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  1. Offense: 13 + 1 -> 14 Defense: 13 + 1 -> 14 Special Teams: 11 - 1 -> 10 Clock Mgmt:9 + 1 -> 10 Discipline: 10 + 1 -> 11 Youth Mgmt: 14 - 1 -> 13 CFBHC Career: Indiana Hoosiers (2016-2018), Maryland Terrapins (2019-2022), New Hampshire Wildcats (2023-present) NFLHC Career: Denver Broncos Owner (2016-2018), Baltimore Ravens Owner(2018-2022) Feats: Local Connections
  2. I have decided to resign as the owner of the Baltimore Ravens. I don't really do much. I'm basically just a cheerleader and when I do try to do something it doesn't really work out well (see re-signings). Plus I feel like I'm pretty difficult to work with and I don't want people to like not have fun or whatever. Smell ya later NFLHC.
  3. TheSam

    [2022] NFL Honors

    Tyrone Jones was robbed. SMH!
  4. Congratulations NDSU and @SolutionA
  5. First off I would like congratulate Kirby on becoming the new owner of the Browns. I look forward to our future AFC North battles. However, with him leaving we once again have an opening at the head coach position. We are excited to announce @Dr_Novella as our new head coach. Dr_Novella has won back to back Sun Belt championships and has been able to establish a winning culture at University of Louisiana Lafayette. We believe that he will be able to bring this winning culture back to the Ravens and help us reclaim our rightful spot atop the AFC North.
  6. If you are interested in coaching the Ravens, message me on discord. kthxbye 

  7. What happens to the other one if you are a FCS team? Does he go to G5 list or does the team have no chance to sign him?
  8. I had to do this for class a few weeks ago. I had an economic score of -3.88 and a social score of -4.72. I don't feel like taking it again so I don't have a picture.
  9. Jerry Rambo (RIP) - He was the only skill position player with a pulse on the Broncos that first year. I was able to get him to the pro bowl and ROTY over Harold Simmons (@Darman) and that was the first time I was proud of something on the site. Gary Tomlinson - The first draft pick I had a part in picking. And to see him end up being actually good is cool. Marquise Simpkins- Was the goat at Maryland. Helped me to be the second winningest coach in Maryland history. Cool to see him on an NFLHC team (even cooler if he was starting @eagles) Other pro Terps too such as Norm Spencer, Samir Hatcher, Abdul Childs. Mike Weir, Timmy Cano, Adrian Rupp - The first three players I recruited to go pro. Also eRUPPtion! Sam Chapman - He’s a Sam C, I’m a Sam C. It’s only logical I like him. Plus I’ve always had a soft spot for FCS players for some reason like even before I joined UNH Obviously I’m attached to all the Ravens too but there are a few more than other like... Davey Jones - AAAAARRRRRGGGG Brett Fisher - He’s had his ups and downs (mostly downs but he’ll be back up. Bet on it) but you gotta love him. He’s the Fish God Tyrone Jones - He’s the goat. Duh
  10. Congrats to Tyrone Jones, Kenyatta, TM, and Baeveon. Go Ravens!
  11. Hey guys do you mind doing me a favor and voting Tyrone Jones for MVP. He’s very good at football

    1. rabidsnowman


      I got confused and voted for Tyrone McGee.


    2. TuscanSota


      I got confused and voted for Carlos Washington

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