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  1. Stillwater - Ok In a season defined by heartbreaking losses it's only fitting that West Virginia would travel to Stillwater and pull of a monumental 27-16 upset of the #13 Oklahoma State Cowboys. Coming into the do-or-die game the Mountaineers had 5 of their 6 losses by one possession or less including the week 14 collapse in Norman where West Virginia would give up a 10 point 4th quarter lead in the 24 to 20 loss at #5 Oklahoma. The mindset in the Gaston Caperton practice facility leading up to the match-up with Oklahoma State was honed in and focused on the task at hand, when we caught up with coach smckenz3 he echoed the sentiment "We understood we let one get away with Oklahoma and we weren't about to let it happen again, the fans deserve a team that makes a bowl." Red-shirt Junior quarterback Martin Lake would treat the fans to one of his best performances of the season when he would carve up the Cowboys with 23 completions for 264 yards and 2 touchdowns. Lake would also get a touchdown on the ground with a 2 yard scamper into the end zone to combine with efficient 91 yards from freshman back Bryce Madison. Lake scampers into the end-zone against Oklahoma State The calling card of the 2022 season has always been the play of the Mountaineer defense and this game would prove to be no different. Coming into the game Oklahoma State star back Amral Brown would have no less than 105 yards and 5.0 YPC in a game, but the boys up front, led by Senior Aaron Pagan, would bottle up the typically dominant Brown. The West Virginia defense would hold Brown to a less than stellar 82 yards on 20 carries which put the pressure on quarterback Ian Baldwin to carry the load for the Cowboys. With the success of Brown this season, Baldwin had yet to be put in a position to carry the team to victory and his relatively ineffective performance was the nail in the Cowboys' coffin on Saturday. The quarterback's ineffective 166 yards were paired with a turnover that allowed the Mountaineers to keep the game out Amral Brown's hands. The defense has been there all season for the Mountaineers, and when the team has one of its better offensive days it can line up and compete with nearly anyone in the country. The win puts the Mountaineers at 6 wins which makes them eligible to play in a bowl game. The current national projections have West Virginia playing the MAC's Buffalo Bulls in the Liberty Bowl. West Virginia will look to utilize the extra practice time and bowl game status to help propel them into the 2023 season where 20/22 starters will be returning combined with a whole host of talent coming into the program. For right now the coaches and players are focused on getting better each day and awaiting their bowl invitation and who they will line up against. Martin Lake looks to join Mohammed Foster and Richmond King as the only quarterbacks in Mountaineer history to lead the team to a bowl victory. Speaking of 2023 one of the rumors flying around the athletic department is that coach smckenz3 and coach @vtgorilla of Virginia Tech are looking to renew the Battle for the Black Diamond Trophy at FedEx field in Landover, Maryland. The athletic departments are still working through the scheduling details and ensuring the schools have open dates that match, but all signs point towards the rivalry being renewed. The Hokies currently sit at 9-2 on the season so it has the potential to be an exciting game for both fan-bases next season. Preliminary discussions have also begun with coach @bingo415 and the Oregon Ducks to make a trip to Morgantown for the 2023 season which will provide an exciting early season match-up for both squads. Coach smckenz3 has also expressed interest in continuing the Friends of Coal bowl with in-state rival Marshall University for the 2023 season. It's an exciting time to be an Mountaineer fan that's for sure. At the beginning of the 2022 season the Chicago Tribune predicted the Mountaineers would win "1.7" games this season, so being able to clinch bowl eligibility has to be considered a big win for the program. Fans around the state have shown excitement in the way the program is trending and look for big things in the upcoming seasons.
  2. smckenz3

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 15

    I'm just happy to be bowling! Awesome work @ImposterCauster One question - and I don't think it really matters all that much so it's mainly curiosity, but if Kansas and West Virginia tied I would think that WVU would be the 6th seed while Kansas the 7th seed since WVU won the head to head? Or is there some three way tie-breaker involving Baylor I just don't know about?
  3. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #15 - 4 PM

    Yeah, Matty!!
  4. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #15 - SNF

    Wow - nice win for the Falcons!
  5. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #15 - 1 PM

    Someone can correct this if I'm wrong, but I think a Dolphins win or Titans loss next week might lock up home field for Miami.
  6. I hope Jim Otto gets one of those sweet things like the guy has on MNF.
  7. Positive vibes to the Saints organization and Mike Miller for a speedy recovery
  8. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #15 - 1 PM

    Good pressure from the defensive line and big game for Big O. Just keep winning.
  9. I am also glad he was wrong.
  10. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #15 - Saturday Afternoon

    Martin "Great" Lake!
  11. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #15 - Saturday Afternoon

    The Mountaineers are back in a bowl!
  12. smckenz3

    How to Win a Heisman - an Impractical Manual

    Those Matty Swift t-shirts were gold.
  13. smckenz3

    How do you feel about extreme schemes?

    @Rome basically said everything I wanted to say about the topic. However - I'll add/agree that I feel a team can be more successful in an extreme scheme in NFLHC. For most teams it's easier to build a roster that's suited for an extreme scheme in the NFL than it is to recruit one in the college game. I'm not sure if a team can win the Super Bowl with an extreme scheme, but they certainly can have successful seasons and make the playoffs. I think with that update that added better situational pass/run logic to the schemes maybe it's possible? I guess we'll see.
  14. smckenz3

    Class of 2022: Noteworthy QB/RB Final Commits

    Interesting list! I thought my guy Mike Freeman might have a chance to make the top 5 RBs. Feels like Clemson is going to be really scary with their offensive line, WRs, and this RB.