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  1. Not an owner, but I know Bubada would tend to agree. I'm not in favor of expanding from 3-4 gameplanning options (for reasons stated by others), but I am in favor of something like Soluna has proposed. Currently, it is difficult to have a run-heavy pro style or spread offense, and it is difficult to get a 50/50 pass/run offense without a scrambling QB (again expanding from 3 to 4 gameplanning options doesn't solve the problem of running more with non-scrambling QBs). I think it would be cool to be able to dictate your pass/rush balance by %, and then let the flow of the game decide how much va
  2. 17-0 but every game is like 37-34 and comes down to insane late game heroics.
  3. Todd

    [2025] Week #1 - MNF

    Nick Hall got that big contract and stopped trying
  4. Gg Bills. You're probably gonna win a lot of games putting up 24 points in one half. Looks like our offense could be a juggernaut again. Also Kevin Williams the god.
  5. Ummm no, I have cheap earbuds with the mic thing
  6. I bought this game like 4 years ago and never played it lol. I'm down, I have no idea how to play though.
  7. Plummer is gonna be an animal this year
  8. I agree with removing the requirement entirely. Browns among other teams played a handful of starters for ~10 snaps one game. If we could just give our starters a quarter that would be great. If that's not an option, then get rid of it because it's not realistic.
  9. just leaving this here: https://www.theonion.com/new-study-finds-most-of-earth-s-landmass-will-be-phoeni-1819579315
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