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  1. No it was definitely right before?
  2. Looking like Chester Brenner wasn't all Raheem.
  3. I grew up a fan of UGA, and am a student at UVA so i would take a long hard look at either of those if they opened, but I think I'm planted at Memphis, I don't want some other nerd to take my mess and I've enjoyed the AAC with its colors and comic sans. It's nice being the only coach in Memphis history as well, it really feels like my team and I can't imagine anyone else with them.
  4. Haha you bad teams, these guys are going all the way though 12-0 ezpz
  5. Two Ravens in the honorable mentions, CB, TE, and OLB all have multiple Ravens!
  6. A win aginast Iowa that I predicted it thorough
  7. I think that's the first time a Memphis Tiger has ever been on potw voting, proud of you Jaylen!
  8. ya my only thing is like in that okie state game did Chester Brenner throw a 99 yard hailmary at the buzzer to take the final lead, so a "huge play" alert thing would be my only suggestion. Thanks for all the work you do on the site
  9. stats played a major part, and yea, no first year jucos.
  10. Another answer is losing Booker T late last season, we were going along really well as a ground and pound team with an elite defense but losing Booker T lost all identity for us and we pretty much knew it was over there. Disappointing end to a great season.
  11. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/12066-2018-week-9-mnf/ http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/15742-2019-week-11-fnf/#comment-193108 http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/12365-2018-week-11-tnf/#comment-154408 Losing to Time in embarrassingly awful fashion crushes me every time, i think back in shame each and every time it comes up
  12. from memory your TE/P/QB and some redshirt or other were all candidates for end of year team.
  13. Would be a bit presumptuous to put a JUCO who hasn't played a down of AAC ball on the preseason all AAC team, you'll find that no one on there is either a first year JUCO or freshman due to it being a preseason list.