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    1. St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Florida). I would like to retain the Titans avatar! Please and thank you
    2. I'd like to take my talents to high school (although I don't know the team options?)
    3. After hunkering down at home the last two and a half years I finally get to do some travel. Will be in Chicago for a bachelor party in June. New York City for a week over July 4. Portland for work in early August. Then back to Chicago for the wedding in late August. Two weddings in Columbus. Then I'll be in the North Cascades, a Washington for two weeks in September.
    4. Aside from the blue ridge parkway, I went to the Battery Park Book Exchange when I was there. Interesting place, not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
    5. Bubada got ours in, just posting here in case its needed.
    6. How is this not the least controversial answer. Some of you guys are crazy. The conventional wisdom is keep it hot during the day, and keep it cold at night when you aren't working against the sun. Sleep science is pretty much in consensus that 65° is the best sleep temperature, and it really shouldn't be above 70 for good sleep. Humans are meant to sleep in cold, dark, cave like environments. Even though I work from home I get to keep it around 74 during the day, which means my second floor office is closer to 77 lol. It sucks but I'll deal with it or go work at a coffee shop if it's unbearable. At night, I do not fuck with my sleep. I need it below 70. That's why I'm getting my attic air sealed and insulated this year lol.
    7. @Soluna FYI, FB Ibrahim High 5-9 208 7 Air Force [Run Blocking] [0] 810, I assume should just be an 81.
    8. Damn so many long time Titans greats (and oks) retiring. David Doherty, one of our best all time LBs and first pick of the franchise. Margene Huard, bad WR converted to an all pro special teamer. Chris Bell, who never panned out but was still the starting RB for our first playoff win. Also shout out to Seabass for getting a ring finally and peacing out.
    9. Todd

      [2025] All Pro Team

      Reamon should get a bonus for his development for declaring himself an all pro tackle before the season:
    10. What else do you know?
    11. That is some SEC type dominance... for both the NFC in general, but especially the NFCN. Happy to break their streak, although it is somewhat unpleasing to look at now. Also technically, the Colts were in the superbowl before the AFCS was created so idk if we should be considered 1-0 or 1-1.
    12. Well first off congratulations to @stormstopper and the Bears on such an incredible run. My nerves have been so crazy, I had to keep telling myself that there's no shame to losing to this Chicago team after how they have finished this season (and was frankly expecting to see a loss for us tonight). And of course there is no other org I would rather lose to, which is about the only thing that made me feel better in anticipation of this game. But, happy and thankful to get this W, and happy to say that Chicago's future seems so bright. I think they'll be back here again for sure. I also have to say what a pleasure it is to work with @Bubada. If he ever left, I'd probably have to go with him because I'm not sure there is anyone else like him on this site. A true pro, master of the game, and a worthy 2x Exec of the year (although you did only give me 3 pro bowlers to work with). Although there were a lot of mitigating factors that first 2019 season, Bubada stuck with me through the 1-15 season so that we could finally come full circle to finish 19-1. Finally, what a team and season we have had here. Barring someone going 20-0, which I don't think will ever happen, it is such an honor and blessing to have these fake players I care so much about put together what should endure as the best season in site history. Jack Ramsey, Terrence Plummer, the rookie Christian Reece stepping up for the injured vet and franchise cornerstone David Doherty, Yeldon, Wheeler, KW... What a group of freaking guys who have come together and made history. @jmjacobs, what do you say, let's keep this party going. I think a massive cap increase is due for the next season.
    13. Todd

      [2025] NFLHC Honors

      Way to go @Bubada! The Yeldon trade was absolutely essential for our run this year, but I still take partial credit for the draft. Everyone else was about who I voted for. I have to give credit to @HAFFnHAFFfor extensively answering my questions about what any of the defensive designations even mean. And I think @Timedeserves a lot of credit for hauling green Bay through all the shit they dealt with this year. He was my vote for coach of the year. I've been there and went 1-15, and 5-11. It's tough being on your third string QB.
    14. Todd

      [2025] All Pro Team

      Let's fucking go Yeldon. I did not peg him as a first teamer but well deserved. Also hell yeah Ramsey and Bleeker (wtf?!). Reamon is a stud, belongs there without question.
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