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  1. GG @gigemags11 I'm feeling a best 2 out of 3 coming right?
  2. Robbed. Crushed Wazzu and better conference record. thank you for always doing this jieret. Loved the series.
  3. Do bowl wins from last year count as total wins? I am probably doing my math wrong but i but I think I should have 25 not 22 points with my 8 wins from the bowl.
  4. I hope every croot that choose shit Tucson instead of Tempe was at this game. gg brightfalls
  5. GG sorry to blow your guys’ super bowl chances. Hate to see OLine injuries. Also pulling for Dess to get one ring.
  6. Shit. Well at least our awful pass defense might not be exploited AS bad lol. Good luck @TheTodd15 and @Bubada
  7. GG @Soluna Despite our recent losses Matt Jones has been playing very well. I’m excited for our future.
  8. I apologize for missing the vote deadline. I don't see to much change from here on out though
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