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  1. I'm good at coaching returners
  2. Ayyy! Ranked!
  3. ouch
  4. My first game was against Houston on a thursday night like halfway through the 2016 season. I remember it because I got the Indiana job like the day of the game or like the day before and Tuscan tried to wish me luck but I was a little shit and tried to talk trash but it was something awful like " I hope I destroy you." I had no idea what I was doing. I don't even think I gameplanned or even knew how to gameplan. I lost but it was close ( just looked it up. 28-13. Not as close as I thought.) and I think we scored the most points we've scored in a game so far so I was more excited than I should've been after a loss.
  5. Moussa not so goode.
  6. It seems like we have differing opinions.
  7. #StartMatty
  8. You sucked anyway ,Julian. Good riddance. Edit: DC has been updated
  9. lol AFCN. Top team is only projected to win like 7 games.
  10. When I first got to Indiana my starting QB was Robert Carnes. He was a 3/3 senior. He was complete garbage and I benched like 3 games later. He might have been garbage because I had no idea what I was doing but I'd like to think it was his fault not mine.
  11. AAARRRRGGGG!!!! Led by OLB Tyrone Jones, the Baltimore Ravens defense makes the Buccaneers walk the plank in 28-3 win.
  12. Aaaarrrggggg
  13. No need to reconsider your preview. Maryland's gonna have a great season, the best season any one has ever seen. No season will ever come close to how great it is.

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