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  1. Everyone submitted last week. Season violations so far: Cincinnati Bengals: 1 L.A. Rams: 1 Pittsburgh Steelers: 1
  2. Everyone submitted last week. Season violations so far: Cincinnati Bengals: 1 L.A. Rams: 1 Pittsburgh Steelers: 1
  3. Did not submit week 3: Cincinnati Bengals L.A. Rams Pittsburgh Steelers due by next TNF
  4. Due Tuesday April 18th at 8pm EST. Rules: You may only restructure up to three contracts. You may not do a restructure of a player who is on their rookie contract. You cannot move money into the current year (2020). Only 2021 and beyond. 2020 salaries are already set. You may not change the amount of guaranteed money on the deal (50%) or the remaining salary, but you can move it around however you like. You cannot re-structure a deal that was signed in the 2020 offseason, as we already had the current system in place for those deals. Only GMs posts will be counted. If you don't want to restructure any contracts, post that you are not doing so in this thread. Format: Current deal: QB Sample Player 6-2 200 4 Temple [Pocket] 99 // Total years // Years Left (starting 2021) // Total Money // Contract type Restructured deal: QB Sample Player 6-2 200 4 Temple [Pocket] 99 3 years // 30 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//10.0//5.0//0.0//Total:15.0 $//0.0//5.0//10.0//Total:15.0 Total//10.0//10.0//10.0//Total:30.0 ex: Current deal: QB Nick Hall 6-2 221 5 Syracuse [Pocket] 97 // 5 years // 4 years // 105 million // even Restructured deal: QB Nick Hall 6-2 221 5 Syracuse [Pocket] 97 4 years // 84.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//16.0//15.5//7.5//3.0//Total:42.0 $//5.0//7.5//13.5//16.0//Total:42.0 Total//21.0//23.0//21.0//19.0//Total:84.0 Post your restructured deals IN THIS THREAD. DO NOT UPDATE YOUR CAP SHEETS TO REFLECT THESE CHANGES UNTIL I HAVE GIVEN YOU APPROVAL TO DO SO. Useful Links: Completed: LAC MIN GB CHI WAS ARI LAR BUF SF ATL PHI NYJ TB MIA OAK HOU PIT BAL
  5. Everyone submitted again. Good job guys! Have until thursday's game is posted to do your headline.
  6. Have until thursday's game to post yours. everyone did theirs week 1.
  7. Have until thursday's game to post your headline.
  8. General Rookie Contract Changes All picks will have 4 year contracts with a 5th year option being available for players picked in the 1st round. 5th year options work similar to a franchise tag, in that the player cannot refuse it, but their salary goes up depending on position for that year. 5th year options must be decided on by the end of the players 3rd season. The value of the 5th year option will be the “Above average starter” value for the players position from this table: If the player is already making more than that, then they will get their current salary + 15% for the 5th year. Players that are drafted in the 6th and 7th round have non-guaranteed contracts. This means they may be cut at any point prior to the start of the regular season without penalty. If you cut a player with non-guaranteed contract mid season, they take the normal cap hit penalty for the current year, and no penalty for remaining years after that. After the 2017 season, 5th round picks will also have non-guaranteed salaries. After the 2020 season, 4th round picks are only 25% guaranteed. All UDFAs will also have non-guaranteed contracts. 2017 Draft Salaries 2018 Draft Salaries 2019 Draft Salaries 2020 Draft Salaries 2021 Draft Salaries
  9. Free Agency Comp Pick Changes Compensatory draft selections will be awarded for players lost in free agency the year after they are lost. The first draft that will use this new formula will be the 2018 draft, so players lost in 2017 free agency will use this new formula. Round picks will be added according to the overall value of the player lost as follows: 92-99 - 3rd Round Pick 89-91 - 4th Round Pick 85-88 - 5th Round Pick 81-84 - 6th Round Pick 77-80 - 7th Round Pick However, if you signed any players 77+ the previous year, they count against your pick calculation. This will work as follows: Player Signed Round Penalty 92-99 -5 89-91 -4 85-88 -3 81-84 -2 77-80 -1 So if you lost a 91 overall player, and signed two 76-80 players, you would receive a 6th round pick because each of the players you signed carries a one round penalty for the 91 player you lost. If you lost an 82 and a 77 player, but signed only a 79 player, you would get 2 7th round picks, because the 79 player you signed knocks the 82 player you lost down a round. If you lost an 85, 80, and 77 player, but signed a 96 players, you would get no compensatory picks because the player you signed completely negates the players you lost. If the player you lost was only on your team for one year, they will not award a compensatory pick. A single team may only earn a maximum of 4 comp picks per season. If they lose more eligible players than that, they count towards giving you better picks. Kickers,Punters, and Fullbacks always award the 7th round equivalent compensatory pick, regardless of rating. Additionally, if a player is cut and you sign them, they do not count against you for compensatory picks in any way. Starting in the 2018 draft, there will be a maximum of 32 compensatory picks in the draft.
