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  1. Ran into a minor issue, but I think it's because I'm using this through a mobile device. Overall, I like it.
  2. That's fair. Wazzu's class is worse than Utah State's but I'll take the fall for it
  3. Noodlz's coach rating is based off California, but my coach rating is based off of Utah State? edit: I do like the work done on this, but found this to be particularly odd, since both Noodlz and I transitioned to the Pac-12 during the season
  4. 72 degrees F this morning here in Austin Texas. It's supposed to go to 80, but who knows since it's stormy today. Sure beats the 100+ Degree weather this state gets every year.
  5. Baylor University 3rd Year under Matt Rhule. I'm expecting a bowl game, and hopefully, 7 regular season wins. 8 if we're lucky. I think some of the polls have us in the top 25, and while I think that's generous, I think it's only because our team keeps getting more experienced. We should be making less mistakes than last season, and the season before. Our QB Charlie Brewer should improve. If he doesn't do well on the field, I can see him benched for the RS Freshman, Gerry Buchanan, who I heard (through the great vine) is really good. Our O-Line was atrocious last year, I think giving up 39 sacks on the season. It's supposed to improve, especially siince a transfer from Clemson (Jake Fruhmorgen) will be eligible to play. I'm not as knowledgeable on our defense, but we're replacing a few guys on our D-Line. We still have James Lynch on our D-Line, one of our players that made the All-Big-12 Conference team. If we beat TCU this season I might break my sobriety.
  6. Due to the time constraint, I would make a trip to Pullman and visit Washington State University. Maybe sneak into coach Leach's football class and get some pointers on how to take my team next season. Maybe get some more Wazzu swag too. Flight starts tomorrow morning, meaning that I will need to head back after Saturday. Perfect. I honestly have no choice who to specifically bring along, so the first person to slap a bag joins me on the trip.
  7. I put Bronn on the Iron Throne. He was promised a better castle by Jamie in return for helping him secure Myrcella from Dorne. I think it would be ironic that he would take King's Landing by the end of the show. edit: My second choice would be Jaime Lannister.
  8. For those who watch Game of Thrones and are caught up with the series... A friend of mine showed me this earlier today, so I figured why not make a group here? https://guessthethrone.com/groups/2S8my2VF6rrvZewmhEyi The game is simple: Predict who lives and who dies in the final season of Game of Thrones. There's also bonus points for first and last death, and which character actually claims the iron throne by the end of the season.
  9. Coach Smakems, are you aware that the Miami Dolphins have long known of the impending destruction of the planet Earth, and have made many attempts to alert mankind of the danger, but we are misinterpreting their communications as amusing attempts to carry the football?
  10. Allama Banta should really look into Hampture
  11. Considering that Baylor limped into the tournament, I'm glad we made it. Any win is icing on the cake for me.
  12. I'm with you and @VerifiedThing, I loved Thomas the Tank Engine as a kid. For real, I would spend hours on the floor building tracks. Had some of the cassettes, watched the movie, all of it. I think my parents might still have the sets I used to play with. Kinda wished there was some railroad building game on PS4 or PC...
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