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  1. Agree, still staying to recruit one, but it's not looking good!
  2. Thanks, we are playing better, just can't get over the hump! The int killed us!
  3. Just can't catch a damn break!
  4. Yes it was a good game, hard to win at your place! Good luck rest if the year!
  5. Better game, still need to cut down on penalties
  6. Thru two to many interceptions, need to clean that up!
  7. II've not seen you say anything to me
  8. We had a good season, Put up a good fight but Maryland had the better team today! Wanted to congratulate them on the bowl win!
  9. can you add Jacksonville Jaguars to my side post, i will be their new head coach next season, thank you.
  10. I have had neck surgery and am probably going to have to have another one and maybe even back surgery in the future. I was in a pretty bad wreck and and have not had a lot of fun with it, so if i missed a game plan that is what i am blaming it on, we will have it worked out between the me and the front office when all of this occurs. I am looking forward to joining the team and will do a good job for them. Marshall had a good season after a rocky start and made a bowl game which we are very proud of. Next season we will see how far we can take the JAGS!!!
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