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  1. Still living in my car... throught I would check to see if the site is stilll alive while im at the library lol

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      this sucks for you I know but seeing CardiacPack's update and then yours made me laugh a little... but I hope it gets better for you

  2. Im living in my car so I might not be able to be on here near as much

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      Hope things work out

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      Hope you're doing alright, good luck#

  3. Im impressed with my recruiting and walk ons this year
  4. This sucks, Soluna pls dont go :(

  5. Thursday Night Old Dominion (0-5) @ Charlotte (1-4)* Old Dominion is coming into this game winless, and there is a clear reason why, Old Dominion gives up 50 points a game on average to opponents this season, while only scoring 7 points a game. Charlotte is coming in at 1-4, but is 1-0 in conference play. I think it’s safe to say Charlotte should get this win, at this point I dont think Old Dominion’s defense can stop anyone. Western Kentucky (1-4) @ Marshall (2-3)* Both of these teams are coming off a loss last week, but only one actually scored any points. Western Kentucky has had an incredibly weak offense this season, and a defense that just lets anyone score. Marshall on the other hand has the best defense in the C-USA, and is second in offense only to Rice. Marshall should be 2-0 in conference after this game, I cant imagine Western Kentucky could find a way to win. UTSA (1-4) @ Louisiana Tech (1-4)* UTSA is off to a 0-1 start in conference this season after a loss to UAB last week, on the other side, this will be Louisiana Tech’s first conference game of the season. Both teams have struggled on the defensive side of the ball so far this year, giving up 32 points a game to opponents. I am going to give the edge to UTSA in this game because of their slightly better offense, but it will be close. Friday Night Florida Atlantic (0-5) @ Middle Tennessee (0-5)* This game is a battle of 0-5 teams, and the good news is, at least one of them has to win and will come out of this game with their first win of the season. FAU has a slightly better defense only giving up 44 points a game compared to Middle Tennessee’s 46 points a game, lets just say im using the term “better” very loosely. The difference between the teams is on offense. FAU has had virtually no offense this season, only scoring 4 points a game. Ive gotta give this game to Middle Tennessee. Southern Miss (2-3) @ UAB (1-5)* I have to say, I think this is the best matchup of the week. It will be interesting to see if Dexter Flowers can play a role in stopping Marty Keisel, or if Keisel will continue his dominance. On paper both of these teams are pretty even, with UAB scoring slightly more, but Southern Miss giving up slightly less. I think UAB pulls off the upset and moves to 2-0 in conference play. UTEP (2-3) @ North Texas (0-6)* North Texas hasnt been very good this year, there’s just no way around that. On the other hand UTEP hasnt been that bad, and their record shows. I dont think North Texas is going to do much of anything in this game if their last 6 games are any indicator. UTEP should move to 2-0 in conference play after this week. BYES: FIU, Rice
  6. Ibrahima Gay is comin for the C-USA

