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    1. Joopear

      Oh hey, another Austinite! Welcome!
    2. Poster Before You Game

      Compared to the rest of the Sunbelt, I think your team has an easy path to a Sunbelt Championship. Your biggest games are going to be from your OOC Schedule and Arkansas State Based on the team's talent, I expect the Panthers to win most of its conference slate. Arkansas State is a tossup, only because I can see their passing game putting up very good numbers numbers against your defense. EMU is a tossup to me because they have a very similar amount of talent to your team. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt based on home-advantage for this one. Kentucky might have trouble stopping your RB, Evan Grant, but I can see the Panthers defense having issues against Kentucky's QB, Elijah McManus The Wake Forest game is also a tossup; however, the Demon Deacon defense looks like it's more capable of stopping the run, which is going to be your team's biggest strength. All in all, I see the panthers going 8-4, winning the Sun Belt, and getting a bowl game. Baylor schedule: vs California vs Minnesota (Neutral) vs Iowa State vs West Virginia vs Texas vs Kansas State at Kansas at Oklahoma at Texas Tech at Arizona vs Oklahoma State at TCU
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    4. Ladies and Gentlemen, Coming soon to this 2021 season - from the coach who mentored Joel King, Reshad Jenkins, Sean Bell, Philip Moore, and Hastin Rider comes the unlikely story of seven extraordinary football players. The Baylor Bears proudly present... Come join Tuscan this football season as the Bears call upon the legendary unit known as the Magnificent Seven. After an unlikely turn of events which led to the Bears missing a Bowl game, coach TuscanSota calls upon seven players to bolster the Bears’ atrocious defense and protect Waco, Texas from the devastating offenses of the Big 12 and beyond. Heads will turn when this septet graces the fields of McLane Stadium, and turn the tides of the game. Running Backs will shutter; Linemen will squander; Quarterbacks will dash away back to the sidelines to their safe-spaces right behind their head coach. Why? Because this will be the most terrifying defense anyone will face this year. Starring… Alex Whitney - The Veteran DE Alex Whitney 5-10 243 (Sr) Denison (Denison, TX) 4.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] Alexander “I’m Fucking Old” Whitney is not your ordinary Defensive End. A starter since 2018 Week 1 as a redshirt freshman, Whitney was there when the Bears pulled the upset on the Florida Gators and won 28-14. Since then, the DE has seen many battles and sacked many Quarterbacks. Now in his prime, Whitney is ready to maul through Left Tackles like scissors cutting wet paper. Andrew Newton - The Smart One DE Andrew Newton 6-1 265 (Sr) Flatonia (Flatonia, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] According to my knowledge, Andrew Newton comes from a long line of scientists, dating back hundreds of years. So why did he decide to take up football at a Baptist University instead of work for NASA as a teenage prodigy? Because FOOTBALL SCIENCE. When Newton lines up at the line of scrimmage, he analyzes the form of his opposite adversary. He can translate audibles in three different languages, including Java. By the time the snap is made, it’s already too late - Newton’s calculated the offensive play, and he’s 95% certain that your play sucks. Ezekiel Sewell - The Ranger DT Ezekiel Sewell 6-5 325 Jr Ranger College (Ranger, TX) 3.5 of 4.5 [2-Gap] Ezekiel is unlike any Nose Tackle to line up for the Bears defense. Hailing from Ranger College near Ranger, Texas, Ezekiel trained as a ranger first - football player second. While normal football players were doing reps and practice routines, Ezekiel spent days learning to survive in the wild. And if his JUCO coach was ticked off? Ezekiel would be going toe to toe against the wildlife of the forest - fighting off mountain lions, evil bears, and tigers. By the time Ezekiel returned his sacred training in the forests outside the DFW Area, he was more of a man than a frat boy after an Elephant Walk. Despite having an interest to head to Aggieland, Coach TuscanSota made him an offer he just couldn’t