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  1. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #12 - TNF

    Baltimore Ravens (5-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (5-5)
  2. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #11 - TNF

    Los Angeles Rams (2-7) at Seattle Seahawks (4-5)
  3. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #10 - TNF

    Philadelphia Eagles (5-3) at New York Giants (1-6-1)
  4. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #9 - TNF (Re-Sim)

    New York Jets (3-4) at Miami Dolphins (6-1)
  5. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #9 - TNF

    New York Jets (3-4) at Miami Dolphins (6-1)
  6. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #8 - TNF

    Tennessee Titans (5-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars (5-2)
  7. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    Seattle Seahawks (1-4) at Arizona Cardinals (1-5)
  8. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #6 - TNF

    Minnesota Vikings (2-3) at Chicago Bears (0-5)
  9. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #5 - Thursday 8 PM

    Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) at Cleveland Browns (3-1)
  10. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #4 - TNF

    Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) at Washington Redskins (2-1)
  11. Coach Lambo Throne said King doesn't have to practice to play, but this is obviously a bad sign for his status. It's trending like King is going to miss some time (at least one week) with a hip injury that seemingly materialized over the last few practices. The Bengals should commit to their backup in case King can not start the next game. The decision will not be reached until game time. (It is suggested you gameplan with the consideration that your 2nd string quarterback is the actual starter next game)
  12. Norris Williams tested positive for a banned substance after being randomly drug tested following the Falcons' last game. Williams vehemently denied he'd used any drugs in a statement he issued after the positive test came to light. Falcons beat writer Q.B. Overdraft tweeted out the following, "ILB Norris Williams said he wasn't sure how a banned substance got into his system. Suggested a ghost might have done it. #Falcons". Falcons running back Akili Wallace commented on the matter after Friday's practice, "I'm personally going to be on the lookout for supernatural entities roaming the afterlife with the intention of contaminating urine samples." @alienufo will hand out the league punishment.
  13. Jets wide receiver Paul Howell did not attend practice today and not much is known about his condition. The Jets organization did not make a statement concerning the receiver and none of his teammates answered questions to his whereabouts. Whether he suffered a minor injury or decided to just not show up to work is up in the air. Paul Howell will play his next game with -20% fitness and the Jets locker room chemistry is reduced by 8%.
  14. NFL Network

    [2022] Week #3 - TNF

    Los Angeles Rams (0-2) at New Orleans Saints (2-0)
  15. Kendrick Droughns has had an absolutely fantastic month both on the field and in the weight room. Due to his prowess in both the physical and mental aspects of the game he has gained 8% current fitness and has gained one point in his overall. His new player line going forward is: DE Kendrick Droughns 6-6 294 6 Ohio State [Contain] [+1] 93 @CadeRich5