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  1. Plenty of chances to prove the voters wrong I guess. Games still with Purdue, Alabama, Air Force, and Washington St
  2. Beating #2 and then #23 is only worth 4 votes?
  3. FOWL SOLDIER Irish run for 207 yards; Intercept 3 passes; Drop #23 Kansas at Soldier Field for their second straight win against a ranked opponent.
  4. Updated for week 4
  5. GG Storm. Knew rattling Graham was the key.
  6. Abraham Hits Milestone Abraham goes over 10,000 rushing yards but it's not enough as the Cowboys drop a close one in Seattle.
  7. You can have them....I'll settle for your 26 after this week.
  8. Went from 9 votes to 2 votes because of a bye.
  9. Abraham ran for 100 yards on 25 carries in week 10 against Seattle to give him 10,020 career rushing yards. Abraham went through three jerseys during his historic game Monday. But under them all he kept on the same white T-shirt, one with an image of the Dallas Cowboys star logo and the number 10,000. Some said he was too small, some said he was too slow. He dropped to the second round of the 2014 NFLHC draft being taken 19th overall by the Seattle Seahawks right before the team relocated to Dallas. Three running backs were selected before Abraham in the draft. But he has proven all doubters wrong and is the first player to rush for 10,000 yards. Known for his excellent vision, tremendous leg strength and great balance, Abraham has rushed for 100 yards in 64 of 89 career games (24 more 100 yard games than 2nd best). Chester Henson (the first running back drafted in 2014 ahead of Abraham) currently sits second on the career rushing list....but it's a distant second. Through week 10 of the 2020 season, here is how the top 5 all-time rushers stack up. All looking up at Abraham. 1. Vaughan Abraham- DAL – 10,020 2. Chester Henson – PIT – 8,379 3. Chad Dess – BUF – 7,869 4. Booker T. Washington – SEA – 7,420 5. Elvis Williams – NE – 7,366 Abraham is the only running back with a 2,000 yard season leading the league in 2017 with 2,055 yards. He has finished second in the league in rushing three times including 1,834 yards in 2018, the 3rd highest single season total. He won a National Championship at LSU in 2013. He has been named to the All-Pro team in 4 of his 6 seasons. He was the NFLHC MVP in 2016. He won a Super Bowl in Dallas in 2018. Abraham missed 3 games in 2019 and finished with his lowest rushing total since his rookie year leaving people to wonder if the wear and tear was getting to him. Currently 3rd in the league in rushing with 916 yards (16 yards behind the league leader), Abraham looks to have bounced back to his old self. He has 1 more year left on his current deal with the Cowboys and has said he has no plans of slowing down. Cowboy fans hope he sticks around long enough to set the rushing mark so high that it will never be broken. When Vaughan Abraham decides he's run enough, he will end up in the NFLHC Hall of Fame.
  10. GG Seattle. Always a tough match-up. Hopefully we'll get a rematch in the postseason.
  11. Updated for week 3
  12. IRISH BOND DURING BYE WEEK Coaching staff addresses team before watching Kansas play Vanderbilt.
  13. Dallas Cowboys move: SS Romulus Jackson 6-0 193 3 Fresno State [Zone Coverage] 88 to Injured Reserve
  14. I know it was against UMass but these guys dominated. Go Cocks!
  15. Getting a database error. A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.