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  • (SAT - 4 PM) SEA at WAS
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  • (SUN - 3 PM) BUF at BAL
  • (SUN - 6 PM) PHI at DET
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      1. Til Arizona gives up a first next year to move back into the first and takes Burden at 14.
      2. Gg Bills. Good luck next week. Tough one to swallow since it seemed like all 3 phases let us down on this one.
      3. The main downside of being an Independent is not having a conference Championship game to look forward to. But I realized 5 of the 12 games for the Irish this season were against teams that played in a conference Championship game which is a little crazy.
      4. Sidelined since halftime of the Steelers' week 7 Thursday night loss against the Cincinnati Bengals, quarterback Taylor Heiden has been chomping at the bit to get back on the field. The veteran quarterback -- who sustained a tear in his rotator cuff in that loss -- has shed his arm sling and was limited at practice on Monday. When asked if he'll be on the field on Saturday against the Bills in Buffalo, Heiden responded, "I plan on it!" Heiden has stayed sharp mentally in tutoring rookie Keith Jackson who guided the Steelers to a 12-4 finish. The timing of a potential
      5. @Soluna the numbers are off on this. Your total GTD and total Total are off.
      6. The Pittsburgh Steelers are activating Taylor Heiden off injured reserve.
      7. The Pittsburgh Steelers place: QB Keith Jackson 6-0 191 R Western Michigan [Hybrid] [0] [+] 79 on injured reserve. He suffered a Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff and is out for the rest of the season.
      8. Steelers have a new post in 2024 mid-season re-signings.
      9. @Rome @caesari @TazerMan @Jamar Good game. I had no idea how this one would turn out. Rough night to be a quarterback. I feel like Dane Wilson is one of the most underrated players in the league. Always consistent and takes a backseat to Carlos with the headlines. Scary to think about this defense being even better if Patrick Murphy hadn't gotten hurt in camp.
      10. Just for record - This guy was claimed off our practice squad between when this resigning offer was submitted and when it was processed.
      11. I know he won't get any ROTY votes but Keith Jackson being a 7th round rookie going 6-2 with losses being by 9 at LV and Nick Hall and by 6 at Division Rival Baltimore should get some consideration. Plus theLiberator has to be a favorite for COTY. A team projected to win 7-9 games with Heiden at QB has already won 10 with the aforementioned Jackson starting 8 of the 14 games. Personal plugs aside, good game @acewulf and @Rocketcan. I know you have had your QB struggles but you still have a dynamic defense and you're never a fun team to play.
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