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  1. Houston rookie OLB Javorius McNeil has been suspended for the first 3 weeks of the 2024 regular season after being arrested for a DUI the final week of training camp. He is eligible to play in the preseason. @cmcgill @DarthJarJar
  2. Colts CB Malachi Douglas has been suspended for the first 3 regular season games of the 2024 season after being arrested for a DUI during the final week of training camp @Ape @npklemm @Emperor
  3. Panthers CB Nate Tensi has been suspended for the first 4 regular season games of the upcoming 2024 season after testing positive for a performance enhancing substance during training camp @CadeRich5
  4. @Soluna let me know if you're bidding on UDFA, you're the last team left
  5. OTHER INFORMATION All Franchise sales must be approved by the commissioner. NFLHC Staffs: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=NFLHC#Teams Rookie Minicamps You may send any number of your rookies to the rookie minicamp to gain a chemistry benefit and receive general positional grades and pertinent information on them. But each rookie who attends will have a drastically improved chance of injury. Information received will be formatted like this: PLAYER LINE Grade: ready/possible starter/needs development/poor, roster/practice squad/none Potential Player Line Changes Tactical Information Potential Injury Training Camps Each team will have a 4 week practice schedule to fill out that will serve as their training camp. At the end of training camps you will get a list of standouts, problems, injuries, and other relevant information for your upcoming season. PROGRESSION INFO The following characteristics are part of the progression formula: Inherent progression value of the player. Age modification to that progression value based on their position. Inherent preferred scheme of the player. Evaluated by how closely the used scheme average is to what the player wants. Average team chemistry for the year. Team Chemistry is affected by people being traded in/out or signing/cutting players. Moving players from your practice squad onto the team or from the team onto the practice squad has negligible effect because the practice squad is considered part of the team. Practices modify the values. Choosing not to take part in practices can severely destroy progressions. Repeatedly doing the same practices will put the player on a progression path thats severely limited to whatever that practice path is. A lot of strength training will cause a decay in all his values that are not strength related for instance. Consistency in Coaching Frequently switching Head Coaches and Coordinators will negatively impact player progressions. Switching in the offseason is the best time to change coaches, during the season is the worst, and multiple different coaches continue to stack massive negatives onto the progression. This normalizes with each subsequent year using the the same coach. A randomized value for each player that represents unpredictability. Inherent fitness value and injuries suffered through the year. NFL Roles:
  6. SCHEDULE INFORMATION 2024 NFL Schedule 2024 Off-Season Schedule
  7. DRAFT INFORMATION Draft Interface Link: https://nflhc-draft.herokuapp.com/ Draft Pick Ownership Chart You can find an updated Draft Pick Ownership Chart here. This chart is not official so always verify the information is correct and let someone know if you find an error. Compensatory Picks Compensatory picks will be awarded for players lost in free agency the offseason after they are lost. Each team may have a maximum of 4 compensatory picks. Players only count towards the compensatory pick formula if they were on your team for half of the preceding season. Each player has a value (based on overall rating) and those points add up to determine the level of compensatory pick you will receive. Player Value Compensatory Pick Value To determine compensatory picks take the value of the top player you lost and subtract the value of the top player you signed. If there is still a positive value continue subtracting signed players until you run out of signed players or the value is 0. When you finish, the value of each lost player left gives you the value for your picks. Example: Team A loses a 93 and 86. They sign an 89 and an 80. Start with the 93 player. This gives you 14 points. Compare that one to the 89, which is 6.5 points. After subtraction, the 93 player is now worth 7.5. So compare it to the 80, which is worth 1 point. Now the 93 is worth 6.5 points. You didn't sign any more eligible players, so compare it to the rounds above. 6.5 points is worth a 4th rounder. You still have the 86 that was untouched by signed players. He is worth 4 points. Compare this to the rounds above. He is worth a 5th rounder. So in this scenario, you would have gotten a 4th and 5th round pick. The order of those picks in the draft is determined by the value of the picks (higher = higher pick) and then draft order for tie breaks. Conditional Draft Pick Rules The teams responsible for the trade are tasked with keeping track of what conditions are met. The commissioner will verify at the end of the season. Injury clauses can only apply to MAJOR injuries, since its currently not possible to see if a player that didn't make the stat sheet but was on the injury report played or not, and there is no history on the injury report, so it would be impossible to verify. Any stats that are kept track of on the wiki are allowable for conditions. If it's not kept track of on the wiki, it can't be used as a condition. Wiki stats are considered final. If a condition is met, and the team that is giving a pick no longer owns a pick in that round, the nearest non-compensatory pick will be given instead.This means if a trade was made for a 4th rounder that could turn into a 3rd, and the team no longer has a 3rd round pick due to punishments or other trades, they will be forced to give up their 2nd rounder instead. If the pick can become a 1st round pick, and the team that is forced to give up the pick no longer owns it, they will give up the nearest 1st rounder instead. Conditions are still not allowed in contracts. Pro Days/Combine To help make determinations about the upcoming draft prospects, you will be given access to pro day and combine information. This information will be available in a spreadsheet sometime during the offseason.
