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  1. smckenz3

    How do you feel about Cam Newton?

    Honestly I would say that Cam is probably the most controversial QB in the league as far as where he stands. He's a freak athlete with a strong arm. The Panthers haven't always surrounded him with great receiving talent or a good offensive line so it's hard for me to differentiate where the issues are with him or the team around him. You can obviously win with him though and he's ability to run and take punishment is insane. One play that really stuck out to me yesterday, and I don't know if this is common with him, but there was 40 seconds left to go in the half and he made a pretty incredible play to get a first down. Then he starts dancing, celebrating the play, and shows 0 urgency to get everyone back to the line to spike or run a play. Needless to say the clock ticked all the way down to 23 seconds before the team called a timeout. 2 plays later he throws a terribly under-thrown ball that gets intercepted. Admittedly I don't watch a lot of Panthers game, so maybe it was just a one time thing, but you have to have better clock management than that.
  2. When Ben was young the Steelers' strength was their defense also. They were perfectly happy to lean on it while he learned the ropes.
  3. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #7 CFBHC Takeaways

    1 - Honestly I'm going to make some recurring themes here, but I think Alabama and Texas A&M both made big statements this week. Texas A&M is a really good football team and for Alabama to go in there and get that win I think shows something. A&M is back and Alabama might be the #2nd best team in the country. 2 - Eric Pope - He is playing well enough to make Oklahoma an offensive juggernaut. Good luck trying to stop those WRs and Maurice White. 3 - Hm. Maybe AW3? I think if Texas Tech keeps winning it could be Solomon. I think they need to get 9 victories though for him to be a serious contender. 4 - Bama/A&M 5 - SMU losing to Tulsa 6 - the Smackems' extra edition. I think Oklahoma is the best team in the country right now. I honestly don't see them losing a game the rest of the season. TCU and OK State have a shot, but I just don't see anyone slowing them down on offense. I think they have enough on defense to keep the shootouts to a minimum. I was skeptical of Eric Pope entering the season, but I'm officially on the Sooner wagon.
  4. smckenz3

    Greatest Athlete of the past 20 Years

    I'm going to throw out Serena Williams. A long history of complete domination in a competitive sport. Completely changed the way the sport is played.
  5. Except Ben made a perfect throw for a touchdown in the final 2 minutes.
  6. Regardless of sport do you think is the greatest athlete of the past 20 years? Everyone's definition of great is going to be a little different. Maybe you value winning, maybe it's marketability, maybe it's sheer dominance. That's fine - just give rationale for why you choose a specific person.
  7. He's also shared a career with 2 of arguably the greatest quarterbacks of all time. If you follow that logic then there's a lot of great basketball players in the 90s who shouldn't make the hall of fame because Michael Jordan was the man every single season. Manu specifically has a lot of value outside of the NBA also. Best player on the only non-USA olympic champion in like 40 years. Euroleague MVP, etc.
  8. I think that would be his only hold up is if they used his early career personal issues as a barrier. More often than that I think he'd be listed in the top 5 QBs of any particular season. Over his career you could say Brady, Rodgers, and Manning were better, but I think it's justifiable that he'd be next on the list.
  9. I mean I think he has to be in, right? He's won nearly 70% of the games in his career. 2 Super bowl victories, most career 500 yard games, top 5 all time for 4th quarter/overtime comeback victories with 43. As he's gotten older he's adapted as a quarterback to get passes out more quickly and stay on the field more often. I think about him like I think about Manu Ginobili. Sometimes they do things that make you shake your head, but more often than not they make incredible plays that win games.
  10. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #7 - Saturday Evening

    Oklahoma can just kill you in so many ways on offense. It's going to take a really good defense to beat them I think. Even though they didn't pull it off, that's a really nice showing for Texas A&M. They keep getting better and better
  11. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #7 - FNF

    Nigel Royal Pains
  12. I think you're 100% correct on your must win comment. The realistic path to 6 wins for WVU includes a victory in this game
  13. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    That's a really nice game for Bryce Madison. The team can be really dangerous if he plays well.
  14. smckenz3

    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    I feel like Corey Easley is pretty good.
  15. They lost to Miami by like 40