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  1. We’re ready, didn’t realize we had to post here.
  2. Any users that live in Miami or NYC and surrounding area HMU. I’m trying to buy Uruguayan products and I’ll comp the price for the stuff and the shipping.

  3. Week 1: Yale at Minnesota @iliveinadreamatorium Week 2: NC State at Minnesota @Dean_Craig_Pelton Week 3: Minnesota at Kansas State @Swipet
  4. New Orleans Saints Preseason: @IND @NE vs NYJ vs LAC
  5. No plans to trade him at this time.
  6. (New Orleans, LA) - After an arduous search, the New Orleans Saints and its Board of Regents have announced the hiring of former coach @iliveinadreamatorium as the new general manager. This process was by no means easy and there were substantial candidates who fit the bill in terms of the direction that the franchise wants to go in. Effective immediately, I am stepping down from any GM duties and to focus solely on coaching in order to bring this team to the highest ceiling it can reach. We are proud to have found our new GM, he comes from a rich football background and has had success at every level of his career.
  7. hey wtf i was there too
  8. DM me on here or on Discord if you are interested in the Saints GM job. Pls help me it's lonely here.

  9. New Orleans, LA 3/25/20 - The New Orleans Saints would like to announce the beginning of a search to find its next General Manager. This search is expected to begin immediately and will be comprehensive. We would like to thank the Imposter family for the work that they have done and they will always have a place in our hearts. We fully support him and his decision to resign and to spend time away from the game to be with his family and his newborn daughter.
  10. #9: ILB Garrett Holliday 6-3 234 3 Arizona State [Mike] [-1] 88 Accepted - $5,750,000 M
  11. I have a copy of EU4 to give away. First one to PM me the answer to what country I am from gets it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Minnow


      I want one, since I have been addicted to those types of games lately 

      @Ape or @lucas 

    3. Ape


      I sent mine to @anonemuss

    4. taffyowner


      guys the answer is Mexico because he speaks spanish

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