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  1. Your good luck cursed our QB. Steelers select Packet 2.
  2. The Pittsburgh Steelers place: QB Taylor Heiden 6-3 197 8 Arkansas [Hybrid] [+1/C] 91 on IR. He suffered a Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff in week 7 and is out for 9 weeks. He is eligible to return week 17.
  3. Get out of a wake only to see our QB broken. He will be the second 90+ player on IR this season. Bet you can't guess what team the other guy plays for... Gg @Rome, @TazerMan @Jamar
  4. joedchi

    [2024] Week #6 - MNF

    Okay Cleveland, you've had your fun. Time to get back to playing "Browns" football.
  5. GG Panthers @CadeRich5 @TheSam Always scary facing Skaggs. Glad our D was able to control the game.
  6. And they pulled their starting QB late in the 3rd quarter.
  7. Are we sure Lafleur is even any good? I mean Rodgers made McCarthy look good.
  8. GG Ravens. @Dr_Novella @jared2001usa Box score is off. Should be 24-20. Seemed like a good defensive battle.
  9. Congrats to Jeremy Miller on the rushing TD.
  10. Shouldn't NE have 34? They only got 3 for their first TD.
  11. Not sure Felix is the answer. Any team with 0-1 wins with a decent veteran QB should be on the phone with the Falcons trying to get a draft pick.
  12. While we search for a scout, does this have to be posted by the Head Coach or can the GM do so?
  13. The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced that they're looking for a new Head Scout. We thank @StorMy for his contributions and wish him well in his transition to the Media side. If interested, please reach out to myself or @TheLiberator
  14. Need him to play like this all season with Murphy sidelined.
  15. Thomas Wheeler with 3 passing TDs....2 to the wrong team and still wins. Matty Swift out 6-9 weeks. Guess we get to see what the Chargers look like without him
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