refuse - a starting role on the Baylor Defense as a part of the Magnificent Seven. Zachary McHale - The Pissed Off One OLB Zachary McHale 6-4 244 (Fr) Apple Springs (Apple Springs TX) 3.0 of 5.0 [Blitz] Zach is a football player riled with anger. Promised to start as a true freshman, Zach instead found himself wearing a redshirt on the sidelines after a certain linebacker transferred to the Bears. From that moment, Zach could only watch as his team slowly failed to make a bowl game. Now after a long year of hardship and waiting, Zach’s ready to exert his bent-up anger inside, plow through offensive lines and tear your Quarterback a new one. His favorite drink is Snapple. Maxim Hillman - The Man from California OLB Maxim Hillman 6-1 238 (Sr) Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland, CA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blitz] After his father named him after a magazine filled with scantily-clad women, Maxim abandoned his family to take up football. A proud linebacker from Bishop O’Dowd, Maxim found himself in the graces of USC under the tutelage of former head coach IHadADreamatorium. Unfortunately for Maxim, the linebacker never stepped foot onto the Coliseum to play for the Trojans. Dreading the bench, Maxim decided to leave the bright lights of LA and take his talents to small town Waco, TX. Bringing a paparazzi of pizzaz and flair, Maxim has proven in his first year with the bears that he’s more than a bench player - he’s a playmaker. Thomas Morton - The Silent One ILB Thomas Morton 6-2 254 Jr Collin College (Collin County, TX) 4.0 of 5.0 [Mike] A newcomer, Thomas Morton isn’t your ordinary Mike Linebacker. Only a few know the backstory of this cold-hearted football player. Rumor has it Morton was a star linebacker over in Collins County, Texas. The team captain by his senior year, Morton was granted a scholarship to a promising Blue Blood university and was even dating the cheerleading captain too. He had it all - until his homecoming game, when his rival school’s star running back trucked him on an HB Dive play. The wind knocked out, Morton was forced to sit on the sidelines as this RB scored for the entire game. Those who bore witness to that game could say Morton was never the same afterward. The blue blood school took back his scholarship, fearing confidence issues; worse, rumor has it that the cheer captain cheated on Morton with the running back. Why am I telling you this? Well, legend says that since that day, Morton has taken a vow of silence. Ever since he was cleared of concussion protocol, Morton has worked his way back to the top as a JUCO, and rejoining the college football ranks. Committing to a vow of silence, he will stop at nothing until he faces the rival RB and have his vengeance. Until then, every player he faces is simply in his way. And last, BUT NOT LEAST… Garrett Powers - The New Kid ILB Garrett Powers 6-4 229 Fr Bryan (Bryan TX) 3.5 of 5.0 [Mike] Garrett Powers hails straight from Bryan, TX. Born from a family of spies, Powers longed to not join the secret service and instead pursue his passion for American football. His dreams became a reality when Coach TuscanSota sailed down the river Brazos to offer Powers a chance to play for the Bears. Destined for greatness, Powers looks to be a Week 0 Starter for a refined and upgraded Baylor defense. With the speed of a mighty bear, the strength of a hundred football players, and the grooviness of his family genetics, Powers brings a certain mojo onto the field that not even the ladies can resist. Terrifying alone, these seven players together make up the 2021 Baylor Bears Front 7. Each player has their personal goals and aspirations; but together, the Magnificent Seven is tasked to bringing the Bears back from the pits of “Not-Making-A-Bowl” and become the strongest defensive unit that CFBHC has ever seen! How strong is this unit? Find out on December 1st when the Bears face against the California Golden Bears in the Bear Brawl! Tickets for Season-Opener range depending on seating. Please go to StubHub while supplies last. Also, special thanks to @Minnowsotan and @HAFFnHAFF for helping me with their amazing photoshop skills
    5. Comments from Baylor HC TuscanSota on team's spring practices: "Not bad. I think the fellas earned a bag to slap."

