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  1. Cop out answer but Brett Fisher and Graham Burnett.
  2. Have I been doing these right? I used Barfield's as a model but I'm sure I messed up somewhere.
  3. WTF. How do I go from being ranked 22 to only receiving one vote after losing to the number 5 team that I was tied with going into the fourth quarter. Kinda hurts.
  4. Damn. I really need to figure out what to do on offense.
  5. Vote Tyrone Jones for DPOTY He finished with 10th in tackles with 63. 8.5 sacks. 3rd for OLBs 2 interceptions 5 forced fumbles. Tied for second most Tied for fifth in fumble recoveries with 3 He had a touchdown Led a defense that carried a mediocre (at best) offense to the playoffs.
  6. Kings of the North Ravens defeat Bengals to win the AFCN in back to back years Raven defenders sacking Bengals QB, Joel King
  7. Ravens would like to nominate wide receiver Ibrahim Smiley for his work with his charity "Smiley's Smiles" which raises money to help fund after school activities in under privileged areas in order to help keep kids out of trouble.
  8. Steeling a victory Ravens score 14 in the 4th quarter to beat Steelers Ravens wide receiver Joseph Dickerson celebrating his first career touchdown.
  9. Still don't know how to offense but it doesn't matter cause I'm going #bowling
  10. Not Horsing Around Ravens travel to Indianapolis and pick up the win against the Colts. Ravens OLB Tyrone Jones about to sack Colts QB Aaron Shea.
  11. My most satisfying/meant the most to me win was probably the Bama game last season. It was the game I realized hey maybe I'm not as trash of a coach as I thought I was. The loss that was hardest to take for me was either the game at IU in 2018 when I lost to top 5 purdue on a last second field goal. I was so close to upsetting a big rival but then it was all taken away at the last second.