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  1. Since Tulane was already mentioned, I'll give a shout out to AI UConn. Yeah they still have a few (maybe two lol) pieces and played an easier schedule, but Rob Anderson has really shouldered the team on a roster where the average starter is a 2.5 skill. Their one 3.5 WR is second in the league for receiving yards! I honestly thought this team would win one game tops at the beginning of the season, and I think they could finish with 3 or 4 now. I'll definitely be interested to scout Anderson as a potential long term project in NFLHC.
  2. From 2018-2020, I went 1-2 against Houston with the average score being 25 (Navy) - 26 (Houston). Since 2021, I'm 2-0 against Houston with an average score of 40-10. I'm sure Joel King and my bad rebuilding teams have nothing to do with that streak.
  3. Congrats AI UConn. You are punching well above your weight. I played the pass too and still had a shootout. Edit: I totally forgot I already commented on this lol.
  4. I'll comment for other teams more tomorrow because I haven't had the time to follow the league as well. Ryan Harris I think is the biggest winner in terms of people who didn't get a ton of hype to start the season. Winners for the Titans include Chad Dess and Jack Ramsey who have been phenomenal and continued their success from last season. Ramsey again is tied for second in interceptions and has largely been lockdown in a depleted secondary. Dess is averaging over five yards a carry and is good for a touchdown or two every game. I'm excited to see if we can lean on him to salvage the season. Losers obviously Wheeler through no fault of his own. And our secondary, mainly Chad Walker who has let up a 100 yard TE against nearly every team we've faced.
  5. Woodruff missing a 39 yarder short, team decimated by injuries, defense disappearing, Kareem starting at QB. Old school Titans are back baby!
  6. Defense is pretty sus, but the offense looking good on a scheme change.
  7. Fretting this huge game against #21 UConn
  8. Read two books and bought and played like 4 new video games lol
  9. I think the database error messed up the scores to my games against SMU and Rice. Those should both be wins for me, and the wiki should list me at 3-0. Please fix.
  10. So happy Best is working out for you @llamas
  11. Huh, this whole time all the Texans needed to be good was for Rome to leave.
  12. Ayyy my favorite media is back! Only nitpick- we're ranked #10 in rush yards per game and #6 in yards per carry, with Dess tied for 2nd in league rushing touchdowns. This is in spite of easing him into the gameplan with his off-season holdout fitness penalty. We've actually achieved significantly better offensive balance compared to last year's team, which led the league in points by a pretty good margin (not that anyone's keeping track).
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