing another cult classic from the 80s, I'm posting the American version & Canadian version below. Take a watch and let me know your honest thoughts below. American Version
  11. ILB Garrett Powers 6-4 229 R Baylor [Mike] [+2/C] 81 this pisses me off (that he is declaring early). Oh well
  12. TuscanSota


    I'm in a huge classical music vibe, and youtube threw some suggestions at me that I'm really digging
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