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  1. Take care of the boys I recruited!
  2. Good game Sam
  3. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS Defense Shines As Browns Win Home Opener Rookie Cameron Marshall with a tackle against the Steelers
  4. Yay Chicago scored a touchdown!
  5. Good game. This division is going to be pretty competitive this year so I'm looking forward to our next game.
  6. Well I'm hard
  7. Good game Imposter, I hope you can turn it around you're a good coach.
  9. CJ and Marshall
  10. Lead those guys I recruited to greatness
  11. It's not secretive you just have to be active. There isn't a set calendar for this stuff because it's not automated, it's done by hand with a schedule that is adjusted at the discretion of the owner. Just be active and ask the shoutbox for help because there'll usually be multiple people that can answer your questions.
  12. Apply for MTSU, i left them with a solid QB, RB and I recruited a great RB, DT, and SS that you could redshirt if you wanted.
  13. Yes
  14. Horrible picks.

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