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  1. Idk how that seems biased to you lmao those are all objectively true statements
  2. Weirdest part to me was West Virginia climbing 3 spots to jump you after barely beating Syracuse.
  3. 2024 Week 2 ACC Power Rankings 1. #4 Clemson (3-0) Last Week Rank: 1 (-) Week 2 Result: 41-14 win over Delaware Clemson continues their reign at number one in my power rankings. It's been fairly easy going for Clemson so far this season, their most difficult stretch of games is in the horizon kicking off after this coming week's game against Syracuse. Syracuse has been playing their ranked opponents extremely close and Clemson does have to travel to the Carrier Dome. That being said, I don't see a Clemson loss on the table until the following week against Louisville and even then Clemson have to be favored. #Demarion4Heisman 2. #6 Duke (2-0) Last Week Rank: 2 (-) Week 2 Result: 34-28 win over Maryland The second episode of the Rasheed Bullock Show may not have been as consistently good as the debut but was solid nonetheless. Duke had quite the challenge at hand going on the road to Maryland and asking Bullock to throw at Isaiah Simpkins, but Duke and Bullock passed the test. They will soon face another difficult opponent as they take on a talented South Carolina roster in Columbia next week. 3. #13 Miami (2-1) Last Week Rank: 3 (-) Week 2 Result: 24-27 loss to #21 Oregon If you're a playoff competitor and you have to drop a game you want it to be early. Miami fans will be hoping their loss to Oregon was just a small bump on the road to the CFB Playoff, but this game definitely illuminated concerns with Miami. Logan Wilson and Ethan Green will have to play at a better level if Miami is to stay competitive in the ACC. Their defense can only carry them so far. 4. #21 Virginia (2-0) Last Week Rank: 4 (-) Week 2 Result: 49-10 win over Southern Miss Virginia fell one rank in the coaches poll this week for reasons that don't make sense to me. Jeremy Ellington is a damn good QB and Warwick Joyner and Bucky Drake are one of the best CB tandems in all of college football. Virginia's schedule for the next few weeks is incredibly soft but it ends with a brutal slate of conference games. Will Virginia be able to keep up their success when they get there? 5. Louisville (1-0) Last Week Rank: 5 (-) Week 2 Result: Bye Louisville is one of the ACC teams we know the least about at this point in the season as they have only played one game so far, a close win over Tulsa. Mario Stewart III impressed in their first game and Louisville looks like they will have a balanced offensive attack that they were unable to put on the field last year. Their big test will come against Clemson in Week 4. Only then will we start to know just how good Louisville can be this year. 6. Pittsburgh (1-1) Last Week Rank: 6 (-) Week 2 Result: 24-10 win over UNC The Pittsburgh hype train was derailed following their Week 0 loss to Penn State but they got back on track this week as they had complete control of their game against North Carolina. Messiah Winston and Kareem Jackson played more on par with their preseason expectations. Pittsburgh has a brutal schedule ahead of them and will need to see more performances from Winston and Jackson like last week if they want to make noise in the ACC this year. 7. Georgia Tech (1-0) Last Week Rank: 7 (-) Week 2 Result: Bye Georgia Tech holds their place in the power rankings this week as I'm a little more impressed with their win over Vandy than FSU's win over Iowa. Jacob Ramsey played well in Week 1 but faces some very good opponents in the weeks to come. Ramsey will have to keep his volume up and his turnovers down for the Yellow Jackets to remain competitive. I think he can get it done, but time will tell. 8. Florida State (2-0) Last Week Rank: 8 (-) Week 2 Result: 38-31 win over Iowa Florida State's ground game is second to only Clemson in the conference but their passing attack leaves so much to be desired. Brett England is yet to cost the Seminoles a game, but I'll be damned if he hasn't been trying. England and Snyder seem to be duking it out for most disappointing QB in the conference, but at least England can run. England has been averaging nearly 30 attempts a game and I don't see continued success if England continues to throw at that rate. 9. Virginia Tech (1-1) Last Week Rank: 10 (+1) Week 2 Result: 37-31 win over Western Michigan What a win for the Hokies last week! A double OT thriller propelled Virginia Tech over a talented Western Michigan squad as the Hokies showed off their ability to move the ball on the ground. The two-man backfield of Swain and Ross could not be contained, and with new starting QB Kacey Tucker having wheels of his own defenses will have their hands full trying to stop this rushing attack. 