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  1. Thanks for the shoutout @bingo415 I enjoyed filling in.
  2. Country Roads Effort - A+ Execution - B+ Getting better. I'm glad Tuscan is practicing.
  3. Thanks to @HAFFnHAFF for the cover.
  4. Welcome Back Marcus! Barry gets a touchdown on the ground and through the air in defeat of Redskins. Rookie DE Dexter Flowers celebrates after sacking Redskins' QB Fields
  5. I know it's pretty late, but is there any way to see who Mohammed Foster threw his pick to?
  6. But Hudson?
  7. Don't really feel bad losing to either PSU or Pitt. Great game guys - would love to have been at that one in person.
  8. MoFo is having a great season. I don't have the numbers in front of me ( @stormstopper ) however he has to be close to 75% completion through 3 games. He's also running well - I'm excited for conference play. Hudson is a monster.
  9. Welcome to the club... You'll find snacks along the back wall.
  10. Amen - Man that showed a lot of balance in that game... That's a scary proposition if they can get solid contribution from the passing game.
  11. That is true!
  12. Jacksonville has been great all year at not turning the ball over. 5 total (going off memory) all year and 2 of those were last week. Pretty impressive
  13. A+ for effort in the Country Roads rendition C- for execution
  14. Anytime! I enjoyed writing them, thanks for thinking of me.