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  1. Ah. I wasn't sure when he was let go. I went ahead and updated it.
  2. Morgantown, WV - West Virginia University is excited to announce the first ever member of the WVU Football Hall of Fame. Todd Sykes - WR (2013-2017) Todd Sykes played wide receiver at West Virginia University from 2013-2017 and became WVU’s all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. Playing at WVU from 2013 to 2017, Sykes hauled in 109 receptions for 1,244 yards and 13 touchdowns during a stellar sophomore campaign that is the gold-standard for Mountaineer receivers. Sykes completed his record-setting career at West Virginia by leading the Mountaineers to the Big XII conference championship game in 2017 with a team-high 84 receptions for 1,164 yards and 9 TDs. He became the most decorated alumni, earning three career records during his tenure. Sykes graduated as WVU’s career reception (300), receiving yards (3,609), and receiving touchdown (31) leader. Sykes’ 2014 season saw him finish 2nd in the nation in receptions (109) and 13th in the nation (84) in 2017. He was named captain of the 2017 team that would rise as high as #2 in the polls and captivated the nation with their wild ride to an 11-3 overall finish. The Super Bowl champion Miami Dolphins would take Sykes in the 6th round of the 2018 NFLHC Draft. A native of Baker, West Virginia and East Hardy High School, Sykes earned his bachelor’s degree in physics from WVU in 2017. Sykes and his wife, Clara, have two children, Laura (2) and Devin (1). Since graduation, he has played for the Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers of the NFLHC and currently plays for the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL.
  3. See ya' next year Dolphins blow out Patriots but lose Wildcard Tiebreaker. Brian Brown addresses the media after a 48-0 victory over New England.
  4. (Freshman) Lamont Carson Douglas Freeman High School
  5. Welcome back everyone! The Big XII Network is back from vacation to provide a look into the nation's most exciting conference and how the teams stack up. We had a little issue with our print vendor this week, so this will be an all-digital edition of the power rankings. Week 8 was a light one in the Big XII with only three total games on the slate, but they were all nail-biters. Kansas State and Iowa State opened up the week on Thursday night and all week everyone talked about how it wouldn't be close. Well Iowa State had a different idea as they held the lead late in the 4th quarter, but KSU freshman Shawn Reyes snagged a interception and took it straight to the house. The Wildcats would kick the point-after and seal the victory. Kansas would come out of the gates hot against Texas Tech and play just enough defense in the second half to hold onto a 28-24 victory over the Red Raiders. Christian Graham had a very efficient day completing 71% of his passes and adding in 2 touchdowns. Finally Oklahoma State did just enough to get a victory over the Texas Longhorns. Chester Brenner only threw for 205 yards, but had a stout 77% completion percentage. The Cowboys got a nice contribution from Khalil Bell who had 95 yards and a TD on the ground. Texas showed some life on defense but there just wasn't much there on offense. Tackett and Wells had uninspiring games which can't happen if the Longhorns want to turn this thing around. Let's see how these games impact how our voters think, let's get to the rankings! 1(60) - # 23 West Virginia Mountaineers (6) - 4-2(3-0) - W4 - (-) 2(52) - # 24 Oklahoma State Cowboys - 6-1(3-1) - W1 - (-) 3(43) - TCU Horned Frogs - 3-3(2-1) - L1 - (-) 4(42) - Kansas Jayhawks - 4-3(3-1) - W2 - (-) 5(35) - Kansas State Wildcats - 5-2(2-2) - W2 - (-) 6(28) - Texas Longhorns - 4-3(1-3) - L2 - (+1) 7(25) - Baylor Bears - 3-3(2-1) - L1 - (+1) 8(22) - Texas Tech Red Raiders - 4-3(1-3) - L3 - (-2) 9(17) - Oklahoma Sooners - 1-5(1-2) - W1 - (-) 10(6) - Iowa State Cyclones - 1-6(0-4) - L4 - (-) 6 voters 10 points for first, 9 for second, etc Oklahoma State strengthens its hold on the #2 spot with its victory over Texas. The Cowboys had a slip-up against the Jayhawks a few weeks ago, but they have shown all season to be one of the best in the conference. Texas moves up in the rankings after a loss which I suspect has to do with Texas Tech's longer losing streak and the fact that the Longhorns looked competitive against the conference's clear # 2 team. Baylor had the week off but moves up after the Texas Tech loss. All-in-all it was a pretty slow week in the nation's most exciting conference. Based on our week 8 rankings the teams that should have won did, so there's not much rationale for major shakeup. Since it was a short week - let's talk about (Sr) Quarterback Chester Brenner. Brenner topped 4,000 yards in his (Jr) campaign that featured nearly 600 total passes and now NFL superstar Raheem Robinson as his weapon of choice. Chester and the Cowboys were going to throw it a lot everyone knew it and although they weren't very efficient it lead them to the Sugar Bowl. Fast forward to this season - Brenner lost his favorite target in Raheem but he's seen a 10% in his completion rate going from 58% in 2019 to 68% in 2020. He already has 21 touchdowns on the year which would put him on pace to end with 36 at the end of the regular season eclipsing his total of 31 in 13 games in 2019. The only knock that coach panther could have with Brenner is his high rate of interceptions on the year. He's already at 10 on the year which is only 3 less than his total for all of 2019. Chester spent all of 2019 knowing that he could throw the ball and it was likely that Raheem would go get it. Without the best player in the nation, it's going to take a shift in philosophy that will take time for him to implement. At the end of the day Chester has easily been one of the best quarterbacks in the Big XII. Oklahoma State is one of the favorites to make the Big XII Championship and with an explosive player like Brenner leading the way look for them to continue to make noise in the second half of the 2020 season.
  6. You're right - WVU is playing "The Greatest" this weekend...
  7. @LamboThrone 2021 Conditional 4th Conditions would be 500 yards and 3 TDs for it to be a 3rd Conditions would be 1,000 yards receiving and 7 TDs for it to be a 2nd. WR Matt Kreutz 63 199 5 Penn State [Speed] 76 C Nate Gardner 6-0 284 1 Texas Tech [Pass Blocking] 77 For WR Tommy Pottios 6-6 183 2 Georgia Tech [Speed] 84 C Davern Lemmerman 6-4 272 3 Wisconsin [Run Blocking] 75 Tommy Pottios stateline: 436 yards 5 TDs - Since Pottios only had 436 yards that keeps it as a 4th round pick. Final Trade: Seattle Receives: 2021 4th Round Pick WR Matt Kreutz 63 199 5 Penn State [Speed] 76 C Nate Gardner 6-0 284 1 Texas Tech [Pass Blocking] 77 Miami Receives: WR Tommy Pottios 6-6 183 2 Georgia Tech [Speed] 84 C Davern Lemmerman 6-4 272 3 Wisconsin [Run Blocking] 75
  8. Slim! Barry does it all in victory over rival Jets. Slim playoff hopes remain. Barry had 100 yards receiving and 89 yards on the ground in the victory over the Jets.
  9. Only one scenario where Miami can make it...? Well Matty Swift - your old coach needs you to play the game of your life.
  10. You fill in your information directly on the sheet.
  12. Does anyone really care about the Big XII when West Virginia has a bye?
  13. I have no doubt you'll beat Kansas State tomorrow now.
  14. Miami loves Marcus! Barry pairs with Brown to lead Dolphins to a 44-14 victory over Buffalo Barry scampers into the endzone. Marcus finished the day with 107 yards on 20 carries.
  15. Thanks @HAFFnHAFF for the self-serving magazine cover. Until I get a new sponsor..