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  1. ndunkelbarger69

    [2022] Week #3 - MNF

    Also did we have two touchdowns? Cause I only see 1 on the stat sheet
  2. ndunkelbarger69

    [2022] Week #3 - MNF

    Sheesh we beat the hell out of each other. GG Rome.
  3. ndunkelbarger69

    [2022] Week #3 - Saturday Afternoon

    Wow great game! Definitely a scary one!
  4. ndunkelbarger69

    [2022] Around the NFLHC: Episode 1

    Love this podcast and look forward to it each week. Thank you for the very unbiased analysis of Indy vs Buffalo. I do agree with you, with the pace Shea was at you probably would have won the game. Our only answer was to get to him and knock him around. Let that be a warning to the AFC East QBs, is you try to Air it out on us, we will get to you
  5. ndunkelbarger69


  6. ndunkelbarger69

    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Afternoon

    Glad to have you back on the site!
  7. ndunkelbarger69


    Welcome back one of the best coaches in the sites history!! If we had room in the PAC we would love to have you!
  8. ndunkelbarger69

    [2022] Pre-Season Computer Poll

    BEST IN THE WEST! Highest ranked PAC team lets go!!
  9. ndunkelbarger69

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

  10. ndunkelbarger69

    Soluna's Hurricane Info

    Good luck to everyone that’s affected by this. This is great info Soluna. Living in AZ I can’t even imagine going through something like this. If I ever move to a hurricane affected area I will remember this post
  11. ndunkelbarger69

    [2022] Rookie Minicamp Results

    Wow what a steal in the third from the Eagles
  12. ndunkelbarger69

    [2022] Rookie Mini-Camps

    Buffalo Bills send: QB Matt Jones 6-3 208 R Purdue [Pocket] [0] 83 OT Leonardo Seymour 6-7 302 R Ohio State [Pass Blocking] [+1] 76 OG Martin Parker 6-7 268 R Florida [Run Blocking] [0] 76 C Xavier Cuellar 6-3 249 R Florida [Run Blocking] [+2/C] 82 OT Jack Harrod 6-5 285 R Penn [Run Blocking] [0] 74 DE Alex Whitney 5-10 243 R Baylor [Blitz] [0] 74 OLB Cyrus Paulsen 6-3 227 R Ohio State [Coverage] [-2] 77 CB Kyle Cunningham 6-4 183 R Baylor [Zone Coverage] [0] 80K Derek LeBlanc 6-1 151 R Miami(FL) [Accuracy] [+2/C] 70 LS Alec Parks 6-3 204 R Penn State [Traditional] [+2/C] OT Damien Arroyo 6-2 326 R Ohio [Run Blocking] [+2/C] 68
  13. ndunkelbarger69

    2018 CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

    You won't be saying that after I win
  14. ndunkelbarger69

    2018 CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

    Sorry for missing this. Work took much longer than expected. I don’t mind the auto draft but know it’s an inconvenience for you guys
  15. ndunkelbarger69

    2018 CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

    Perfect. I joined. Thank you