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    1. NFL Network

      Watkins QB Camp

      New England Patriots quarterback Reggie Watkins recently held his second quarterback camp for NCAA-hopeful high school seniors in Boston, MA. "I'm going to make this an annual thing. I really believe in what I'm building here. These kids have such bright futures and I want to share the information I was given when I was their age," Watkins told the media. The following players from the northeast area were looked at by NCAA scouts at Watkins' camp. Kayshon Rhodes, Scrambling: Readiness: 8 Game Tape: 8 Scouting: 8 Joey Wolfe, Pocket: Readiness: 9 Game Tape: 7 Scouting: 7 Chris O'Hennessy, Pocket: Readiness: 6 Game Tape: 7 Scouting: 4 Dennis Mackey, Scrambling: Readiness: 5 Game Tape: 4 Scouting: 5 QB Reggie Watkins has gained +4% starting fitness and +15% coaching ability.
    2. NFL Network

      [2021] Pro Bowl

      (5-2) vs. (2-5)
    3. Event 1 - Precision Passing Event 2 - Best Hands (Nick Hall throwing, Nate Tensi covering) Event 3 - 5v5 Classic Dodgeball Final
    4. Event 1 - Precision Passing: players attempt to tag a small target on a dummy's hand at various distances, players who tag more in a direct matchup with another player advance. In the morning all six quarterbacks will play through the qualifying round where the targets are worth points and only the four highest point totals advanced to the semi finals and final in the afternoon. Event 2 - Best Hands: Darrell Murphy throwing to various wide receivers running various routes of certain length while covered by Matt Cowan (SEA), each catch is worth 1 point. Two players are eliminated, the remaining four will go again in the afternoon with a different quarterback and cornerback in the final. Event 3 - Power Relay Challenge: 4 4-man relay teams run a relay race, have to have one player from each of the following groups: O-Line, D-Line, Linebackers, Secondary Event 4 - 5v5 Classic Dodgeball: 4 5-man teams compete in a classic dodgeball tournaments. The final will happen in the afternoon.
    5. The NFL has suspended Tampa Bay Buccaneers' running back DeNorris Jackson two games for violating the league's substance abuse policy. A 16-game starter last season, Jackson will be eligible to participate during training camp and the preseason, but he will miss the first two games. He will be eligible to return Week 3.
    6. Vaughan Abraham has declined his invite to the 2021 Pro Bowl citing injury concerns. Abraham has been nursing a toe injury stemming the Cowboys Week 17 game. Abraham was available for the game but a team doctor advised him to sit out the game. Abraham will be replaced by Eagles running back Troy White.
    7. Brett Fisher's (ankle surgery) training camp status is "up in the air." Medical staff have informed the Ravens that Fisher should shed his walking boot in about two months time but the recovery can linger and it should not be expected for him to be active for training camp. Fisher will be unavailable for training camp and will be questionable for the first pre-season game and probable for the second.
    8. Members of the Bears medical team have advised the Bears organization that QB Quincy Honeycutt (knee) will likely not be ready for training camp or the beginning of preseason. According to the medical staff the surgery to repair his torn ACL went well but strength and conditioning will be a problem based on the type of damage that was suffered. Honeycutt will be unavailable until week 3 of the pre-season and will be questionable for weeks 3 and 4 before becoming probably for week 1 of the regular season. Quincy Honeycutt gaines -25% starting fitness for 2022.
    9. Darrell Murphy said he expects Allama Banta to attend his annual passing camp in July. Murphy organizes practices with his receivers every year. Banta has been rumored to announce that he will skip this year's minicamp to prove a point, but Murphy expects him to show up for the informal session. Banta is looking for a "correction or update" to his current contract running until 2023. He is scheduled to make $8.0 million over the final two years of his current deal and feels this is unfair compared to his #1 receiver status on the team in 2021.
