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  1. @sleuthofbears can we get the player list on Page 1 updated and a vote count with time remaining?
  2. Two things, Jmjacobs is dead and I voted to lynch grv so I’m confused by your list here.
  3. You’re remembering wrong. And here was anons response further perpetuating the Jamzz bullshit.
  4. What bothers me still is you brought up the inactive lynch and then I lynched anon who said absolutely nothing of value in his response. Then you lynched Jamzz who got us Nemo and was actively helping the town. If you were going offline, why not lynch anon who was inactive and fit your description of who was likely a wolf?
  5. You can be sus of me all you want but if you remember how I played mafia last game, you will note a vast difference in how I am playing this game because I am town. I’m still suspicious of Wahoo and Anon. I think Wahoo is still framing for the wolves and being “helpful” in an attempt to distance himself from the wolves. The wolves could be laying low and not voting but the votes for Jamzz seemed very convenient to the wolves since some people like Mason were being a little dumb and continuing to push the narrative in thread that Jamzz and Nemo might be working together when it moved so fast it was clear that wasn’t the case. Maybe because I was in the thread when it happened it is why I feel so strongly, but that vote did not sit right with me.
  6. Such a stacked division. I would love to see MoFo and the Bears get over the hump this year, and I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if the North got the two wild card slots this year and sends 3 teams to the playoffs.
  7. Sounds exactly like a werewolf would want us to think. I’m most suspicious of you of the 4 voters. I think you’re playing smart but as a wolf. You started the Jamzz lynch after my vote was on anon even though several of us knew how dumb it was and Jamzz proved last game he was a smart player. The wolves are getting rid of people who can sus them out. lynch Wahoo
  8. Jamzz is about the worst possible lynch we could do right now. Are you guys serious? 90% sure we've got wolves in that vote.
  9. Frankly anon's response did nothing for me and I'm still suspicious of him. I'm fine leaving my vote there for now.
  10. Yeah but since it was Nemo he also probably didn’t listen to them if he even opened their wolf chat.
  11. Everyone bringing up Jamzz as a suspect is incredibly suspicious to me y’all. It seems very clear to me from the way that went down that he and Nemo weren’t working together at all and that Nemo genuinely thought Jamzz must be cheating because he knew he was a wolf.
  12. @anonemuss lynch anonemuss We have no leads and anon has been active on the site pretty much the whole time but has posted nothing here that I can recall at the moment. I’m tagging him so he can defend himself but someone has to get this started.
  13. Illinois: 180 (+5) Northwestern: 85 (-5)
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