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  1. Big Ten: 44 (-5)FCS: 114 (+5)MWC: 86
  2. 2023 Independents Team Preview Capsules UMass Minutemen Head Coach: Vacant 2022 Record: 1-11 Changes: Another season, another coaching change except they haven't announced a new coach yet. Gone are their two of their best players, WR Nicholas Spence Jr and OG Thomas Turner who both went pro. Strength: This program is still growing but has a couple pieces in C Bruce Hoskins who will be a leader and help the inexperienced offense get in the correct alignments. Redshirt freshman TE Kulani Laupepa will be a focal point of the offense. And redshirt sophomore Marc O'Malley is a thumper in the back end of the defense. Weakness: The team lost 33% of their pro level talent and their best offensive weapon in Spence. They are weak through the air and on the ground and will really struggle moving the ball. On the defensive side, they severely lack talent. With only 4 defensive starters over a 3 star ranking, they will have trouble stopping opposing offenses. Key Returning Starters: C Bruce Hoskins TE Kulani Laupepa FS Marc O'Malley 12 Tackles Key Games: @UConn, New Mexico State, @Liberty 2023 Outlook: Losing Spence really hurts this offense. There's just not enough talent to be competitive yet. They did manage to avoid scheduling any P5 teams so hopefully there won't be many blowouts. Prediction: 1-11
  3. Picking all the favorites to cover.
  4. Awesome. Great to see these guys get honored.
  5. joedchi


    @StorMy Welcome and great choice in Army. I'll be sending you a message shortly with a few questions.
  6. 268/441, 60.77%, 2,941 yards, 22/11 TD/Int He should improve on that and needs to cut down on the interceptions.
  7. They're probably a year away from peaking but with a 5/5 QB, anything can happen.
  8. I believe so. He's a 5/5 rs sophomore now. He has a 4/4 running back to help him out. His receivers are young but he has a nice offensive line. Plus their defense should be good so they could be in the playoff discussion if certain games go their way. He could make a name for himself this year though.
  9. Also, sleeper could be Jordan Harrison at Illinois
  10. I like Ballard, Madison, and BT as the top 3.
  11. Big Ten: 49 (-5) FCS: 119 (+5) MWC: 76
  12. Coach, Toleda has had a couple of underperforming seasons lately compared to expectations. Where do you see this team finishing in the MAC standings?
  13. Big Ten: 79 FCS: 104 (+5) MWC: 61 (-5)
  14. @Jieret Should we update depth charts to add/remove just these signed guys or wait until the whole transfer process is complete?
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