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  1. He doesn’t but their passing stats were very similar
  2. I gave him a BT comp when doing ACC media, he’s insanely accurate and can move it down the field. He should be a good one.
  3. In terms of value I think Hunt to the Raiders has the most potential to be one that haunts some teams. In terms of fit and talent level, I think Deontray Clay to Cleveland is harder to top and they have to be ecstatic they still got him being the 2nd receiver off the board.
  4. I think he did use y’all’s as a guide but then thought the RBs were his when setting his ST
  5. Gameplan Primary Offensive Formation: Pro Style Secondary Offensive Formation: Spread Primary Defensive Formation: 4-3 Secondary Defensive Formation: Dime Coaches HC John Harbaugh (Age 63) Descended from Ray Rhodes RB/FB Skill Level 4, Running Game Aggressiveness Level 3 OC Terrell Rhodes (Age 63) Descended from HC John Harbaugh WR/TE Skill Level 3; Offensive Fitness Level 2; QB Durability Level 1  DC Mike Pettine (Age 59) Descended from Rex Ryan Run Defense Aggressiveness Level 3
  6. We have the biggest fucking logjam at wide receiver and I’m interested to see how they all play together in camp and preseason. We added Riddick Smith to a group of misfits and now an influx of young talent and hopefully he can help lead this group to new heights for Shea. WR Quintavius Pearson 6-0 196 7 Louisville [Target] [-3] 82 WR Riddick Smith 6-0 185 11 Texas A&M [Target] [+2/C] 80 WR Jordan Scott 5-10 181 R Arizona State [Speed] [-1] 81 WR Quinn Walters 6-4 216 2 Kentucky [Speed] [-3] [+] 80 WR Frederick Bartlett 6-1 219 3 Purdue [Speed] [-1] 80 WR Tyl
  7. How does Zach Lombardi do with the influx of young talent to his receiver corps and with it being solely his offense? Will Sean Bell and the other off-season additions be enough to put the Jets back in the conversation in the AFC? With the AFCS having a pretty killer offseason, how much of a logjam happens in division play? Is Matt Ballard enough to undo the Randye curse on the Cardinals?
  8. The Qua’Sean Bell move is a trade I love in terms of value, but as someone who still roots for the Browns and hates the Steelers, I despise.
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