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  1. Second this because I went through a similar situation. It seems impossible and selfish to cut someone out of your life that was such a big part of it, but my only regret was not doing it earlier. It took probably 9 months to realize any sort of relationship with this person was not possible, but cutting them off was the best decision I ever made. Sadly we weren't able to be friends after that (but still friendly), but months of no contact made me realize how terrible the situation was even if the other person didn't intend it. That was the only way I was able to feel better.
  2. Not sure which ones but this game definitely breaks a lot of school records
  3. @Eagles4Life congrats, you're approved for ! You know what to do. Don't forget to request account change and a new team on the interface!
  4. I've been here for 75% of the sites existence.. hard to believe. It would be cool to see another seniority ranking.
  5. Houston should go ahead and pack it up for the year
  6. TheTodd15


    @XenoG Per our PMs.. Congrats, you're approved for Tulane! Request here for a logo for your avatar picture. Your current roster is here. You will need to go to create a depth chart in this forum, titled in the same format that the other DCs are posted. You won't be able to redshirt anyone different than Tulane originally redshirted in their initial 2023 depth chart. You are allowed to remove redshirts however. We are currently entering Week 12, and gameplans are due by Sunday night. Go here and create an account with the same username- this is where gameplanning and recruiting happen. Click on "Click here to request a new team!" and choose "CFBHC Tulane" (not CBBHC USF) I believe you already located the new user guide, the depth chart formatting guide, and the guide to recruiting. Let any of us know if you have questions on that! If you do not log in for 14 consecutive days, you will be removed from the team. If you have any questions, you can send me a message or ask in the site chatbox as many users will usually be able to help out. Welcome to the !
  7. The Coaching Search for UCF is Open Because I have received interest from multiple parties, both old and newer members, concerning the UCF job I have decided to make it a competitive application. As we still have some important recruiting weeks left including JUCO and as 1/4 of the season + bowl games remain, I have decided to fill this vacancy as soon as possible rather than waiting for the end of the season. I will take applications until Friday, December 6 @ 8:00 PM EST. After that time I will make a decision based on seniority and activity level. You can PM me if you are interested or fill out an application.
  8. I think that team needs takes care of this on the front end and the transfer portal on the back. If anything we should look at strengthening or tweaking those. This would also give a huge across the board boost to the shittiest teams in the game. A 5* recruit would likely be the best player on many of the G5 and FCS schools. So by default they are getting an automatic 20% boost on literally any recruit that they want. This isn't really realistic as most recruits do look at playing time, but 5*s are still going to Alabama where they'll ride the bench a good chunk of their career. Also, we'll have to dig into the data, but the problem you are talking about with pro-player advantage in home states has largely been nerfed. Look at TCU which you brought up. Not a single one of their recruits was even from a border state. So in terms of addressing the problem you're talking about, I'm not sure this is a better solution than team needs and the transfer portal. The 10 active croot rule should also cut down on this some too. But the reality is, the blue blood programs are all harboring deep NFL talent that are probably only gonna start one or two years. So I'm not sure we even need this change.
  9. I am 2-3 against Tulsa all time somehow. I have a chance to make it so I don't have a losing record against any AAC West with a victory. Also with my program sitting at 61-61 all time I have a chance to get Navy to an all the winning record for the first time in school history!
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