  8. FREE AGENCY INFORMATION Free Agency Rules Copy/Paste the player line in the appropriate thread and offer a contract (Format: #years, contract total value, percent guaranteed, and structure). Every contract offer must follow the rules for minimum salary every year of the deal. If nobody else outbids you for 24 hours, the player will sign with your team. Once a bid is posted, you may not rescind it. Use this form to detail your contracts: http://cfbhc.herokuapp.com/contract/ Input the contract, and copy and paste the entire output into your reply. The value line is what determines if the player considers that contract better or worse than the previous offer. Higher value = better. Contracts that have an 80% drop in salary from one year to the next will be automatically rejected. If a contract offer exceeds 16 million average salary, the contract must be more than 1 year in length, UNLESS THE PLAYER IS A QB. If they are a QB, if the contract offer exceeds 25 million average salary, the contract must be more than 1 year in length. Until the draft, all contracts must be at least 50% guaranteed. After the draft, all contracts must be at least 30% guaranteed if the player's overall is 80 or above. If the player is 92 overall or greater, they will not even consider an offer less than the suggested "Star" value from the Free Agency Wiki* before the draft. After that, they will begin considering offers from the above average column. After the season starts, players will consider any offer, but only consider 1 year "prove it" deals. If the player is 87 overall or greater, they will not even consider an offer less than the suggested "Above Average" value from the Free Agency Wiki* before the draft. After that, they will begin considering offers from the starter column. After the season starts, players will consider any offer, but only consider 1 year "prove it" deals. If the player is 82 overall or greater, they will not even consider an offer less than the suggested "Starter" value from the Free Agency Wiki* before the draft. After that, they will begin considering offers from the backup column. After the season starts, players will consider any offer. Any player < 82 overall will consider any offer, as long as it meets the required minimum every year of the deal. Any player with a red player line will not sign a contract for longer than 2 years. In order to beat another offer, the value of the deal (the inspiral calculated value) needs to be at least 0.1 higher Contracts cannot decrease season over season by more than 50% (i.e. Year 1 = 10 M total, Year 2 cannot be less than 5 M, year 3, 2.5 M, etc) Contracts cannot have consecutive years of <=30% GTD unless the offer is for a min contract Cutting/Waiving Players (non-injured) Veteran players who have been in the league for 4 or more years (4+ in player line) can be cut and will immediately go to free agency. Players who have not been in the league 4 years (and are thus eligible for practice squads) must be waived. You may place a claim on a player who is waived and waivers will be processed based on standings. To put in a claim, your GM must make a thread in the Waiver Wire forum titled "[Team name] Waiver Claims". When you want to put in a claim on a player, simply reply to that thread with the players' name. Results will be posted after the 24 hours has expired. If you successfully claimed a player, the team that waived him owes only the guaranteed portion of the current year to the player, and the rest will be paid by the team that claimed him. Players claimed via waivers must be on your active roster (though don't have to be active in the games) for at least two weeks before they can be waived again. Practice Squad (size=12) Any player with a R, 1, 2, or 3 in their player line is eligible for the practice squad. In order to move someone from your active roster to the practice squad, they must be cut and pass through waivers. You can also sign free agents directly to the practice squad instead of your active roster. Players that are released from the practice squad go directly to free agency. To sign someone from another team's practice squad, you must tag the GM of the team you are attempting to sign them from. They must either promote the player to