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  1. Gg @Rome and @TazerMan Marcus had a throwback performance. He's now hit 100 career rushing touchdowns. I've been pretty happy with our pass defense. Starks and Houser have played pretty well after trading LC. I was concerned coming into this game because Cincy has a good set of wideouts. Another game without any Gore turnovers.
  2. It's not a great season, but in 2020 Jason Bryant had 44 tackles, 7 sacks, 3 picks, 2 FF and earned himself a pro bowl/all pro bid. He then turned down our contract offer only to sign for the same deal with the Chargers. Unfortunately for him I don't think he ever returned to nearly that 2020 peak.
  3. Rough 3rd quarter for Robert Green
  4. @stormstopper's phone just got very popular
  5. The fact that this game was even competitive is amazing. Wow
  6. I wonder if this concern happened pre or post Jeremy Green injury.
  7. It's weird to me that the Commish can't remember when he cancelled tiebreakers.
  8. The Miami Dolphins place: OLB Jeremy Green 6-2 243 2 Oklahoma [Coverage] [+2] 80 on IR. He suffered a Severe Achilles Rupture during week 11 and is out for the year.
  9. That's a huge win for Chicago. Come on MoFo you can lead them to the promise land.
  10. Shows you how accurate my memory is... Lol
  11. I believe Marshawn Mattison had a 300 yard game with Buffalo either last season or the season prior.
  12. Good game @GigemAgs changed up a few things and that seemed to agree a little more with Gore. Overall pretty happy with a game like that. losing another of my favorite young players is painful though. Pour one out for Jeremy Green :(.
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