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    1. AAC Linear Championship

      I think I did some news article on something like this in 2018 or something once FTR. It got removed when blogs were removed so thanks for reviving it Rome.
    2. [2020] CFBHC National Championship Game

      Congrats gravy and oobl I can't believe you made the natty in the first place.
    3. [2020] All AAC + Awards

      Fixed, thanks.
    4. USF miracle season ends in lopsided loss to Army
    5. Yep so much that he posts shit in the wrong tab... honestly surprised I haven't done this before.
    6. [Survey] Alumni Network

      University of Oklahoma, 2020.
    7. mbtmje11

      Congratulations, You're approved for Tulane! Your roster is here. Post your depth chart in the depth chart (2021) forum that will be created at some point, based on instructions here. The 2021 CFBHC regular season is done. Recruiting is due each Saturday there are games at 11:59 PM ET. Make sure to make an account on the interface. That's where we handle scheduling, gameplanning, and recruiting. Get it switched over to Tulane by requesting it as your team. Request to be set up with the Tulane avatar here. An expectation is for you to handle Tulane's Wikipage. As always, go to the Coaching Course for quick questions. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to PM me or ask in the shoutbox. Welcome to the AAC!
    8. kaleido

      They're all available.
    9. [2020] Week #16 - Saturday Evening

      Annual late season USF offensive shut down is back. Oh well it was fun while it lasted. gg UBL.
    10. Anything with Toledo is generally overhype sorry death I know you like being excited about your team.
    11. Since the creation of the USF Bulls in 2017, the USF-UCF series, known as the War on I-4, has been exciting to say the least. In 2017, USF tour through the AAC with a then-historic passing attack, led by Jeremy Henry, highlighting their 10 win season with a home win against the UCF Knights, who were coming off a playoff birth and undefeated in AAC play in their own right. Quite surprisingly, USF and UCF had a couple big time players that played major roles on that 2017 team. CB Kevin McQueen shut down Heisman finalist Christopher Harris, and RB DeNorris Jackson, while solid overall in 2017, was outran by current Viking starting RB Josh Taylor. On the USF side, there are 3 current defensive starters from that team- James Blue, Guillermo Murphy, Christopher Ross - all started as true freshamen while star WR Claudio Howard saw a greater role as the season progressed. After an exciting 2017 game, the War on I-4 became somewhat dormant for a while. USF struggled to a 5-7 season and UCF had a couple bland seasons with around 7 wins. Arguably the bigger war was fought on the croot trail. WR Sila Aveau was hotly contested a cycle back between both programs, only to lead the league in WR's so far as a freshman. DE Mathew McNeil and DT Devon Brinson were initially target by USF as well. The rivalry returned somewhat in 2019, in which saw the Knights narrowly prevailed in a back and forth affair in which USF missed a late 55 yard FG that would have tied the match up. Flash forward to 2020 and the two schools - both Central Florida but more South than North - are combined 22-0. Both have beaten an erratic P5 team (Iowa and Tennessee). Both have played fairly soft out of league schedules. Both USF and UCF are undefeated, and are meeting up for a chance to play in the AAC title game against USF/UCF and a likely playoff birth if they prevail in both contests. Thus, both squads are competing in what could be dubbed as the G5 Super Bowl - only three times have two undefeated teams played so late in the season and the first outside the so-called power five conference. Both teams are senior laden - UCF losses 5 starters on defense, and 8 on offense while USF graduates 5 and 6 respectively. The similarities end there. UCF for the longest time and still is a very run heavy team - as run heavy as you could get without going full smashmouth, with them usually getting no more than 20 passes a game unless they are behind big. They seldom deviate from this gameplan, as they've had a plathera of great running backs that date from Big XII legend Trace Buchanan to legendary formula bust Buzz Etcheverry to 5 star croot DeNorris Jackson and given it's gotten them ranked for three of the past five seasons, including a playoff birth in 2016, it's