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  1. johnkirk

    [2022] Minnesota Vikings Hire Scout

    Good evening everyone, I'm thrilled to be the scout of the wonderful Vikings organization. I'm eager to get started in building a great NFLHC team and to be apart of this family. I open to the floor to any question anyone might have. Johnkirk
  2. johnkirk

    Podcast recommendations

    My Brother, My Brother and Me is my regular when working out. Love The Adventure Zone as well. Pretty regular comedy fair but they occasionally into laughing fits that nothing really does anymore. For long drives or flights, it's Hardcore History for me.
  3. johnkirk

    What is your favorite vintage collegiate logo?

    Not only a homer pick, but associated with years upon years of awful crap: But man, it's a well designed logo
  4. johnkirk

    A note.

    Thank you Jieret for everything. The MAC is in a fantastic place thanks to your efforts. the PAC is lucky to have you. Best of luck!
  5. johnkirk

    [2021] Bowl Games - Day #5

    MAC is 6-0 in Bowls so far. Whoop.
  6. johnkirk

    [2021] End of a New Beginning

    Great game! Looks like you'll be bowling again very soon.
  7. johnkirk

    Steam Summer Sale 18 discussion thread

    Not much on my radar. Nothing really fell super low to the "Oh it's five bucks I'll try it" stage. I think I'll get Squad (Free weekend. Woo) and Transport Fever.
  8. johnkirk

    [2021] Week #16 - Saturday Evening

    GG! Not quite the finale I was hoping for but quite happy with this year and eager for some more pieces coming up next season. Having more than one person controlling my offensive production will be a relief. Good luck in the MAC Championship!
  9. johnkirk

    [2021] Week #16 - TNF

    Get you some E.R. Coleman.
  10. johnkirk

    [2021] Week #14 - FNF

    Congrats! Great game.
  11. My school had freshman, sophomore and varsity teams. Freshmen: Center, regular starter Sophomore: Guard/fill in for o-line At this point puberty decided to say "Hey, you are going to lose twenty pounds for no reason. And still be slow" Varsity - ILB rarely saw the field. We were pretty well stacked at the linebacker position for what it was worth. But I knew my career was over when the starter got hurt and the normal backup was suspended. They decided to have our running back play instead of me. At least that running back was Rayvonte Rice of Illinois basketball fame. For the CTE scorecard - Ray did give me a concussion on a cheap shot in practice. I don't think very highly of him. Bonus!: My junior year I played with Mikel LeShoure who went on to play at Illinois and the Lions for stint. Good dude, but got high aloooooot.
  12. johnkirk

    [2018] Conference Finals

    I've never really followed NHL all that closely closely, how did the Knights start off so hot for the beginning of their existence? Usually a new franchise starts off with a lot of growing pains.
  13. johnkirk

    [2021] Week #5 - FNF

    Loving the Sunbelt games. Seems like they all wind up to be brawls.
  14. johnkirk


    My brother is super into it. I put a few hundred bucks into Ethereum and Litecoin and have doubled my money. Ethereum is tied into smart contract technology which I think is really cool. Litecoin was just a spur of the moment thing. I'm looking to buy some Ripple too. Currently sitting at about .75 and it is getting endorsed by some of the major banks. I'm still mentally prepared for all of this to go to zero one day though. So I might be done after I get approved to buy Ripple. Right now I can just call in an extra paycheck should I need to. But all in all, I'm more interested the coins that have a defined purpose over the hyper-libertarian mumbo jumbo that comes out of some Bitcoin proponents.
  15. johnkirk

    Brisket or Pulled Pork?

    Oooh. What is more important is whoever makes it. I've had some amazing brisket in Texas and a local spot specializes in pulled pork that is quite good. if I had to pick one right now, I'd pick brisket. But if carnitas were included my entire rankings change.