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  1. So how many points did my team actually score in this game? Scoreboard says 36, final score says 43, but if I add up the points in the stats it's 3TDs+4FGs which is 33. I'm confused.
  2. No Akeel No Party
  3. Big Ten: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Big_Ten_Conference_football_venue_navbox I would also appreciate if someone who's capable (unlike me) could fix the colors. Thank you very much.
  4. Oh sweet, I did this last year after the season ended and I started to keep track of the 2020 stats, but if you're going to do it this year I'm not gonna stop you
  5. tctykilla is rolling in his grave right now
  6. What if a school leads on a recruit by 30+ points during the first 3 weeks, but only leads by less than 30 after Week 4? Does the recruit commit to the school (since there were 3 consecutive weeks when they had a 30+ point lead)?
  7. Thanks again for writing these. I never thought I'd see "National Champion Contender" and "Illinois" in the same sentence. I'll try my best to make a run with this team; we'll see what happens.
  8. I think the new +20 point bonus on in-state recruits kind of negates this advantage; the out-of state team will only really benefit from this in a long recruiting battle.
  9. Breaking news: The Big Ten Conference is rumored to be in talks with Georgia State and Florida International about possibility to add these two schools to the conference as expansion teams. More at 5.
  10. Of course he told you to go for 3.0s/3.5s. That way he was able to get all the 4.0+ players for basically nothing.
  11. This sounds awfully familiar...
  12. Illinois navbox: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Illinois_Fighting_Illini_football_navbox
  13. Please make this happen I think this should only apply if no in-state schools offer a scholarship to a player. The moment they do, the state points should also count. Let's take inspiral's example. A player is from Arkansas, but he got an offer from LA Tech. Instead of walking on at Arkansas, he chooses to accept the scholarship and go out of state, which makes a lot of sense. However, if Arkansas and LA Tech both offer a scholarship to this player, in real life he would pretty much always choose the in-state school, therefore the state bonus should apply if a home-state school offers a player a scholarship. This way nobody could recruit a class containing dozens of 3.0 or 3.5 potential players even if their home state is loaded with them.

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