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  1. Not as good as Steve Limitedliablitycompany imho
  2. Dammit, just when I finally had Alexander Williams playing better...
  3. We're rebuilding dammit
  4. Oh boy it's gonna be a long season
  5. At this point I think the only school I would leave Navy for is OSU, and I don't think that'll open up any time soon. Frankly I'm kind of glad because I don't want the pressure to succeed at my alma mater, and fever is already doing a great job there so I can cheer from the sidelines.
  6. 86 penalty yards, 3-15 3rd down conversion, 0-1 4th down conversion. You let up 5 TDs so you probably didn't have good field position for a lot of the game.
  7. Alexander Williams: I think I'm gonna have more touchdowns than turnovers today. Chris Bell: Hold my beer
  8. I'll take a 10 point loss on 3 turnovers and two missed field goals against a better team. Gg slinky
  9. Happy to see a few Titans up there, especially on defense. Got a lot of good pieces just missing a few, notably in the QB position.
  10. Think Oregon State should get some credit for keeping it single digits despite a 3-0 turnover margin.
  11. Bye Week Boredom Coach TheTodd uses the extra week to prepare for the season opener against Michigan State
  12. 2019 Titans. Half the team getting injured didn't help, but we still shouldn't have been a 1-15 team. Still not getting good QB play in the NFL. In CFB, I always blamed myself for Bell not being a serious Heisman contender because he was good enough, but I wanted a more balanced offense. He probably should have gotten more carries in 2018.
  13. I guess I'm required to put text here?
  14. Have you considered a 2QB system?
  15. Dear God we need a quarterback.