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    [2022] Week 8 Coaches Poll

    Memphis at #27!!
  2. Vxmonarkxv

    Crootsmas Carols and Stories

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Crootsmas Every place you go Take a look at the big men, crooted once again With sandy plains and silver lakes overflowed It’s beginning to look a lot like Crootsmas everyone wants more but the prettiest sight to see is the folly that will be Collusion hitting the floor A pair of massive brutes and a quarterback that shoots Is the wish of Auburn and Klemm Talls that will stalk and will be a ball hawk Is the hope of Jada and Pelton And Soluna can hardly wait for crooting to happen again It’s beginning to look a lot like Crootsmas Every place you go There are whispers everywhere but don’t tell, information I’ll sell The good kind only Cricket will know It’s beginning to look a lot like Crootsmas Soon the Excel will start And the thing that will make them king is the croots that are lying within your crootchart It's so shit i'm so sorry. also, 50 CREDITS TO THE FIRST PERSON WHO POST THEM SINGING THIS
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    [2022] Week 2 Power Rankings, Part One #1-13

    Thank god I got away from those YOKERS
  4. Vxmonarkxv

    Virginia Tech Hokies Thread

    Let's talk about that Georgia Tech game
  5. What are your focuses going forward on improving the roster? Also how much will you trash talk SMU?
  6. Vxmonarkxv


    HELL yea dude, destroy SMU for me, Etano Wendt is a beast, hopefully you have a pass rush in 2 years.
  7. Following the discovery that Head Coach Vxmonarkxv was actually a stack of 3 dogs in a trench coat, he was too ashamed to continue coaching, and has resigned from his position as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens.
  8. Vxmonarkxv

    [2022] Rookie Mini-Camps

    Ravens: QB Mikeal Black 5-11 189 R Iowa [Scrambling] [0] 80 RB Gabriel Shields 5-11 176 R Michigan State [Speed] [+2/C] 71 RB Walter Gray 5-8 194 R Sam Houston State [Power] [0] 71 OG Ronan Messina 6-7 312 R Georgia Tech [Run Blocking] [+3] 65 C Phillip Feldman 6-1 250 R USC [Run Blocking] [+3] 66 DE Jaylen Love 6-2 253 R Memphis [Contain] [0] 68DE Lucas Benton 5-10 235 R Michigan [Blitz] [-1] 78 OLB Felix Hinojosa 6-2 245 R Indiana [Blitz] [+3] 69 CB Bernard McLeod 5-9 183 R Ohio State [Zone Coverage] [-1] 77 FS Jameson Williams 6-0 194 R Samford [Man Coverage] [0/C] 68 SS Thomas Gordon 5-10 193 R Buffalo [Zone Coverage] [+2] 68
  9. Vxmonarkxv


    I could look past the username, but now the username and logo is AWFUL
  10. can we trade like troy marshall for a 1st, i wanna be in mocks again
  11. Vxmonarkxv

    [2022] 2024 High School Players

    thinking sad crooked Tennessee will have more points than me all the way in 2024
  12. Vxmonarkxv

    [2022] 2024 High School Players

    did you read the city BUTTFACE
  13. Vxmonarkxv

    [2022] IndyStar: Colts Trade Ryan Mitchell

    Sad to see Weaver go, he made some real big plays out of that 4th corner role.
  14. Vxmonarkxv

    Who do you support?

  15. Thats a spicy take, why?
  16. Vxmonarkxv

    [2021] PFF All-Time Top CFBHC Coaches

    Could I also be told how shit I am =D
  17. Vxmonarkxv

    CFBHC Pick'em

    dang, ape opened up that lead like week 8 or so i think and i never closed it
  18. Vxmonarkxv

    CFBHC Pick'em

    i believe in miracles Thursday Night (5 Games) NC State (3-8) at North Carolina (0-11)* Minnesota (4-7) at Wisconsin (6-5)* Fresno State (4-7) at Boise State (5-6)* UCLA (7-4) at USC (6-5)* Liberty (0-11) at UMass (0-11)* Friday Night (5 Games) Florida Atlantic (5-6) at Florida International (5-6)* Ohio (6-5) at Miami (OH) (6-5)* Stanford (1-10) at California (1-10)* Washington (6-5) at Washington State (5-6)* UL-Lafayette (7-4) at UL-Monroe (6-5)* Saturday Morning (5 Games) UCF (6-5) at USF (5-6)* Syracuse (5-6) at Pittsburgh (5-6)* Wake Forest (6-5) at Duke (9-2)* Virginia (6-5) at Virginia Tech (7-4)* Texas A&M (7-4) at Notre Dame (7-4) Saturday Afternoon (5 Games) Illinois (8-3) at Northwestern (6-5)* Louisiana Tech (7-4) at Southern Miss (7-4)* Utah State (5-6) at Wyoming (5-6)* Arizona State (7-4) at Arizona (9-2)* Colorado (5-6) at Utah (9-2)* Saturday Evening (6 Games) Clemson (6-5) at South Carolina (8-3) Baylor (7-4) at TCU (10-1)* Oklahoma (7-4) at Oklahoma State (9-2)* Michigan (10-1) at Ohio State (10-1)* Western Michigan (9-2) at Central Michigan (7-4)* Auburn (10-1) at Alabama (7-4)*
  19. Vxmonarkxv

    [2021] Week #15 - 1 PM

    Bad ravens
  20. Vxmonarkxv

    CFBHC Pick'em

    Thursday Night (3 Games) Clemson (5-5) at Florida State (4-6)* Marshall (6-5) at Southern Miss (6-4)* UCLA (6-4) at Colorado (5-5)* Friday Night (2 Games) South Alabama (4-6) at Arkansas State (5-6)* Texas State (5-6) at UL-Monroe (6-4)* Saturday Morning (5 Games) Syracuse (5-5) at Boston College (9-2)* Miami (FL) (6-5) at Virginia (5-5)* Notre Dame (7-3) at Virginia Tech (6-4) Miami (OH) (6-4) at Eastern Michigan (6-5)* Saturday Afternoon (3 Games) Texas Tech (7-4) at Oklahoma (6-4)* Florida International (5-5) at Western Kentucky (5-5)* Hawaii (9-2) at Fresno State (4-6)* Saturday Evening (8 Games) Oklahoma State (8-2) at Baylor (7-3)* TCU (9-1) at Texas (6-5)* Maryland (6-4) at Michigan (9-1)* San Diego State (7-3) at Nevada (8-2)* Utah (9-1) at Oregon (8-2)* South Carolina (8-2) at Florida (7-3)* Tennessee (5-5) at Auburn (10-0)* LSU (8-3) at Texas A&M (6-4)*
  21. Vxmonarkxv

    [2021] Jamzz's Bowl Projections (Post Week 14)

    Playing Virginia =D
  22. Vxmonarkxv

    [2021] Week #14 - 1 PM

    Are you kidding me
  23. With the departure of 4 year starter DT Andre Willis this season it was looking like we were going to have an all around very inexperienced defensive front next season, Wilson coming in will immediately bolster our frontline to be competitive against the best olines in the AAC, with 5.0 and 4.5 potential defensive ends on either side. Coming all the way from Pennsylvania we're exciting to have him in, and hope to help him settle in down south.
  24. Vxmonarkxv

    AAC Fun with Stats

    fun fact about Wendt, he didn't start the first two games of the season for us! he's done what he's done with 1.5 less games