    10. Harris is recovering from a knee surgery he underwent in September after tearing his ACL in the Texans' week three game. "I got the go-ahead to kind of do whatever I can without obviously being too aggressive on it," Harris said. "I'll be ready well before camp." Harris remains one of the best free safeties in the league. He recorded 4 tackles, 1 interception, and 1 pass defensed before ending his 2021 campaign. He finished the 2020 season with 49 tackles and 3 interceptions. Harris is under contract through 2024. Harris gains +15% starting fitness for 2022.
    11. Jets free safety Reshad Jenkins says he's "comfortable" with his current contract. Jenkins is currently in the hunt for the Super Bowl, coming off of a wonderful year in which he recorded 31 tackles, 3 interceptions, and 4 passes defensed. There has been some talk whether the 27 year old, who had just signed an extension last year, was already considering sitting out in hopes of seeing an increase payday. "I got my contract man. I'm already feeling set for prime years, no idea where this nonsense comes from. I just signed a deal and I'm fully planning to honor it. I'm just going to go out there and play and hopefully win us a title. Jenkins current contract is set to expire after the 2025 season, at which point the free safety will be 31. Jenkins and all other starting Jets secondary players gain 20% chemistry for their next game and 12% starting chemistry each at the beginning of next season if none of them are replaced.
    12. Joel King said he feels more comfortable in the Bengals' offense after adjusting to a new coaching staff in 2021. "When we started last year, it was kind of an elementary level, in terms of ‘I’m hearing the play, I’m thinking about the footwork I have to take, the identification, trying to remember what routes guys are running and all that," he said. "Now, I think I’m kind of owning the offense and having a better understanding of it." No one would ever mistake King for Brian Brown, though he should at least benefit from a strong supporting cast in Cincinnati in the next year or two, pending draft results. King is entering the 4th and final year of his 4 year, $24 million rookie deal. Joel King's 2022 starting confidence is +15%.
    13. BOSTON, Massachusetts -- New England Patriots wide receiver Geno Harris was involved in a minor car accident on Wednesday but was not injured, his agent announced. Harris' agent said his car was rear-ended, and the rear bumper of Harris' car was knocked off. The car was then pushed into two cars stopped in front. Harris took some time with the first responders, signed the bumper, and gave it to the one of the policemen at the scene. "Geno is okay and was able to drive home," the agent said in a statement. "Appreciate everyone that has reached out to check on him." Geno Harris enjoyed talking to the first responders and his outlook for the season has improved. He has gained +1 locker room personality and hopes that he can give back to the community sometime during the pre-season.
    14. Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Brian Glenn is proud of the fact that youth football camps have become a staple of the offseason for most NFL players. He stopped by NFL Network's "Up to the Minute" program on Monday to talk about the importance of players hosting camps for kids during the offseason. "It's all about giving back," Glenn said. "A lot of guys, we all hold camps because, unfortunately, growing up, we didn't have football camps to go to, a lot of times, held by NFL players, so I'm really glad that's become part of the culture." Hosting youth camps has become such an important part of the offseason for most players that Glenn has encountered problems getting others to join him at his own two camps. But he sees that as a good problem to have. "I like the fact that we're all giving back to the community, reaching the kids," Glenn said. "We are just about to hold my second Seattle camp this month, and then my second New Orleans camp in two months. This is just something I'm trying to do every year, so I can give back to my community that I live in, and the community that raised me, that made me into the man I am today." Glenn will host his second annual football camp in Seattle on February 17th. His second camp back in his hometown of New Orleans will be held on March 22nd. Brian Glenn has gained +1 locker room presence and 10% starting fitness for the 2022 season.
    15. After the completion of the 4 pm slate of Sunday games, the 2022 NFL Draft order has been set for non-playoff games. 1. LAC 2. NYG 3. CIN 4. BUF 5. ARI 6. SEA 7. HOU 8. JAX 9. MIN 10. SF 11. CHI 12. CLE 13. NE 14. DET 15. IND 16. BAL 17. ATL 18. KC 19. WAS 20. NO (This has not been amended for trades.)