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  1. 2019 Titans. Half the team getting injured didn't help, but we still shouldn't have been a 1-15 team. Still not getting good QB play in the NFL. In CFB, I always blamed myself for Bell not being a serious Heisman contender because he was good enough, but I wanted a more balanced offense. He probably should have gotten more carries in 2018.
  2. I guess I'm required to put text here?
  3. Have you considered a 2QB system?
  4. Dear God we need a quarterback.
  5. The first game I coached was week 4 of the 2017 CFBHC season against rival Air Force. I used the base gameplan left by Cardiac, but I didn't exactly know what I was doing. Still one of the most memorable games --if not the most--I've been apart of. Last second FG to send the game to OT, game ended up going into triple overtime, Bell rushed for 150 yards and 3 touchdowns including the game-winning TD. That put Navy at 3-0 to start the season, their best start ever until the next season eclipsed that. I can't imagine having a better first game. The community was and is still awesome.
  6. I think the biggest lesson I've learned from CFBHC is consistency rules and play to your teams strengths. In CFBHC I've only changed primary offensive schemes once during the season when things were going really bad. I really only change minor sliders week-to-week, e.g. play proportion, aggressiveness, passing routes, and defensive set. In college I've never had good enough corners to run press, but generally man/zone is decided by how good the opposing team is and how good my corners are. I notice certain players play well with certain slider sets, for example last year I found a slider set that always got my tight end involved so I mostly stuck with that because he would exploit most defenses -- and when on to be 1st team All-AAC. In that slider set my QB was generally way more accurate too, so I rarely moved from it unless there was a big mismatch to exploit. Like I said, consistency is king, so I rarely plan beyond the current week's game. The only time I look ahead is if I know I need to make large changes, and I want the penalty to fall against a certain team. I think with the new NFLHC gameplan there is a bit more room for more targeted tweaking. I will often change the secondary offense to exploit matchups and some of the more minor sliders. The big lesson on defense, especially with a not great secondary, has been keep it simple stupid. In 2019, when the Titans had the second worst pass defense in the league, I was constantly changing things to the teams detriment. Now on defense my gameplan leans on, lets keep things consistent and simple for the secondary and play to the teams strenghts, especially as we are training a new starting rookie. Still don't have a great defense, but it is much improved and I think that philosophy is the reason why. Ultimately it comes down to, do you have highly skilled/adaptable players that can handle week-to-week change, or will they benefit more from playing in a system that builds on their strengths? That is a personnel question to me.
  7. Close But No Cigar Alexander Williams is pressured as he tosses a pick 6 that keeps the Titans out of a close game. Edit: I'm sorry I didn't realize Bubada already did one
  8. Searching for Answers After a 2-0 start, the Titans have had little to celebrate on offense and defense with two game skid.
  9. Alexander Williams, aka, slight upgrade over Kareem in some ways.
  10. Hey our defense forced a dud, I'll take it
  11. No Major Injuries Best part of that game report
  12. I'm probably a better hype man than coach
  13. By points, we had the worst defense in the league last year. We expect to see a much improved pass defense with the acquisition of Alex Collins at FS, getting rid of Donald Edwards at CB--one of the worst CBs in the league per Bubada's metrics, and having rookie Jordan Harris take over at #2 CB -- who had a good showing in preseason, fwiw. DC Vance Joseph was brought in specifically to bolster the secondary as well, our main weakness last year, aside from injuries. Staunch linebacking corp with the addition of Jackie Eaton, and the ability to run schemes better fitted to the talent we have. Also, the Tyler Jones factor. We know he is a great player and are really excited to see what he contributes-- we anticipate a much better pass rush this year. All of these factors should add up to a much improved defense which cost us most of our games last year. On offense, the addition of Alexander Williams means more than just adding another great player. It unlocks a lot of offensive looks better suited to Chris Bell and the rest of our offense that we just couldn't run last year. A lot of our troubles on offense last year stemmed from poor line play and having to start linemen out of position. We are an offensive line driven team, and with that weakness, we just couldn't put anything together consistently. We liked what we saw out of preseason with the addition of James Redd and rookie Ian Braden on the line, who I had lobbied the Titans front office to grab in the draft. Again, we brought in Scarnecchia as OC to bring cohesiveness to the line, with the understanding that all great offenses start up front. With that in mind, we are expecting less turnovers and a more balanced rushing attach with the emphasis we've placed on better line play. And of course, we get to watch Kevin Williams start all year, which we are all excited about.
  14. The only thing anyone has to say about the Titans is that we had injuries last year. I know we have to prove we're a better team now, but we did only lose to basically the cardinals 1st string with our 3rd string in the preseason. Oh well, more bulletin board material.
  15. Wesly Chandler, TEN, WR, Achilles Jesus Christ why is our team plagued

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