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  1. The Lombardi era is officially over, and I have no clue what to expect. I will be starting: QB Robert McCoy 6-1 205 Fr St. Frances Academy (Baltimore MD) 1.5 of 5.0 [Scrambling] and RB Deon Bowman 5-10 200 (Fr) St. Vincent Pallotti (Laurel MD) 2.0 of 5.0 [Speed] So, it will be a really interesting year to say the least. There will learning curves for sure, but they both have an amazing surrounding cast. My O-Line averages out to a 4/4.5 across all starters. My wide receivers average about 4/4.25, including the trio that put up over 4,000 receiving yards in 2023. And then there is my 5/5 blocking TE. I'm most excited to get back to running spread option, the system I know and love best. I'm hoping a run-first spread-option will take a little bit of pressure off McCoy, but I know learning that won't be easy either for him. He actually has the same height and weight as Braxton Miller, so I'm hoping he can come in and have a similar freshman season. Ideally he'd have another year to develop, but this is where we are at. I actually like having expectations being low for this year so I can't be too dissapointed lol. I hope the offense learns and grows a lot to set up a stellar 2025/26. Defensively, I'm excited to get back to running 4-3. It's something that I've found I seem to coach a little better for whatever reason. My personnel don't exactly suit it, but I have so many good DTs that I need to get them on the field. I have: DT Charone Barfield 6-6 317 So St. Frances Academy (Baltimore MD) 3.5 of 4.5 [2-Gap] and DT Kembrell Hall 6-7 321 (Fr) St. John's (Washington DC) 3.0 of 4.5 [2-Gap] Barfield was a monster starting as a true freshman NT in the 3-4 last year. I hope they can both make the transition to 4-3, and I'm still debating starting one as a NT in it. I also finally have a pair of 4* corners starting for the first time even and a pretty good safety tandem. It will be without a doubt my best defense I've ever had. Little bit worried about starting a 4.5 will LB at the 4-3 mike, but this base defense allows me to get the most talent out on the field which is what I aim to do in college.
  2. Hate to go out on a low note, but this is the first time I've ended the season ranked
  3. There's already a formula for the geographic distribution of recruits and we don't get high school game results, so I don't understand the point of this?
  4. You can't change your feats, but you can still add another since you hit 8 seasons. Strength in Growth would apply to the next off-season, however.
  5. It's great that the conference that hasn't won a national championship in 6 seasons and the conference that has never won a national championship can finally settle on the gridiron who is the real P-6 team behind than the P5 conference of champions AAC. Very nice guys, and remember to have fun!!
  6. It appears Notre Dame and I were overrated this year
  7. Dang, Lombardi is the . We just didn't have the run game or defense this year. GG @TheLiberator
  8. Tulsa has theirs listed, but out of order. Not sure what to do because that coach went inactive, and the new coach did not post a depth chart because Tulsa's season was already over.
  9. I'll put up an extra 20 if you hold Lombardi under 300 yards and 3 passing TDs
  10. Todd


    @Curby4 Congrats you are approved for Tulsa! You know the drill. Don't forget to request account elevation here. Also request Tulsa on the interface. If you are not logged in for two weeks you will be deemed inactive again, which will make getting a job here in the future more difficult. Pls don't leave me again.
  11. It appears I am responsible for developing the best FCS and FBS quarterback this year
  12. Todd

    UConn in 2024

    Are we doing Big 12 style conference championship?
  13. Post-2023 Update: Offense: 14 (+1) Defense: 15 (-1) Special Teams: 10 (0) Clock Mgmt: 11 (+1) Discipline: 12 (+2) Youth Mgmt: 12 (-1) Career: unchanged Achievements: unchanged Feats: unchanged
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