their active roster or allow him to sign with your active roster within 24 hours. A player claimed from a practice squad must be on your active roster for at least 2 weeks. UDFA Bidding At the end of the draft, teams will be given 100 points that they may use to bid on up to 10 UDFAs. There will only be 1 round of blind bidding and then the players will automatically sign a minimum contract with the top bidder. In the case of a tie, players will sign with the team who had the worst record the season before. Bids should be posted in your team forum with the title [YEAR] UDFA Offers and formatted to look like this: Player line - Points spent on this player
  9. INJURIES INFORMATION Injured Reserve Players may be placed on injured reserve if they have an out designation for at least 8 weeks (questionable and probable do not count). Post the player line, injury suffered, the week it occured, and how long they are out for in the injured reserve post. If there are fewer than 8 weeks left in the regular season, any injury that results in a player missing the rest of the season can be placed on IR.  You may return 3 players per season from injured reserve to your active roster. They may return as soon as their injury has them listed as questionable or probable. You must post in the injured reserve post that you are activating a player from injured reserve when you put them back on your active roster.  Injury Report You can find an updated record of injuries league wide here. NFL/CFB Combined Spreadsheet This spreadsheet contains information about injury lengths as well as practice schedules. Waiving/Cutting Injured Players You cannot waive a player who is eligible for injured reserve (season ending injury), but you can waive or cut someone who has a non-season ending injury. In order to do so, you must give them an injury settlement. An injury settlement is 20% of their remaining contract for the year. So if you cut a player making 1 million this year, but none of it was guaranteed, and you waive a player that was injured, you must take a 200k cap penalty in order to cut the player. If their guaranteed money exceeds the 20%, you still owe them the guaranteed money but the injury settlement does not get added onto that. Players that receive an injury settlement may not re-sign with the team that cut them that year, and will not be added to the free agent pool until their injury is at least at the "Questionable" level.
  10. DEPTH CHART/ GAMEPLAN INFORMATION Depth Chart Formatting Required designations Optional Designations (do not replace required designations with these. You can add them below the required designations if you choose). Preseason Roster Rules Each team must play their starting roster in week 2. You may exempt 6 players who have at least 5 years of experience in the league (5 in their player line) if you wish. You may also substitute one of those 5 players with your starting QB, no matter his experience. Punishment for non-compliance will be a large fitness penalty and loss of practices. Roster Limits: Preseason: 90 Regular Season:55 Game day:48 Practice Squad: 12 Importing Player Lines Do not copy and paste player lines from outside sources (excel, word, etc.) Doing so messes up colors and formatting that causes major issues for the sim. Only copy and paste player lines from the original source. Out of Position Penalties You can play a player out of position but you will incur a skill penalty for doing so. You can find information about these penalties here. Benching QBs Benching your starting QB can make him upset or mess up team chemistry. The only time you can bench a QB without a QB without these risks are if the QB is injured with an out or questionable injury designation (probable is not included), or if you have clinched the playoffs in week 16 or 17. You can bench a QB without messing up team chemistry (although he may still be upset) if he has a probable injury designation or if the team has a losing record and the QB has started at least the last 4 games. Tanking If you tank for a better draft pick there may be severe consequences for doing so including loss of draft picks, fines, or even the loss of your team. These punishments are at the discretion of the league office. Practices Each week you will have a team wide practice focus as well as 2 individual focuses for each position group. These focuses will impact everything from fitness to progression to scheme change penalties. You can set your practice schedule on the NFL/CFB Combined Spreadsheet. GAMEPLAN RULES Core Gameplan Options (Required) Expansion Gameplan Options (Optional) Gameplan Format
