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  1. But you have seen it https://youtu.be/27mB8verLK8
  2. Carolina in 4-4 as the bucs throw it 50 times lol
  3. Draft back to back players who immediately get injured in the preseason and don't play any snaps. FANS HATE HIM
  4. 2024 saw the return of leaders and legends divisions
  5. I actually laughed out loud to this
  6. Gotta give credit to Bubada for the complete turnaround since I became head coach. In my first season (2019) the Titans had the second worst O-Line rating in the league at 7.39 and were ranked #25 in ypc. Building around Reamon as the cornerstone of our offensive line, we also got great value picks with Ian Braden in the 4th round, Jeremy Summers in the 5th round, and Dean Strauss (our worst value pick, but still a solid starter at C in the 1st). We have guys in depth, Donald Reilly and Jevonne Goodwin, who have also gotten rave reviews in training and rookie camps poised to become solid start
  7. Defense has really turned it on. That's the second safety we've forced this year.
  8. Bumping this because a lot of people are still splitting them
  9. Surprised to see Potts up there. I don't think I've ever run dime during the regular season, although I know it is situational. Good news is, he's probably rarely on the field.
  10. Solunas post is only like 5 sentences long, and one of them is explicitly telling you not to do it this way lol
  11. Chad Dess eyeing that all time TD record
  12. Todd

    [2024] Week #6 - MNF

    Sean Payton the GOAT. Happy to see Lombardi doing well and gettin dubs!
  13. What an amazing game! Two missed xps, Jeff Fisher goes to 3-0 against the Lions, Colts, and Houston, Rashad Malcom continues to tear it up, and now Glenn Thorpe is getting in on the action. Looks like the jet sweeps worked this week too with Percy Brown getting some clutch runs. Somehow the linebacking unit has turned into the best unit on the team, and we don't commit penalties anymore... weird. GG dean
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