  7. Thursday Night Florida International (0-5) at UTEP (1-3)* This one was closer than I thought it would be honestly. The game got off to a pretty slow start, with most of the action happening in the 4th quarter. Jake Perry and Justin Barksdale both had good games, and though FIU tried to mount a comeback they just couldnt get it done. All in all this game ended up being a pretty decent game... if you look past the lack of action for the first half of the game. Good win for UTEP. Marshall (2-2) at Houston (4-1) This game turned out to be less one sided than I originally thought, and unlike the first game on Sunday night, was full of scoring on both sides. Marshall quarterback Demetrius Morris had a good day throwing the ball. Even though the Thundering Herd was down a whopping 41-7 in the 3rd quarter, they ended up scoring 3 touchdowns in the 4th. Still at the end of the day Houston's offense was too much for the Thundering Herd's defense to handle giving up 51 points in the game. North Texas (0-5) at Southern Miss (1-3)* North Texas was actually leading this game 9-0 at halftime, hoping to get their first win of the season. Late in the 3rd quarter they jumped to a 16-6 lead, and it looked as if the Mean Green was going to get that first win they so desperately wanted... then the 4th quarter came. Southern Miss scored 13 unanswered points in the 4th quarter with kicker John Travis scoring the game winning field goal with a minute thirty left in the 4th. North Texas left this game with a bitter taste in their mouth after giving up their lead and failing to get their first win. UAB (0-5) at UTSA (1-3)* In my preview I said the game fell down to whether or not UTSA could stop halfback Marty Keisel, and they couldnt. At halftime the Roadrunners were down 14-0, and it wasnt until late in the 3rd quarter that they scored their first touchdown. UTSA tried to make a comeback late in the 4th, at one point pulling the game within 3 points, but a late touchdown pass from UAB quarterback Mark Simmons sealed the deal, leading UAB to their first win of the season 24-14. Friday Night Florida Atlantic (0-4) at Rice (1-3)* The C-USA had just one game Friday night, and it was incredibly one sided. Rice showed why many consider them the best team in the C-USA this year, scoring 44 points and giving up 0. After William Willis picked off FAU quarterback Larry Combs, things quickly spiraled out of control and the Owls never recovered. Florida Atlantic left this game with more questions than answers after a brutal loss Friday night. Saturday Morning Alabama (5-0) at Western Kentucky (1-3) I think everyone expected this to be a one sided game. Western Kentucky was simply out matched against a strong Alabama team, and couldnt muster a single point this game. Though this was expected im sure Western Kentucky hoped to at least score some in this game. You cant fault the Hilltoppers too much, they were way behind in terms of talent and didnt honestly stand much of a chance in this one. BYES: Charlotte (1-4), Middle Tennessee (0-5), Old Dominion (0-5), Louisiana Tech (1-4)
  8. DT Lawrence Hyman 6-3 323 Fr Broken Bow (OK) 2.0 of 2.0 [Run Stop] Southwest Texas UTSA FS Ibrahima Gay 5-11 201 Fr Beckville (TX) 3.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] Southwest Texas UTSA OG Matthew Troutman 6-6 294 Fr Westville (OK) 2.0 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] Southwest Texas UTSA OLB D'andre Newton 6-3 224 Fr Whiteface (TX) 2.5 of 4.0 [Pass Zone] Southwest Texas UTSA SS Kenneth Haskins 5-11 185 Fr Pawhuska (OK) 2.0 of 3.0 [Zone Coverage] Southwest Texas UTSA WR Griffin Campbell 6-2 217 Fr Sinton (TX) 2.5 of 2.5 [Target] Southwest Texas UTSA Im pretty proud of this lol C-USA watch out for Ibrahima Gay next season lol
  9. I played the run and still couldnt stop Keisel lol
  10. Watch out Penn State, Jim Harbaugh is going to take your 5 star kicker recruit via sleep over

  11. Thursday Night Florida International (0-5) at UTEP (1-3)* FIU is limping into this game without a win, they only average 7 points a game and are giving up 31 points a game to opposing offenses. UTEP is coming into this game with a 1-3 record, averaging 11 points a game on offense and giving up 36 points a game on defense. The game is going to come down to which offense is going to take advantage of the other team’s weak defense, the only problem is, both teams have relatively weak offenses. I honestly expect this to be a low scoring game, but I think UTEP should come out with the win. Marshall (2-2) at Houston (4-1) Marshall is coming into this game a definite underdog, though Marshall’s defense is only giving up 17 points per game I think Houston’s offense will be too much for The Herd’s defense, it’s worth noting that Houston gives up 20 points a game on defense, and Marshall scores 20 points a game on average. At the end of the day though, im not sure Marshall will be able to hang in there all 4 quarters with Houston. I think Houston takes this game. North Texas (0-5) at Southern Miss (1-3)* So far this season this North Texas defense has been, well to put it bluntly, awful. They give up 52 points a game to opposing offenses, while only scoring a meager 8 points a game on offense. I think Southern Miss should come in and take care of business against a wounded 0-5 North Texas. Im saying easy win for Southern Miss. UAB (0-5) at UTSA (1-3)* UAB is coming into this game 0-5, but dont let the record fool you, halfback Marty Keisel has been on fire so far this season averaging almost 5 yards a carry. This UTSA defense has yet to have an opposing offense score less than 31 points against them so far this season, and on offense they are really just up and down week to week. I think this game hinges on whether the Roadrunners can stop Marty Keisel, which if they cant, they are in for a long day. I think this game will be a shoot out and im honestly not sure who I think will take this game. Friday Night Florida Atlantic (0-4) at Rice (1-3)* FAU is coming into this game at 0-4 for a reason, the Owls have been pretty bad on both sides of the ball this season only scoring 5 points a game, yet allowing 45 points a game. On the other side Rice looks like arguably the best team in the C-USA right now. I think this should be a pretty easy game for Rice and I think they win big this Friday. Saturday Morning Alabama (5-0) at Western Kentucky (1-3) Western Kentucky is in for a bad day come Saturday when the Crimson Tide comes rolling into Houchens Industries–L. T. Smith Stadium. I dont think there is much more else to say about this game. Western Kentucky wont be able to hang in there all 4 quarters against Alabama. I look for the game to be over by halftime. Alabama wins big. BYES: Charlotte (1-4), Middle Tennessee (0-5), Old Dominion (0-5), Louisiana Tech (1-4)
  12. To be fair we had a good running attack on our side too haha combined both halfbacks had 54 attempts, 353 yards, and 8 TDs
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