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  1. I feel like Minnesota is way more worthy of being a 4 star school than Indiana
  2. The Kings of the North Browns 3rd Interception of Joel King officially put them into first place in the AFC North.
  3. Cameron Marshall confirming he was a better pick than Joel King right off the bat, thx danger.
  4. BYE, BYE, BYE NSYNC Reunion Tour hits Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium as the Browns are on their bye week.
  5. JUST OUT OF REACH Browns defense can't catch up with Ravens WR David Wells as he scores the eventual game winning touchdown late in the 4th.
  6. Unfortunately it looks like we will be playing the Broncos in the AFCCG and we all know how that story ends
  7. The Browns very well may never lose again
  8. Oh great another battle between our kickers and the preseason
  9. Bingo
  10. Browns should be good
  11. More targets=more drops
  12. The Browns choose Option B. "As much as we would like to bring Ryan Mitchell back right now, we see no reason to rush things. Ryan is a veteran and we have full faith in his abilities to be brought up back to speed, even with a week of rest. We want to make sure he is fully at 100% before we are bringing him back. Our player's health is our top concern."
  13. Yeah fuck houses
  14. Cleveland Browns Head Coach: Lucas95 1 year // $3,990,000 $3,990,000 per year
  15. Cameron Marshall asks Cleveland if they are entertained after Day One of the Draft. ~Berea, OH Cleveland hasn’t had the best luck on draft days under GM Dean Craig Pelton, but this year was different. GM Pelton on Missed Chances. “I think a big thing for us was when we looked back at the past, we just realized we weren’t picking high enough. Year after year of missing our guy, whether it be the time Brian Brown had nearly fallen in our laps or the years we were sold on Jeremey Miller and Ivory Hull and they just wound up going just ahead of us. We just haven’t had the draft picks. Obviously last year we had the number one pick and moved down, but this year was the highest we have ever picked, with both 5 and 6, and I think we made out like bandits.” GM Pelton on ILB CJ Thomas “CJ Thomas was my second favorite defensive player in this draft, after Tyler Jones. We really liked Akeel and almost pulled the trigger on him. He wound up with my friend and former colleague in Chicago, Stormstopper, and I am extremely happy about that. CJ is just everything you want in a football player. All the coaches and all the players he has played with had nothing but praise for him and his game tape speaks for itself. I’m so excited that CJ Thomas could remain a Dawg.” Former Georgia HC Franz Kafka on CJ Thomas: “I loved CJ. You know, we always tried to emphasis tough defense during my time in Athens and I'm not sure any player personified that as much C.J. Thomas. He is easily one of the most physically dominant players I've ever coached. If I had a nickel for every missed tackle he had at Georgia, I still don't think I could buy a gumball. The kid is a monster, I’m proud to call him a Dawg for life." CJ Thomas on remaining a Dawg and Real Estate(?) “I’m gonna be honest with you, I never liked the press so if I seem sad or morose it ain’t because I got drafted to Cleveland, it’s because I am talking to you guys. Anyways, I was really surprised when Cleveland called me, I was ecstatic, don’t get me wrong, but confused. They have a solid ILB in Lance Nattiel already so I was kinda scared about the situation, but I talked with Coach Lucas and the GM and I think everything is gonna work out. I’m really just happy to finally know where I am going so I can finally buy a house somewhere and the market in Cleveland is really cheap, so I’m really happy since I can buy like 5 houses now. GM Pelton on CB Cameron Marshall “I’d say my favorite position to scout and draft is cornerback. I fall in love with about one cornerback prospect a class and I usually don’t wind up in position to take them. It’s worked out for me twice now, first with Kadeem and now with Cameron. Had I fell in love with TJ Hunter, I’d be 3/3 with PSU CBs now. But to speak about Cameron, he’s just amazing. He reminds me a lot of Matt Cowan who I liked a lot coming out of Wisconsin. I remember back when I was doing some B1G scouting I found that Cowan hadn’t allowed a TD or maybe it was just one TD in a season and I was amazed. During my scouting we found that Marshall did the same thing, and not only did he do that but he did it on the highest stage possible and was instrumental in helping Penn State win their National Championship. I will say I don’t think Marshall was the ‘sexiest’ pick but I think he was the perfect fit for our team.” PSU HC Grv413 on Cameron Marshall “Cam is a fantastic player. I was really sad to see him go, but a lot of our staff saw the writing on the wall with the season he was having. He can cover the best of the best receivers and I think he will be a fantastic addition to the Cleveland Browns secondary. In talking to Cam, the Browns were a team higher on his list because he thinks he fits their scheme well and he believes he can really go make a difference there. I agree with him. I think he will flourish with them and become part of a fantastic defense for them.” Cameron Marshall on getting drafted to Cleveland “People are always hating on Cleveland. Saying that they don’t draft right, that they’re coach killers and talent killers. I think that’s all talk. When I see Cleveland I see a team that is almost there, same thing I saw at Penn State. I love raising my team to the next level, you know? Like in HS, my team was good before me but we choked in the playoffs…I got them a championship. At Penn State, we were close a lot, we were on the verge of greatness, but we couldn’t quite do it. I helped them win a championship. And you know, I don’t think there is any city that wants a championship more than the fans in Cleveland, OH. And who am I to deny them that?” GM Pelton on Day 2 and the rest of the draft “I would be lying if I said we didn’t have anything else up our sleeve. We have an early pick in the 2nd round that we are very excited about and we are anxious to see if we can land our guy, as I’m sure several teams can verify. We also have two 3rd round picks that should really help us fill out our roster, Day 1 is where all the flash is but Day 2 and 3 of the draft is what separates the good teams from the great teams so our job definitely isn’t done yet as there is a lot of great talent to be found.”

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