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  1. I’m blown away I didn’t even get a vote and Uof A is 24th. just adding to the chip on our shoulder.
  2. Arizona State Sun Devils OG Joseph Amato III 6-4 288 (Fr) Logan (Lgan UT) 2.5 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking]
  3. Complete agree here and want to reiterate the same thing. I look forward to this every week and practically all day. People need to learn to be courteous and patient.
  4. I’m sorry count me out this season. I might be interested next season depending if I have enough time. With a baby on the way, this might be a little too much. :)
  5. GG!! You guys will be kicking my ass in a year or two
  6. I would also like to retract this application for CBBHC.
  7. Sad to not see Alpha Goodman at least mentioned. Great article though Bingo. Thank you
  8. Hope to prove you wrong again! I'm skeptical though.
  9. GG! That was too close for comfort
  10. GG @TuscanSota! Always tough going up to Pullman. #RankASU #CarlsonforHeisman
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