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    1. TheTodd15

      Adoption Story and AMA

      A hearty congratulations to you Haff. And apropos of nothing, I wanted to point out having worked in youth homelessness, orphaned children in the United States, broadly defined, absolutely face all of these challenges. Perhaps not in the adoption system itself, but there are all sorts unaccompanied youth who face these issues. It's sad that it sounds like there are so many barriers to adopting here that we cannot provide better for them.
    2. TheTodd15

      [2021] Final Coaches Poll

      Nice finished unranked behind two teams I beat 3 times and despite winning the CCG.
    3. TheTodd15

      [2021] Pro Bowl Skills Challenge - Morning

      Titans did terrible lol. At least Williams and Wheeler have a sense of humor about it!
    4. TheTodd15


      I still dont think we should have approved him if hes not willing to do a proper application.
    5. TheTodd15

      Achievements & Standings

      (6) Win a Conference Championship (AAC 2021)
    6. TheTodd15


      4.0+ potential at 10 positions and 3-4 4.0+ potential players on redshirt...
    7. TheTodd15

      [2021] Sophomore Quarterback Update

      Great article. Can't wait to see what Best does next year with a full progression and a few more weapons.
    8. TheTodd15

      2021 End-of-Season Message

      Even from the very limited responsibilities I have here I've certainly suffered from burn out. So, a huge kudos to you soluna for not only keeping this place running for this long but continually improving it for us in ways I never thought possible. For 2022 and beyond I hope to contribute even just a fraction of what you have given us.
    9. TheTodd15


      Sorry for the delay, congrats! You are approved for Tulane. Request here for a logo for your avatar picture. You will get shoutbox access upon approval. You already requested an account for Tulane on the interface, but it is here for reference. To familiarize yourself, here is the depth chart from the previous coach. Welcome to the AAC, we suck at bowl games!
    10. TheTodd15

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #14

      Congrats @fever_ful
    11. Notable stories from this year's awards. Every active coach voted, including the newbies! And every team got an All-Conference player, something, something participation awards.
    12. TheTodd15

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #12

      Rip AAC
    13. TheTodd15

      2022 NFL Draft early entries

      I have no idea why my 69 rated FS thought this would be a good idea, seeing as he made 1 total statsheet this year and 4 statsheets in his entire career. But good luck nevertheless Cortez! I'll be on the lookout for a JUCO FS now.
    14. TheTodd15


      Discussing politics and crap is actually mandatory here.