  11. CONTRACT/SALARY INFORMATION Team Contract Pages: Contract Lookup Thread: Team Pages: A new post in your team page thread is mandatory for each season starting with the 2024 off-season, clearly labeling what season it is for. Cap Sheet Rules: Your cap sheet must show a total cap hit, guaranteed money, and non guaranteed money for each season. It must also highlight any season in which a player's salary is <50% guaranteed. You must also track cap penalties. Only your top 51 salaries count towards your salary cap (to ensure teams can have a full practice squad). To calculate this on your cap sheet use the formula =SUMPRODUCT(LARGE(A:A,ROW(INDIRECT(("1:51"))))) where A:A is the range of cells where you list the total salaries. Contract Calculator This Contract Calculator can be used to ensure that the contracts that you are offering are formatted correctly. Salary Cap info: Draft Salary Info: Mid-Season Re-signings: Season-End Re-signings; Franchise Tag You may place 1 franchise or transition tag per season during the end of season resigning period. A franchise tagged player signs a 1 year contract at a salary equivalent to the star value for their position based on chart located here, OR 20% higher than the average salary of their previous contract, whichever is higher, and will be 100% guaranteed. A franchise tagged player cannot be traded or cut for that season and will be slightly less likely to re-sign in the following season. Transition Tag You may place 1 franchise or transition tag per season during the end of season resigning period. A transition tagged player signs a 1 year contract at a salary equivalent to the above average value for their position based on the chart located here, OR 10% higher than the average salary of their previous contract, whichever is higher, and will be 100% guaranteed. A transition tagged player will not be impacted in likeliness to re-sign. A team cannot transition tag a player multiple times. The limit is 1. Any team can sign them away (first dibs) but must provide their nearest two 1st round picks as compensation to do so. A transition tagged player is not impacted in likeliness to re-sign. Transition Tag is 100% guaranteed. Sign and Trade (Subject to Change next season) When a player signs a new contract, the guaranteed money on the first year is now considered a signing bonus, and is guaranteed on the team's salary cap for the first year of the contract. This means that if the player is then traded, the team he signed the contract with is on the hook for that signing bonus, but is not on the hook for anything past the first year. The team receiving the player in the trade will not have to pay any of the guaranteed money the first year, only the salary portion. The team receiving the player in a trade may offer to take on a portion of the signing bonus, up to 50%, in part of the trade. FA signings are not eligible for this, and the team trading for him must take on the contract, including guaranteed money in the 1st year of the deal OC/DC hiring: Teams can choose to hire an offensive and defensive coordinator to provide the specific benefits attributed to each coordinator. Hiring is optional but they do provide a net benefit to your team so would recommend hiring one still. If you decide to hire 1 coordinator. The head coach must still be >= to the salary of the coordinator. So the max coordinator salary is $5M for 1 season Coaching Contract Info:
  12. NFL

    [2023] NFLHC Honors

    Most Valuable Player Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Coach of the Year Assistant Coach of the Year Executive of the Year Offensive Rookie of the Year Defensive Rookie of the Year Comeback Player of the Year Pepsi Rookie of the Year Walter Payton Man of the Year
  13. NFL

    [2023] All Pro Team