fairly successful. They've always tried to go after mobile QB's, with QB Dwayne Bennett, a sophomore, being the ultimate game manager, with only 1 interception on the year and completing more than 65% of his passes. USF, somewhat like AAC West powerhouse SMU, is fairly pass oriented with strong wide receiver corps. Christopher Harris out of nowhere had a magical season in 2017, and Ramon Stewart (currently on the Cowboys) and Claudio Howard have continued that legacy, and now has been passed on to the young Aveau. On offense, USF's pass heavy attack has been led by senior QB Daniel Lentz. The Junior college transfer, Lentz, in his 2nd year starting, has averaged around 68% completion, is nearing 4,000 yards, which would become the second USF player to ever do so in four seasons, behind Rams backup QB Jeremy Henry, and 39 touchdowns to 9 pick sixs. Of course, UCF is just as efficient passing the ball, just with much lower attempts. RB Johnny Taylor has been decent but not elite and help keep defenses honest, but of course this pails in comparison to DeNorris Jackson, averaging 5.56 YPC and has over 100 rushing yards in all 11 games, along with 24 TD's; two of these figures that lead the conference. USF has the better receivers, led by the previously referenced Sila Aveau and Claudio Howard, the two leading AAC receivers, even though UCF's aren't exactly bad either, led by Justice Pierre. Their offensive lines are similarly experienced, although UCF has given up far fewer sacks this year. On the defense, both squads fair fairly well in the linemen counterpart. DE's Devin Blakely and Micheal McNeil have had 10.5 and 9.5 sacks respectively, both ridiculous numbers for a freshman. Meanwhile, USF has had talented D Line players, but due to scheme, haven't put up the stellar numbers the UCF Knights have, with star DT James Blue having 1 sack on the year. Additionally, UCF has an edge on the linebackers on paper, although USF OLB Mohamed Mims has overachieved this season for one of the least herald of their starters, with 1.5 sacks, while four year starter Christoper Ross has 2 sacks (NOTE: SACKS NOT WORKING ON AAC STATS DOC) has another 2. On the other side of the coin, UCF has fewer linebackers sacks, but as a unit, also have a net total of 2 interceptions. Both the USF and UCF secondaries have been great at forcing turnovers, with both team's star number one corners - freshman Austin Copeland and likely 2021 1st rounder Kevin McQueen each having 5 interceptions. Weirdly enough, their second and third best interception leaders are both their #2 CB and both their #1 FS, although UCF FS James Munnerlyn a guy scouts should keep an eye on, as he'll likely be the UCF top secondary player for years to come. So now that we know more than needed about these two teams, let's talk about their seasons. Both USF and UCF have looked dominant at times in 2020, although the latter has had some slip ups as of late. RB Johnny Taylor failed to reach 3YPC in their last outing against Uconn, and QB Lentz has looked turnover prone as of late. The coaching on USF has been more questionable than the rock solid and consistent UCF gameplans that the Knights have rolled out as of late. UCF has no pronounced weakness that the one trick pony USF offense is particularly good at exploiting. Still, it'd be unwise to completely underestimate how explosive the USF can be at times, most notably they poured in 55 points against a solid Houston team, including 45 in a half. But since the Bulls have had a fairly soft OOC and conference slate, they really haven't played a secondary on caliber to UCF - which may be the best AAC team since Brian Brown. Prediction: UCF 28, USF 17. Final.
    12. 1.UCF (3) No game last week. 2.USF (1) Why did they move up? 3.SMU Shutout Memphis and moved down? 4.Houston Lowkey they can still win the AAC West if they beat SMU and there's a medium chance of that happening. Although given how good SMU has looked lately, I wouldn't count on it. 5.Temple Final game this season against ECU. 6.ECU Why did they move down? What a year for the AAC coaches poll. 7.Tulsa Finished 4-8 but did somewhat well in conference play after horrid start. 8.Navy Beat Cincinnati. Best hasn't been too bad down the stretch. 9.Cincinnati Lose and moved up. Has a game against Miami OH this week. 10.Uconn Hold USF to a season low in points and moved down a slot? 11.Memphis Zero points against rival SMU. 12.Tulane Didn't even mask 30 plays.