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  1. The Indianapolis Colts held a press conference today to announce the hire of their new head scout @blueblud3. Director of Pro Personnel Dean_Craig_Pelton had originally been filling the role for the organization as they searched for a good fit for their organization. They found that fit today. During the press conference, they discussed how the organization was eager to bring in such a young, bright football mind and that they look forward to helping him grow within the organization and the NFLHC ranks. The Colts are currently sitting at 5-5 and holding onto the final wildcard spot in the AFC.
  2. Why did Detroit kick a field goal to end the game down 4? #FireSlinky
  3. Gg @Todd I love you, but I also now hate you. Pls stop beating me thx.
  4. I feel like Baltimore is playing at their record and their game against Tampa makes them look a lot better here.
  5. Reading this box score brought me similar joy to the first quarter of the Browns-Steelers playoff game irl. gg @pumph
  6. Cleveland is 4-4 because of their defense and Sean Bell. Also some fairly weak opponents on their schedule, but you still have to win games and they are. Sean Payton for COTY if he keeps it up.
  7. gg @Soluna Glad our offense finally showed up in the 4th quarter. You guys scared me so much I tried to act like this week didn’t exist in my first gameplan.
  8. Our schedule does us no favors either.
  9. My favorite Browns: Tai Miller Enoch Dickinson Favorite Colt (so far): Sean Waller
  10. Every Brown during this game, final answer. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/12251-2018-week-11-1-pm/
  11. Replace MIN with SEA and we did the same
  12. I got 7/11 and had no clue on the last 4 since I wasn’t around for the draft. Kinda proud I got so many still.
  13. I couldn’t either, I remembered MIN OLB since I picked him and NO OLB because I just was the scout for the Saints but the rest I just went blank. I got the first 10 picks in like 30 seconds and then hit a complete wall and ended at 17/32 before giving up.
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