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  1. GG @Minnowsotan. You have a tough defense to play against.
  2. I should just play more OOC Big 12 teams so I get to read Storm's previews
  3. Take all the time you need. Know that we just mess in good fun. Hope to see you soon.
  4. GG Rome
  5. Good game @TheSam. I stressed out over my gameplan for these past two weeks.
  6. @bingo415 left Minnesota and I asked him if he had a problem with me applying for the job and he said that there wasn't any problem. I'm a current U of M student and I couldn't be any happier with taking over my dream school.
  7. Holy shit I'm happy
  8. Keep up the thorough analysis
  9. From Dawn to Dusk by Brett Woods - Minneapolis Star Tribune 8:00 A.M - It is a warm, humid morning in Minneapolis as the players are getting ready to go to practice in preparation for the game on Saturday versus the Maryland Terrapins. After their week one victory against the Miami Hurricanes, there is no room for break as the players and the coaching staff get ready for their next matchup on Saturday. The day’s agenda is simple, wake up in the morning and have a team breakfast, and then go practice. We caught up with star wide receiver Jamir Blackburn and the leader of defense, linebacker Dean Smalley before the day started. B.W. - So, this is what you guys do every day before practice? J.B. - (laughs) Yeah, every day in and out. The two senior players wake up every day before practice and try to sneak to the weight room together and have their own sort of practice before practice even begins. It is a tradition of theirs since they were recruited together and since they roomed together when they first arrived on campus. We sat down with them to talk after their morning workout in the weight room. B.W. - Hey guys, glad to have you two here this morning to talk to us. J.B. - Not a problem man, happy to be here. Hey D, toss me that towel. B.W. - Is this something you guys do every day? D.S. - We try to as often as we can. Coach doesn't make us do this, we do it ourselves because we know that if we want to get to where we want to be, it won’t happen if we sit around and not put in the extra effort. J.B. - We always invite our teammates to join us early morning because we don’t just lift weights and lounge around in here, we value this time because it helps us grow as a team on a personal level, and if the personal connection isn't there, the connection on the field may not be there either. B.W. - How are you guys adjusting to Coach Lucas? J.B. - We’re adjusting fine, he's brought new life into the program and we love playing for him, he's a guy that has a passion for the game and the little things. D.S. - Yeah, we've been lucky to have been coached by two great coaching staffs in our 4 years here at the U. B.W. - Has Coach Lucas brought anything new to the table? D.S. - For sure, new schemes and new ways to run the offense and defense. Hopefully these changes help us do what we do well this year and put us in a position to succeed. What I love about him is that before the season began he called every single one of us into his office individually. Not just the starters, everyone on the team to introduce himself and to get to know each of us which was great. That sort of relationship is very important. Coach Lucas is in his first year of coaching the Gophers and hopes he can compete for the Big Ten and to make a bowl game this year. B.W. - Did things go according to plan week one? Coach - Yeah I’d say we played well, there’s always room for improvement though. B.W. - Did you stop after the game and take a step back to soak the moment in? Coach - No, we never stop. We go forward and work even harder at it the next day, from dawn to dusk.
  10. Good game, aj.
  11. Colts are back
  12. We both know the committee knew what they were doing with this.
  14. GG Danger.
  15. Take care of the boys I recruited!
  16. Good game Sam
  17. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS Defense Shines As Browns Win Home Opener Rookie Cameron Marshall with a tackle against the Steelers
  18. Yay Chicago scored a touchdown!
  19. Good game. This division is going to be pretty competitive this year so I'm looking forward to our next game.
  20. Well I'm hard
  21. Good game Imposter, I hope you can turn it around you're a good coach.
  23. CJ and Marshall
  24. Lead those guys I recruited to greatness
  25. It's not secretive you just have to be active. There isn't a set calendar for this stuff because it's not automated, it's done by hand with a schedule that is adjusted at the discretion of the owner. Just be active and ask the shoutbox for help because there'll usually be multiple people that can answer your questions.