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  1. NFL Network

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

    Los Angeles Chargers (0-0) at Seattle Seahawks (0-0) New Orleans Saints (0-0) at Buffalo Bills (0-0) New England Patriots (0-0) at New York Giants (0-0)
  2. Buffalo Bills: Matt Jones, QB, Purdue Boilermakers Excellent: Quarterback of the Future Benefit: Jones is a likely improvement over Kamau Davis and can be mentored by Davis as he grows. Jones is as close to a sure thing as you can get and should be an immediate impact player for the Bills. Detriment: Matt Jones will have some problems with lacking talent at both the receiver and running back position and may struggle to finish out games by himself. Grade: A New York Giants: Khairi Bryant, DE, Ohio State Buckeyes Excellent: Generational Defensive Talent Benefit: No doubt immediate top tier player on defense. Bryant is the highest rated player in the last five drafts from a scouting perspective and would likely have set a record for highest overall if he had stayed in school one more year. Detriment: May negatively affect impact and development of Curtis Lewis. Grade: A Cincinnati Bengals: Timothy Key, DE, Florida Gators Solid: Impactful Immediate Starter Benefit: Key could have qualified as a top pick in many other drafts but ends up third this time around. Excellent player from a defensive end standpoint. Detriment: Team has other more pressing needs than reinforcement on an already impactful young defensive line that could be backed up with later picks. Grade: B+ Los Angeles Chargers: Noah Barney, OG, Ohio State Buckeyes Excellent: Impactful Immediate Starter Benefit: Most pro-ready offensive line prospect that can immediately become an anchor for the offensive line and should maintain his position for a decade. Detriment: Surrounding talent is still quite weak and not much immediate improvement may be seen in terms of offensive line ratings. Relative lack of blindside protection may mean that this pick doesn't matter much in the short term. Grade: A Los Angeles Chargers: Kenyon Justice, CB, Auburn Tigers Solid: Average Immediate Starter Benefit: The Chargers pass defense was one of the worst in the league and Justice should provide an immediate upgrade to the questionable starters they had last year. Detriment: There are questions surrounding his pro-readiness in ways beyond his ability to start. Justice might be a boom or bust one dimensional player. Grade: B
  3. "One day, after practice, [Frank] Williams came in and dropped the shirt he was wearing on a scale. It read 3.5 pounds," said defensive end Darris Hayes. Darris added, "It was disgusting man, I smelled that s*** from a mile away and let me tell you Frank don't smell like a rose garden." "Oh yeah I've heard about the T-Shirt story. I have so many Big Frank stories. I'm pretty sure he has an unlimited supply of hot dogs in his locker. He just pulls out a pack of hot dogs and starts eating them like it's nothing," said cornerback Demetrius Still. "You'll be talking to him and suddenly he's eating a hot dog like it's a cookie. Seriously man. I ain't s****** you." "We love Frank. Hopefully he stays with Tampa his whole career. He's a legend that I think is completely underrated in today's NFL." Frank Williams gains 15% starting chemistry with his defensive line teammates entering training camp.
  4. Khairi Bryant will be making it big time today. The generational talent is expected to be taken in the top three picks. He stopped by the desk for a quick interview moments ago. When asked about who he brought he said, "My brother Da'Ron is gonna be with me all the way. He had to quit playing in high school for medical reasons and I wanted him to really enjoy the moment with me today. My mom and dad will be there with us as well. I want it all to be about the family." "I know there's been some discussions about my name. It's pronounced Kyrie, don't call me Carey. I really don't like it." "I really expect to be taken first. I think the Bills would be making a huge mistake not taking me and I expect to punish any teams that pass me by every single time I play them. I think I can be an all-pro talent in this league and I have no doubts about it."
  5. Brian Chavez is the premier offensive tackle prospect of this draft. His athleticism and skill dominated in college and he hopes to continue it with a top team in this year's NFL season. Chavez was asked what surprised him most about the pre-draft process, "I was shocked how many questions about my character came up. I know they need to make a full check up but it really surprised me. They want to be able to trust their player. You don't want to invest in somebody you can't trust. They're just trying to get to know you, get to know you as a person and as a football player. I understand where they're coming from." "I had a team ask how I would react in various shady situations if I ever found myself in them. Man it was bizarre, one guy asked me if I would ever consider taking financial advice from unknown sources. He said something about 10% return on investments. I don't even know what the scout was talking about to be honest. Really crazy stuff." "I'm really looking forward to tonight. I hope I can bond with my new quarterback starting tomorrow morning. No time off for this big guy.
