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    1. [2021] Week #1 - 1 PM

      Bow down to your new Bell overlord AFCN
    2. [2021] Inactives - Week #1

      Cleveland Browns Week 1 inactives: RB Preston Griggs 6-0 170 R Northwestern [Speed] 68 TE LeRoy Dunn 6-6 239 4 NC State [Blocking] 74 ILB Dylan Mitchell 6-3 226 R Houston [Will] 70 OT Kevin Grey 6-5 260 R USC [Pass Blocking] 81 C Phil Gordon 6-2 284 R Eastern Washington [Pass Blocking] 72 QB Rob Zeko 6-3 183 3 Marshall [Hybrid] 78 WR Curtis Jeffreys 5-11 207 3 SDSU [Target] 75
    3. If anyone is interested in helping me and Gravy do CFBHC Imperialism hit us up. We specifically need someone that is good at photoshop, we need help with logos and placing things

    4. [2021] Rookie Minicamps

      Cleveland Browns send: FS Parker Moreland 6-2 202 R Iowa [Man Coverage] 68 K A.K. McGowan 6-2 212 R Penn State [Power] 80 OLB Caleb McNamara 6-2 217 R Vanderbilt [Coverage] 81 ILB Dylan Mitchell 6-3 226 R Houston [Will] 70 DT Darius Greene 6-6 328 R Connecticut [2-Gap] 74 C Phil Gordon 6-2 284 R Eastern Washington [Pass Blocking] 72 OT Kevin Grey 6-5 260 R USC [Pass Blocking] 81 WR Dean Burkhart 6-4 207 R SMU [Target] 80 RB Preston Tolliver 6-1 216 R Tulane [Power] 71
    5. CFBHC v1.4b

      For the star recruit bonus, does it apply for all of them? Or just the ones in your own state?
    6. CFBHC v1.4c

      My bowl win bumped me up so take that rekt back and shove it bitchhhhhhhhhhh
    7. bmlig95

    8. CFBHC v1.4b

      Trust me, people will still not pay attention.
    9. CFBHC v1.4b

      Looks awesome, thanks Soluna!
    10. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #4

      Houston and Ole Miss was a real shootout
    11. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #3

      Good game Ape, you have a tough team to gameplan against.
    12. [Survey] Alumni Network

      University of Minnesota - 2019
    13. Share your Google Timeline

      Lmao. This is from January 2017 to present.
    14. Ranking me is like giving a kid a Make a Wish day because he's inevitably going to die during the weekend
    15. [2020] Week #11 - Saturday Morning

      Bowl eligible hype
    16. Official CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

      I'm down, lgr1379@gmail.com
    17. Guys sorry about the fantasy league, it wasn't filled and yesterday wasn't a good day for me for various reasons so I didn't have time to change settings, I'm currently at this very moment flying above Venezuela, should be back to the States in about 3 hours. I think another league should be starting up soon by another member of the site. Again, my apologies.

    18. CFBHC Fantasy Football

      http://games.espn.com/ffl/tools/join?leagueId=580237&k=72f96&d=AAAABAAI2o0AAAfh%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwAADuk%3D&t=9 Link is here, some people have already joined, draft is Saturday at 3 EST.
    19. USA Cultural Regions

      I think for the Midwest you should remove Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Include all of Nebraska, both Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin (gross) Iowa, all of Illinois besides Chicago, Indiana, and Ohio. Actually I don't know about Missouri, it's Midwest everywhere besides the big cities.
    20. USA Cultural Regions

      This is all very wrong and you should divorce your friends