  10. Signings: QB J.J. Robinson 6-1 209 R Temple [Hybrid] 76 - Titans: 2 years QB Jaiden Grant 6-3 239 R Florida [Pocket] 73 - Saints: 2 years QB Kevin White 6-2 218 R Dartmouth [Pocket] 72 - Falcons: 2 years QB Ahmed Miles 6-0 217 R Navy [Scrambling] 70 - Titans: 2 years RB Damien Mays 5-6 195 R Miami (OH) [Power] 68 - Vikings: 2 years FB Ryan Roach 5-8 251 R Ole Miss [Pass Blocking] 74 - Broncos: 1 year FB Ricky Lewis 5-11 208 R Temple [Run Blocking] 70 - Raiders: 2 years WR Lindsey Thomas 5-11 163 R Arizona [Speed] 74 - Chiefs: 2 years WR Danny Paz 6-0 219 R Duke [Target] 74 - Dolphins: 2 years WR Rocky Kruse 6-2 169 R Hawaii [Speed] 74 - Jets: 2 years WR Aaron Ayala 6-1 169 R Wisconsin [Speed] 73 - Vikings: 2 years WR Vincent Ortiz 6-1 174 R New Mexico [Speed] 72 - Cowboys: 2 years WR Israel Hawker 6-2 197 R Yale [Speed] 69 - Vikings: 2 years TE Timothy Perez 6-3 238 R Arizona [Receiving] 74 - Chargers: 1 year TE Jay Coleman 6-5 259 R Nebraska [Blocking] 74 - 49ers: 2 years TE Erik Bray 6-7 250 R North Dakota [Receiving] 71 - Eagles: 2 years TE Hunter Goodson 6-2 239 R Pittsburgh [Blocking] 70 - Jets: 2 years TE Brian Becker 6-3 216 R Connecticut [Receiving] 70 - Raiders: 2 years OT Maxwell Carmichael 6-7 264 R Clemson [Run Blocking] 73 - Packers: 1 year OT Owen Stover 6-3 273 R West Virginia [Pass Blocking] 70 - Dolphins: 2 years OG Marc Kerns 6-1 270 R Pittsburgh [Run Blocking] 74 - Saints: 2 years OG Leo Fleming 6-7 266 R Minnesota [Run Blocking] 73 - Giants: 2 years OG Darrell Kincaid 6-5 271 R Nebraska [Pass Blocking] 73 - Titans: 2 years OG Charles Perez 6-4 283 R Iowa [Pass Blocking] 73 - Vikings: 2 years OG Jessie Kendrick 6-2 298 R Washington [Pass Blocking] 70 - Falcons: 2 years OG Brendan Mccurdy 6-5 316 R Georgia State [Run Blocking] 70 - Jets: 1 years C Josh Brown 6-2 266 R Dayton [Run Blocking] 71 - Bills: 2 years C Philip Reed 74 268 R Penn State [Run Blocking] 70 - Eagles: 2 years C Charlie Cornwell 6-3 288 R Oregon [Run Blocking] 68 - Panthers: 1 year DE Darius Smith 6-4 242 R Wofford [Blitz] 69 - Colts: 2 years DE Joe Flores 6-2 253 R UNLV [Blitz] 67 - Falcons: 2 years DT Walter Murillo 6-1 309 R Nebraska [2-Gap] 71 - Titans: 2 years DT David Crawford 6-5 317 R Georgia [2-Gap] 69 - Packers: 1 year DT Ricardo Walter 6-4 294 R Tennessee [1-Gap] 68 - Eagles: 2 years DT Trevor Williams 6-6 314 R Towson [2-Gap] 67 - Vikings: 2 years ILB Matt Thomas 6-3 247 R North Dakota [Mike] 69 - Jets: 2 years ILB Michael Hutson 5-11 223 R Oregon [Mike] 68 - Falcons: 2 years OLB T.J. Harriman 6-3 227 R Marist [Coverage] 71 - Chargers: 1 year OLB Tyler Burden 5-11 228 R Houston [Coverage] 68 - Steelers: 2 years OLB Milan Porter 5-11 206 R Fresno State [Blitz] 67 - Steelers: 2 years OLB Mark Stapleton 6-5 238 R Air Force [Coverage] 67 - Falcons: 2 years OLB Paul Suarez 6-3 224 R Air Force [Coverage] 66 - Broncos: 1 year