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  1. I wonder what percentage of those 15 passes were Suggs staying in the pocket and making a throw vs. getting out of the pocket and making the throw.
  2. Seeing Buffalo at #30 is probably the biggest surprise. Had someone put them there before the season started, we would have laughed at them. Jones injury or not
  3. I love the idea - I think this helps teams to really build a roster to a specific scheme. I would also remove trick plays as scheme, since a lot of trip plays are included in the expanded gameplan options. I doubt anyone would ever choose trick plays as a scheme if you're only picking one.
  4. @Soluna is it possible to find out if Justin Davis played?
  5. Well. I don't know. I just don't know at this point Disappointing is an understatement when they can run a 5-3 secondary and shut the passing game down like that. Oh well. Gg Rams
  6. Strange slate. A lot of exciting games.
  7. Rank your top 3 most likely teams to fall out of the too 25 by season's end.
  8. Can either of these teams beat Philly?
  9. Mason Williams earned his money
  10. @smackemzis the worst coach in nflhc
  11. GG @Soluna turnovers hurt and it appears the passing game opened up when Justin Davis went out.
  12. Seems like pretty accurate takes across the board. I think Phillip Moore is a great MLB, but our OLBs are definitely mediocre.
  13. Not a good slate for the nation's most exciting conference
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