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  1. GG colts, real proud of this team!
  2. from 4-6 to 10-6 and back to back AFCN winners!
  3. could brad davis still not technically avoid that record with a solid like 150 attempt game
  4. It looks like in one of those pit has both the 4 and 6 seed
  5. Things I know i'll never see Tampa Bay playoffs
  6. Since starting the year 0-3 with a -63 point differential the Ravens have gone 8-3 with a +59 point differential, the three losses coming by 3 to JAX, 6 to Pit, and 6 to Hou Also Troy Marshall has 5 picks and Tyrone jones is having a nuts season of 63 tackles 8.5 sacks 2 ints 5 ff 3 fr 1 td
  7. Rod Fulton taking over a game to beat an undefeated Oklahoma State team, on the same day winless Oklahoma beat ranked Texas. Exactly what everyone thought going into the season.
  8. Ugh, Davenport returning with a great performance
  9. Oh man can't wait for Rahim to go off on that kstate defense
  10. No it was definitely right before?
  11. Looking like Chester Brenner wasn't all Raheem.
  12. I grew up a fan of UGA, and am a student at UVA so i would take a long hard look at either of those if they opened, but I think I'm planted at Memphis, I don't want some other nerd to take my mess and I've enjoyed the AAC with its colors and comic sans. It's nice being the only coach in Memphis history as well, it really feels like my team and I can't imagine anyone else with them.
  13. Haha you bad teams, these guys are going all the way though 12-0 ezpz