CB Ronnie Peters 5-11 185 R Washington [Zone Coverage] 70 - Giants: 2 years CB Sean Benson 5-10 178 R Georgia Tech [Zone Coverage] 70 - Cardinals: 2 years CB Javier Wiggins 6-0 177 R Nebraska [Zone Coverage] 69 - Colts: 2 years CB James Ortiz 5-10 195 R Kentucky [Man Coverage] 68 - Ravens: 1 year FS Curtis Benton 5-11 183 R Marshall [Zone Coverage] 67 - Ravens: 1 year SS Harold Lange 6-0 205 R Kansas [Man Coverage] 72 - Texans: 2 years SS James Reyes 6-1 195 R Purdue [Man Coverage] 70 - Panthers: 1 year SS Devin McCauley 6-3 194 R Arizona [Man Coverage] 69 - Titans: 2 years SS Perry Lee 6-1 192 R Minnesota [Zone Coverage] 67 - Broncos: 1 year SS Mordechai Hutchison 5-10 181 R Central Michigan [Zone Coverage] 67 - Giants: 2 years K Thomas McMahan 6-2 203 R Oregon [Power] 77 - Redskins: 2 years K Ilan Youngblood 5-10 160 R Maryland [Accuracy] 75 - Bills: 1 year K Eric Graves 6-0 154 R Iowa State [Accuracy] 74 - Bills: 1 year K Sean Doty 6-3 184 R Wisconsin [Accuracy] 70 - Titans: 2 years K Jack Dunham 6-8 197 R Georgia [Power] 68 - Falcons: 2 years P Carson Washington 6-1 175 R Southern Utah [Accuracy] 78 - Panthers: 1 year Remaining FAs: QB Henry Crain 6-3 203 R Arizona [Scrambling] 71 QB Julius Thomas 6-3 212 R Tennessee [Scrambling] 71 QB Tom Stacy 5-11 216 R New Mexico [Pocket] 70 QB John Varela 6-2 212 R BYU [Pocket] 69 QB Clifford Wilcox 6-1 208 R Iowa State [Scrambling] 68 QB D.K. Bates 6-1 209 R Notre Dame [Scrambling] 68 QB Nathan Burden 6-2 201 R TCU [Pocket] 67 QB James Jordan 6-3 209 R Georgia State [Pocket] 67 RB William Carlson 5-11 192 R Illinois [Speed] 69 RB Chase Dillard 5-9 175 R Alabama [Speed] 69 RB Frank Osborn 5-7 184 R Stanford [Speed] 68 RB Rodrigo Rogers 5-11 204 R Pittsburgh [Speed] 68 RB Charles Perkins 5-7 201 R Washington [Power] 68 RB Randy Martin 5-8 200 R Michigan State [Speed] 68 RB Stephen Waters 5-7 198 R Vanderbilt [Power] 68 RB Elias Butler 5-7 220 R Texas A&M [Power] 67 RB Charles Parker 5-11 185 R Arizona State [Speed] 66 RB Willie Lopez 5-11 199 R Virginia Tech [Speed] 65 FB John Hernandez 6-2 254 R Kentucky [Run Blocking] 75 FB Jaylen Collins 6-1 249 R Rice [Run Blocking] 74 FB Ethan Guthrie 5-10 259 R New Mexico [Run Blocking] 73 FB Mohammed Lackey 5-8 217 R Eastern Michigan [Pass Blocking] 73 FB Andrew Courtney 6-1 253 R Kansas [Run Blocking] 71 FB Jose Schmidt 6-2 212 R California [Pass Blocking] 68 FB Timothy Flores 6-0 211 R Wisconsin [Pass Blocking] 68 FB Mayer Dangelo 6-1 230 R Colorado State [Run Blocking] 67 FB Gabriel Fields 5-10 226 R UCF [Pass Blocking] 67 FB Carter Payne 6-0 255 R Navy [Speed] 66 WR Evan Medley 6-1 197 R North Carolina [Target] 74 WR Michael Allen 6-2 214 R Wisconsin [Target] 74 WR Alex Kauffman 6-4 232 R Arkansas [Target] 70 WR Darius Goode 6-5 232 R Nevada [Target] 69 WR Amadou Chambers 6-2 160 R Iowa [Speed] 69 WR Trung Vu 6-2 201 R Marshall [Target] 