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  1. After being briefed on the case by Miami Beach police, and reviewing the security camera footage, the NFL has decided to suspend Mr. Moore for the first two games of the season. After reading the statement from the New York Giants owner, the league would like to reassure the public that the NFL believes that violence is never an acceptable solution to solving disputes. Moore clearly escalated the conflict when he became physical, thus deserving of a suspension. We denounce the Giants owner's attempt to rationalize this behavior. He will be fined $2 million, which will be donated to the Non-Violence project.
  2. The Baltimore did not put injured players from training camp on the inactive list for the first two pre-season games. The players are: TE Ituha Coonaha 6-6 200 5 Georgia [Blocking] [0] 77  DE George Calvert 6-2 267 3 Minnesota [Blitz] [0] 74  CB Troy Marshall 6-1 163 4 Texas [Zone Coverage] [-1] 93 All three of their injuries were 3 week out injuries, so they should not have been physically able to play. Because they played in those games, I am suspending all 3 of these players for the first two games of the NFLHC regular season. In addition, the Baltimore Ravens will lose their 2023 3rd round pick for this and other repeated violations. @Dr_Novella @Azul
  3. did up to ravens. will finish later
  4. NFL

    [2022] All Pro Team

    First Team:    QB: Brian Brown (MIA) RB: Asante Sowell (JAX)  RB / FB: Akili Wallace (ATL) WR1: Sean Jenkins (NO)  WR2: Raheem Robinson (JAX) TE: Curtis Henry (CAR) FLEX (WR/TE/RB/FB): Adrian Jankowski (CIN) LT: Justin Campbell (DAL) LG: David Schlereth (NYJ) C: Lucas Hurd (GB) RG: Dave Young (JAX) RT: Aaron Gugliemi (HOU) EDGE (3-4 OLB / 4-3 DE): Ron Rice (JAX) EDGE: Tyrone Jones (BAL) INT DL (4-3 DT, 3-4 DE, NT): Carlos Washington (PIT) INT DL: Bob Ballard (HOU) LB1 (ILB or OLB): Alex Martin (LV) LB2: Daleroy Smart (SF) LB3: Zion Adakwa (SEA) CB1: Troy Marshall (BAL) CB2: Travis Chatman (DAL) FS: Darius Jones (ATL) SS: Dane Wilson (PIT) DB (Slot defender): Khary Miller (LV) K: Alejandro Aguirre (JAX) P: Steve Noonan (ARI) KR: Brandon Lane (CIN) PR: Peter Foster (CHI) ST: Brandon Guillory (PHI) Second Team:   QB: Christian Skaggs (CAR) RB: Kenyon Randall (DET) RB / FB: J.B. Blacknall (DEN) WR1: Mike Tripplett (LV)  WR2: Monte Jackson (CAR)  TE: Bernard Taylor (GB) FLEX (WR/TE/RB/FB): Jaz Durant (GB) LT: Walter Adair (WAS) LG: Russell Benson-Gifford (DEN) C: Matt Cole (WAS) RG: John Chance (HOU) RT: Joe McCord (DET) EDGE (3-4 OLB / 4-3 DE): Shane Easley (LAC) EDGE: Ryan Frey (PHI) INT DL (4-3 DT, 3-4 DE, NT): Hudson Adam (IND) INT DL: Frank Williams (TB) LB1 (ILB or OLB): Cameron Jones (DET) LB2: Christian Haywood (JAX) LB3: Cameron Jonah (DEN) CB1: Jack Ramsey (TEN) CB2: Marquise Reed (GB) FS: Cameron Bowden (PHI) SS: R.C. Rone (CIN) DB (Slot defender): Vontae Johnson (GB) K: Ryan Levcik (KC) P: John Maslowski (NYJ) KR: Deion Madison (JAX) PR: Adam Young (LV)  ST: Emanuelu Lesa (ARI) 
  5. NFL