  6. Tevin Lattimore, wide receiver from the University of Missouri, will be drafted tonight. Tevin stopped by the booth to give a short interview a few minutes ago. When asked which NFL coaches he admires most and would most love to play for Tevin responded, "I really respect Coach alienufo. His perseverance and ability to adapt is something I really admire. Plus it wouldn't be bad playing for the reigning Champions. We could make it two in a row coach." "I really look up to J.C. Weldon. We competed in past years and he really made a mark last year. I want to be that guy this year. I don't have much to say except that I will work hard, I will breathe football every day from the moment my name is called to the moment my bust is enshrined in Canton."
  7. Kenyon Justice, projected to be the first cornerback taken off the board in today's draft has his own story on his path to be drafted. Kenyon's girlfriend Rachel last year gave birth to the couple's first child, a son named Kaevon. Kaevon will be in attendance tonight, although backstage. "I hope tonight is the beginning of the next part of my story. I want to make my son proud. I've had issues in the past but Kaevon make me grow man. I ain't the same. I've made mistakes and I want people to know that I am absolutely ready for this challenge. I am blessed," Justice said in this morning's interview session. "I praise God every day. Kaevon about to see his daddy hit the big stage." When asked how he was going to prepare to play against some of the big names like Brian Brown, Christian Skaggs, and Darrell Murphy he responded, "One step a time [laughing]. I don't think Skaggs is that good to be honest."
  8. Trevon Yeldon was 13 years old when his father, Kendall Yeldon, was killed in a car accident. "I miss him every day. He would practice with me late into the night and he told me he always believed I could do it. He made me a promise that he would be here for my big day, this one and all other big days," Yeldon said. "I'm going to honor him tonight by wearing his suit. I miss him every day." Yeldon looks to become a top 5 pick in tonight's draft and the highest running back taken since the Jaguars took Asante Sowell several years ago. "I brought my mom. She's overjoyed. I hope I get that call today, this is the point all my hard work has lead to," he added. "I miss you dad. Today's the big day. Let's do it."
  9. The NFL will host a star-studded group of quarterbacks, several record-breaking running backs, and some standout combine warriors at today's draft. The league announced the full list of 23 prospects that will attend the event as guests of the NFL. Purdue's Matt Jones, Oregon's Trevon Yeldon, Ole Miss' Markus Golden will join 2018 Heisman Trophy winner Tucker Dowden of Missouri. Players that typically attend the draft arrive early in the week and participate in various pre-draft activities before settling into the green room on Friday night to await the call of a lifetime. "I can't believe that I'm only hours away from my dream coming true. To whoever gives me that call tomorrow - I will work the hardest and commit fully to your organization. It's finally happening," said Sebastian Smallwood, defensive end from Alabama. The complete list of players attending the draft: QB Matt Jones 6-3 208 R Purdue [Pocket] [0] 83 QB Ryan Harris 6-4 213 R Fresno State [Pocket] [0] 82 QB Jordan North 6-1 230 R Temple [Hybrid] [0] 81 QB Tucker Dowden 6-3 211 R Missouri [Scrambling] [0/C] 80 RB Kenyon Randall 5-6 209 R LSU [Power] [-1] 83 RB Trevon Yeldon 6-0 233 R Oregon [Power] [0] 82 WR Jarvis Ward 5-9 189 R Texas A&M [Speed] [0] 82 WR Tevin Lattimore 6-2 225 R Missouri [Target] [-1] 81 WR Morgan Patton 6-3 193 R Penn State [Target] [0] 81 WR Ja'Wuan Howard 6-2 186 R Georgia [Target] [0] 80 WR Tyler White 6-0 156 R Penn State [Speed] [+1] 80 TE Manny Ferguson 6-3 205 R Boston College [Receiving] [+1] 81 OT Brian Chavez 6-1 299 R Baylor [Pass Blocking] [0] 82 OT Kyle Will 6-5 272 R Michigan [Pass Blocking] [+1] 82 OG Noah Barney 6-1 336 R Ohio State [Pass Blocking] [0] 83 C Xavier Cuellar 6-3 249 R Florida [Run Blocking] [+2/C] 82 DE Khairi Bryant 5-10 263 R Ohio State [Blitz] [0] 84 DE Timothy Key 6-2 240 R Florida [Contain] [-1] 83 DE Sebastian Smallwood 6-1 254 R Alabama [Blitz] [-1/C] 82 DT Shamar Ware 6-5 278 R Penn State [2-Gap] [0/C] 82 ILB Tyrese Thompson 6-3 228 R Auburn [Mike] [-1/C] 82 ILB Markus Golden 6-5 240 R Ole Miss [Mike] [0] 81 CB Kenyon Justice 6-1 177 R Auburn [Zone Coverage] [-1] 82
  10. NFL Network

