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  1. JEREMY HENRY BACK TO HIS USF DAYS Edit: only one game of course
  2. and another great game.
  5. Tommy Jones, HOU, 16 of 24 for 204 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT I don't think he ever completed 67% of his passes against being coached by me, granted, this is pre-season....
  6. Generally speaking, from what I've found in the mid-teir conferences, a good RB and QB combo will at least make you competitive, especially if one part of your defense is decent (in Colorado's case, the secondary).
  7. so we lost in an ugly/boring game. gg mcgill/rome miss working with you bby.
  8. We still have 4 weeks of NFLHC pre-season, hope there's no delays, and then usually 1 week of NFL season since there are 16 weeks of CFBHC and 17 weeks of NFLHC.
  9. Weird you're doing this for a Michigan player as a MSU fan lol but nice media.
  10. As an unofficial assistant, I am going to announce and briefly explain our draft picks. Pick #7 (1st round)- QB Graham Burnett 6-3 211 R Oklahoma [Pocket] 82 Coming into the draft, we wanted Aaron Blakely or CJ Thomas. Blakely went #4 to Tampa Bay, and then Thomas went a pick later. Having shyed away from Akeel after his pro day, and looking into Burnett further, we went with Burnett, given we only have 2 years left on Taylor Rodrqiez's deal. Pick #39 (2nd round)- WR Benjamin Franklin 5-9 160 R Rutgers [Speed] 81 After Burnett was gone, our plan was to draft DE Isiah Hall or FS TJ Lawrence. Hall went in the mid to late 1st, while TJ Lawrence went two picks ahead of us to the Dolphins. The BPA guy on my board personally was Benjamin Franklin, and while we don't need WR depth because we have Kurt Hill, Eddie McFadden, and Fransisco Gibson, McFadden's contract is up next season, plus Kurt Hill could retire in a season or two. Franklin had a solid combine, and a good pro day following an impressive senior season at Rutgers, granted behind a good QB. Pick #66 (3rd round)- CB Jeremy Evans 6-0 191 R BYU [Zone Coverage] 77 We wanted Jeremy Starks or Samuel Shaw here, but both both were gone, so it basically came down to him or Ronnie Bailey. Given Bailey's past history of off-court problems among other things, Evans was chosen. Pick #71 (3rd round)- FS Emmanuel Slade 6-1 184 R Oregon State [Zone Coverage] 78 With both Lawrence and Blakely gone, we needed a FS badly (we tried to get one last year, but a good receiver came up at the end of the 3rd, and all good FS's were depleted by the end of the 4th, which is okay. You can't fill every hole in a draft). Slade was the highest FS on my personal board, over James White, although neither were the greatest on college from the stats we can see, I personally liked Slades pro day/combine a little more, and Slade was on a terrible team. Furthermore, Slade is a 78 4.5/4.5 coming off a +1.5 progression, while White was a 79 5.0/5.0 Pick #103 (4th round)-RB Jermaine Lockett 5-10 178 R Auburn [Speed] 78 Towards the end of the third, there was a run on running backs. With guys like Kevin Muse gone, we settled for what we thought the best back out there was. Now, why a RB? We run 2 RB sets and only have 2 on our roster, so what happens if someone gets hurt? Pick #135 (5th round)- DT Patrick Garber 6-2 303 R Buffalo [1-Gap] 72 With McGaivn and Shaffer, two defensive tackles we liked gone, we took the next best thing. We needed a backup DT since we only had 1 on our roster. Pick #162 (5th round)- WR Ramon Stewart 6-1 177 R USF [Target] 75 With only 5 WR's on our team at this point, we need another depth guy. I wasn't a fan of any of the ASU receivers, and Roy Davis was gone at our pick, so we opted for Ramon Stewart, who I coached in college. Pick #172 (6th round)- TE Michael Baxter 6-5 240 R Houston [Receiving] 75 We need a TE since we only had 2 total, and I personally liked his size, so we selected him.
  11. Congratulations, You're approved for Houston! Go here and make a new thread entitled "Houston Cougars". Feel free to decorate it with pictures and stats of your team. Eventually, Soluna will post your roster into that thread when he gets time. The 2019 CFBHC season is done. Within the next couple of months, the 2020 season is expected to begin. Make sure to make an account on the interface. That's where we handle scheduling, gameplanning, and recruiting. Get it switched over to Houston by requesting it as your team. Request to be set up with the Houston avatar here. An expectation is for you to handle Houston's Wikipage. As always, go to the Coaching Course for quick questions. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to PM me or ask in the shoutbox. Welcome to the AAC!
  12. Thank you for your interest in the Houston opening. Your questions have been sent to your personal messenger. It can be found by clicking the mailbox at the top right of the page.
  13. It kinda annoys me when people bail for other jobs after one season, yet alone a half a season, unless they're taking their favorite team or something. Although I'll admit I'm being a bit more vocal here since it affects my conference.
  14. Nothing is stopping you from doing that at ECU though.
  15. McGill got his first bowl win BTW in like a billion tries.

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