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  1. Robert Lynch. 5/5 QB with a pretty good offensive line and no one below 4.0 at the skill positions on offense.
  2. No, you’re cultivating mass
  3. Big Ten: 84 (+5) FCS: 84 MWC: 59  PAC-12: 17 (-5)
  4. None of you scare me
  5. A good one is Dallas Buyers Club. I feel like the oscars that it got were deserved and a cool story is that the makeup department only had a few hundred bucks to work with and it still won for Best Makeup
  6. lucas

    Cooking thread

    I actually made fajitas yesterday and tried marinating the meat beforehand but it didn’t go well lol
  7. lucas

    Cooking thread

    That also seems like it would be a good meatball recipe too
  8. lucas

    Cooking thread

    Ive always been curious as to how an air fryer works, and is there a noticeable difference between using that and other frying?
  9. Hey guys. I’ve been really into cooking the last year or so and have experimented a lot with different Asian and bread recipes. If you have something post it, if you want to share anything regarding cooking, post it. If you’re proud of a dish you’ve made recently, if you have pictures of something you’ve made, if you have questions about anything.. post it! Today I made an eggs in a nest sandwich courtesy of the bon appetite channel on YouTube and I thought using the bacon fat to toast the bread on a skillet would’ve been too much but it was better than using butter so that’s probably what I’ll do whenever I feel like making any kind of toasted sandwich if I’m conveniently making bacon too.
  10. I hope Jones loses, Rockhold wins, don’t care about who wins Nunes/Holm, just want a good fight.
  11. lucas

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Week 1: at FIU @Rocketcan Week 3: vs Georgia Southern @bmlig95 Week 9: vs CMU @robcarlson77
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