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    1. [2021] Rookie Minicamps

      Los Angeles Chargers send: RB Brannon Austin 5-10 195 R FIU [Power] 75 FB Andrew Lilly 5-10 202 R SDSU [Pass Blocking] 79 TE Damian Mason 6-7 225 R Butler [Receiving] 79 OT Ari Kern 6-2 327 R Kansas State [Pass Blocking] 74 OT Justin Way 6-2 294 R Marshall [Pass Blocking] 80 ILB Kareem Boykin 6-3 225 R Western Michigan [Will] 76 OLB Shane Easley 6-4 236 R Penn State [Blitz] 83 OLB John Kearns 5-11 229 R TCU [Blitz] 79 CB Austin Sheppard 6-1 188 R Penn State [Zone Coverage] 77 SS Zachary Trotter 5-10 174 R Illinois [Zone Coverage] 76
    2. [2020] Awards

    3. bmlig95

      Nobody booed rabid when he left UK for Texas State or Dacder when he left Colorado for Fresno State, so I'm not sure why you people feel the need to criticize this particular move.
    4. [2020] B1G Season Awards

    5. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Final Edition)

      How is the tie broken between Michigan/Iowa/Illinois? All of them are 6-3 in conference play, so I don't know what determines the seeding.
    6. Welcome to my world
    7. CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS - Former football player Ezekiel Adams became the first Illinois athlete to be inducted into the school's Ring of Honor on last Saturday. The ceremony took place at Memorial Stadium before the Northwestern - Illinois football game (Week 16 of the 2020 football season). Adams was honored in front of tens of thousands of fans who showed that they still love him just as much as a few years ago when he was an active player. Adams in action versus rival Northwestern One-man army When Adams came to Illinois in 2014 he found himself on a team that had very little talent, especially compared to the powerhouse teams of the Big Ten. He didn't have the opportunity to sit a year and learn from a veteran back; instead he was thrown into the action as a true freshman. Soon it became clear that he has what it takes to carry the load for the offense; even though the program wasn't successful in the beginning, Adams served as a lone bright spot on the offense. He rushed for more than 900 yards as a true freshman, and established himself as the starting running back for the Illini for the years to come. From Bottom-feeders to the Bourbon Bowl Illinois didn't become more talented in 2015, but they acquired a new coach, as smokingcricket took over in Champaign. What happened after is history: Adams took the team on his back and carried it to a completely unexpected 9-4 record, a victory in the postseason, and a spot in the final Coaches' Poll. He racked up more than 1400 rushing yards and 16 TDs in the process; not bad for a running back who was never on the radar of NFL scouts. When asked about how he remembers that magical season Adams replied: "Oh I will cherish those memories forever. That team didn't have any stars or anything like that, but somehow I kept gaining yards and we kept winning. I'm thankful to my teammates and coaches for that year, it was a dream coming true". Adams breaks the B1G all-time rushing record vs Minnesota in 2017 Into the record books Unfortunately Illinois' magic has run out, and the team has struggled in 2016 and 2017. However, that didn't stop Adams from having two 1000+ yard seasons, and to have some insane performances like the game against Nebraska in 2016 where he rushed for 200+ yards and 4 touchdowns. After 4 years as a starter at RB Ezekiel has finished his college career, as he graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Biology. He has been a cornerstone of the team in every season, someone to look up to on and off the field. Many of the current Illinois players are at the program because of the 2015 season which would have gone very differently without Adams. There is no question that he has been the most impactful player in Fighting Illini football history, so it is well-deserved that he is the first athlete to be inducted into the Illinois Ring of Honor. Career Statistics and Honors: 2014: 11 games, 902 rushing yards, 1 TD; 1 catch for 10 yards 2015: 13 games, 1434 rushing yards, 16 TD; 2 catches for 17 yards 2016: 12 games, 1475 rushing yards, 14 TD; 3 catches for 27 yards 2017: 11 games, 1259 rushing yards, 9 TD; 6 catches for 79 yards Career: 47 games, 5070 rushing yards, 40 TD; 12 catches 133 yards All-B1G Selection (2016) 1-time National Offensive Player of the Week (2016) Bourbon Bowl Champion (2015) All-time Big Ten rushing leader (5070 rushing yards)
    8. [2020] Week #16 - Saturday Afternoon

      One last stand by the Illinois defense: 6 sacks, 3 interceptions, no points allowed vs rival Northwestern. Farewell my children, I'm gonna miss you.
    9. [2020] Week 14 B1G Players of the Week

      Looks like the image I put in for Tyler White is missing for some reason. Here's the picture that should be there:
    10. [2020] Week #11 - TNF

      Boston College comeback is real
    11. Chargers Announce Front Office Moves

      I would say that the position I took has no formal responsibility. It is true that Pumph will be the one who formally makes all the decisions, but I expect bmlig and I to have a voice in the organization and to play an active part in steering this franchise to the right direction; at least this is what we agreed to when I accepted the position. If this is the way we will work then I will definitely feel like I have a responsibility, and that is what matters to me. If things don't work out as they were intended to, then I can leave without being bound to the organization by a HC contract or anything like that. I know there are other, more "meaningful" positions open right now, but I didn't feel like any of those were the right opportunity for me, so I did not make a commitment to any of them. First of all, my job description should not determine my approach to work at any organization. I will work here for the long-term success for the Chargers; it doesn't matter if I stay here for 1 or 5 seasons, or if I'm in an assistant role or in an upper management role. The franchise is definitely not in a great spot right now, but I do not think the situation is as bad as many people think. With the right coaching and some good moves in the draft and in free agency I think the Chargers can compete in the AFC in a few seasons. However, it's very early to talk about stuff like the playoffs; that requires years of good management, plus the AFC West is a good division where there are no easy wins for us. So yes, I think turning around this organization will take a while, but hopefully our efforts will pay off one day.