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  1. I'm honestly convinced that if the run game fails within the 1st Quarter, the team adjusts to focus on the pass game.
  2. Congratulations on finishing up recruiting so early! Just curious coach, but what was your goal with this class? Which recruits are you most excited about?
  3. Hate to be that guy, but they're the Alaska Nanooks
  4. You'd think that having a Mike-Will LB tandem, a Contain DE and 2-Gap DT would indicate that you have the personnel to run a 3-4...
  5. This might seem administrative but do the NFL Owners usually meet up every now and then to vote on things? I looked up a few articles but it looks like Owners sometimes congregate to vote on NFL expansion, relocation, wage agreements with NFL players, and a few other things. What if there was an NFLHC version of that? Something along the lines of roleplay events that could have small league-wide effects. We have events that affect certain players and franchises, but not much in regards to events that affect the league as a whole. I think it could increase camaraderie around the league and allow NFLHC owners to communicate with one another whereas the most interaction I've seen is through trade talks and scouting.
  6. CFBHC and NFLHC: I honestly feel like my teams have a defensive backbone - really good DE's, good linebackers, corners that should be decent. They haven't performed at their best and I'm not sure if it's because of the defensive scheme, how I'm adjusting the playcalling, or if it's because of the lack of production from our offense, forcing the defense to tire out on the field. CFBHC: We've been using a Pass-Heavy offense because I did not trust our former starting RB. This is the reason why I benched him after the spring game and why he transferred. You'd think that using a pass heavy offense would mitigate the issues of having no ideal run game but I feel like the sim punishes you for having a balanced offense. Our defense, despite having the players for what should be a 3-4 defense, doesn't appear to be making any plays. This defense on paper is probably the best defense in the Pac 12 but for some reason they've let offenses run right through them - literally. Things I've done: Switched up playcall aggression and physical aggression slider between Aggressive, Neutral, and Conservative. Nothing. I've set the DBs to Press Coverage in game against Hawaii to put pressure on JT Youngblood. Nope, didn't work. NFLHC: I've tried adjusting our secondary scheme as much as I could get a run game going, but no matter what we've had about 12 attempts or less on all games we've lost. We've stuck with the Pro Style for awhile, but are now considering other options. Defensively, we've used a 3-4 and switched between NIckel, Dime, and 4-4. I haven't tried any of the other sliders, only because I don't know if it takes off players from the field or if it just makes our DBs focus on the run game. Can someone give me insight on this? Overall thoughts: If I keep the current gameplan that I have for both squads, I will probably end up with 3 wins maximum from both teams. Pittsburgh for some reason will get a top 10 pick and Washington State will miss a bowl game despite having the talent.
  7. I checked my inbox, but I believe I removed the old email thread on this when I left the organization two seasons later. What I do remember though is that Waffle was becoming inactive around the end of the season. I don't know if we cut Ken Peelle as a result of Waffle not adjusting the depth chart. Waffle didn't really communicate with us on what he was gameplanning or depth chart adjustments.
  8. As the former Owner of the Seattle Seahawks that season, all I can say is I have no idea why Ken Peelle was cut. Can't remember, but I'd have to look through the inbox and see if this move was discussed.
  9. You'll get there. Continue to be aggressive in recruiting and build a foundation of players to work with. Not everyone has to be a star, but it is nice to have a few playmakers. You'll get there. You and Noodlez were on the right track for recruiting Houston. The two before y'all didn't focus much on it
  10. I partially blame myself and partially blame the two coaches that were there after me. I had no idea how to recruit at the time and the two guys afterward didn't do much to try and recruit.
  11. Maybe he just needs more time to develop? I don't know
  12. The fact that Houston had a huge lead by 2018 but now everyone has all but caught up is kind sad.
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