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  1. Unsubscribed.
  2. I want to forget
  3. So you mean to tell me that the Big 12 is in league with the Russian Government?
  4. If that's the case, I'd like to motion for an audit of the Big 12 Media Department regarding certain business practices.
  5. Big 12 POTW... or Kansas POTW? Hm...
  6. Almost done, just need to add recruits and fix a few minor details
  7. Coach TuscanSota declares football team prepared, team currently on its way to Manhattan, Kansas

  8. A Personal Bias (Baylor vs TCU 2019) The Game Which Made Danger Love Baylor (Baylor vs Texas Tech 2018) Comment Proof One of the Craziest Upsets on the Site (TCU vs #4 Texas, 2014)
  9. Not Enough Gary Faneca caught the ball! The WR put up quite the statline with 8 catches for 108 yards and a touchdown Booker T. makes return after sitting out for injuries, rushing for 101 yards on 23 attempts and reaching the endzone twice. Despite the performance, Seahawks remained prone to turnovers as the Chiefs put up 28 points by halftime. The Seahawks would go on to play catch-up for the rest of the game, despite outscoring the chiefs in both the 3rd and 4th Quarter. Look to next week as Jarius Jones makes his return from a hip injury.
  10. (For real though, GG Ace)
  11. I could probably scoot closer to my laptop - other than that, its a possibility
  12. Coach TuscanSota walked through Baylor Campus today to hype up students for tonight's game against Texas Tech. Also handed out giant Gatorade containers duct-taped with "Snapple" on the front

    1. smckenz3


      Go Bears!!  I'd like a ranked Baylor squad to make that WVU victory even more sweet.  

    2. TuscanSota


      I'd like a higher-ranked WVU squad so my victory over you is even sweeter!

    3. vtgorilla


      Breaking News: Baylor's coach socializing with coeds instead of coaching before the big WVU game

  13. Coach TuscanSota of the Baylor Bears, As a former coach of the Cougars, I just wanted to compliment you on how you're doing so far this season. The Coogs have been on an up and down slope since I last left, but it looks like they're doing decent right now. How are the recruiting efforts going so far for the Cougars this season? What are your thoughts?
  14. For a first game, I'm glad Tinsley's doing well. Now I just wish he could come back
  15. This one might be tough for me. I enjoyed coaching Joel King, and I was glad to finally get an AAC championship with him my junior year. However, it seemed like he was already painted with a destiny - the guy was supposed to either declare early or become one of the top draft picks when he did declare. So I'm gonna go with Marcus Swartz. When I became the coach of Baylor, this guy was benched the previous season for poor performance as a freshman. I remember one of the big questions during the offseason was whether I was going to start the guy or not. Since I was taking on a team that did so poorly for at least 3+ seasons, I thought maybe I should abandon the previous strategy the team was designed around, and start anew. So I gave Swartz a second chance. He did decently his sophomore year, mostly because I tried to not make him the focal point of the offense (Bless you, Sean Bell) . Now I can know I can rely on the dude. He's currently a senior, and he's probably playing the best games of his career. And honestly, I don't know if he would've played at this level, had I decided not to bench him. So yeah, probably Marcus Swartz. I'm glad to have seen and watched this dude develop from a player who was unreliable to a Quarterback that's now making plays for us. Now as for players not on my team... well... um........ Mohamed Foster
  16. Stunned Seattle Head Coach apologizes to Seahawks Fans for the team's performance over the past three weeks, following the unfortunate injuries to stars Jarius Jones & Booker T. Washington. Plans to make adjustments in preparation for Sunday game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Coach TuscanSota addressing questions at the podium, following devastating loss to the Philadelphia Eagles
  17. The last two coaches that took the Houston job before Noodlez couldn't recruit. That's what happened. The guy who coached Joel King's final season had one of the worst recruiting classes that season, iirc *subscribes to Marcus Swartz facts* GG Minnow. Wasn't sure how my team was going to play, given the start of this season
  18. No this is not.
  19. I'm pretty sure you've missed this, but one of my WRs transferred to your school. Can you please update your depth chart to reflect this? WR Jayden Tinsley 5-10 187 (Jr) River Road (Amarillo, TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Speed] from Baylor to North Carolina
  20. *awaits the next Player's Tribune from Rahim Murrell*
  21. Who knows, I might just drop in while you sing for everyone else
  22. I don't like this timeline.
  23.  A e s t h e t i c s

  24. Speechless Seahawks stunned following upset loss to New Orleans Saints Coach TuscanSota contemplating mistakes amidst press conference