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  1. JOAQUIN!!!!!!!
  2. I love Joaquin but this was one of his worst games he's ever played. But yes you're right the whole team was shit in general. Gg Miami.
  3. I'm not surprised I'm not in the top 15. Went from AFC East leader by 3 games to not making the playoffs. Turrible.
  4. I thought so. I apologize.
  5. ndunkelbarger69, HC of the Buffalo Bills A) I will be spending the rest of the draft in the war room with GM fever_ful, until the draft concludes.
  6. Lol!! We'll see! Good to have you in the PAC 12!!
  7. ndunkelbarger69, from the dinkelberry news here, Bingo what made you decide to leave Minnesota for Oregon?
  8. Booooo fuck U of A
  9. GG Inspiral. You kicked my ass. We didn't deserve to be on the same field.
  10. GG ape!! Congrats on the PAC12 title, I hope you make it and represent the PAC in the playoffs.
  11. This segment is amazing Jumbo! Awesome job!!
  12. lol hopefully we make it a better game than that shit show was.
  13. YESSSSS FUCK THAT team down south! GG though.
  14. AHHH CMON!!!!
  15. Your welcome for Brandon Thomas and Isaiah Hall

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