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  1. stats played a major part, and yea, no first year jucos.
  2. Another answer is losing Booker T late last season, we were going along really well as a ground and pound team with an elite defense but losing Booker T lost all identity for us and we pretty much knew it was over there. Disappointing end to a great season.
  3. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/12066-2018-week-9-mnf/ http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/15742-2019-week-11-fnf/#comment-193108 http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/12365-2018-week-11-tnf/#comment-154408 Losing to Time in embarrassingly awful fashion crushes me every time, i think back in shame each and every time it comes up
  4. from memory your TE/P/QB and some redshirt or other were all candidates for end of year team.
  5. Would be a bit presumptuous to put a JUCO who hasn't played a down of AAC ball on the preseason all AAC team, you'll find that no one on there is either a first year JUCO or freshman due to it being a preseason list.
  6. FIRST TEAM OFFENSE QB Andre Webb, SMU RB Denorris Jackson, UCF FB Eli Tuitama, ECU WR Dean Burkhart, SMU WR Claudio Howard, USF TE Joshua Darby, Navy OT Isaac Montalvo, Temple OT Eugene Scott, USF OG Marcus Slade, UCF OG Mendy Pace, ECU C Jason Hargrove, Houston DEFENSE DE Guillermo Murphy, USF DE Jaylen Love, Memphis DT James Blue, USF DT Arthur Ireland, SMU ILB Luca Carroll, UCF OLB Salvatore McKinney, Temple OLB Zaire Finney, UCF CB Adam Young, SMU CB Kevin McQueen, UCF FS Sergio Munoz, SMU SS Cameron Whitney, UConn SPECIAL TEAMS P Sean Barnard, UCF K Gavin Sewell, UCF SECOND TEAM OFFENSE QB Daniel Lentz, USF RB Marshawn Miller, UConn FB Spencer Collins, Tulane WR Joshua Willis, Navy WR Omar Donald, Temple TE Greg Mattingly, SMU OT Kiuga Kamu, Houston OT Sam Stroud, Tulane OG Donald St John, ECU OG Raymond Bigelow, Houston C Jayson Pierce, SMU DEFENSE DE Abdoulaye Hannah, Navy DE Justice Glenn, USF DT Chase Beaver-Hildebrande, UCF DT Zion Salcedo, Navy ILB Levi Hankins, Temple OLB Logan Ware, Houston OLB Christopher Ross, USF CB Julius Monroe, USF CB Josiah Francis, ECU FS James Munnerlyn, UCF SS Blake Goodwin, SMU SPECIAL TEAMS P Oliver Oconnor, Memphis K Joel Cordero, SMU ALL AAC BY TEAM: UCF - 9 SMU - 9 USF - 8 ECU - 4 Navy - 4 Temple- 4 Houston - 4 UConn- 2 Memphis - 2 Tulane - 2 Cincinnati - 0 Tulsa - 0
  7. yikes defense pls
  8. It's better than for the memes right?
  9. no, i don't think Time/UBL can win it it since it's always been a more about making a team play over their level and those two teams are already really good. Alien won't cuz voting for the same person is boring, cinci is shit, and so it came down to you and Todd for me, with you getting the edge.
  10. TE Kisona Vailopa 6-3 239 Fr Meigs County (Decatur TN) TN 3.0 of 5.0 Blocking

    My star <3 

    1. smokingcricket


      I'm putting 20 points on Tyrone McGee.

  11. I half feel like Danger indoctrinated all the Texas teams so they'd stay away from his recruits. Literally raised them just to collude with them
  12. Oobl was a good noodle towards me, taught me about recruiting and gameplanning in cfbhc in the first few days of me joining. Sage reached out to me about recruiting and scheduling in Tennessee for the "Davy Crockett Cup". Sam came to me about coaching the Ravens a few weeks into the 2018 NFLHC season and he told me how to do the NFL gameplan and all that, the shoutbox in general is where i've learned most of the coaching things since most people are pretty good to discuss things with.
  13. when you fumble 4 times and don't turn it over

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