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  1. The Browns continue their confusing win/loss pattern
  2. HOLDING ON FOR LIFE Browns fend off a valiant effort from the Texans, win on Eric Graves' FG in Overtime
  3. Hello Playoff Hopes, nice to still see you
  4. BACK ON TOP LaMichael Jones' INT helped the Browns steal one in LA and put them back into first place in the AFC North.
  5. That's a good first game for us, gg taffy.
  6. Definitely CleanBreak /s I miss Artenger for reals tho. Quality media and all around quality person. Dodson was also a funny dude. Tho not a very good site member.
  7. I feel like Minnesota is way more worthy of being a 4 star school than Indiana
  8. The Kings of the North Browns 3rd Interception of Joel King officially put them into first place in the AFC North.
  9. Cameron Marshall confirming he was a better pick than Joel King right off the bat, thx danger.
  10. BYE, BYE, BYE NSYNC Reunion Tour hits Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium as the Browns are on their bye week.
  11. JUST OUT OF REACH Browns defense can't catch up with Ravens WR David Wells as he scores the eventual game winning touchdown late in the 4th.
  12. Unfortunately it looks like we will be playing the Broncos in the AFCCG and we all know how that story ends
  13. The Browns very well may never lose again
  14. Oh great another battle between our kickers and the preseason