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  1. The Washington State Cougars would like to announce that we have officially called "Dibs" on Jarred Raddick. Thank you and have a nice day.

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      Sure thing no mods no cheats hardcore mode let's go

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      Slappers only. #goldeneye

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      Well shoot I don't have goldeneye

  2. So I did some thinking this morning and decided that I'm going to do something different for the next Pac 12 After Dark. It's fun coming up jokes and bad puns, but I want to make sure that the content for After Dark remains fresh. So, I will be answering Fan Mail. So if you're interested, send me a PM with any question that you might have regarding the Pac 12 or why you can't stay up late to read this amazing article.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, Coming to Week 5 of the 2023 Season it’s... Where we bring you the latest news happening in THE premier conference on the Best Coast of the United States. Thank you for joining us. I know it's been awhile, but thank you for your patience for this week’s episode on West Coast Football. If you’re an east coast softie and hoping to get a glimpse at true American football, then I suggest you watch this instead. It’s family-friendly, nonviolent, and will not trigger your sensitive emotions. Now go on. Git.
  4. Whoever you are, I love you. But also, thank you for the pressure because now I have to live up to that #12 ranking when I face JT Youngblood this Saturday and now I'm a little nervous
  5. Baylor and Iowa State aren't on that Honorable Mentions list. Both are excellent programs that have been prominent every time each have had a powerhouse RB. Iowa State managed to make it into the 2018 Playoffs thanks to Pacheco, and same with Baylor the year after with Sean Bell. They don't have any other runningbacks, but I'd argue a season or two later that both teams would be reputable enough to at least mention. BU's Notable Runningbacks: Sean Bell (2016-2019), 2019 Doak Walker Award Winner & 2019 All American RB, Miles Street (2020 - Now), Carlos Bowden (2022 - Now) ISU's Notable Runningbacks: Arturo Pacheco (2016 (?) -2019), Kofi McCullough (2021 - Now)
  6. Can we talk about San Diego State? Seriously, this team's returning all of their offensive stars, but I get the feeling for the past few games for the Aztecs, since last season, the offense has been sputtering. I was honestly expecting a much closer game.
  7. Good Game @Mcanes305. You might be 1-2 right now, but you're doing one helluva job at Colorado. I was honestly expecting to be upset this week considering how you've been able to keep games close as the Bison.
  8. I like to think they switch off every game or so. One week, Zach kills it on the field, the next week Garrett shows off what he can do. I can only imagine what will happen when both make the same statsheet
  9. Garrett Powers & Zachary McHale. These two are going to tear it up for the Baylor defense this year. I was really excited on recruiting these two, and their performances on the field remain stellar.
  10. Gosh who knew Utah State wanted to go for a second round!
  11. Last Alaskan looking stellar on the field today. GG, Aggies
  12. He had offers from Bama and Clemson before committing to the Tigers. Last season he had 12 tackles, but was suspended from the Fiesta Bowl for some reason. Not sure why he transferred, but it might've been due to the DB depth at LSU
  13. Also, it looks like Curtis Sheppard shows up twice on the stat-sheet
  14. Trust me, you're underestimating my ability to choke in big games. Anything can happen
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