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    1. lucas95

      [2022] Re-signings

    2. I’m an anxious mess, I usually don’t ever talk about this in the shoutbox but sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me. It doesn’t get to the point where it prevents me from leaving the house but I sometimes hesitate to do some things and I wish it wasn’t true. I don’t feel like it’s to the point where I need doctor interference but I don’t know. I also always suffer from fear of the unknown, I feel like I’m always nervous for what’s to come tomorrow and just thinking about what I will have to face tomorrow, next week, after I graduate just kills me. I also think I’m really quick to anger and sometimes something really stupid makes me angry, even someone saying something in the shoutbox. There are times where I’ve held grudges against people and have been a shitty friend to others which I don’t like about myself. For anyone here who I’ve ever made mad or feel bad I’m really sorry.
    3. lucas95

      Who are the 2022 Heisman favorites?

      I’ll be biased here, my QB Robert Lynch. He’s a 4.0/5.0 Jr JUCO and he’s going to be surrounded by an insane supporting cast. 3.0/4.5 power back, a 5/5 and two other 4.0 receivers. All offensive line 4.0 and above. Not to mention the fact that as a whole it seems like B1G defenses are going to have a down year next year.
    4. lucas95

      Who do you support?

      So close to another one of us
    5. lucas95

      Who do you support?

    6. lucas95

      Who do you support?

      Hi all. We have a long offseason ahead of us and I thought to stimulate conversation about sports in general we could all fill out this form and show each other what our favorite teams are in these sports! link: http://i.imgur.com/DFv4s.jpg?1 In my post if a team is larger than the other I prefer it over the other. Also, my list of hated teams is not totally limited to what's on my list, I just didn't feel like adding more.
    7. lucas95

      Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

    8. Maybe someone mentioned it but I didn’t read, at work. Would this group of teams have a dedicated recruit list? For realism purposes.
    9. lucas95

      2021 End-of-Season Message

      all thank mr soluna
    10. lucas95

      The Plain Dealer

      BRIGHT HOPES FOR NEXT YEAR Browns finish on a high note against Cincinnati; look forward to improvements for next season
    11. lucas95

      Steam Summer Sale 18 discussion thread

      Yeah also in terms of tutorial, I suggest the tutorial series with Arumba and FilthyRobot. They play on noob island which is fun for a beginner.
    12. lucas95

      Steam Summer Sale 18 discussion thread

      If anyone is interested in how to download EU4 DLCs for free message me. Obviously spend if you can but use it as a way to test out the dlcs and see if you want them or not.
    13. The future is now