    6. TuscanSota's BaP: Pokemon Y Edition [Episode 19 FINALLY]

      Disclaimer: It is the offseason, and I realized that I never uploaded the next part. As I bide my time for December, I decided to post this now. I'll try to get Episode 20 out before the next season begins, but only if allowed. Confused at what on Earth this is? Why don't you start at Episode 1 and enjoy the satire. Episode 19 - Our Story Continues (again) “...and that will be about $15000 for the fourteen super potions and twelve hyper potions!” The Clerk declared, Tuscan forked over the money easily. “Geez, how do you have so much money? Most kids usually buy a lemonade or something..” The clerk asked. “Oh, you know,” Tuscan said, “Staring into the eyes of trainers as I take their hard-earned cash, after I obliterate their pokemon.” The clerk remained silent. Tuscan laughed, “Oh, no I wouldn't REALLY do that. Not at all. Who would be cruel enough to do such a thing?” And with sarcasm aside, Suprem Leader bought the supplies he needed, slowing getting closer to his goal for becoming Supreme Grand Master Champion of Kalos. Tuscan was leaving Coumarine city, when his Holo Caster rang. A red headed man with wild hair appeared before him. “Oh,” Tuscan groaned, “It’s you again” “You seem to have a problem with me,” Lysandre said bluntly, Tuscan rolled his eyes, “It’s really obvious, you’re the antagonist of this game,” “Excuse me?” “I mean, come on! You wear red, these Giorgio Armani agents wear too much red. Everyone who’s slightly associated with you wears red. If you’re really trying to spread awareness for your product, you’ve gotta improve your marketing strategy. Have you considered going viral on YouTube?” Lysandre didn’t know what to say. He stroked his outlandish beard trying to comprehend what the child was telling him. He gave up, and said: “....I don’t understand what you’re going towards,” Tuscan slammed his foot down. “POKEMON WON’T HELP YOU SELL COLOGNE” “Look,” Lysandre sighed, “Professor Sycamore just told me that you can now wield Mega Evolution.” “...and?” “I think it’s wonderful!” Lysandre exclaimed, “Oh, thanks. Tell Josh Groban I said hi.” Lysandre’s face grew grim through the holocast.“Don’t you realize with that power, you can steer your future in a better direction?” Tuscan pondered for a moment. “You know,” he said, “For an evil antagonist, you seem to say really positive stuff,” “I am not evil, stop calling me that!” “Well the writing is pretty much making it close. Can’t forget appearance. Sorry, this is just a really obvious plot twist that I won’t be surprised about in the future,” “I’ll let you think with your imagination. Look, with Mega Evolution, we can’t just cover up the old filth with new filth!” “So you ARE working for Giorgio Armani… looking to cover the scents of smelly men… I knew it,” “What… NO! I simply implore you to consider what we need to do to change the world into a new, beautiful world!” “Sorry Lysandre, cologne can only get you so far!” “......Goodbye.” Tuscan closed the Holo Caster. “I’m telling you, he’s gonna be the evil villain. It’s not even a surprise to me.” Tuscan continued onto Route 13. After a brief run-in with Josh Groban’s assistants, Tuscan now had full access to the Kalos Pokedex. Because the desert apparently has mountains. Hells yeah. And so he finally entered the Lumoise Badlands. One step off the route, and a pokemon digging underneath would attack him. This happened constantly. “FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU-” Tuscan yelled every single time. Every. Single. Time. “Why can’t I find a Slugma?” He cried in agony Tuscan pulled out his smartphone, which he apparently has, and used Bulbapedia. “Let’s see… Route 13…. Lumoise Badlands…. Smashable rocks… Oh? There’s only two rocks here, and this gust of wind is too strong to make me grind on this railing to get there?” What happened next eventually became a sound which made all things nearby tone deaf. For the next few days, all pokemon in the area had a problem hearing one another, which led to much confusing and very preventable