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  1. Kansas City Chiefs (15-3) vs Detroit Lions (16-2)
  2. Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver and Cincinnati graduate Greg Cobb is hosting a football camp on March 18th at the University Cincinnati campus. The camp is free of charge and will feature two sessions for young athletes ages 7 to 17. "It's always great to give back to the community. We need to make sure the sport continues to evolve and I think it is my responsbility to take part in that," Cobb told reporters this week. "I'm planning to bring out several teammates as well as other Cincinnati and Ohio State alums of the past and present. It's always great fun." This is the fifth year in a row Latta has held the camp. Last year, 450 kids took part. The spring camp is run by Cobb's foundation, On The Cobb, a nonprofit that seeks to provide inner-city and low-income youths resources they need to excel at athletic and academics.
  3. Antonio Jackson, rookie strong safety of the Miami Dolphins, was fined $10,527.00 for a hit on a defenseless player in the Dolphins 26-11 victory over the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football. Jackson, late in the 4th quarter, landed the illegal hit on Patriots wide receiver Jamel Beckham after the play had been called dead. Jackson apologized to Beckham after the game. (Game Effect: This reduces Jackson's fitness by 5%)
  4. Miami Dolphins (10-4) at New England Patriots (6-8)
  5. Philadelphia Eagles (10-3) at Dallas Cowboys (9-4)
  6. AFC Offensive Player of the Month: QB Nick Hall AFC Defensive Player of the Month: OLB Tyrone Jones AFC Special Teams Player of the Month: P Jason Sochia AFC Rookie of the Month: WR Jermaine Jennings NFC Offensive Player of the Month: QB Todd Lester NFC Defensive Player of the Month: DE Ryan Frey NFC Special Teams Player of the Month: P Bryan Johnson NFC Rookie of the Month: RB Maurice White
  7. Houston Texans wide receiver Hakeem Black was suspended 4 games for testing positive for "substances of abuse". He is eligible to return during the wild card round of the playoffs. Please update his player line going forward: WR Hakeem Black 6-2 208 2 California [Target] [0] [#] 81
  8. Seattle Seahawks (4-8) at Indianapolis Colts (6-6)
  9. New York Jets (4-7) at New Orleans Saints (3-7-1)
  10. The leagued has fined RB Asante Sowell (Jaguars), OG Dave Young (Jaguars), DT Hudson Adam (Colts), and DE Anthony Miller (Colts) for a scuffle that broke out at the end of the third quarter during the Jaguars 38-17 victor in Indianapolis. Sowell and Adam took the majority of the fines for fighting with Young and Miller being fined for a shove and contact with an official.
  11. Jaguars' quarterback Taylor Rodriguez reportedly has been vocal in the past few weeks about the turn the offense has taken and has been open about holding players accountable. "We are not doing enough when it matters most, whether it be in key third down conversion attempts or in sealing out the end of the game." "We have to figure out these problems or this season will end quickly." The Jaguars lose 10% team offensive chemistry.
  12. Denver Broncos (2-8) at Chicago Bears (6-3)
  13. Several Broncos players apparently weren't too happy with Troy McMurray earlier this week after he called out running back Marshawn Matthison. Multiple players confronted McMurray at some point after comments he made criticizing Matthison's effort in recent losses. It seems Broncos' players wanted to see the quarterback support Matthison rather than call him out through the media. Broncos staff can choose a side in the spat, choose one of the following options and apply the results 1) Support the quarterback and call out RB Marshawn Matthison. QB Troy McMurray 6-2 189 R Stanford [Scrambling] [+1/C] 81 RB Marshawn Matthison 6-0 234 4 NC State [Speed] [-3] 81 DE Deyonte Davis 6-4 265 2 Tennessee State [Blitz] [-2] 86 OR 2) Support the team leaders and call out QB Troy McMurray. QB Troy McMurray 6-2 189 R Stanford [Scrambling] [-1] 81 RB Marshawn Matthison 6-0 234 4 NC State [Speed] [-2] 81 DE Deyonte Davis 6-4 265 2 Tennessee State [Blitz] [-2/C] 86
  14. Raiders running back Major Morris sustained a minor groin injury and will sit out the remainder of today's practice. Other players dealing with small injuries this week that will not receive the recovery fitness boost from practice are listed below: QB Eric McLean (NYG) WR Mosi Bartos (IND) DT Bob Ballard (HOU) DE Curtis Lewis (NYG) CB/WR Marquise Reed (GB) FS Darius Jones (ATL) K Gino Chiaverini (ATL) K Jack Kershner (NO)
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