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  1. Solid game for Ricky Vega.
  2. This feels like an accurate poll. I'm happy with it.
  3. I'm almost positive it was mentioned somewhere before that SL just means it was missed close to the left and SR means close to the right. If it was short I think it's just "S"
  4. I'll take it. Games against the Jets are always tough. Regardless of record. Gg @grv413
  5. Hard to argue. We'll see what happens on Thursday.
  6. Or the fact Tennessee didn't score at all in their first game. But hey AP let's rank them still
  7. Nice defensive effort in the 2nd half. A little closer than I wanted, but wins are wins especially on the road. Harry Conner with his 3rd pick on the season.
  8. Well that's about as even a game as you can have. Expanding some. Gabe had a decent preseason and he had a decent showing today. He's seemingly getting better which is nice.
  9. Lol Tennessee is still ranked
  10. Fair assessment of the Dolphins. I'm pretty excited about our draft class and some of the additions we made through trades. You are correct though that nothing was super splashy, but I think we'll be improved.
  11. Meh. Benjamin Robinson got hurt after a good season. Those are the breaks. Expanding on my thought some. He had a decent rookie season and went +3, improved his 2nd season and I think went +1 or 2. Then he tore his ACL week 1 of 2021 and missed the season. In 2022 he came back and was shaky and then last season we also had Morris Millen in the mix. He progressed again, so here's hoping to being a capable starter this season. It's not ideal for pick 20, but if he can be a starter level player it certainly could be worse. Have no arguments with the rest of the draft. Bad draft overall, but I was new and also hosting a housewarming party that weekend. I like to think we've improved a little bit since then. Ha
  12. The Lions are a tough team to try and match up against. Glad to have the season kicked off!
  13. Awesome. Thanks for putting this together. Seems like a pretty reasonable initial AA list.
  14. They at least have a full compliment of college players unlike Oregon. You're also discounting the massive WVU victory of 2023 playoff participant Washington. Who also has a full compliment of players.
  15. How could anyone have Oklahoma over West Virginia?! @HAFFnHAFF is buying off the voters or something. Oklahoma played a team without a kicker. They played a team without a full set of players. What's so impressive about that? That's right. Nothing
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