    [2022] NFL Honors

    Most Valuable Player Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Coach of the Year Assistant Coach of the Year Executive of the Year Offensive Rookie of the Year Defensive Rookie of the Year Comeback Player of the Year Pepsi Rookie of the Year Walter Payton Man of the Year
  6. This happened again in week 17. An injured player was not removed from their DC. For a repeated offense, the Giants will lose a 3rd round pick in the 2023 draft and incur an additional 2.5 million cap penalty in 2023.
  7. AFC  QB: Brian Brown (MIA), Nick Hall (LV), Thomas Wheeler (TEN)  RB: Asante Sowell (JAX), Terrance Rodgers (KC), J.B. Blacknall (DEN) WR: Raheem Robinson (JAX), Mike Tripplett (LV), Gary Faneca (BUF), Adrian Jankowski (CIN) TE: Brian Gary (LV), Tyler Dotson (IND) FB: Gary Richardson (KC) OT: Darnerien Sohn (NYJ), Aaron Gugliemi (HOU), Glenn Boyd (JAX) OG: Russell Benson-Gifford (DEN), David Schlereth (NYJ), Ian Hendrickson (IND) C: John Zatkoff (DEN), Kevin Siemon (CIN)  DT: Bob Ballard (HOU), Hudson Adam (IND), Shamar Ware (JAX) DE: Carlos Washingtron (PIT), Ron Rice (JAX), Anthony Ortiz (BUF) OLB: Tyrone Jones (BAL), Shane Easley (LAC), Kenyatta Henderson (BAL) ILB: Alex Martin (LV), Tunch Richardson (LAC) CB: Troy Marshall (BAL), Dave Stokley (NE), Justin Davis (MIA), Mike Gradishar (LV) SS: Antonio Oliver (CLE), R.C. Rone (CIN) FS: Reshad Jenkins (NYJ), Traveon Howard (BAL) K: Alejandro Aguirre (JAX) P: John Maslowski (NYJ) Returner: Brandon Lane (CIN) Specialist: Shamar Addison (DEN) Coach: alienufo  NFC QB: Christian Skaggs (CAR), Aaron Devereaux (NO), Allan Taylor (PHI) RB: Kenyon Randall (DET), Akili Wallace (ATL), Jaz Durant (GB) WR: Sean Jenkins (NO), Sam Hiller-Weeden (WAS), Monte Jackson (CAR), Jacory Kessler (MIN) TE: Curtis Henry (CAR), Bernard Taylor (GB) FB: Dylan Stewart (PHI) OT: Walter Adair (WAS), Justin Campbell (DAL), Julian Sykes (ATL) OG: Jace Brown (DAL), LaMont Sheriff (DET), LaMichael Harley (ATL) C: Matt Cole (WAS), Lucas Hurd (GB)  DT: Frank Williams (TB), Jeremy Miller (NO), Tommy Brooks (PHI)*, Mike Wohlabaugh (CAR)** DE: Ryan Frey (PHI), Early Davis (ATL), Michael Bruce (LAR) OLB: Morris Millen (CAR), Cameron Jones (DET), Tommy Leonard (ATL) ILB: Daleroy Smart (SF), Andre Brooks (TB) CB: Marquise Reed (GB), Travis Chatman (DAL), David Wilburn (ATL), Keyshawn Thompson (DET) SS: Joe Johnson (PHI), Julio Barnes (GB) FS: Darius Jones (ATL), Cameron Bowden (PHI)  K: Brent Hankton (DET) P: Steve Noonan (ARI) Returner: Peter Foster (CHI) Specialist: Brandon Guillory (PHI) Coach: Inspiral * Not playing due to injury  ** Alternate 
  8. Rams failed to remove Kevin O'Neal from their D.C. after suffering a season ending injury, resulting in him playing in a game for the Rams. The game had to be re-simmed. Giants coach ajyoungmark will receive a fine of $462,500 (2 game checks). The Rams will also lose 1 practice in each of the following weeks: 14, 15. Mark the practice days has VOID. In addition, the Rams organization will receive a $2.0 million cap penalty in 2023.
  9. Matchup Preview | December 3, 2018 @ Miami Dolphins (4-0) Oakland Raiders (4-1) Offensive Stats Comparison 1,476 Total Offensive Yards 1,833 1,138 Passing Yards 1,466 338 Rushing Yards 367 26.5 Points Per Game 26.8 Defensive Stats Comparison 1,189 Total Yards Allowed 1,708 838 Passing Yards Allowed 1,177 351 Rushing Yards Allowed 531 7 Sacks 12 6 Interceptions 5 17.5 Points Per Game 20.2 Injury Report C Haskel Moore Foot (Questionable) TE Jahmir Rolle Wrist (Questionable) WR Malcolm Davis Foot (Questionable) DT Gregg Martin Elbow (Out) FB Xavier Pennington Hamstring (Out)
  10. Matchup Preview | December 2, 2018 @ Carolina Panthers (3-2) Dallas Cowboys (3-2) Offensive Stats Comparison 1,934 Total Offensive Yards 1,561 1,455 Passing Yards 1,273 479 Rushing Yards 288 28.8 Points Per Game 21.8 Defensive Stats Comparison 1,730 Total Yards Allowed 1,605 1,412 Passing Yards Allowed 1,053 318 Rushing Yards Allowed 552 14 Sacks 8 2 Interceptions 4 22.8 Points Per Game 23.4 Injury Report DE Bryan Bynum Achilles (Probable) WR Francisco Gibson Foot (Probable) SS Eddie Burks Foot (Out) OG Vincent Peck Achilles (Out) TE Erasmus High Hip (Questionable)
  11. Matchup Preview | November 29, 2018 @ Minnesota Vikings (2-3) Chicago Bears (0-5) Offensive Stats Comparison 1,627 Total Offensive Yards 1,443 1,337 Passing Yards 821 290 Rushing Yards 622 20.8 Points Per Game 11.8 Defensive Stats Comparison 1,691 Total Yards Allowed 1,541 1,194 Passing Yards Allowed 1,284 497 Rushing Yards Allowed 257 7 Sacks 12 3 Interceptions 5 25.2 Points Per Game 22.8 Injury Report ILB Cleveland Merrill ACL (Out) - -
  12. Matchup Preview | November 25, 2018 @ San Francisco 49ers (1-3) Detroit Lions (3-1) Offensive Stats Comparison 905 Total Offensive Yards 1,743 614 Passing Yards 1,116 291 Rushing Yards 627 11.3 Points Per Game 35.5 Defensive Stats Comparison 1,397 Total Yards Allowed 1,131 926 Passing Yards Allowed 930 471 Rushing Yards Allowed 201 7 Sacks 16 0 Interceptions 5 27.0 Points Per Game 19.0 Injury Report CB Chad Bullock Shoulder (Out) ILB Jacob Watson Biceps (Questionable) QB Todd Lester Meniscus (Out) FS Mike Henderson Achilles (Probable) ILB Ernie Crawford Toe (Probable) WR Tyrone Cunningham Shoulder (Out) CB Ronyell Buchanan Hamstring (Probable) ILB Griffin Perrin Foot (Questionable) C Don Teteak Wrist (Questionable)
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