69 WR James Jones 5-10 162 R Arizona [Speed] 68 WR Michael Hall 6-3 218 R Penn State [Target] 68 WR James Montgomery 6-1 161 R Florida State [Speed] 68 WR Peter Marsh 6-4 215 R SMU [Target] 67 WR David Edwards 6-1 182 R FAU [Speed] 67 WR Robert Santiago 6-0 163 R Kentucky [Speed] 67 WR Willy Jarvis 6-0 203 R Arkansas [Target] 67 WR Travian Sanders 6-0 180 R Chattanooga [Speed] 66 WR Andres Jenkins 5-9 163 R Georgia [Speed] 66 TE Gary Hill 6-5 258 R USC [Receiving] 70 TE Gerardo Walden 6-2 267 R Michigan [Blocking] 70 TE Frank Goff 6-4 231 R Tulsa [Blocking] 69 TE Kenneth Crenshaw 6-2 223 R ECU [Blocking] 68 TE Martin Flores 6-4 247 R Florida State [Blocking] 68 TE Joseph Counts 6-2 232 R Memphis [Receiving] 68 TE Sheldon Morrison 6-4 231 R McNeese [Blocking] 68 TE Samuel Summers 6-6 225 R Boise State [Receiving] 67 TE Charles Self 6-4 250 R Tennessee [Receiving] 67 TE Robert Kelley 6-4 261 R Penn State [Blocking] 67 TE Jack Whiting 6-3 217 R Texas A&M [Blocking] 67 TE Maurice Malone 6-5 210 R Syracuse [Blocking] 66 TE Eddie Wooten 6-2 206 R North Carolina [Receiving] 66 TE William Johnson 6-2 257 R Stanford [Blocking] 65 TE Arturo Barrios 6-2 218 R Buffalo [Blocking] 65 OT Johnathan Wagner 6-3 285 R Illinois State [Pass Blocking] 70 OT Sam Williams 6-3 278 R Missouri [Run Blocking] 69 OT George Thompson 6-6 269 R Miami [Run Blocking] 69 OT Nathaniel Chatman 6-2 269 R ECU [Run Blocking] 69 OT Jessie Kendrick 6-8 322 R Clemson [Run Blocking] 69 OT Elijah Dillard 6-6 305 R Washington State [Run Blocking] 69 OT Walter Murphy 6-6 257 R Texas Tech [Pass Blocking] 69 OT Miguel Campbell 6-7 304 R Vanderbilt [Run Blocking] 68 OT James Jones 6-3 272 R Washington State [Pass Blocking] 68 OT Clint Smith 6-3 284 R Arizona [Run Blocking] 68 OT Donald Nichols 6-3 320 R Virginia [Run Blocking] 67 OT Ronnie Haley 6-4 289 R Connecticut [Run Blocking] 67 OT William Rose 6-7 311 R Georgia [Run Blocking] 67 OT Victor Rivera 6-2 283 R Arizona [Run Blocking] 66 OT Giuseppe Hein 6-1 322 R ECU [Run Blocking] 66 OT Frank Walters 6-2 274 R Marist [Run Blocking] 66 OT Ernest Duff 6-4 283 R Texas [Pass Blocking] 66 OT Jeremiah Caldwell 6-6 329 R Georgia State [Pass Blocking] 65 OG Nelson Portillo 6-5 295 R Rutgers [Pass Blocking] 73 OG Nicholas Quick 6-6 260 R Clemson [Pass Blocking] 71 OG Daniel Collins 6-4 295 R Michigan [Pass Blocking] 68 OG Kyler Jordan 6-5 299 R Dayton [Pass Blocking] 67 OG Finn Nadeau 6-4 264 R Purdue [Run Blocking] 66 OG Zane Whaley 6-3 288 R North Carolina [Pass Blocking] 66 OG Chris White 6-6 307 R Portland State [Run Blocking] 66 OG Daniel Lujan 6-6 272 R Georgia Tech [Pass Blocking] 66 OG Harrison Titus 6-4 292 R USC [Pass Blocking] 65 OG Tobias Watkins 6-7 264 R Indiana [Run Blocking] 65 OG Nick Reynolds 6-6 318 R New Hampshire [Run Blocking] 65 OG William Sloan 6-5 261 R Illinois [Run Blocking] 65 OG Ahmed Dupree 6-5 265 R