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  1. Houston rookie OLB Javorius McNeil has been suspended for the first 3 weeks of the 2024 regular season after being arrested for a DUI the final week of training camp. He is eligible to play in the preseason. @cmcgill @DarthJarJar
  2. Colts CB Malachi Douglas has been suspended for the first 3 regular season games of the 2024 season after being arrested for a DUI during the final week of training camp @Ape @npklemm @Emperor
  3. Panthers CB Nate Tensi has been suspended for the first 4 regular season games of the upcoming 2024 season after testing positive for a performance enhancing substance during training camp @CadeRich5
  4. @Soluna let me know if you're bidding on UDFA, you're the last team left
  5. OTHER INFORMATION All Franchise sales must be approved by the commissioner. NFLHC Staffs: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=NFLHC#Teams Rookie Minicamps You may send any number of your rookies to the rookie minicamp to gain a chemistry benefit and receive general positional grades and pertinent information on them. But each rookie who attends will have a drastically improved chance of injury. Information received will be formatted like this: PLAYER LINE Grade: ready/possible starter/needs development/poor, roster/practice squad/no
  6. SCHEDULE INFORMATION 2024 NFL Schedule 2024 Off-Season Schedule
  7. DRAFT INFORMATION Draft Interface Link: https://nflhc-draft.herokuapp.com/ Draft Pick Ownership Chart You can find an updated Draft Pick Ownership Chart here. This chart is not official so always verify the information is correct and let someone know if you find an error. Compensatory Picks Compensatory picks will be awarded for players lost in free agency the offseason after they are lost. Each team may have a maximum of 4 compensatory picks. Players only count towards the compensatory pick formula if they were on your team for half of the pr
  8. FREE AGENCY INFORMATION Free Agency Rules Copy/Paste the player line in the appropriate thread and offer a contract (Format: #years, contract total value, percent guaranteed, and structure). Every contract offer must follow the rules for minimum salary every year of the deal. If nobody else outbids you for 24 hours, the player will sign with your team. Once a bid is posted, you may not rescind it. Use this form to detail your contracts: http://cfbhc.herokuapp.com/contract/ Input the contract, and copy and paste the entire output into your reply.
  9. INJURIES INFORMATION Injured Reserve Players may be placed on injured reserve if they have an out designation for at least 8 weeks (questionable and probable do not count). Post the player line, injury suffered, the week it occured, and how long they are out for in the injured reserve post. If there are fewer than 8 weeks left in the regular season, any injury that results in a player missing the rest of the season can be placed on IR.  You may return 3 players per season from injured reserve to your active roster. They may return as soon as their in
  10. DEPTH CHART/ GAMEPLAN INFORMATION Depth Chart Formatting Required designations Optional Designations (do not replace required designations with these. You can add them below the required designations if you choose). Preseason Roster Rules Each team must play their starting roster in week 2. You may exempt 6 players who have at least 5 years of experience in the league (5 in their player line) if you wish. You may also substitute one of those 5 players with your starting QB, no matter his experience. Punishment for non-compliance will be a l
  11. CONTRACT/SALARY INFORMATION Team Contract Pages: Contract Lookup Thread: Team Pages: A new post in your team page thread is mandatory for each season starting with the 2024 off-season, clearly labeling what season it is for. Cap Sheet Rules: Your cap sheet must show a total cap hit, guaranteed money, and non guaranteed money for each season. It must also highlight any season in which a player's salary is <50% guaranteed. You must also track cap penalties. Only your top 51 salaries count towards your salary cap (to ensure teams can have
  12. NFL

    [2023] NFLHC Honors

    Most Valuable Player Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Coach of the Year Assistant Coach of the Year Executive of the Year Offensive Rookie of the Year Defensive Rookie of the Year Comeback Player of the Year Pepsi Rookie of the Year Walter Payton Man of the Year
  13. NFL

    [2023] All Pro Team

    First Team:     QB: Ryan Harris (KC) RB: Asante Sowell (JAX) RB / FB: Terrence Rodgers (KC)  WR1: Raheem Robinson (JAX) WR2: Adrian Jankowski (CIN) TE: Curtis Henry (CAR) FLEX (WR/TE/RB/FB): J.C. Weldon (MIA) LT: Justin Campbell (DAL) LG: Robert Roaf (JAX) C: Xavier Cuellar (BUF) RG: Lucas Hopkins (GB) RT: Quinn Bouman (GB)  EDGE (3-4 OLB / 4-3 DE): Kenyatta Henderson (BAL) EDGE: Tyrone Jones (BAL) INT DL (4-3 DT, 3-4 DE, NT): Carlos Washington (PIT) INT DL: Ron Rice (JAX) LB1 (ILB or OLB): Cameron Jones (DET
  14. AFC    QB: Brian Brown (MIA), Marcus Black (BAL), Ryan Harris (KC) RB: Asante Sowell (JAX), Terrance Rodgers (KC), Chad Dess (TEN) WR: Raheem Robinson (JAX), Mike Tripplett (LV), J.C. Weldon (MIA), Adrian Jankowski (CIN) TE: Brian Gary (LV), Tyler Dotson (IND) FB: Ibrahim High (TEN) OT: Mike Woods (BUF), Marcellus Peterson (MIA), Brandon Reamon (TEN) OG: Russell Benson-Gifford (DEN), Jace Blakley (MIA), Robert Roaf (JAX) C: John Zatkoff (DEN), Xavier Cuellar (BUF)  DT: Bob Ballard (HOU), Hudson Adam (IND), Kyle Pratt (NYJ) DE: Carlos Washin
  15. After being briefed on the case by Miami Beach police, and reviewing the security camera footage, the NFL has decided to suspend Mr. Moore for the first two games of the season. After reading the statement from the New York Giants owner, the league would like to reassure the public that the NFL believes that violence is never an acceptable solution to solving disputes. Moore clearly escalated the conflict when he became physical, thus deserving of a suspension. We denounce the Giants owner's attempt to rationalize this behavior. He will be fined $2 million, whic
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