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    1. [Shitbox Poll] Favorite Soda

      I drink soda rarely, but when I do it's diet Dr. Pepper.
    2. I've been kind to the Bucs in the player of the week polls.
    3. [2021] Week 5 Headlines

      Brian Brown > Cleveland Browns The Dolphins use strong defense and clutch play by Brian Brown to remain undefeated. J.C. Weldon looks to make a Browns' defender miss during Sunday's game.
    4. [2021] Week #5 - Saturday Afternoon

      Let's do a crooting podcast and I'll do it then. Good game - I'm proud of our fight.
    5. [2021] Week #5 Inactives

      Dolphins Inactives: QB Glenn White 6-2 176 5 Texas Tech [Pocket] 78 WR Jaheim Lemons 5-11 204 1 Michigan State [Target] 80 TE D.J. Gibson 6-5 232 3 North Carolina [Receiving] 90 C Davern Lemmerman 6-4 272 4 Wisconsin [Run Blocking] 74 OG Todd Hevesy 6-2 284 3 Michigan State [Pass Blocking] 84 CB Giovanni Bynum 6-0 195 R Florida [Man Coverage] 70 FS Alejandro Bowen 6-3 202 2 Houston [Zone Coverage] 75
    6. [2021] Week 4 Headlines

      A Close Shave at Gillette Brown and Weldon score at Mach 3 speeds during 4th quarter comeback victory over New England. Weldon came up big with 8 catches for 125 yards and 2 TDs.
    7. [2021] Week #4 - 4 PM

      Brooksheer sucks. We want MoFo
    8. [2021] Week #4 - Saturday Afternoon

      I suspected that Iowa State was pretty good, that's why they've maintained the 6th spot in the power rankings
    9. CThor

      I hope you schedule a "meeting" him and utilize a company conference room.
    10. [2021] Week #4 - TNF

      Good game @sleuthofbears! Our games, more often than not, have been nail biters over the past few years.
    11. ' I had less time to compile the commentary for this week's rankings. However, what a week in the nation's most exciting conference! We saw expected wins, unprecedented blowouts, and disappointing rivalry losses. A lot of shake up is happening in the rankings, so without further ado let's get ranking! 1. TCU Horned Frogs . TCU got the victory in the "McLaughlin" bowl in shootout fashion. Raise your hand if your expected the final of this game to be 38-24? That's right I didn't think there would be any hands up. TCU looked much improved on the offensive side of the ball, but surprisingly allowed Texas Tech to run and score pretty easily, especially with our well documented fears about the Red Raider offensive line. TCU will likely remain in the pole position if they remain undefeated, but if they want to make the playoffs they are going to have to start playing better. 2. Baylor Bears +1 Baylor is undefeated and has looked great in their victories so far this season. Right now I think the top 4 or 5 teams in the Big XII can win the conference and that includes the streaking Bears. 3. Texas Longhorns +1 The Texas offense had another impressive outing during their blowout victory over New Mexico. Kyler Tackett and Simeon Wells showed again that they are a force to be reckoned with, but the cause for elation in Longhorn nation is that the defense showed up big this week. Texas has the best defense, on paper, in the conference so it has to be somewhat reassuring for coach Azul that they played at a high level. 4. Oklahoma State Cowboys +1 What a beat-down! Oklahoma State was easily the better team on paper, but after WVU's victory over a talented UVA team one could expect a better game than this. I'm officially chalking up OSU's opening defeat to coach randye not having time to get his gameplan implemented. The Cowboys threw the ball all over the field, they ran the ball all over the field, they made the WVU defense look like a middle school team. One thing OK State will want to work on over the bye week is protection for QB Ian Baldwin, the Mountaineers were able to bring him down 3 times and I'm sure that's not the desired outcome. I'm being nitpicky at this point, but it's hard to find fault with such a dominating victory. 5. Oklahoma Sooners -3 This looks like a significant drop for the Sooners, but I think the top 5 of the Big XII is that close. Oklahoma was able to move the ball on the Nebraska defense, but just couldn't punch it in on a couple of drives and ultimately was the difference in the game. No shame losing to the Huskers, but Oklahoma is going to want to improve that red zone TD percentage when they play the upper echelon of the conference. 6. Iowa State Cyclones Iowa State is 0-2, however; I think they've looked pretty solid in their losses. They played outstanding defense in their loss to bitter rival Iowa which will make them a tough out for anyone in the conference. Iowa had plenty of time to game-plan for stopping freshman McCullough and it showed in his pedestrian performance. ISU's defense is going to win them some games, but they'll need consistency from the offense to break into the top 5 of the conference. 7. Texas Tech Red Raiders 7. Kansas Jayhawks I know what you're probably thinking. "What a cop-out putting TTU and KU in a tie." Well at this point it's a little hard to differentiate between the 2 teams. Both are seriously flawed but yet put up valiant efforts against teams that were significantly better than them. Both teams also have great strengths which can lead to unexpected victories. For now I'm going to pair them together until one of them shows me something. One concerning thing for the Jayhawks moving forward is the loss of their WR Chris Burgos. In the initial rankings I said that Burgos was the most indispensable player on the Jayhawk roster, so his injury could really hurt them for the next few weeks. 9. West Virginia Mountaineers 9. Kansas State Wildcats Like Texas Tech and Kansas I went back and forth on who should be #10 in this week's rankings. On one hand the last time we saw Kansas State they were getting blown out at home by a MAC team, but then again WVU just got blanked at home by Oklahoma State. Obviously Oklahoma State is significantly better than Akron and WVU has the better victory, but after that performance I couldn't justify WVU not at least being tied for last. "The Greatest" had the week off to study film on the Tar Heels so if Kansas State has any hopes of making a bowl they need to get this victory. WVU has a bye week and they'll surely need it as they face Baylor next week which is sure to be another blow-out.
    12. Dolphins Week 4 Inactives: QB Glenn White 6-2 176 5 Texas Tech [Pocket] 78 WR Jaheim Lemons 5-11 204 1 Michigan State [Target] 80 TE D.J. Gibson 6-5 232 3 North Carolina [Receiving] 90 C Davern Lemmerman 6-4 272 4 Wisconsin [Run Blocking] 74 OLB Alton Drazenovich 6-1 217 3 LSU [Coverage] 82 CB Giovanni Bynum 6-0 195 R Florida [Man Coverage] 70 SS Michael Williams 6-2 187 1 Tennessee [Zone Coverage] 82