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  1. +6 for Rice, they must've beat a pretty good team
  2. GG @Bubada, my O-Line got mauled.
  3. I'm game for whatever. Edit: prices have gone down considerably on seat geek. There are a lot of 100 or less options.
  4. Ok I can't remember my imgur login at work, so I can't send available seating screencaps that I took. Anyways, here is the stadium seating chart. There are ample seats available in 31, 33, 35, 36, and 34. All $100 flat (+not sure what fees ticketmaster tacks on?). @fever_ful, do you know how this works? Nothing online is indicating that they are student tickets. I was directed from the State of Ohio's ticket exhcange. I assume its all fair game? I think they are just extra tickets that the students didn't buy this year. Anyways, our options are (1) go this route, (2) get seat geek tickets for around $125 + fees in C-deck for a little better view, or (3) not go/plan for a different game/event.
  5. So of course through work there aren't any seats available that are actually together, outside of the student section area on the south end. I'm not opposed to that, but it is kind of not the best seats or experience if you aren't a student. @Rome @fever_ful
  6. TheTodd15

    [2023] Week #1 - MNF

    Bills defense is scary
  7. This Dick Shameless guy really knows a thing or two about football if you ask me.
  8. GG @stinsy. I was nervous about your squad this year, and I think I pulled it out only on home field advantage. I'm excited to see what you do in the Mountain Best this year.
  9. Yeah it just seems that lately UCF has been eeking out easy wins with superior defense. For example, they beat 1-11 UConn 20-17 last year. I just haven't seen enough from their offense to be confident in a blowout. That being said, I only glanced at Wake's roster so it is hard to get a sense of their holes that way.
  10. I think I meant it was their most successful stretch. Granted you made it to the divisional round in 2021, but you haven't made it to the NFC Championship like TB did in 2018 or have back to back winning seasons. Wasn't trying to be critical, it was just a very good two-year stretch under Blitz.
  11. I'll just repeat what I said in the shoutbox. Don't like the UCF line, but with both teams coachless anything could happen. I like UCF to win, but not by more than 14.
  12. I have 600+ points. Willing to negotiate payment for an update on my main wiki page. 

  13. Just checked and I can get tickets for $100 flat from work.
  14. I have two student IDs and I'm sure fever has his. We can look at cheaper student tickets that way. But I'd be comfortable spending 125. That seems outrageous for the game but I guess that's the going rate.
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