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  • Connecticut 31-20 North Dakota State
  • East Carolina 52-23 Memphis
  • Kansas 48-41 Oklahoma
  • Southern Miss 24-9 Marshall
  • UTEP 30-22 Middle Tennessee
  • Wyoming 35-31 New Mexico
  • BYU 45-14 Oregon State
  • Georgia State 41-22 UMass
  • Nebraska 23-17 Miami (FL)
  • Western Kentucky 34-21 Charlotte
  • Old Dominion 33-27 Florida Atlantic
  • Louisiana Tech 27-26 UAB
  • Buffalo 51-0 Bowling Green
  • Northern Illinois 41-34 Ball State
  • Texas A&M 31-20 Arkansas
  • Boston College 40-16 Virginia Tech
  • USF 32-26 Tulsa
  • Toledo 55-30 Central Michigan
  • Pittsburgh 62-7 NC State
  • Duke 49-27 Georgia Tech
  • Notre Dame 27-13 Northwestern
  • West Virginia 55-11 Iowa State
  • Louisville 41-20 Wake Forest
  • Kentucky 34-31 Tennessee
  • SMU 41-16 Tulane
  • Texas Tech 23-7 Kansas State
  • TCU 30-27 Texas
  • Illinois 34-0 Indiana
  • Boise State 23-13 Utah State
  • Oregon 14-9 Utah
  • Stanford 24-23 Washington
  • Nevada 38-6 UNLV
  • USC 55-23 UCLA
  • Penn State 22-19 Michigan
  • Michigan State 28-24 Ohio State
  • Iowa 34-31 Purdue
  • Alabama 13-10 Vanderbilt
  • LSU 31-30 Auburn
  • Arizona 27-14 Hawaii
  • UCF 44-25 Temple
  • California 17-12 Colorado


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  1. Share your Google Timeline

    Only started tracking when I got my current smartphone. Here's where I've mostly been for the last year.

  3. Soluna's Birthday - A Call to Action

    Although I am traveling, I will donate to the site upon my return. Happy Birthday, Soluna!
  4. For the first time in his career, coach TuscanSota has lost more than four games in a season.

  5. War Light

  6. [2020] Week #12 - Saturday Afternoon

    An Athlete [Pass Blocking]
  7. Motion to rename the Big 12 Conference: The Chaos Conference. Anyone to second this motion?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TuscanSota
    3. taffyowner


      dammit follow Roberts Rules of Order, Rome

    4. Rome


      I'm sorry, I thought this was Amerika.

  8. [2020] Week #11 - Saturday Afternoon

    This season makes no sense
  9. Harvey discussion

    Just checked with most of my family - my younger brother is going to be in NYC by the time the storm hits Houston. My parents and my sister are staying in San Antonio, but they're prepared. They live on an elevated hill, so I think they'll be okay. I check with my uncle and his family, since they live in Corpus Christi. They're currently in South America on a mission trip, but appreciated that I called them in regards to the upcoming storm. I'm currently in Austin, and we're expecting anywhere from 5 inches to 15 inches of rain over the weekend. I should probably grocery shop later tonight
  10. Still working on Recruiting Guide Part 2. Was there anything specific y'all wanted me to cover? Recruiting points? First few weeks? Scholarships? Visits?

    1. npklemm


      Just mention that everyone needs to stay out of Virginia

    2. Darman


      Mention the Toledo strategy

  11. [2020] Chicago Tribune Rest-of-Season Projections

    *observes West Virginia's current record* *Sees Storm's projections*
  12. [2020] Week 17 Headlines

    Thanks for Everything Owner/ Head Coach TuscanSota retires after four years with the Seahawks TuscanSota after defeating the 49ers, his final game coaching in the NFLHC
  13. I’d like to thank the Seattle Seahawks fan base for putting their trust in me not only during the past four years as their owner but as their head coach this year as well. Being head coach is an experience is something I think everyone should partake in for NFLHC. It’s a different game itself, and it stands alongside CFBHC as one of the reasons I love this site and community. I look forward to Sundays for gameday, and just seeing how our team competes week in and week out. We’ve had some fantastic games this season, and we’ve had some great downfalls. Having seen the final results, I would like to announce my resignation from the Seahawks as Owner and Head Coach. The reasons behind this resignation are not due to my performance, or anything internal in our organization. I've been thinking long term on what I want to do in my life. In order to advance my career, I'm considering whether I need to attend grad-school or not. And if I do, I would have to set aside time to focus on killing the GMAT and academics. Along with this, I want to become more serious as a writer and be able to share stories with all of you one day. In order to prepare for these endeavors, I believe that stepping away from NFLHC is the right solution. I enjoy working with LamboThrone and collaborating with him to build a team we believe has the capability to make the playoffs in the long term. I would continue my position as Owner and Head Coach, if I wasn’t considering graduate school or my writing. For the rest of the season and offseason, I will be helping LamboThrone with finding my next successor for the Seahawks head coach-- someone I’m hoping who has the same passion and vision we have for the organization. I want to thank the NFLHC community for letting me participate in this function of the site. NFLHC is a lot more than what I expected it to be, and I wish I had the time to coach next season and rebound from our losing streak. ~TuscanSota In regards to CFBHC: I plan to coach for the Baylor Bears through the rest of this season and possibly through 2021. The HC position is not up for grabs, but I will be looking around for a potential successor. Do not expect any media from me except for the eventual series of articles I already have planned.
  14. Oh don't worry, I'm already getting prepared for next year
  15. Please PM me and LamboThrone if you're interested in joining the Seattle Seahawks Organization

  16. If you're interested in the Seattle Seahawks Owner / Head Coach position, please PM me and @LamboThrone for more details.
  17. [2020] Week #17 - 1 PM

    I don't like this chart.
  18. USA Cultural Regions

    I don't consider Dallas to be a part of the Midwest. I consider it as a part of Texas, or at least the Southwest
  19. Werewolf Mafia 2.0 Thread

    No. There are werewolves about and they must be destroyed.
  20. Werewolf Mafia 2.0 Thread

    Unlynch Danger Lynch the Monarchy!!!!!!!!
  21. Werewolf Mafia 2.0 Thread

    I figured, but why lie about being the Little Girl?
  22. Werewolf Mafia 2.0 Thread

    Based off this quote, I'm going to assume what Jacobs said is true. Lynch Danger
  23. Werewolf Mafia 2.0 Thread

    I went back to page 9 to check a clarification question asked to Bellwood. Forget what I said, it was mostly a scenario question. We don't know who the lovers are.
  24. Werewolf Mafia 2.0 Thread

    We still have the issue with the Lovers - it's implied that there's one town and one wolf lover. Even if we have a good amount of evidence that someone could be a wolf, I have a feeling that someone who's town will try to defend them.
  25. Werewolf Mafia 2.0 Thread

    Were these people who targeted Jacobs? Players who Jacob lynched? Maybe the people killed have something in common with one another