    Watkins QB Camp

    New England Patriots quarterback Reggie Watkins recently held his second quarterback camp for NCAA-hopeful high school seniors in Boston, MA. "I'm going to make this an annual thing. I really believe in what I'm building here. These kids have such bright futures and I want to share the information I was given when I was their age," Watkins told the media. The following players from the northeast area were looked at by NCAA scouts at Watkins' camp. Kayshon Rhodes, Scrambling: Readiness: 8 Game Tape: 8 Scouting: 8 Joey Wolfe, Pocket: Readiness: 9 Game Tape: 7 Scouting: 7 Chris O'Hennessy, Pocket: Readiness: 6 Game Tape: 7 Scouting: 4 Dennis Mackey, Scrambling: Readiness: 5 Game Tape: 4 Scouting: 5 QB Reggie Watkins has gained +4% starting fitness and +15% coaching ability.
  11. NFL Network

    [2021] Pro Bowl

    (5-2) vs. (2-5)
  12. Event 1 - Precision Passing Event 2 - Best Hands (Nick Hall throwing, Nate Tensi covering) Event 3 - 5v5 Classic Dodgeball Final
  13. Event 1 - Precision Passing: players attempt to tag a small target on a dummy's hand at various distances, players who tag more in a direct matchup with another player advance. In the morning all six quarterbacks will play through the qualifying round where the targets are worth points and only the four highest point totals advanced to the semi finals and final in the afternoon. Event 2 - Best Hands: Darrell Murphy throwing to various wide receivers running various routes of certain length while covered by Matt Cowan (SEA), each catch is worth 1 point. Two players are eliminated, the remaining four will go again in the afternoon with a different quarterback and cornerback in the final. Event 3 - Power Relay Challenge: 4 4-man relay teams run a relay race, have to have one player from each of the following groups: O-Line, D-Line, Linebackers, Secondary Event 4 - 5v5 Classic Dodgeball: 4 5-man teams compete in a classic dodgeball tournaments. The final will happen in the afternoon.
  14. The NFL has suspended Tampa Bay Buccaneers' running back DeNorris Jackson two games for violating the league's substance abuse policy. A 16-game starter last season, Jackson will be eligible to participate during training camp and the preseason, but he will miss the first two games. He will be eligible to return Week 3.
  15. Vaughan Abraham has declined his invite to the 2021 Pro Bowl citing injury concerns. Abraham has been nursing a toe injury stemming the Cowboys Week 17 game. Abraham was available for the game but a team doctor advised him to sit out the game. Abraham will be replaced by Eagles running back Troy White.