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  1. Mike Thomas was a beast in college and has done well in the pre-season. Would be interested to see how he does starting. I feel like he would fit in Arizona nicely and he likely wouldn't cost too much.
  2. STAY ALIVE Browns do not throw away their shot. Keep playoff hopes alive with win against Bengals.
  3. JUMPING FOR JOY Browns upset win against the Jaguars keeps their playoff hopes alive.
  4. My worst loss was definitely when I lost to Michigan in Kotar's final year. That one obviously stung a lot. I had gotten lazy with my gameplanning and then my next two wins after that were some of my most satisfying. I think I beat Wisconsin 28-3 to win the Big Ten and then I demolished Washington in the Rose Bowl. It was a shame we hadn't had the playoff system we established later that year for me, because I probably should have won the Natty that year.
  5. nah that shit is fucking disgusting fam
  6. conflicted because fuck Ravens but go Moussa go
  7. Aaron Kotar is my first and only love. I have always liked Todd Lester and was a big fan of Matty Swift in college.
  8. The Browns continue their confusing win/loss pattern
  9. HOLDING ON FOR LIFE Browns fend off a valiant effort from the Texans, win on Eric Graves' FG in Overtime
  10. Hello Playoff Hopes, nice to still see you
  11. BACK ON TOP LaMichael Jones' INT helped the Browns steal one in LA and put them back into first place in the AFC North.
  12. That's a good first game for us, gg taffy.
  13. Definitely CleanBreak /s I miss Artenger for reals tho. Quality media and all around quality person. Dodson was also a funny dude. Tho not a very good site member.