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  1. lucas

    [2024] Week #2 - MNF

    What are you referring to lmao
  2. Oriental Empire of Urugentina Founded: 1825 Capital: Montevideo Leader: Federico Valverde Urugentina is located in the south-eastern portion of South America comprising of the state of Uruguay and other cities surrounding the Rio de la Plata. Traditionally two separate countries, Uruguayan leadership under the rule of Prime Minister Edinson Cavani formally declared war in 1819 against the Argentine Republic due to its role in the 1818 bombing of Parliament which killed 44 senators and other staff members by members of Argentine religious zealots. With the aid of Dahomeyan military, Uruguay was able to defeat Argentina at the decisive naval battle of Colonia. It resulted in the Treaty of Artigas in 1823, which gave Uruguay reparations and land surrounding the river including the cities of Rosario and Buenos Aires, forming the Empire of Urugentina. The Empire is rich in natural resources including cattle, minerals, lumber, and coal. It boasts a well-maintained infrastructure in all aspects of society including governmental stability and a highly educated population. The population reveres its leaders and they seek to advance the Empire by any means necessary. While there has been peace for many decades following the last war, recently there have been strong expansionist and anti-Argentine sentiments boiling over in both civilian life and governmental life, some questioning whether it is time to expand the borders either to the west, north, or even across the Atlantic Ocean. Stats: Economy (1-10): Education (1-10): Military Power Overall (1-10): Land Power (1-10): Sea Power (1-10): Air Power (1-10): Technology (1-10): Health (1-10): Infrastructure (1-10): Population:
  3. I don’t see Brian Brown on this list..
  4. You’re right it is a bad list. Leonard England shouldn’t be there.
  5. Fun Fact: W E  L I V E  I N  A  S O C I E T Y

  6. New Orleans Saints place: WR Marcus Ratterman 6-4 190 5 Hawaii [Speed] [-2] 80 On IR. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture during Pre-season Week 2 and is out for the season.
  7. tbh you have some of the best lines in the shoutbox I've seen. I sometimes steal them for my own in other media actually :whistling: I play you this year so I can't wish you good luck in all your games, but I hope you hold up this conference in your other games 

  8. Damn I really got fucked didn't I?
  9. New Orleans Saints place: WR Langston Landrum 5-9 197 1 Wisconsin [Speed] [0] 73 on IR He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in Training Camp and is out for the year.
  10. We’re ready, didn’t realize we had to post here.
  11. Any users that live in Miami or NYC and surrounding area HMU. I’m trying to buy Uruguayan products and I’ll comp the price for the stuff and the shipping.

  12. Week 1: Yale at Minnesota @iliveinadreamatorium Week 2: NC State at Minnesota @Dean_Craig_Pelton Week 3: Minnesota at Kansas State @Swipet
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