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  1. so this guy was just trolling while playing for the Chargers I guess
  2. Pre-game footage of Justin Davis:
  3. South Carolina Gamecocks (0-0) 3 0 14 7 - - - 24 Rice Owls (0-0) 7 7 7 6 - - - 27 So it turns out that McLean was the problem
  4. love this; definitely will be good for balance Can we get any insight to why is this getting changed? Was this too OP for schools with a ton of points when this was tested maybe?
  5. Thank you for these excellent media pieces Jamzz. I think this year Minnesota and Purdue are the two strongest teams in the division. Illinois is probably a couple years away from being good, so I don't expect to challenge for any titles yet. Although crazier things have happened in the B1G West, so who knows.
  6. Having an offense that can run Pro Style efficiently. I've never had the right personnel for it; this is especially true for the O-line. Running press coverage with two big man CBs would also be fun to try out.
  7. WR Tyrone McGee 6-3 205 Sr North Central Missouri College (Trenton, MO) 5.0 of 5.0 [Target] Spend 20 points
  8. The 2017 Alabama team started nine 5.0 and six 4.5 potential players including notable pros like Lucas Hurd, Jeffrey Chung, Tom Reis, and Jay Wade. They went 3-9.
  9. Nobody dares to predict the Big Ten, but my urge to buy new cards is greater than my fear of getting angry comments, so here we go: Tier 1 Ohio State Buckeyes Michigan Wolverines Minnesota Golden Gophers Tier 2 Purdue Boilermakers Michigan State Spartans Penn State Nittany Lions Tier 3 Nebraska Cornhuskers Illinois Fighting Illini Wisconsin Badgers Rutgers Scarlet Knights Tier 4 Iowa Hawkeyes Indiana Hoosiers Maryland Terrapins Northwestern Wildcats
  10. Ezekiel Adams, ILL, 24 for 216 yards, 4 TD In the early days of Illinois football Ezekiel Adams was THE offense. He was the one shining light on a roster full of bad/mediocre players. Opposing teams knew this and could play the run without having to take any risk; however, sometimes Adams went off anyway, and this was his best game ever. A 42-28 victory over Nebraska where the team had 6 rushing TDs and 297 rushing yards. To this day this game holds the school record in every single game rushing category as well as in total points scored. Not a bad performance from a 3.5 potential player.
  11. I started the 2021 season with an Illinois team that I thought was for sure over the top, and missed its window to contest for any kind of title. I just wanted to go to a decent bowl game and win it, so going 4-2 in the first half of the season wasn't bad. However, in the next 3 games the team had to face two-time defending national champions Penn State, an undefeated and highly ranked Maryland team, and eventual champions Purdue. Somehow I managed to win all 3 games (19-17, 24-10, 28-27), and the team was suddenly contending for a division title and maybe even a playoff spot. Of course, all those hopes evaporated when I lost to Nebraska the next week, but it was a nice streak nevertheless. The Orange Bowl victory at the end of the season was just the icing on the cake in a year where the team has performed way better than I expected them to.
  12. LA Chargers send: QB Elijah McManus 5-10 196 R Kentucky [Pocket] [+2/C] 80 TE Nate Linsley 6-1 218 R Toledo [Blocking] [0] 82 OT Benjamin Driver 6-5 266 R Oklahoma State [Pass Blocking] [+1] 77 OG Derek Robison 6-4 317 R Illinois [Run Blocking] [-1] 71 DE Tyrone Rivers 6-4 258 R LSU [Contain] [-3] 81 DE Noah Urlacher 6-6 259 R Kansas [Contain] [0] 76 DT Marquise Broussard 6-7 317 R Temple [2-Gap] [0] 69 ILB Tanner Madison 6-4 242 R Georgia Tech [Mike] [0] 74 OLB Micah Hairston 6-0 254 R South Carolina [Blitz] [-1] 69 FS Mark Oliver 6-1 180 R Northwestern [Zone Coverage] [0] 73 SS Kyle Henley 5-10 186 R Vanderbilt [Zone Coverage] [-1] 71
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