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    1. Here's the map. We're in Room 45 ("Bullet"); we should go north obviously.
    2. ##Bullet jared2001usa If there are only townies left(?) it's kinda dumb that we still have to lynch someone each day for the rest of the game.
    3. This whole "I don't want to reveal everything to protect myself", then "I visited a couple of guys who died already", then revealing the list anyway sequence makes me more and more convinced about who should I vote for. ##Vote VerifiedThing
    4. So he investigates fever, and the report comes back that fever is a doctor. Fever then dies the next night (mafia kill). Quite the coincidence...
    5. I haven't disappeared, I just don't think there's anything of value I can add to the conversation right now. I think both VT and imerman are reasonable lynches; I'm leaning towards VT right now. Also since seemingly nobody wants to go first: ##Vote East
    6. Wouldn't you have known everyone's role already at the start of the game then?
    7. So how many non-town people do we think are left in the game? 2-3?
    8. Alright I'm going to bed, see you tomorrow (or on the other side if I don't make it :P)
    9. Yeah, the best mafia strategy in this game is to just sit back and relax because several people are doing just that. If I was a guard I sure as hell wouldn't have bothered to draw the traps and the items on the map, or to try and make the group go on the safest and quickest possible path. I'd be like: Day 2? Go north. Day 3? Oh we going north? Sounds good to me. Lynch Kirby? Sure, why not. etc. Cop died Day 1, probably all the healers/protectors died by now, they literally don't need to do anything other than avoid being modkilled.
    10. After I saw who and how died last night I had a theory that would explain why the knife kill was listed first (which hasn't happened before), and why imerman (allegedly) still has the gun. Now that I exchanged a message with Wahoo I know that this theory cannot be 100% confirmed.
    11. Ever since Hagan shared the map I was saying we should go on the shortest possible route, and on one that doesn't go through traps. If that's suspicious then I'm not sure what else can I say.
    12. I was waiting for a PM; that's why I didn't post earlier. So this is not going to be the big revelation post I expected it to be yesterday, but I'd still like to write down some thoughts. 1. I don't understand how on this day and at this point of the game I appear to be suspicious enough to be lynched by any town member. The only thing that was ever brought up against me was that I voiced my opinion on Day 2 and 3 to go east. It became "suspicious" because when Time opened the door to the new room there was a "noise that sounded like a locker door opening", and people thought that
    13. Imagine starting a lynch train on someone who you know is offline, failing to get him lynched, then trying to kill him at night, failing again, then starting another lynch train on him when he's probably offline. Couldn't be @HAFFnHAFF It's unfortunate that I'm in a different timezone, and I cannot participate when the site is most active, but it is what it is. I'll make a more detailed post tomorrow (assuming I'm still alive by then).
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