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    1. Oh yeah. I can definitely see that being a pain.
    2. #31. SS Antonio Jackson 6-1 202 3 Bowling Green [Zone Coverage] [+1] 89 - Accepted $4.5 M
    3. 68 in the winter. 75 in the summer during the day. 71 at night.
    4. I prefer NFL, but maybe the people who aren't participating in NFL can have their college logo?
    5. I play Michael Williams at the bandit position. I remember from his pro day that I always thought he'd be perfect in that role. He had a pretty decent year with 32 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 PD and 1 FF.
    6. smackemz

      Miami Dolphins

      Miami Dolphins 2026 Team Page Coaches HC Teryl Austin (Age 61) Descended from Jim Caldwell Secondary Skill Level 2; Secondary Progression Level 2; Secondary Chemistry Level 2 OC Louis Lee (Age 64) Descended from Teryl Austin WR/TE Skill Level 3; Passing Game Chemistry Level 2; O-Line Skill Level 2 DC Collin Williams (Age 63) Descended from Teryl Austin D-Line Skill Level 3; D-Line Chemistry Level 2; Defensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 1 ST Sam Kaur (Age 66) Descended from Teryl Austin Punter Skill Level 3; Punting Unit Chemistry Level 2; Special Teams Chemistry Level 1 Active Roster
    7. Marcus Barry did in fact retire so NYG will keep their 2027 6th. Final trade: New York Giants send: 2026 6th Round Pick Miami Dolphins Send: RB Marcus Barry 6-0 193 9 Ohio State [Power] [-1] 86 @Sarge
    8. We've also seem extreme resistance to increases in the cost of re-signing players. The agent feature being a prime example. So the question is how do we grow the AAV of re-signings at a smooth enough rate that it doesn't cause major disruption? I wouldn't mind seeing GMs being tasked with making harder decisions. Patrick Mahomes will take up something like 21.6 % of the salary cap in 2022. Shea, Brown, Hall, and Skaggs only account for ~ 14%. It's generally pretty easy for most teams to keep their homegrown talent for multiple contracts here.
    9. I feel like that the salary cap on the site doesn't really need to equal irl. As long as it continues to increase I think that's fine. As far as FA spending goes, this site is always going to have issues with teams giving out bad contracts during FA. There's no downside to a team giving out huge FA contracts, because there's no benefit to not using cap space. IRL teams can roll over unused space to the next season, and also have many tools to restructure current contracts. With our public bidding system, things can drag out forever and there's no end to how high a FA can go with the cap being there. TLDR - the cap is important, but I think our best bang for buck is figuring out a way to improve the FA process. Whether it's blind bidding, a limit on the number of times a team can submit a bid, or something.
    10. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/33651-2025-player-line-changes/
    11. Bridgelife stadium in the snow gonna be tough for a dome team.
    12. Pretty stoked for Dominque and Antonio making the pro bowl. 1st round picks from last year and the year before making big impacts for us.
    13. Hell of an effort by @Timeand @Deanhere through all the adversity.
    14. Condition 2026 2nd - (becomes a 2026 3rd if Christensen is not on the roster at the end of the 2025 regular season due to retirement or not being re-signed - remains a 2nd if Denver trades him) Denver traded Christensen - so this pick remains a 2nd. Final trade Miami Sends: QB Brian Brown 6-4 228 9 Boise State [Pocket] [+1/C] 99 CB Laurent Christensen 5-10 192 7 Army [Man Coverage] [-1] 88 OT Ricky Edwards 6-1 269 6 Auburn [Run Blocking] [0] 86 2026 5th Round Pick Denver Sends 2025 1st Round Pick (Denver) 2025 3rd Round Pick (Denver) 2026 1st Round Pick 2026 2nd Round Pick QB Todd Jennings 6-6 201 6 Penn State [Pocket] [+3] [+] 85 OT Gary Tomlinson 6-6 304 7 Wisconsin [Run Blocking] [+1] 90 @mahrowkeen
    15. GG Pats. Made you sweat I suppose. Troy has been the QB for 9 games. We won 3 of those (Jets, Falcons, Cards) We lost 2 of them by 3 where the opponent kicked a FG as time expired. (Colts, Buffalo) We lost game 1 to the Pats by 3. We lost this game to the Pats by 3 on a TD with 12 seconds to go. We lost to KC with the lead in the 4th quarter. The other game we got Tennessee'ed. Tough luck, but it feels like we aren't far off I guess. Not sure what to think.
    16. @stormstopper y'all should let him come to Miami
    17. Oh man. Real typo here - I meant to type "Troy McMurray". My cat must have sat on the keyboard..
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