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  1. A win is a win
  2. Will Chacko is a god
  3. Another close loss but at least we're starting to become competitive
  4. Charlotte Florida Atlantic Florida International Louisiana Tech Middle Tennessee Old Dominion Southern Miss UAB UTEP UTSA Western Kentucky Basement Dwellers 11. Southern Miss 10. Middle Tennessee 9. Florida International .500 bound (jk) 8. Western Kentucky 7. UAB 6. Old Dominion Pretenders 5. UTSA 4. Charlotte Contenders 3. UTEP 2. Louisiana Tech 1. Florida Atlantic
  5. As a C-USA team, I only have 1 former player in NFLHC. Should I create articles for alumni that never went to NFLHC, or should I make extra articles for more current players?
  6. Rip other C-USA teams
  7. Rice is impressive
  8. I think the amount of recruits signed should be taken into account has well.
  9. Chris Billings is going to set a lot of records. Great pickup for Charlotte.
  10. Alexander Hamilton, Bowling Green Gazette. Are there any returning players that you are particularly excited about? Who is going to get the starting QB job next year?
  11. Hit me up if you need any CBBHC OOC games

    1. stormstopper
    2. rabidsnowman


      I'll send you a request too. I mean it went so well last time UK played WKU....

  12. I believe you forgot WKU in the C-USA rankings
  13. I look at the interface after each week. I can't see info from 4 weeks ago though. I only can see the most recent things
  14. I'm about to go 0-4 for these guys. Better luck next year I guess lol