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  1. I forgot all about the 2 QB strategy.. That's the only reason @bingo415 and the Broncos pulled out the win. They didn't face the secret weapon Steven "The MIKE" Gore.
  2. I feel pretty good about the rest of the season. Winning 6 might be tough, but the team is definitely better than last year (now that I've stopped being a terrible coach).
  3. Brian Brown vs. Christian Skaggs... The 3VP battle
  4. The @HAFFnHAFF redemption tour
  5. I guess Bowman didn't like my statement about MoFo being better than him.
  6. Opinion time! Which teams in the top 20 are pretenders that are primed for the biggest fall from grace?
  7. Good start for Keyshawn in the coaching game.
  8. Charlotte looking great. Big upset in the SEC
  9. smackemz

    [2023] Week #7 - FNF

    Can Nebraska reach 6 wins?
  10. Should be a good game. I think Graham can keep Kansas in against a lot of teams. I'm inclined to pick Kansas for the upset here.
  11. smackemz

    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    Fun fact time: This is only the 4th game in Martin Lake's career that he didn't throw an interception.
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