Texas A&M [Pass Blocking] 65 C Sailo Sofara 6-1 281 R BYU [Run Blocking] 69 C David Greene 6-2 279 R Hawaii [Pass Blocking] 68 C Felton Cannon 6-2 278 R Vanderbilt [Pass Blocking] 68 C Randolph Bartlett 6-4 261 R Minnesota [Run Blocking] 67 C Howard Davies 6-1 289 R Clemson [Pass Blocking] 66 C James Snyder 6-3 252 R Iowa [Run Blocking] 65 DE Samir Dixon 5-10 253 R Stanford [Blitz] 69 DE Timothy Heller 6-1 253 R Indiana [Blitz] 68 DE Derrick Woodward 6-2 245 R Iowa [Contain] 68 DE Donald Gordon 6-3 245 R Arizona [Contain] 67 DE Brayden Whitten 5-11 236 R Rice [Blitz] 67 DE Russell Dietrich 6-2 262 R Utah [Contain] 67 DE George Smith 6-2 254 R Iowa [Contain] 67 DE Darwin Zavala 6-1 259 R Connecticut [Contain] 66 DE Russell Greer 6-1 262 R Oklahoma [Contain] 66 DE Albert Alvarado 6-2 248 R Alabama [Blitz] 66 DE Bryce Littlejohn 6-0 244 R Kentucky [Contain] 66 DE Richard Hebert 73 249 R Ohio State [Blitz] 65 DE Declan Culver 6-0 256 R Boise State [Contain] 65 DE George Pacheco 6-2 244 R Miami [Blitz] 65 DE Greg Lambert 6-3 255 R Georgia [Contain] 65 DT William Arnold 6-2 316 R Arizona [2-Gap] 68 DT Keith Smith 6-3 303 R Colorado State [Contain] 68 DT Gary Trujillo 6-2 295 R Iowa [2-Gap] 68 DT Jude Ferry 6-2 314 R Vanderbilt [1-Gap] 68 DT Robert Burnham 6-7 304 R Oregon State [2-Gap] 67 DT William Long 6-3 308 R Texas [2-Gap] 67 DT Eric Brown 6-4 300 R Southern Miss [1-Gap] 66 DT Richard Self 6-2 326 R Alabama [2-Gap] 66 DT Gonzalo Taylor 6-3 315 R Texas [1-Gap] 66 DT William Smith 6-6 287 R Nebraska [1-Gap] 65 DT Albert London 6-5 328 R Eastern Kentucky [2-Gap] 65 DT David Jackson 6-5 296 R Oklahoma [2-Gap] 65 ILB Joseph Powell 6-4 226 R Iowa [Mike] 69 ILB George Stevens 6-3 238 R TCU [Will] 68 ILB Frank McPherson 6-3 239 R Arizona State [Will] 68 ILB Roger Herndon 6-1 226 R Notre Dame [Will] 68 ILB Devin Aguilar 6-2 237 R Georgia Tech [Mike] 67 ILB Jonathan Hansen 6-1 231 R Houston [Will] 67 ILB Ronald Guerrero 6-2 223 v [Mike] 67 ILB Luke Barker 5-11 241 R Baylor [Will] 67 ILB Kevin Hanley 6-1 216 R Tulane [Will] 66 ILB Ray Anderson 6-1 248 R TCU [Mike] 66 ILB Clifton McLean 6-3 236 R Colorado State [Will] 65 ILB William Smith 6-4 244 R Texas [Will] 64 OLB Gregory Jenkins 6-4 232 R Temple [Coverage] 69 OLB Edward Harris 6-0 225 R Penn State [Coverage] 68 OLB Robert Hernandez 6-4 242 R LSU [Blitz] 67 OLB John Cook 6-3 240 R Nebraska [Blitz] 66 OLB James Rogers 6-2 223 R Nebraska [Blitz] 66 OLB Keith Figueroa 6-4 239 R Miami [Blitz] 66 OLB Ronald Gleason 5-11 222 R Arizona [Blitz] 65 OLB Stephen Carpenter 6-1 223 R Kentucky [Blitz] 65 CB Joey Bonner 5-10 175 R UCLA [Man Coverage] 68 CB David Gonzalez 6-0 191 R Arizona [Man Coverage] 68 CB Robert Mann 6-0 172 R Boston College [Zone Coverage] 68 CB Ernie Urban 5-11 173 R Wisconsin [Zone Coverage] 68 CB Derrick Cooke 5-11 175 R Iowa [Man Coverage] 68 CB Jack Weisensee 6-0 167 R