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  1. Coaching Skills Offense: 19 (-1) --> 18 Defense: 19 (-1) --> 18 Special Teams: 10 --> 10 Clock Mgmt: 10 -->10 Discipline: 4 (+4) --> 8 Youth Mgmt: 10 --> 10
  2. mfw I logged in this morning only to see the B1G version of order 66
  3. At least it ends with a W.
  4. SS Freddie Cooper 6-1 186 (Fr) Limestone Community (Bartonville IL) 2.0 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage]
  5. The tiebreaker gods have finally smiled upon us. B1G West Champs
  6. At this point there are probably several college programs who have a better set of healthy offensive skill players than the Chargers.
  7. The perfect game to fall asleep to after you stuffed yourself with all the Thanksgiving food.
  8. I'll be honest: I don't like this update. First of all, it adds another layer of difficulty to a system that is already hard to grasp; it also gives inspiral more work as well. Additionally, the fact that a team has to wait an extra week to join a new recruiting battle (plus the team has to declare which recruit it will pursue) will make the first couple weeks of recruiting even more important than it already was. I assume the whole purpose of this update was to prevent teams from getting ahead on/ signing a bunch of high-end guys in the first few weeks; while I agree that is an issue I also think that problem can be tackled in a simpler way.
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