10. Boston College (2-1) Last Week Rank: 9 (-1) Week 2 Result: 38-7 win over UC Davis Boston College looked good this week but their wins haven't exactly been against the highest caliber teams as they've taken down UConn and now UC Davis. Kayshon Rhodes will need to show he has the ability to perform against FBS competition at the same level he did last week for me to have faith in this Boston College side. Rhodes will get the chance to prove himself this week as the Eagles take on Rutgers at home. 11. North Carolina (0-2) Last Week Rank: 11 (-) Week 2 Result: 10-24 loss to Pittsburgh I have been tempted to move this UNC side down a spot or two as I think they've been the least impressive of the 0-2 teams outside of Wake Forest. They had a better showing this week against Pittsburgh but if their offense doesn't find some rhythm soon I can see this team very easily sliding to 0-8. 12. NC State (0-2) Last Week Rank: 12 (-) Week 2 Result: 21-30 loss to #25 Minnesota The Wolfpack kept it close again this week while the offense under Luca Maguire struggled to move the ball down the field. The defense allowed a good chunk of yards for the second straight week but despite that the team still kept it competitive. Prince Brandon and Takoda Sheldon continued to shine for NC State and they will both need to perform in order for NC State to get one in the win column against Charlotte next week. 13. Syracuse (0-2) Last Week Rank: 13 (-) Week 2 Result: 14-23 loss to #23 West Virginia Bryce Smith is carrying this Syracuse defense and keeping them competitive in games that have no business being as close as they are. If the Orange are to have any shot at bowl eligibility they will need Connor McLean to act like he's a competent QB and soon. John Reis has been a fantastic addition to the Syracuse offense but they need to see more from McLean in order to make those bowl dreams a reality. 14. Wake Forest (0-2) Last Week Rank: 14 (-) Week 2 Result: 17-35 loss to Memphis Wake fans are ecstatic with the return of ChicagoTed1 and the players are too. With an actual coach calling plays for Wake moving forward we should see a better looking offense for the Demon Deacons. Real success may still be quite distant for Wake fans but having anyone is a good start for Wake.
  4. Wow all the way up to the top 10, the Saints shot up big time.
  5. The Washington Football Team is 0-2 and the Saints are 2-0. Just as we all expected...
  6. I did not expect us to be 2-0 at this point but gotta love it. WHO DAT!
  7. Week 2 Players of the Week Offensive POTW: Jeremy Ellington (28/38, 380 Yards, 4 TDs) vs. Jeremy Ellington and the Cavaliers showed up this week in a big way. Ellington nearly copied Rasheed Bullock's POTW statline from last week against the Zips and showed why many media members are so high on Ellington as a player. Ellington seldom makes mistakes and is a huge reason for Virginia's success so far this year.  Honorable Mentions: Demarion Moore (23 carries, 174 yards, 3 TDs) vs. , Kareem Jackson (9 catches, 109 yards, 1 TD) vs. Defensive POTW: Robert Royal (4 Tackles, 2 TFL, 1 INT) vs. Robert Royal showed up in a big way for the Hokies defense this week against a very talented Western Michigan offense. Royal hauled in a crucial interception and also wrecked havoc in the backfield stuffing Jamel Garrett behind the line of scrimmage twice. Royal's performance helped revitalize a down VT fanbase and should put them back on track in 2024. Honorable Mentions: Warwick Joyner (5 Tackles, 1 INT, 1 PD, 1 TD) vs. , Bryce Smith (6 Tackles, 2 TFL, 1 INT) vs. Special Teams POTW: Gabe Grove (2/2 FG {44, 43} , 5/5 XP) vs. Gabe Grove continues to be one of the most consistent kickers from distance in the ACC as he hit two 40+ yarders straight through the uprights again versus Delaware this week. He is now a perfect 6/6 on FG and 12/12 on XP to start the season. Honorable Mentions: Andre Fry (47.5 Yard Punt Average) vs. , Gavin Jackson (2/2 FG {39, 35}, 4/4 XP) vs.
