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  1. The perfect game to fall asleep to after you stuffed yourself with all the Thanksgiving food.
  2. I'll be honest: I don't like this update. First of all, it adds another layer of difficulty to a system that is already hard to grasp; it also gives inspiral more work as well. Additionally, the fact that a team has to wait an extra week to join a new recruiting battle (plus the team has to declare which recruit it will pursue) will make the first couple weeks of recruiting even more important than it already was. I assume the whole purpose of this update was to prevent teams from getting ahead on/ signing a bunch of high-end guys in the first few weeks; while I agree that is an issue I also think that problem can be tackled in a simpler way.
  3. You know your QB is having a bad day when even the opposing nose tackle gets an interception. Time to go 3-6 in conference again I guess.
  4. Andrew Miller, TUL, 22 of 71 for 119 yards, 0 TD, 8 INT
  5. So we're picking in the top 3 again I guess
  6. so this guy was just trolling while playing for the Chargers I guess
  7. Pre-game footage of Justin Davis:
  8. South Carolina Gamecocks (0-0) 3 0 14 7 - - - 24 Rice Owls (0-0) 7 7 7 6 - - - 27 So it turns out that McLean was the problem
  9. love this; definitely will be good for balance Can we get any insight to why is this getting changed? Was this too OP for schools with a ton of points when this was tested maybe?
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