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  1. On A Roll Navy Stays Undefeated Over Memphis with Second Win in as Many Weeks
  2. Easy win this year
  3. Eh pretty minor
  4. Isaiah Best to through the first five games of the season season (0-5): -68/126 (54%) for 854 yards (174 ypg). 5 TDs and 8 INTs. -23 rushing attempts for 83 yards (16.6 ypg at 3.61 ypc) and 1 TD Isaiah Best in the last two games (2-0): -32/45 (71%) for 460 yards (230 ypg). 4 TDs and 0 INTs -14 rushing attempts for 129 yards (64.5 ypg at 9.2 ypc) and 3 TDs Granted the quality of competition is a bit different than the first 5 games, but I think the offense is playing a little better.
  5. Special teams don't count
  6. Pro Bowlers by Team AFC JAX - 7 MIA - 6 NYJ - 5 DEN - 5 IND - 4 TEN - 4 PIT - 3 CLE - 2 KC - 2 BAL - 2 CIN - 1 BUF - 1 OAK - 1 LAC - 0 NE - 0 HOU - 0 NFC CAR - 6 LAR - 5 DAL - 5 GB - 3 ATL - 3 SEA - 3 SF - 3 DET - 3 PHI - 3 NO - 2 CHI - 2 TB - 2 MIN - 1 NYG - 1 ARI - 1 WAS - 0 edit: sorry Arizona...
  7. The Tennessee Titans nominate WR Kevin Williams for his work with his charity Williams' Warriors. Founded in 2020, Williams Warriors donates $50,000 for every touchdown Williams' scores to causes supporting Nashville's underprivileged youth. Press release on the 2020 charitable activities here:’-warriors-to-donate-400000-to-nashville-underprivileged-youth/ Kevin Williams official NFLHC charity event here:
  8. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Williams’ Warriors to Donate $400,000 to Nashville Underprivileged Youth Nashville, Tennessee - 2020 - With the conclusion of the 2020 NFLHC season, Kevin Williams’ new charity, Williams Warriors, is set to donate $400,000 to underprivileged youth in the Nashville metropolitan area. Before the start of the 2020 season, Williams’ Warriors pledged to give out $50,000 for every touchdown scored by Tennessee Titan’s star wide receiver Kevin Williams. After a breakout season in 2019, Williams led the Titan’s in receiving touchdowns (8) and yards (1209) for the 2020 regular season. Despite another great season from Williams, the Titan’s 2020 campaign was less than stellar. The team improved over last year’s record but only managed a 5-11 season. “Although we took a step forward, this past season was a disappointment for the organization. With the conclusion of the season, however, my focus has returned to what is truly important,” said Williams. “The money provided by Williams’ Warriors will make a tangible difference in the lives of thousands of disadvantaged youth throughout Nashville.” “Growing up poor, the support provided by my high school football staff made a world of difference to me. My charity is intended to give other kids the same opportunities that I received,” commented Williams. Williams’ Warriors is currently in its first year of operation. The charity is working to allocate the money raised to local homeless youth outreach centers and after-school recreation facilities. ###
  9. It's a rule that for every touch down Bobby throws he must also throw an interception
  10. Top 8 defense, bottom 6 offense
  11. It means you're expected to win 4 total this season.
  12. Same with Navy pre 2017. I just attributed it all to bbraff even though I know the ai was in there at some point.
  13. Navy Inducts Three Members to Inaugural Hall of Fame Ahead of the 2020 homecoming game against Tulane, the Navy Midshipmen have selected 3 members to be inducted to its inaugural Hall of Fame class. These members represent the very best of Navy athletics both on and off the field. These players will be honored at halftime during the homecoming game against Tulane. The three members honored are: Chris Bell (2018) Accolades: -2017 Heisman Finalist -2017 Independent Offensive Player of the Year -2017 All-Independent Team -2017 New Mexico Bowl -2018 Military Bowl Career Statistics: -1077 attempts for 5563 yards -5.17 yards per carry -70 rushing TDs -12 receptions for 200 yards -4 catching TDs Arguably no single player has been as indispensable for their team as Chris Bell has been for Navy. Often running behind lackluster lines, Bell always found a way to put the team on his back and win. In 2017, Bell was responsible for Navy’s first ever winning season, first bowl appearance, and first bowl victory. In 2018, Bell followed that historic season with a performance that helped Navy to its first double-digit win season and second bowl victory. His importance to the team is evident, as a Bell-less Midshipmen team have never had a winning season or bowl victory. Bell was selected in the 2nd round of the 2019 NFLHC draft and currently starts for the Tennessee Titans. Ahmed Miles (2019) Accolades: -2018 Military Bowl -2018 2nd Team All-AAC Navy Career Statistics: -465/735 (63.27%) for 5753 yards -41 TDs to 12 INTs -132 rushing attempts for 665 yards -7 rushing TDs -5.03 yards per carry Ahmed Miles arrived at Navy in 2018 via a transfer from Michigan State. Miles’ transfer galvanized the 2018 Midshipmen and allowed them to reach their full potential. Often throwing behind a porous line and to talentless WRs, Miles’ made the most of what he was given. In Miles’ best season, 2018, he threw 21 TDs to just 3 interceptions and for 2850 yards. Miles’ steady hand brought balance to the midshipmen offense and helped clear rushing lanes for Bell. In 2019, Miles lead a Navy team largely devoid of talent on both sides of the Ball to a 6-6 season and their third-straight bowl berth. Miles is by far the best quarterback in Navy’s history, and his career passing numbers should remain untouched for years to come. Miles joins Chris Bell on the Tennessee Titans with a spot on the practice squad. Vontae Powell (2018) Accolades: -2017 New Mexico Bowl -2018 Military Bowl -2018 1st Team All-AAC Career Statistics: -172 catches for 2300 yards -14 TDs Best Season (2018): -84 catches for 1079 yards -8 TDs Vontae Powell’s career numbers may not jump off the page, but he put together a stellar career for the Midshipmen considering they ran smash mouth for the majority of his time with the team. With 2,300 career receiving yards, Powell leads the Midshipmen in all-time receiving yards by over 1,400 yards. No wide receiver has meant more for Navy than Vontae Powell. With the addition of Ahmed Miles in 2018, Powell was able to showcase his true receiving abilities. In his last and best season with the midshipmen, Powell recorded 1,079 yards and 8 TDs. Like Bell, Powell is responsible for the only two winning seasons and bowl victories in Midshipmen history. Powell was drafted in the 7th round of the 2019 NFLHC Draft. He currently plays for the Atlanta Falcons.
  14. Cool
  15. And a testament to the impact these star players have had on the team defense. 2019 Titans Defense: -30 PPG allowed (32nd) -275 Pass YPG allowed (30th) -3 INTs (32nd) -0 FF (T-32nd) -0 FR (T-32nd) -21 sacks (T-14th) 2020 Titans Defense: -22 PPG allowed (15th) -8 -229 Pass YPG allowed (8th) -46 -13 INTs (T-7th) +10 -7 FF (T-20th) +7 -4 FR (T-18th) +4 -25 Sacks (T-14th) +5