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  1. this is the equivalent of saying, oh yeah I had the arc of the covenant in my backyard all these years
  2. @Bubada couldn't find your steam, is it supposed to just be Bubada? Anyway I'm TheTodd15 on steam. HippoToddimus15 on XBOX, but I only have gamepass on PC, no console.
  3. The fans are clamoring to start Best
  4. Todd


    Why don't you apply to Colorado to be with the mountains and prove me wrong?
  5. Todd


    @boombobs I've talked it over with other commissioners and determined this is either a troll account or alt. When asked what you meant by, "I decided to play this again" if you've never been here before, you never answered seriously. You also don't know the name of your own university apparently. You are free to apply to another conference. May God have mercy on your soul.
  6. Todd


    First of all how dare you
  7. Question for @stormstopper, when you were in the hiring process for Nemo at the Tribune, what did his background check reveal?
  8. Unrelated but I have a funny friend named nick klemm
  9. I'm happy to put up the same number of points as Duke
  10. Good to be back, and I'll happily take a close win at LV any day of the week. GG alien. I hadn't thought about it, but this is Wheeler's first start since Week 6 of 2023, which was way back in October of 2019. Throwing it 50 times probably wasn't the best idea after a torn rotator cuff, but trying to stretch the LV defense vertically seemed like the way to go. Wheeler wasn't the most accurate through the first 5 games last season either, but I hope he can shake of the rust with time. Really happy with our rush game, especially Christian Collins doing exactly what we drafted him to do.
  11. Honestly this was probably a mistake, but if you listen to all 1.5 hours you will win a special prize. We are joined by @Time, @Swipet, @acewulf, and @CadeRich5. We mostly ramble incoherently, but occasionally we talk about Week 1 AAC games. Other topics include Dylan Bishop, AAC coaching drama, Crootin, Cade being arrogant, and more. https://anchor.fm/todd-ives/episodes/Youre-All-Living-in-My-Dynasty-File-Podcast-Episode-2-Week-1--2024-eh80c4
  12. Todd


    Hey sorry about that again. When someone hasn't logged in in a couple weeks it's impossible to tell if they are gonna come back because we have so many people who just stop showing up, so I like to get the team filled ASAP. Tulsa is taken but Houston is open. That is our only open team right now.
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