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  1. Searching for Answers After a 2-0 start, the Titans have had little to celebrate on offense and defense with two game skid.
  2. Alexander Williams, aka, slight upgrade over Kareem in some ways.
  3. Hey our defense forced a dud, I'll take it
  4. No Major Injuries Best part of that game report
  5. I'm probably a better hype man than coach
  6. By points, we had the worst defense in the league last year. We expect to see a much improved pass defense with the acquisition of Alex Collins at FS, getting rid of Donald Edwards at CB--one of the worst CBs in the league per Bubada's metrics, and having rookie Jordan Harris take over at #2 CB -- who had a good showing in preseason, fwiw. DC Vance Joseph was brought in specifically to bolster the secondary as well, our main weakness last year, aside from injuries. Staunch linebacking corp with the addition of Jackie Eaton, and the ability to run schemes better fitted to the talent we have. Also, the Tyler Jones factor. We know he is a great player and are really excited to see what he contributes-- we anticipate a much better pass rush this year. All of these factors should add up to a much improved defense which cost us most of our games last year. On offense, the addition of Alexander Williams means more than just adding another great player. It unlocks a lot of offensive looks better suited to Chris Bell and the rest of our offense that we just couldn't run last year. A lot of our troubles on offense last year stemmed from poor line play and having to start linemen out of position. We are an offensive line driven team, and with that weakness, we just couldn't put anything together consistently. We liked what we saw out of preseason with the addition of James Redd and rookie Ian Braden on the line, who I had lobbied the Titans front office to grab in the draft. Again, we brought in Scarnecchia as OC to bring cohesiveness to the line, with the understanding that all great offenses start up front. With that in mind, we are expecting less turnovers and a more balanced rushing attach with the emphasis we've placed on better line play. And of course, we get to watch Kevin Williams start all year, which we are all excited about.
  7. The only thing anyone has to say about the Titans is that we had injuries last year. I know we have to prove we're a better team now, but we did only lose to basically the cardinals 1st string with our 3rd string in the preseason. Oh well, more bulletin board material.
  8. Wesly Chandler, TEN, WR, Achilles Jesus Christ why is our team plagued
  9. Congrats to Joshua Darby on 1st team TE as a 2.5/2.5
  10. Not a starter thankfully
  11. Kevin
  12. Is Christian Skaggs an elite QB?
  13. No one for the Titans
  14. TheTodd15, Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans C ) With your GM in the war room at your facility. We have a first one in, last one out mentality. One interview after our pick has been announced.
  15. Wish I could preserve my bowl record but can't complain about losing to a pretty talented ttu in a last minute td drive. Gg ace

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