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  1. Well I doubt our defense is going to go from one of the best in the league to one of the worst in the league. I have a feeling that week one was just an anomaly (don't think that's the right use of anomaly but what ever). And if our defense goes back to how good it was last year I think it is good enough to win games for us. Plus for some reason I feel like if we start Fisher who isn't ready to start it will kinda stunt his development and he will develop more with a year behind Watkins.
  2. You're right. We should give up. No team has ever started 0-1 and made the playoffs. Y'all ready for #Tankapalooza!
  3. No Ravens on the duds list. I'll take it.
  4. RIP
  5. NORM!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Our offense isn't that bad. We won't get shut out.
  7. The ceiling is the roof

  8. At least nobody got hurt.
  9. Moussa has been pretty Goode this preseason.
  10. Matthew Dobbs is the best RB in Cleveland right now.
  11. Slack took over for Boso when he got hurt. Does this mean Boso is even worse or is this just ranking the center that finished the season starting?
  12. Baltimore Ravens @Minnesota Vikings @Tennessee Titans vs Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions
  13. Ayy! No votes for worst owner!!!

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