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    1. Pittsburgh Steelers WR Samuel J olley 6-2 218 4 Houston [Speed] [0] 84
    2. joedchi

      [2021] NFL Honors

      The Pittsburgh Steelers organization would like to congratulate this outstanding young man!
    3. Notre Dame updated: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Notre_Dame_Fighting_Irish
    4. joedchi

      [2021] CFBHC National Championship Game

      Congrats Inspiral! I don't like those natty crooting points in IN though. #2 in the preseason poll with 1 first place vote . Congrats @vtgorilla on a great season. #19 in the preseason poll all the way to the title game.
    5. joedchi

      Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

      Steelers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ha8UJ02OAaCTvDG4dowdOOuqZ9PQliJ0rARlWDQFQYo/edit?usp=sharing
    6. joedchi

      10th Anniversary Tournament

      TCU will most likely pass all those teams in red.
    7. joedchi

      10th Anniversary Tournament

      So even if Purdue wins, the SEC has the advantage with LSU winning the earliest title.
    8. joedchi

      10th Anniversary Tournament

      If Purdue wins, isn't it 3-3 Big Ten vs SEC?
    9. Nice run for the Redbirds.
    10. joedchi

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #12

      Go Cocks! Glad to see those seniors head out with a win.
    11. joedchi

      [2021] Independents Statbook

      Updated post bowls.
    12. joedchi

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      With approval from @ajyoungmark, @brightfalls, and @Darman, can you switch the Virginia Tech @ Miami, FL. game from week 9 to week 3. Then add: Week 9:Virginia Tech @ Notre Dame Week 10:Notre Dame @ Arizona State @ndunkelbarger69 Edit:Both Miami and Va Tech have an OOC slot week 3 that would switch to week 9.
    13. joedchi

      2022 NFL Draft early entries

      Thought I was good until I got to the last line. Gonna be the 2nd P drafted in the last 2 years. Good luck Timothy!
    14. Good decision. Need to worry about health first.
    15. joedchi

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #9

      Never underestimate your opponent.