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  1. Beating #2 USC was only worth 9 votes. Beating #8 USC can't be worth more than a couple votes so 10 may be too high.
  2. Irish Squeeze the Orange Adrian Hollis sacks Christian Coates as Irish used balanced attack to upend Syracuse 41-17.
  3. Updated for week 10
  4. Created Adrian Robinson.
  5. Cowboys confirm
  6. Everyone will look at it differently. But taking the same team and improving 8 games is really impressive even if I'm a little biased.
  7. From 5-11 to 13-3 serwendel deserves coach of the year love.
  8. Updated for week 9
  9. You should know. These are your kids.
  10. Taking out some frustration after losses to Air Force and Purdue. Gg @Isaac829
  11. I was looking at FAU and not North Texas. Whoops.
  12. Looks like only 1 OT. Also, how did North Texas not score in OT? No turnovers. No missed field goals. No missed 4th down conversions.
  13. Romumus Jackson had 11 picks in 2 years (according to his wiki page) but he's not listed with the career leaders.
  14. Nice write-up. Now we just need a little national love for some of our guys.
  15. Updated for week 8