West Virginia [Man Coverage] 68 CB Richard Benjamin 6-1 195 R Ohio [Man Coverage] 68 CB Gary Lee 6-2 188 R TCU [Zone Coverage] 68 CB Javontae Goodson 5-10 195 R Montana [Man Coverage] 67 CB Kristian Calhoun 6-0 191 R Utah [Man Coverage] 67 CB Benjamin McNeil 6-1 167 R Florida State [Man Coverage] 67 CB Thomas Brown 6-0 190 R Purdue [Man Coverage] 67 CB Richard Brown 5-10 201 R Oklahoma [Man Coverage] 67 CB Scott Tran 6-0 176 R Georgia [Zone Coverage] 67 CB William Hernandez 6-2 166 R Minnesota [Man Coverage] 66 CB DeAndre Bynum 6-1 194 R Hawaii [Zone Coverage] 65 CB Wilbur Ellis 5-9 187 R Texas Tech [Zone Coverage] 65 FS David Porter 5-9 178 R Louisiana Tech [Zone Coverage] 71 FS John Clement 6-1 208 R Washington State [Man Coverage] 69 FS Austin Maynard 6-1 215 R North Carolina [Man Coverage] 68 FS Aiden Brantley 6-1 207 R Rutgers [Zone Coverage] 68 FS Javier Sewell 5-10 213 R Tulsa [Zone Coverage] 68 FS Joseph Gamble 5-11 197 R Oregon State [Zone Coverage] 68 FS Logan Ritter 6-2 205 R San Jose State [Zone Coverage] 67 FS Jeffrey Heck 6-1 203 R Memphis [Man Coverage] 66 FS Christopher Figueroa 6-3 199 R Kansas State [Man Coverage] 65 FS Alexander Tracy 5-11 205 R Hawaii [Zone Coverage] 65 SS Sam Bowers 6-0 196 R Michigan [Man Coverage] 71 SS Christopher Williams 5-11 184 R Florida State [Zone Coverage] 70 SS Alan Anderson 5-9 177 R Fresno State [Zone Coverage] 69 SS Matthew Nelson 5-11 192 R San Diego State [Man Coverage] 69 SS Marc Wynn 6-0 193 R Penn State [Zone Coverage] 68 SS Harold Farrell 6-1 164 R Ball State [Zone Coverage] 68 SS Marquise Davis 6-1 194 R South Dakota [Zone Coverage] 67 SS Roberto Ramos 6-1 181 R Colorado [Zone Coverage] 67 SS James Larsen 6-1 197 R Utah [Man Coverage] 67 SS Tyler Davis 6-1 198 R Boston College [Zone Coverage] 67 SS Javon Fair 6-1 181 R Ohio State [Man Coverage] 67 SS Johnathan Lawrence 6-2 188 R Hawaii [Zone Coverage] 67 SS James Sanchez 5-10 174 R Hawaii [Zone Coverage] 66 SS Stephone Lewis 5-11 209 R Samford [Zone Coverage] 66 SS Ashton Best 5-11 217 R ECU [Man Coverage] 66 SS Joel Murray 6-0 203 R Missouri [Man Coverage] 66 K Riley McNeil 6-2 183 R Northwestern State [Accuracy] 75 K Abraham Pierce 5-7 192 R Connecticut [Power] 69 K Clyde Smith 5-8 207 R Georgia Tech [Power] 67 K Nicholas McMahon 6-4 207 R Charlotte [Power] 67 P Ajani Garner 5-7 184 R Florida [Accuracy] 68 P Elliot Beatty 6-4 178 R Stanford [Power] 68 P Drew Goetz 5-8 193 R Arizona State [Power] 67 P Lucas Rodriguez 5-10 155 R Middle Tennessee [Accuracy] 67 P Erik May 6-4 178 R Mississippi State [Power] 67 P Bill Sheehan 5-10 201 R Texas Tech [Power] 66 P Amir Johns 6-0 178 R BYU [Accuracy] 65 P Dovid Gunter 5-11 177 R Northern Illinois [Accuracy] 65 P Howard Lowe 5-9 163 R Florida State [Accuracy] 64
  11. if you think there was an error, let me know. Don't bid on these guys til they get added to the FA threads.
