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  1. You sucked anyway ,Julian. Good riddance. Edit: DC has been updated
  2. lol AFCN. Top team is only projected to win like 7 games.
  3. When I first got to Indiana my starting QB was Robert Carnes. He was a 3/3 senior. He was complete garbage and I benched like 3 games later. He might have been garbage because I had no idea what I was doing but I'd like to think it was his fault not mine.
  4. AAARRRRGGGG!!!! Led by OLB Tyrone Jones, the Baltimore Ravens defense makes the Buccaneers walk the plank in 28-3 win.
  5. Aaaarrrggggg
  6. No need to reconsider your preview. Maryland's gonna have a great season, the best season any one has ever seen. No season will ever come close to how great it is.
  7. Thanks for the preview! But hey don't disrespect Keith "Biggie" Small! He's more than just a 4/4 DT, he had like 7.5 sacks last season and was all B1G first team.
  8. I'm not the coach but last season after Booker T. went down we tried using pistol 2 RB as a secondary scheme for a couple games with Greg Allen, a speed back and Marty Keisel, a power back. Neither of them are good but I noticed Allen played better when he was a solo back than when we ran a 2RB scheme. I'm not really sure if it was the mixing of skill sets that contributed to the difference in Allen's play but it's a possibility.
  9. I like this guy
  10. Sweet Victory Baltimore Ravens pick up first win of the season in a tough divisional game against the Browns. Ravens wide receiver David Wells hauling in the game winning touchdown.
  11. Right back at ya.
  12. PANTHETIC Skaggs and company dominate Ravens in disappointing loss.
  13. Well the Ravens aren't last in anything so that's a positive. Small victories.

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