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    1. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/34570-2025-week-3-4-pm/&failedReply=1 Patrick Murphy is listed twice for the Steelers
    2. Good game @Broletariat @D Stack. Looking forward to not playing you again anytime soon. Carlos is back. Rookie 1st rounder solidifying the o-line with our starting C coming back soon. Offense was efficient. Defense was nasty.
    3. Yep, my bad. Thought is was 3. Or just trying the old screen and lateral and he busted through.
    4. Was Miami trying to get into FG range and Roberson just broke it?
    5. Interesting games in the ACC in this slot
    6. Nice to see them both doing well.
    7. And after Philly we go to Baltimore.
    8. Great game @bingo415 @mahrowkeen. Much better effort from the offense in taking care of the football. And the defense was really good but need to get more pressure on the QB. Done with Det and Den. Now we get Phi.
    9. Back to back weeks with 0 pressures.
    10. Correct. They haven't fielded a team since 1986.
    11. USC isn't your #1 team to fall out?
    12. Purdue, Purdue, and Purdue
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