  12. After the end of the draft, teams may select up to TEN undrafted players that you are interested in signing. Every team has 50 points to spend on those players. You can spend all the points on one player, or spread them out. You specify ONLY how many years you want to sign them for (MAX 2), and they will sign for the minimum if you win. Tiebreakers: The team with the lowest overall starter in the player in question's position will win a tie. If they are still tied, draft order will be considered (worse record previous year wins). Only 1 round. Any UDFAs that make it through this process go into the normal FA pool. After the draft, the GM of your team will have roughly 2 days to make a post with your UDFA bids in your team forum. Title it [YEAR] UDFA Offers. The format should look like this: Player line Contract Length - Points spent on this player Example: QB Jeffrey Powers 6-0 199 R Maryland [Pocket] 68 2 years - 4 points
  13. Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills - DID NOT PROPERLY DESIGNATE CONTRACT TYPES, HAD TO REDO Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals - Didn't post totals for half their players in the contract details and didn't detail the transition tag breakdown. Spacing wrong. Cleveland Browns - PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, DO NOT USE =, DESIGNATE EXTENSION CONTRACTS AND USE PROPER SPACING. MIKE CAVANAUGH TOTALLY MISSING TOTAL LINE - ENTIRELY RETYPED Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions - DO NOT copy player lines from somewhere without fixing the background color, this is how errors crop up in future free agency things. Please fix this kind of shit it really bothers me. Also spacing errors with the Old Contracts that had to be manually fixed. Miami Dolphins Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots - same shit as the lions above, fix the background if you're going to copy from elsewhere or you will be punished next time New Orleans Saints New York Jets - spacing errors, not fixing in copied post took a while to fix to parse New York Giants - Spacing errors with the Old Contract line, required manual fixing. Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Rams - topic title wrong, same player line issue as Detroit/New England, read their warnings. Also improper spacing that wasnt fixed in this post but had to be manually fixed. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Washington Redskins Players heading to Free Agency
  14. QB: Brian Brown, MIA RB: Akili Wallace, ATL FB: Donnie Hubbert, CAR WR1: Gary Faneca, SEA WR2: Mosi Bartos, IND TE: Scott Howard, SD FLEX (WR/TE/RB/FB): Sean Jenkins, NO LT: Tron Moses, CAR LG: David Wilson, OAK C: LaMarcus Smith, LA RG: Joe Farmer, NYJ RT: Ryan Robinson, NYG EDGE (3-4 OLB / 4-3 DE): Alvis Brumm, NYJ EDGE: Ryan Frey, PHI INT DL (4-3 DT, 3-4 DE, NT): Quentin Smith, IND INT DL: Fred Romanowski, WAS LB1: Rodrick Milligan, PHI LB2: Daleroy Smart, SF LB3: Andre Brooks, DET CB1: Justin Davis, MIA CB2: David Wilburn, ATL FS: Darius Jones, ATL SS: Dane Wilson, PIT DB (Slot defender): Laurent Christensen, MIA K: Jarret Veals, TB P: Forest Garrett, TB KR: Christopher Johnson, PHI PR: Ben Offerdahl, KC ST: Mike Robinson, SF
  15. Most Valuable Player Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Coach of the Year Executive of the Year Offensive Rookie of the Year Defensive Rookie of the Year Comeback Player of the Year Pepsi Rookie of the Year Walter Payton Man of the Year
  16. NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press has revamped the roster for its All-Pro team, beginning this season. In an effort to more accurately reflect the way teams deploy their players, the AP and its panel of 50 sports writers and broadcasters who regularly cover the NFL have made adjustments on offense, defense and special teams. On offense, linemen will now be voted for by specific position: left tackle, left guard, etc. There will be only one running back on the All-Pro team, but we are adding a flex player (running back, fullback, tight end or wide receiver, voter's choice). The flex player is designed to recognize the frequency of three receiver sets or the use of two tight ends. On defense, the AP is adding a defensive back (DB) designation for the secondary. This is to recognize the importance of the slot cornerback in today's defenses. The DB can be a safety or a cornerback; the idea is to reward defensive backs who cover slot receivers. We also are changing the listing of positions on the front seven to two edge rushers (basically 4-3 defensive ends and 3-4 outside linebackers), two interior defensive linemen (basically 3-4 DEs, nose tackles and 4-3 defensive tackles), and three linebackers. On special teams, a punt returner and a special teams player (non-returners) have been added to kickoff returner, placekicker and punter.
  17. Please vote here. Take the time to read how many players you should be selecting. Any ballots that don't have the correct number in each category will be thrown out. You must be signed in to vote, and you can re-cast your ballot if you change your mind until the end of the season.
