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  1. Dolphins are ready.
  2. I think he should have a 6 for his years experience.
  3. Good game @inspiral! Your guys played a really great game! We'll retool a bit in Miami and hopefully see you here next season.
  4. smckenz3

    [2022] All Pro Team

    Congrats to Brian Brown for making the All Pro team. A true testament to the teamwork the Dolphins display to be in the Super Bowl with one All Pro.
  5. smckenz3

    [2022] NFL Honors

    Congrats Brian Brown!!!
  6. I would not be surprised if Brian Brown knew what the future held. He is that amazing.
  7. Well - I'm sure you have seen classic shows like "The Walking Dead" or "Fear the Walking Dead". If you haven't I suggest you check them out in the classic tv section of your preferred streaming service. Anyway, if Marcus was actually dead he would clearly be slow, dumb, and make a lot of weird noises. I can assure you that none of those things are true. Marcus did have a weird dream prior to the week 9 game against the Jets where he got a severe injury and we lost, but as you can see it was only a dream.
  8. Really good stuff! I hope more teams take your template and run with it.
  9. I don't think there's anyone in the league you would rather have behind center in a close game than Brian. He has this innate ability to read what the defense is doing and make subtle adjustments that lead to successful plays. The season started out with a brilliant 4th quarter comeback that was orchestrated by Brian's ability to call plays and adjust them where necessary. His preparation is second to none and he's ready for any situation. Specifically for your question - it probably depends on the situation, but there's no one in the league who can command the huddle like Brian and get the most out of a team. Marcus has had a great season and obviously our offense is that much more lethal when he is punishing the defense. We're going to look to get him involved early to help keep the defense off balance. If we get him going it will allow us to be more effective in all facets of the game.
  10. Well @vtgorilla - I think the plan was for @vtgorilla and I to take @inspiral out for some drinks prior to when the game-plans are due. All kidding aside - We understand the challenge that is in front of us. We have been working on our game-plan all season exactly for a moment like this, I've also spent all week reviewing each Green Bay game so I'm confident we will be ready from a preparation perspective. Frankly - preparation is only part of the battle, the game still needs to be played. We're fortunate to have the best quarterback in the league with Brian (Brown) and his ability to make plays will serve us well.
  11. Welcome everyone, the whole Miami Dolphins' organization is excited to be here in Houston to play for the league's top prize. This weekend is the culmination of a season long journey of retribution after our defeat in the 2021 AFC Championship game. From the season opening victory in Detroit to last week's victory over Tennessee we have been working towards getting better each week and putting ourselves in the best position to challenge for a title. The season has not gone without challenges along the way, from losing Todd in the opener to the, to our 2 game losing streak, and the nightmares that Marcus had to endure we have used these events to get stronger as a team. I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to congratulate the Green Bay Packers on their incredible season thus far. We look forward to meeting them on the field. Earlier in the season we traveled up to Green Bay and lost a hard fought battle to them, we will be ready to change that outcome. The staff over there in Green Bay is widely considered to be the best in the business, we have our work cut out for us but we will be ready. The Dolphins cherish this opportunity to become the first team in the league to win a 3rd Super Bowl title. As you can see we have brought various players to the event and they will be stationed throughout the room, if you have a specific question for a player please don't hesitate to ask. Head of Scouting @vtgorilla and I are also available to answer questions.
  12. HC smckenz3 extension 3 Years / $8.60463 million $2.86821 Million Per Year
  13. Congrats @Rome Great season for both teams. Auburn began the season with a statement and ended it with a bigger one.
  14. Good game @TheTodd15 and @Bubada - certainly seems like the Titans will be back next season. Our defense has been on fire so far this post season. We're getting contributions from everywhere on the field. Dexter Flowers has quietly become a really solid player. My girlfriend and I are going to a concert next weekend with @vtgorilla . Now we also have a Super Bowl to watch. Should be exciting!
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