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    1. [2021] Week 6 Headlines

      Arizona Cardinals didn't submit last week. Violations so far: Cardinals: 2 Seahawks: 1 Jaguars: 1 Patriots: 1 Giants: 1 Redskins: 1 Falcons: 1
    2. [2021] Week 5 Headlines

      Redskins and Falcons did not submit last week Violations so far: Seahawks: 1 Jaguars: 1 Patriots: 1 Giants: 1 Cardinals: 1 Redskins: 1 Falcons: 1
    3. [2021] Week 4 Headlines

      Jaguars, Patriots, Giants, Cardinals did not submit headlines in week 3. Violations so far: Seahawks: 1 Jaguars: 1 Patriots: 1 Giants: 1 Cardinals: 1
    4. By at the latest 24 hours before your game you must declare your 7 inactive players in this thread and update your depth chart accordingly (with the Inactive designation near the bottom). This thread exists to make sure people are actively updating their depth chart and to let people easily see inactives. EDIT: Injured players (that are marked as OUT) that are not on IR must be included in your INactives.
    5. [2021] Week 3 Headlines

      Violations so far: Seahawks: 1
    6. Please post the players that you are putting on injured reserve here. Post the player line, injury suffered, week injury happened, and how long they are out for. You only put players on injured reserve if they are out for at least 8 regular season weeks. Please note that it says OUT. Questionable and probable do not count. If there are fewer than 8 weeks left in the regular season, any injury that results in a player missing the rest of the season can be placed on IR but still cannot return until after 8 weeks. You may return 2 players per season from injured reserve to your active roster. They may return as soon as their injury has them listed as questionable or probable. You must post here that you are activating a player from injured reserve when you put them back on your active roster.