  18. NOTE: This is where retirements that occur outside of normal after-season progression will be posted. A bump post will happen each time during the weekly progression that someone chooses to retire form here on out. I may add other famous retirees that do it in the offseason as well. NOTE: Retired players must remain on your books until the end of the season if retired early due to injury. 2017 Season
  19. Primary Offensive Schemes: Primary offensive schemes are the base set of your offense. Changing these during regular season weeks will cause negative effects to the team. Smash Mouth - Almost entirely run oriented - plays off of good TEs and FBs. Smash Mouth 2RB Wing T - Frequent run/ medium pass - requires a mix of run and pass blocking o-line. Wing T 2RB Wishbone - Frequent run/medium pass - requires a strong traditional full back and strong blocking tight ends. (Triple Option base formation) Wishbone 2RB Flexbone - Balanced run/pass - uses a second RB, prefers scrambling QBs, and is a more option oriented version of the Wishbone. (Triple Option base formation) Flexbone 2RB Option - Balanced run/pass - requires a high skill Scrambling QB and good offensive line Option 2RB Pistol - Balanced run/pass but focused on moving - works well with any RB and a scrambling QB Pistol 2RB Spread - Balanced run/pass with a large amount of misdirection plays - works best with good skill players and a not quite as good o-line Spread Option - Balanced run/pass - Combination of above two playbooks - works well with scrambling QB and high skill WR Pro Style - Frequent pass/ medium run - require a mix of pass and run blocking o-line Trick Plays - Frequent pass/ medium run with a large amount of trick plays - can be played with most characteristics and is high risk/ high reward Vertical Offense - Mostly pass/ some run - requires a power RB and a pocket passer Air Raid - Mostly pass/ some run - shotgun based offense with 4 WR and 1 RB West Coast - Mostly pass - plays off of good pocket QB and WR play Empty Backfield/5 Wide - All pass, no running back in play. Required 5 depth at receiver. Secondary Offensive Schemes: Secondary offensive schemes take the place of "more pass vs more run". This is the secondary base offense that your team will go into to play against the strengths of the opponent that you yourself have scouted. These can be changed weekly with no penalty. You may only choose a secondary offensive scheme that is up to three formations from your base primary offense in either direction in the above listing of formations. 2RB sets do not count in this. Primary Defensive Schemes: Primary defensive schemes are the base set of your defense. Changing these during a regular season week will cause massive negative effects to the team. 4-3 3-4 Secondary Defensive Schemes: Secondary defensive schemes take the place of "play the pass vs play the run". This is the secondary base defense that your team will go into to play against the strengths of the opponent that you yourself have scouted. These can be changed weekly with no penalty. Dime Nickel 2-5 4-4 5-2 5-3 6-2 Goal Line Coaching: Play-Calling: Aggressive or Neutral or Conservative Physical Aggressiveness: Aggressive or Neutral or Conservative Quarterback: Tempo: Normal or Hurry Up Huddle: Normal or None Length of Passes: Short to Intermediate or Intermediate, Vertical, Deep Position: Under Center or Pistol or Shotgun Passing Risk: Quick Release or Balanced or Wait for Opening Target: Linebackers or Cornerbacks or Safeties Timing: Predetermined Location or Predetermined Break Running Back(s): Rushing: Predominantly Inside or Balanced or Predominantly Outside Rushing Risk: Wait for Hole or Balanced or Follow Lead Blockers Receivers: Style: Route Tree or Group Assigned Offensive Line: Type: Man Blocking or Zone Blocking Defensive Gameplan: Nose Tackle: Use or None Blitzing: Wide or Normal or Crash Blitzing Balance: Predominantly Ends or Both or Predominantly Outside Linebackers Pass Coverage Linebackers: Man Coverage or Split Coverage or Zone Coverage Cornerbacks: Man Coverage or Press Coverage or Zone Coverage Safeties: Man Coverage or Split Coverage or Zone Coverage Offensive Blowout (winning): Pull QB in blowout: Yes or No Pull RB in blowout: Yes or No Defensive Blowout (losing): Pull QB in blowout: Yes or No Pull RB in blowout: Yes or No Always go for 4th Down: Yes or No Kick FGs: Yes or No
  20. NOTE: Added demands of players. Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills - WRONG TITLE FOR THREAD New England Patriots New York Jets Baltimore Ravens - WRONG TITLE FOR THREAD Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Browns Houston Texans Tennessee Titans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos - WRONG TITLE FOR THREAD San Diego Chargers - WEIRD ASS FORMATTING THAT TOOK 5 MINUTES TO FIX Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants Washington Redskins Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Tampa Bay Buccaneers Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Arizona Cardinals Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers St. Louis Rams
  21. Trading deadline: Wednesday, August 31st 2016 at 11:59pm.

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