faintings. The dugtrio population could finally do their business without any hearing as well. Tuscan smashed through the railing and smashed every rock he could find. After an infinite amount of ethers and revives, he grabbed a red sluggish thing and forced the creature into a pokeball. “THERE. MINE.” Smokey Sam has joined Tuscan’s Army! Tuscan continued west until a construction worker prevented him from returning to Lumoise City. “Sorry, no can do, power’s out.” He said gruffly. “What do you mean the power’s out?” Tuscan asked “Someone cut the wires,” “Isn’t the Lumoise city gym an electric gym leader? Shouldn’t he have figured this out by now?” “Beats me, he’s a kid who dropped out of middle school.” Tuscan was stunned. “Oh, well, that explains it.” Tuscan decided he needed to investigate this issue himself. Just like everything else, the mere electrical outage was preventing him from his path to glory and becoming Supreme Grand Master Champion of Kalos. Fortunately, there were red-suited men in the area. “Hey, can you help me look for-” “NO CAN DO GIORGIO ARMANI GRUNT!” Tuscan shouted, holding his pokeball and ready to battle, “Wait no! Seriously, I lost my pass!’ “Your... pass?” The salesman straightened his red tie. “Yes! I lost my pass to the uh…. Office.” “The…. office.” Tuscan slowly repeated. “Yes. You see, I need to meet up with my coworkers to get cologne and other sellable goods… but I lost my pass… It’s somewhere. If only I had a DOWSING machine, could I possibly find it!” Tuscan could tell what the game developers wanted him to do. And hell no was he giving the guy his ‘pass’. So, Tuscan activated the machine, and found it on a rock nearby. “Dumbass.” He said under his breath. He put the pass in his pocket, and proceeded to the entrance of the “Office”, conveniently right by the Giorgio Armani grunt. With a swipe of the pass, the door flew open. “Piece of cake,” Tuscan said smirking. He walked directly inside. The halls were lit with blue neon lights and very boring decor. Tuscan continued through, finding nothing of importance in the area. For an ‘office’, this is really boring. He thought. Tuscan entered another room, when- “Knock, knock. Who’s there?” Directly ahead of Tuscan was a slightly fancier Giorgio Armani agent. “What?” Tuscan asked. “Knock knock, who’s there? You? You who?” “I didn’t even answer…” “Seriously though. Who are you?” The Grunt demanded. “Only authorized personnel are allowed in here!” Tuscan remained suave and cool. “Oh, I’m definitely authorized. An authorized person, yes. See my fancy pass?” He said, waving the pass in front of the Giorgio Armani agent. The agent appeared alarmed. “By gawd you are authorized! I am so sorry, let me lead you this way…” Tuscan sighed in relief, “Finally, some sense around here…” “...to this other room where we shall battle!” Tuscan was disappointed. He never defeated a grunt so swiftly. His Scraggy, his Croagunk - they never anticipated what DeanDean and Jack did to them. Tuscan laughed in his victory. “As your superior, take me to who’s in charge!” “Y-y-y-yes sir!” The agent said, whimpering on the floor. Tuscan was agitated. “DO YOU WANT ME TO DEFEAT YOU A SECOND TIME?” “No sir! Absolutely not!” “Good! Take me to who’s in charge!” “At once!” The further they walked through the “Office”, the more barren and boring it became. It was as if this place was supposed to be an electrical plant, with all the wires hanging out and such. The agent brought Tuscan to an open room, where several identical-looking grunts were loitering around. “Who’s in charge here??” Tuscan asked. One grunt raised his hand. “I am - just what is the meaning of this?!” The grunt said in panic. Tuscan stomped his foot on the ground. “Just what do you think you are doing?!” He demanded to know. “Ugh,” the grunt said, as if annoyed, “We are trying to sell cologne!” “So you set your base of operations… here? In this “Office”- or I’m sorry - power plant? Was this your brilliant idea?” “No, I was -” “Just what?” Tuscan barked, “Say something before I defeat you in a battle just like I did to your