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  1. sadboi
  2. Julius Macintosh Time!
  3. RIP
  4. GG. Your defense is really tough
  5. Jeez. What happened to our offense
  6. Lol. No AFCN teams in the playoff tiers. Best division in the league
  7. Comeback Season Ravens score 14 in final minutes of game to comeback from being down 17-6 Ravens wide receiver David Wells catches game winning touchdown
  8. Ayy. Up two on a bye. I like it
  9. I'm already at my dream school. I've always been a big Terps fan and I'm going to be a student at Maryland starting next year.
  10. T-Wrecks laying down the wood on the tits. I like it
  11. Twp spots higher to number one #KeepClimbing
  12. Adam Carroll had a 60 yard punt return TD in first ever game and wasn't even an honorable mention for STPOTW
  13. So close. Only if the O-Line was healthy
  14. Would it be possible to include stuff for kick and punt returners? Other than that I like it. Has important info but is a lot easier for you.
  15. I'm good at coaching returners