    First Team:     QB: Ryan Harris (KC) RB: Asante Sowell (JAX) RB / FB: Terrence Rodgers (KC)  WR1: Raheem Robinson (JAX) WR2: Adrian Jankowski (CIN) TE: Curtis Henry (CAR) FLEX (WR/TE/RB/FB): J.C. Weldon (MIA) LT: Justin Campbell (DAL) LG: Robert Roaf (JAX) C: Xavier Cuellar (BUF) RG: Lucas Hopkins (GB) RT: Quinn Bouman (GB)  EDGE (3-4 OLB / 4-3 DE): Kenyatta Henderson (BAL) EDGE: Tyrone Jones (BAL) INT DL (4-3 DT, 3-4 DE, NT): Carlos Washington (PIT) INT DL: Ron Rice (JAX) LB1 (ILB or OLB): Cameron Jones (DET) LB2: Cameron Jonah (DEN) LB3: Rodrick Milligan (PHI) CB1: Keyshawn Thompson (DET) CB2: Travis Chatman (DAL) FS: Reshad Jenkins (NYJ) SS: Cameron Whitney (WAS) DB (Slot defender): Brent Johnson (DET) K: Ryan Levcik (KC) P: Bryan Johnson (DET) KR: Neville Simpson (SEA) PR: Ben Offerdahl (KC) ST: Brandon Guillory (PHI) Second Team:    QB: Brian Brown (MIA) RB: Kenyon Randall (DET) RB / FB: Solomon McLaughlin (SF) WR1: Mike Tripplett (LV) WR2: Monte Jackson (CAR) TE: Brian Gary (LV) FLEX (WR/TE/RB/FB): Sean Jenkins (NO) LT: Mike Woods (BUF) LG: Russell Benson-Gifford (DEN) C: Matt Cole (WAS) RG: Jace Blakley (MIA) RT: Brandon Reamon (TEN) EDGE (3-4 OLB / 4-3 DE): Anthony Miller (IND)  EDGE: Ryan Frey (PHI) INT DL (4-3 DT, 3-4 DE, NT): Jeremy Miller (NO) INT DL: Bob Ballard (HOU) LB1 (ILB or OLB): Brian Hernandez (BUF) LB2: Christian Haywood (JAX) LB3: Akeel Morris (ARI) CB1: Troy Marshall (BAL) CB2: Jack Ramsey (TEN) FS: Sean Burton (IND) SS: Cameron Riley (KC) DB (Slot defender): Lucas Freeman (JAX) K: Brent Hankton (DET) P: Jason Sochia (JAX) KR: Rangi Salanoa (ATL) PR: Jordan Westbrook (DEN)  ST: Terrence Plummer (TEN)
  14. AFC    QB: Brian Brown (MIA), Marcus Black (BAL), Ryan Harris (KC) RB: Asante Sowell (JAX), Terrance Rodgers (KC), Chad Dess (TEN) WR: Raheem Robinson (JAX), Mike Tripplett (LV), J.C. Weldon (MIA), Adrian Jankowski (CIN) TE: Brian Gary (LV), Tyler Dotson (IND) FB: Ibrahim High (TEN) OT: Mike Woods (BUF), Marcellus Peterson (MIA), Brandon Reamon (TEN) OG: Russell Benson-Gifford (DEN), Jace Blakley (MIA), Robert Roaf (JAX) C: John Zatkoff (DEN), Xavier Cuellar (BUF)  DT: Bob Ballard (HOU), Hudson Adam (IND), Kyle Pratt (NYJ) DE: Carlos Washington (PIT), Ron Rice (JAX), Anthony Miller (IND) OLB: Tyrone Jones (BAL), Brian Hernandez (BUF), Kenyatta Henderson (BAL) ILB: Cameron Jonah (DEN), C.J. Thomas (CLE) CB: Troy Marshall (BAL), Justin Davis (MIA), Kordell McKinnon (PIT), Jack Ramsey (TEN) SS: Cameron Riley (KC), R.C. Rone (CIN) FS: Reshad Jenkins (NYJ), Sean Burton (IND) K: Ryan Levcik (KC) P: Jason Sochia (JAX) Returner: Ben Offerdahl (KC) Specialist: Terrence Plummer (TEN) Coach: Azul (BAL)  NFC QB: Tanner Bowman (WAS), Todd Lester (SF), Christian Skaggs (CAR) RB: Kenyon Randall (DET), Maurice White (WAS), Solomon McLaughlin (SF) WR: Rodney Montgomery (DAL), Monte Jackson (CAR), Mike Miller (NO), Allama Banta (LAR) TE: Curtis Henry (CAR), Garrett Taylor (SF) FB: Jose Rosenthal (SEA) OT: Justin Campbell (DAL), Walter Adair (WAS), Quinn Bouman (GB) OG: Nick Ramos (WAS), Jace Brown (DAL), Lucas Hopkins (GB) C: Matt Cole (WAS), Don Teteak (DET)   DT: Anthony Beltran (LAR), Jeremy Miller (NO), David Medley (CHI) DE: Ryan Frey (PHI), Doug Carolan (DET), Michael Bruce (LAR) OLB: Derrick Martin (WAS), Cameron Jones (DET), Paul Goodman (MIN) ILB: Akeel Morris (ARI), Rodrick Milligan (PHI) CB: Tre'Davious Dikes (WAS), Travis Chatman (DAL), Keyshawn Thompson (DET), Brent Johnson (DET) SS: Darren Manning (CAR), Cameron Whitney (WAS) FS: Marquise Holiday (DET), Randall Jones (CHI)  K: Neal Watson (WAS) P: Bryan Johnson (DET) Returner: Neville Simpson (SEA) Specialist: Brandon Guillory (PHI)  Coach: SlinkyJr (DET)
  15. After being briefed on the case by Miami Beach police, and reviewing the security camera footage, the NFL has decided to suspend Mr. Moore for the first two games of the season. After reading the statement from the New York Giants owner, the league would like to reassure the public that the NFL believes that violence is never an acceptable solution to solving disputes. Moore clearly escalated the conflict when he became physical, thus deserving of a suspension. We denounce the Giants owner's attempt to rationalize this behavior. He will be fined $2 million, which will be donated to the Non-Violence project.
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