coworker!” The grunt trembled onto his knees. “You wouldn’t dare!” “I mean, look what I did to him!” Tuscan stated. He pointed to the agent, who now cowered into a dark corner. The grunt did a double-take, and went face-first on the floor. “It was not I! I did not make the order to set up shop here! It was our boss!” “Of course… it’s always corporate!” Tuscan said, “How could they do such a thing to you guys? You work so hard to try and sell your products, but you’re always opting for battles!” “It’s not like we want to! We’re really just obligated!” “Is that so?” Tuscan asked. “Yes, like right now!” The grunt shouted. He jumped up into a pose. “Oh not again!” Tuscan groaned. TO BE CONTINUED __________________________________________________ Part 19 Results: Finally uploaded! Smokey Sam caught! Ser Skit is now an egg! __________________________________________________ Pokemon Statuses: Scrappy: Still wants to bitch slap the rest of the crew. In the Party at Level 36 with Force Palm, Bone Rush, CopyCat, and Counter. Holding the Lucarionite Stone. SageBow: Is pumped up for ACL In the PC at Level 38, with Ember, Fly, Roost, and Acrobatics. Jack: Is excited about his newfound powers. In the Party at Level 32, with Double Team, Swords Dance, Power-Up Punch, and Confusion Holding the Rocky Helmet Fuck Idk: Wants to partake in the slaughter. In the Party, Level 35 with Swords Dance, Bite, Double Team, and Slash DJ Litttt: Not so happy about the presence of another fire-type fuccboi. In the party at Level 35, with Echoed Voice, Noble Roar, Work Up, and Fire Fang. Yeezy: Wants to be on the team. In the PC at Level 39 with Confusion, Recover, Psybeam, and Reflect. Nidoran: Got da shiny moon stone and gonna thrash around. In the party at Level 33 with Thrash, Poison Jab, Focus Energy, and Double Kick DeanDean: Wouldn’t trade this moment for anything else. In the party at level 35 with Dragon Rage, Twister, Aqua Tail, and Thunderwave Smokey Sam: Relaxin’ in the PC Box Sir Skit: Is being cradled in the bag. This time not a Masquerain bag. DJ Dragon: Keeping it fire. In the Party at Level 28 with Acid, Camouflage, Poison Tail, Water Pulse Sam 2.0: Blankly staring at Smokey Sam In the party at level 30 with Surf, Confusion, Disable, and Headbutt Is holding the Lucky Egg. Forever PC Pokemon Bubbly D: Is happy that Big Daddy is gone. Horny Ditto: Is looking at Squirt kinda funny... Squirt: Nonononononono no no no no no no no Tyrunt: Chompin on some data Buffy: Knows that Tuscan will return so they can continue their adventure! __________________________________________________ Sam: Duck? In Pokeheaven with Arceus, at Level 26. His moves were Disable , Confusion, Water Pulse, and Screech. __________________________________________________ INVENTORY New Items: Nothing of the sort. __________________________________________________ Episode 20 Plan: Continue Destroy the Giorgio Armani grunts Bring power to Lumois City Hatch Egg Say hi to the next Bae and show her yo daycare skillz __________________________________________________
    7. [2020] Early Declarations

      You will be missed, best buddy
    8. What do you look like?

      Consider this an open invitation: If y'all ever want to go to Austin, y'all are welcome to crash at my place. I am also open to traveling and meeting other brothers. I plan to visit Sage in Tennessee, at least within the year
    9. What do you look like?

      Got to hang out with @SageBow last weekend for Austin City Limits. Lotta music, lotta fun.
    10. CFBHC v1.4e

      I'm sorry, but it's pronounced "HOOSTON" ~Former Hooston Coogars Coach
    11. [2020] All AAC + Awards

      One of my first recruits
    12. For those asking about Part 3, I'm still working on it. Just been caught up with writing a novel lately. Expect it sometime this offseason.

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      Baylor University, Class of 2015
    14. [2020] Week #4 - Saturday Evening

      This post didn't reach 25 likes. Colorado went bowling this season. This is what happens when we don't appease the Chaos Buffalo