  8. ACC Week 2 in Review Thursday Night Wake Forest (0-1) at Memphis (0-1) My prediction: Wake Forest 14, Memphis 24 The reality: Wake Forest 17, Memphis 35 We didn’t get to see @ChicagoTed1 on the sidelines this week for the Demon Deacons and they really could have used him. Leo Brown has looked absolutely lost under the interim head coach, throwing for only 190 yards at a 43% completion rate along with 2 touchdowns and interceptions this week. It was about time the program brought in a real coach. Owen Condon has also completely been wasted away and is in desperate need of some good coaching his two games this year he’s only raked in 9 catches for 96 yards. He’s still got good potential and I’m interested to see how he performs with some experienced coaching. I underestimated Memphis’s offense a little in my prediction but they moved the ball really well this week. A nice first win for @Vxmonarkxv in his return to Memphis. Florida State (1-0) at Iowa (1-1) My prediction: Florida State 17, Iowa 24 The reality: Florida State 38, Iowa 31 Both teams offenses played much better than I expected this week but Brett England is still leaving a lot to be desired as a passer. THAT RUN GAME THOUGH. The Adam Owens-Noah Wooten 1-2 punch was a thing of beauty this week as the duo amassed 176 yards on the ground and found the end zone 3 times. It even looks like Brett England found the end zone on the ground, but didn’t make the stat sheet over Wooten. The reverse potentially happened in Week One because these guys all seem to find the end zone on the ground. It might be time to stop trying passing plays, just saying. Saturday Morning UC Davis (1-0) at Boston College (1-1) My prediction was the reality: Boston College 38, UC Davis 7 Well I got exactly what I expected to see this game. We saw the debut BC fans wanted to see from Kayshon Rhodes as he had a really nice performance this week. Now he will have to learn to keep that up against P5 competition. Josh Russell continues to improve his draft stock brining in another interception. Bill Hoffman had his best performance of this season so far and passes the 100-yard clip for the second time this year. All in all, a great team performance for Boston College this week. Delaware (1-0) at #5 Clemson (2-0) My prediction: Clemson 56, Delaware 14 The reality: Clemson 41, Delaware 14 Clemson had another dominating performance this week despite Greg Carnes and the Fightin’ Blue Hens keeping it close in the first half. Demarion Moore has continued to pile on yardage on the ground and has now surpassed 400 yards along with 7 touchdowns. Moore is still my favorite to win the Heisman because he is a damn good running back. Clemson does have one serious problem however, and his name is Frederick Snyder. I’ve brought up concerns about him in nearly everything I’ve written about Clemson and his performances just seem like a ticking time bomb that will eventually cost Clemson a game they shouldn’t lose. Snyder is still yet to turn the ball over but he’s been throwing at a 54% completion rate so far this year and taking Andrew Harrison and Theo Chamberlain out of the offense. If Clemson is going to continue to terrorize opponents in conference play, Snyder has to step it up. Big time. #23 West Virginia (2-0) at Syracuse (0-1) My prediction: Syracuse 10, WVU 20 The reality: Syracuse 14, WVU 23 Do not sleep on Syracuse. The Orange have keep things extremely competitive against two ranked opponents to start their season. Connor McLean has continued to underwhelm behind center but John Reis has shown some promise for Syracuse on the ground. The real reason for Syracuse’s success (outside of @CoachAnson) is ILB Bryce Smith. Smith was the lone star on a weak Syracuse defense last season but now with more talent around him he is shining even brighter. Smith is the unquestioned leader of this defense and is elevating the players around him. North Carolina (0-1) at Pittsburgh (0-1)* My prediction: Pittsburgh 35, UNC 13 The reality: Pittsburgh 24, UNC 10 Good game for Pittsburgh as Messiah Winston and Kareem Jackson played like we thought they would coming in to the year. Not only did the offense show up, the defense did too. Dominique Baptiste was impressive only allowing 3 catches for 53 yards to Finn Harwood as he broke up 2 passes and forced an interception. The Sebastian Norwood-Mike Foy backfield for UNC still haven’t found their footing and their schedule does not get easier from here. One silver lining for UNC is George Grayson. The team’s leading receiver from last season has continued to produce under Norwood. I think he’s gotta be one of the best 3/3 receivers in the game and UNC gets him for another year where he is their best receiver returning. Western Michigan (0-0) at Virginia Tech (0-1) My prediction: Virginia Tech 10, Western Michigan 35 The reality: Virginia Tech 37, Western Michigan 31 I really underestimated Virginia Tech and overrated