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  1. Coordinator expiring contracts [GMs ONLY]

    Cleveland Browns Offensive Coordinator - Dirk Koetter +14% RB fitness -18% RB scheme change penalty +3% RB skill +1% OT skill -10% RB durability Under Contract Until 2022 Defensive Coordinator - Paul Guenther +8% total fitness +2% total aggressiveness +1% total progression Under Contract Until 2022
  2. First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on taking this team to bowl eligibility a task that was just out of reach for ODU's previous coach. What does it mean to you to be the coach to captain this team to their first bowl. Also, I know the previous coach utilized JJ Fowler on both offense and defense, do you see him possibly heading over to the other side of the ball again next year or will you keep him on defense only?
  3. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Week 15)

    maybe ur face did
  4. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Week 15)

    Mikeal led the lost-to-Nebraska Iowa Hawkeyes as well tho
  5. [2021] Fifth Year Option Pick Up for 2018 First Rounders

    Browns no longer have their first rounder from this draft (Traded to New England) so will not be picking up any options.
  6. NFL Starting QB History

    Browns: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Cleveland_Browns_starting_quarterbacks
  7. [2020] Week #14 - FNF

    Teddy Lentz is the GOAT!
  8. [2020] Head Coach Contract Extensions

    HC lucas95 2 years // $7.98 million $3.99 million per year
  9. Super Bowl VII

    Nick Hall just wanted to test his comeback abilities. Took it too far this time Nick
  10. [2020] Week 12 Freshmen Quarterback Update

    The weird thing is the Blue Raiders actually have a good running back, idk why they aren't using him
  11. Who were you sure would be a star that busted?

    Aaron Kotar was so good for me in college and since he was an 82, I could not understand how he wouldn't transfer over to the next level. In hindsight, it was likely just because he had an insane amount of talent around him but him being a bust still hurts me.
  12. Undervalued Performers

    I read it, I just tried to ignore it. His first year was such a disaster with us I thought he would never become anything decent. Our secondary was pretty damn good this year so I can't really be too mad about it now, he'd make it better but it is what it is. I think I've learned from that mistake.
  13. Official CFBHC Fantasy Football League #2

  14. Discussion Tuesday #14

    Mike Thomas was a beast in college and has done well in the pre-season. Would be interested to see how he does starting. I feel like he would fit in Arizona nicely and he likely wouldn't cost too much.