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    1. How many of those names are due to your obsession with bottom feeder roster turnover? also irl Cleveland Browns speedrun
    2. Lol I said the same thing in the Colts GC
    3. Aaron Shea remembered he was the best QB in the NFL in the second half. 28 unanswered for the win, GG Texans @DarthJarJar @cmcgill
    4. Sometimes greats have terrible games
    5. Another big win over a team in the WC hunt. GG Pats
    6. Vega really has been coming into his own this year, he showed promise in college but he’s really showing that he’s one of the best backs in the NFL atm. Teams are stacking the box against him and he can still grind out 100 yards a week.
    7. GG @alienufo, I was almost certain going in that I would lose this one. I was so pissed earlier in the year due to my 0-6 start, my week 5 loss to you the most grueling. Normally, I would have stopped trying to update the roster at that point but I’m so glad I didn’t! Can’t wait to do it again next year. Great season everybody!!
    8. Right on your heels bitch #fuckthetits ❤️
    9. 2nd best record in the AFC, 2nd in our division. Can the Titans just not? Thx
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