Western Michigan. I said Virginia Tech would have to have a good game on the ground to win this game and boy did they ever. Marquise Swain and Victor Ross combined for nearly 150 yards and 3 TDs in the Double OT thriller. Robert Royal was all over the field for the Hokies this week getting 4 Tackles, 2 TFL, along with a potential game-sealing INT (I figure it was that or a missed FG for the Broncos in OT). The Virginia Tech front 7 had their way with the WMU offensive line getting 3 sacks on the day and giving the Broncos a paltry 3.5 offensive line rating. @vtgorilla has his team back on track. Saturday Afternoon NC State (0-1) at #25 Minnesota (1-0) My prediction: NC State 17, Minnesota 31 The reality: NC State 21, Minnesota 30 A solid performance from my boys this week but Luca Maguire is still not cutting it as a passer. Takoda Sheldon had to be wondering why he didn’t get more carries as he ran for 45 yards and a TD on only 8 touches. Prince Brandon continues to be the only receiver for NC State worth a damn and he was originally recruited as just a punt returner. Also if you didn’t know already, Malachi Pickett is the best pass rusher in college football and just made my solid offensive line who have played next to each other for the last 3 seasons look like that wasn’t the case. #20 Virginia (1-0) at Southern Miss (0-1) Jeremy Ellington looked more like the preseason All-ACC QB this week after a solid performance against Alabama in Week 0, Ellington slung the ball this week against the Golden Eagles throwing for 380 yards and 4 TDs. Brandon Bolton made his case for being the 2nd best RB in conference as he ran for 129 yards and 2 TDs. Julian Rapp learned what I have been saying since the preseason and that is that you shouldn’t throw on Warwick Joyner and Bucky Drake. Joyner got a pick six this week and the secondary as a whole shut down the Southern Miss passing game holding the team to only 139 yards on 34 attempts. NFLHC GMs and Scouts were worried about Jeremiah Kendrick’s production this year with a new QB and HC but Kendrick is still getting his due. My prediction: Virginia 34, Southern Miss 7 The reality: Virginia 49, Southern Miss 10 Saturday Evening #9 Duke (1-0) at Maryland (1-0) Rasheed Bullock looked good again this week behind one of the best offensive lines in College Football. Swartz and Mulinu’u are arguably the best offensive tackle duo in all of college football and have been locking down pass rushes and opening up lanes for Donte Harrell. Harrell was slowed down a bit on the ground this week but still had a fair showing. Duke’s front 7 stifled the Maryland rushing attack holding them to only 59 yards. They struggled to contain him in the redzone, however, as Barrow was still able to find the end zone twice. From the stat sheet this game was a little closer than it should have been and Duke will need to take better advantage of their opportunities moving forward if they want to win the ACC. My prediction: Duke 24, Maryland 13 The reality: Duke 34, Maryland 28 #7 Miami (FL) (2-0) at #21 Oregon (0-1) The issue with the Dangerzoneh school of scheduling is that when you schedule enough good teams, you are generally bound to drop at least one of the games. Going to Autzen at night proved to be too much for Logan Wilson and the Hurricanes this week and Miami’s offense fell a little flat against the Ducks this week. Wilson put up numbers to be expected, but the real disappointment for Miami offensively had to be Ethan Green. Green only managed an average of 4 yards per carry this week and had no runs over 10 yards. If Miami wants to be competitive in post-season play they will need to see more from Green. My prediction: Miami (FL) 21, Oregon 17 The reality: Miami (FL) 24, Oregon 27 On Bye Louisville (1-0) Georgia Tech (1-0) Dean’s Record this Week: 8-3 Dean’s Record for the Season: 15-4
  9. PAC-12 redemption after a rough start to the season.
  10. It’s definitely gonna take time for both of us to get our teams to consistently being competitive. You definitely have it harder than me though. At least you gave yourself some pieces to work with.
  11. Started Kendall Brandon in fantasy the last two weeks and he completely redeemed himself today after his 0 point week 1 performance.
  12. CFBHC is just better when the Jayhawks are winning, you can’t change my mind.
  13. I see what you’re saying now, but if someone did return the punt it would have been the guy I said. It is weird that it was noted like that, it’s possible the guy just had a long return and then the RB punched it in. I just wanted to let you know for future reference to look at the depth chart for the return TDs because their name won’t be listed in the stats.
  14. I would think the Punt Returner would be their starting punt returner on their depth chart who is: WR Travis Hemphill 6-3 186 Sr Metairie Park Country Day (LA) 3.5 of 3.5 [Speed]
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